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When they arrived at the house assigned to Ning Yiyuan by the base, Mo Chu did not understand the problem either.

However, when Ning Yiyuan saw her dazed look, he could not help but soften his eyes.

He reached out to hold Mo Chus hand, took her to the sofa, and rubbed the small pit on her palm.

He reminded her softly, “Think about it, where did that woman come from”

“Hmm… From the north side of the base…” Mo Chu suddenly realized that the north side of the base was filled with residences.

Those who could stay there were either powerful or extraordinary.

It was obvious that that woman was not one of the two, so why would she run out from the north side It did not make sense at all!

“This is only one of them.” Ning Yiyuan looked at the fat and tender flesh on Mo Chus palm, as if a child had found a novel toy.

He was playing with it happily, he casually pointed out the abnormality.

“Also, if you look carefully, you will find that although her clothes look old and tattered, they are very clean.

At a time when drinking water is considered a luxury, why would she use water to wash her clothes Also, the behavior of those men isnt normal either.

From the northern residence to the place where we were standing just now, it wasnt close.

Based on this womans ability, theres no way she could have escaped this far.”

After hearing Ning Yiyuans analysis, Mo Chu finally came to a complete realization.

Thats right, there was indeed something wrong with this woman! However, wasnt Ning Yiyuan a little too amazing Just by looking at the woman, he was able to detect so many issues

“Ah –” Mo Chu was thinking about it when she suddenly felt her palm get wet.

She looked down and was surprised to find that Ning Yiyuan actually stuck out his tongue and licked the flesh on her palm.

It seemed that he was quite pleased with himself!

Her heart suddenly trembled.

Mo Chu hurriedly withdrew her hand and stared at Ning Yiyuan with a guarded expression.

“What” Ning Yiyuan raised his eyebrows and suddenly leaned forward.

His nose almost touched Mo Chus face, and her warm breath blew on her face.

“Dont tell me… Youre afraid that Ill eat you up”

It was not until now that Ning Yiyuan realized the benefits of falling into this spatial rift.

Look, they were alone now, and they did not have to worry about Mo Yang suddenly appearing when they were in a warm mood!

“Dont change the subject!” Mo Chu glared at him, her face slightly changed.

“What happened to that woman just now”

“Dont worry.” Ning Yiyuan rubbed her head and a trace of sternness flashed across his eyes.

“Ill handle this.”

As he spoke, he