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When he turned around, great! The two of them were showing off their love again!

Look at their little actions, scratching their palms and stealing kisses from time to time.

Did they really think that this large group of people had become blind… Please! This was a public place, could they not be a little more mindful of the impact

Mo Chu did not react in the beginning.

When she felt the burning gaze, her jade-like face could not help but turn slightly red.

She pushed Ning Yiyuan away and coughed a few times as if nothing had happened before turning to look at Lan Wei, “These are Lan Wei and Lan Lin.

They brought me to the base.”

When he heard this, Ning Yiyuan took a deep look at them and nodded slightly.

“Thank you.”

“Its nothing, its nothing.” Lan Wei waved her hand and maintained her carefree appearance.

However, a strong man behind her was staring at Ning Yiyuan eagerly as he asked in a straightforward manner, “I heard that you are also a wind element, can I ask you for a few moves”

“Old Chen!” Hearing that, Lan Wei could not help but turn around and glare at him.

“That… isnt it rare to meet him” Chen Hao scratched his head, the smile on his lips was a little simple and honest.

“Enough, Sister! Its not like you dont know that this guy will always be challenging stronger people!” Lan Lin patted Chen Haos shoulder, there was a hint of ridicule in his words.

Although this kid had a simple and honest personality, when it came to training, he immediately became sly and cunning.

“You know me best.” Chen Hao nodded his head foolishly, then turned his head and stared at Ning Yiyuan expectantly.

“Okay.”Unexpectedly, Ning Yiyuan actually agreed to it.

This simple word instantly caused the entire training ground to be in an uproar once again.

There were many rumors about Ning Yiyuan, a wind element expert, in the base, but only a few people had seen him with their own eyes.

Everyone was naturally even more interested in Ning Yiyuans strength.

Now that they heard that the two of them were about to fight, all of them gathered their strength and prepared to take a good look at him.

“Really… Really” Chen Hao was already so pleasantly surprised that he stuttered, and his eyes lit up!

“Yes.” Ning Yiyuan nodded.

Holding Mo Chus hand, he took the lead and walked into the battle room.

Seeing this, Chen Hao, Lan Wei, and the others naturally followed closely behind.

The others squeezed in one by one.

Their posture was not much different from the spring festival travel.

The battle room was not small, at least 40 to 50 square meters.

However, it was now packed to the brim.

Looking sideways, the team had even spread outside, like a flood, surrounding the entire battle room.

Ning Yiyuan and Chen Hao had already walked to the center of the room, while the others all kept a distance from them, fearing that they would be caught in the crossfire if the fight became more intense.

When they raised their heads to take a look, the interest in their eyes was extremely strong!

Chen Hao was quite famous in the entire base.

He was also a wind attribute special ability user, and his attack power was abnormally strong.

Normally, not many people would dare to face him, because…

“Look, look! This kid has transformed!”

Eh Mo Chu also turned his head to stare at the center of the room.

Only now did she realize that Chen Hao, who had always had a simple and honest appearance, had a serious expression on his face.

His entire persons aura was like that of a wolf, a tiger, and a leopard, emitting a dense offensive aura.

“This kid is just like that.” Lan Wei seemed to have noticed Mo Chus confusion, as she hurriedly explained in a low voice, “Every time he encounters a fight, hes like a completely different person.

Hes extremely serious and cautious!”

Mo Chu had also noticed this point.

However, she was not worried… Her gaze landed on the tall and straight Ning Yiyuan, and the corners of Mo Chus mouth curled up slightly.

This person was not that simple!

An unbearable tension gradually sounded in the battle room.

Chen Hao took the initiative to attack.

His gaze turned slightly, and the ball of wind in his hand carried the momentum of thunder as it ruthlessly attacked Ning Yiyuan!

Ning Yiyuan remained unmoved, his expression indifferent.

His calmness made the audience beside him anxious!

Aiya! Why isnt he dodging Even though they were only spectators, they could clearly feel that the power of this ball of wind was not small.

Once it hit someone, the consequences could not be underestimated!

Everyones eyes widened nervously.

The speed of the ball of wind was very fast.

In the blink of an eye, it had already hit Ning Yiyuan!

Behind them, there were people gasping for breath! There were even people who subconsciously closed their eyes, afraid to see Ning Yiyuans blood splatter on the spot! They were also puzzled.

This wind element expert was rumored to be amazing.

How could he be defeated so easily at this moment

On the other hand, Mo Chu was still calmly staring at the center.

There was not the slightest trace of worry on her face.

“Youre not worried” Lan Wei turned her head, a trace of curiosity flashing in her eyes.

“No.” Mo Chu shook her head slightly, her tone firm.

“I believe in him.”

Mo Chus voice was not loud, but Ning Yiyuan had heard it all.

His beautiful lips curved slightly, and his eyes shone even brighter.

The wind ball that was supposed to hit him suddenly stopped, as if it had been stopped by something.

This caused everyone to raise their eyebrows in surprise.

“Aiya, Look! Hes created a barrier!”

“Damn, wind-type superpowers can be used like this Ive never seen it before!”

As far as their eyes could see, a light blue screen was floating in front of Ning Yiyuan.

The color was so light that it was almost transparent.

It was because of this that everyone was not able to notice it at first.

Raising his eyes, the ball of wind that was originally frozen suddenly turned around and headed straight for Chen Hao.

He could not help but be stunned.

However, another ball of wind quickly gathered in his hand and shattered the previous ball of wind!

Before Chen Hao could make another move, Ning Yiyuans palm moved slightly and removed the barrier.

He said softly, “Youve already lost.”

What Everyones blood was boiling just now.

When they heard Ning Yiyuans words, they were instantly stunned.


How did Chen Hao lose Why did they not see anything

However, when Chen Hao lowered his head to look, his expression suddenly changed! A moment later, he said in a low voice, “Yes, I… lost.”

Everyone followed his gaze and their hearts skipped a beat!

When they looked closely, they realized that several sharp wind blades had already reached a few key spots, such as his heart and the major artery at his neck.

As long as Ning Yiyuan made a slight move, Chen Haos life would definitely be lost, blood splattered on the spot!

More importantly, they had no idea when Ning Yiyuan had released these wind blades.

Perhaps he had already…

Thinking of this, everyone could not help but swallow their saliva.

The gaze they stared at Ning Yiyuan with became more and more respectful.

Such precise control was simply unheard of.

This experts reputation was indeed well-deserved!

“Youre really amazing.” After walking out, Chen Hao returned to his previous simple appearance.

The gaze he stared at Ning Yiyuan also faintly carried a hint of worship.

Just based on todays battle alone, the nameNing Yiyuan instantly resounded throughout the entire Alberto City Base!

However, at this moment, he and Mo Chu were in the bases small canteen!

There were all kinds of chefs and ingredients inside.

As long as you could afford the price, you could enjoy a delicious meal.

Undoubtedly, this was a surprise for Mo Chu.

When she saw the blender at the side, her eyes lit up! She immediately asked, “Does anyone know how to make western pastries”

“I, I know!” A tall and thin young man walked out from the side.

His clothes were neat, but his face was slightly yellowish.

“How much is it” Mo Chu quickly moved her head over.

She did not know how to make special western pastries, but she liked these kinds of small pastries very much.

She had thought that she would not be able to eat them in this lifetime, but she did not expect that she would encounter one again today! Her small face was beaming with a brilliant smile, just like a blooming Persian chrysanthemum.

“Umm…” the tall and thin young man frowned and hesitated for a moment.

“Well, I cant do it.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Chu felt as if she had been stabbed by a full balloon.

Her entire body felt weak.

“How can that be Didnt you say that you know how to make it”

The thin and tall man looked embarrassed.

“I do know how to make it, but without the ingredients… how can I make it” Western food was not like oriental food, where a few random ingredients could make a delicious meal.

On the contrary, it required a lot of specific ingredients.

If there were no ingredients, it would be impossible to make it!

“What ingredients” Without waiting for Mo Chu to speak, Ning Yiyuan said first, “Where do you have them”

The tall and thin chef was shocked by Ning Yiyuans cold aura.

He subconsciously blurted out, “The Central Mall in Alberto City has them.”

As soon as he said that, the chef wanted to give himself a tight slap!

Who Didnt know that the Central Mall had the most people There were also a large number of zombies there!

Ordinary people did not dare to set foot in the mall.

Once they walked in, they would definitely be blocked.

Who would risk their lives for a piece of cake

“Ill go!” At this moment, Ning Yiyuans cold voice suddenly sounded.

Then, the entire cafeteria stared at him like a madman! Was there something wrong with this persons brain Or was he just saying something stupid

At this moment, in the Federation.

Roundy was rolling around on the sofa in boredom.

Its snow-white fur made her look even cuter and more adorable.

Only its eyes were filled with a sense of valiance and dominance.

“Ao ao –” How boring, how boring!

After ruining the entire sofa, Roundy stood up and stretched out its claws to smooth the fur on its body.

Its large eyes looked straight at Mo Yang, revealing a sense of puzzlement.

It was as though she was asking why Little Chu had not returned yet

In a short period of time, Mo Yang seemed to have become much sharper.

His usual cold temperament was even more prominent.

With just a glance, he could not help but make people feel apprehensive.

However, at this moment, he stared at Roundy with a helpless gaze.

In the past, the man and the beast had despised each other, but now, they seemed to be relying on each other.

Mo Yang patted Roundys back and said firmly, “Dont worry, Little Chu will come back.

She will definitely… She will definitely come back!”

Who asked you this Roundy wagged its short and fat tail and moved its body, shaking off Mo Yangs hand that was placed on its body.

It turned around and its red eyes were clear and bright.

Im asking you, when can Little Chu come back Cant you see that this Young Master has become skinny and hungry!

Originally, Roundy had become even moremighty and majestic under Mo Chus feeding.

When it found out that something had happened to Mo Chu, this little fellows appetite had also become much smaller.

After that, it had become smaller rapidly, even its previously obvious double chin was no longer visible at this moment!

“Do you want to eat something” Mo Yangs gaze darkened slightly.

When would little Chu return… He could not answer this question either, so he could only deflate the topic.

He took a portion from one of the few Spirit Foods in the terminal and placed it in front of Roundy.

If it was in the past, the delicacies would have been placed right in front of his eyes.

Roundy would have had a whirlwind-like meal and eaten it all up.

But now, after tasting a few mouthfuls of it in disgust, it kept feeling that the taste was not right.

Every time at this moment, it would miss Little Chu.

If she were still here, she would definitely make a lot of delicious food for it.

However, it was different from now, where three meals a day were all the same!

Thinking of this, Roundy could not help but pout.

With a flick of its head, it immediately ran out.

Mo Yang did not stop it.

Without Little Chu, how could this savage Blood Luminescent Beast still be able to endure and stay at home every day

It wasnt just Mo Yang and Roundy.

The entire Federation seemed to have fallen into disarray.

Without Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan, the previously bustling Starnet seemed to have become much quieter.

Occasionally, there would be some explosive news.

Everyone was not as excited as before, as they felt a sense of emptiness in their hearts, it was as if something was missing.

The ones who had suffered the greatest impact were the Federations special ability users.

With Mo Chus disappearance, the issue of the supply of Spirit Food instantly became more difficult.

Will and Mo Yang still had quite a bit of stock in their hands, yet they did not dare to release it in the same amount as before.

As a result, the monthly sales of Spirit Food Shop on the internet had reduced by half, while Wills auction of Spirit Food had also changed from once a month to once every three months!

This caused everyone to be extremely anxious! Tell me, the amount of Spirit Food released every month was not much, but now, it was even less!

They were like greedy cats who had tasted the taste.

They had finally eaten the fresh fish in their mouths, but before they could be satisfied, the fish in front of them was forcefully taken away.

They could only think about that fishy smell and live their lives, their hearts were filled with worry and sorrow!


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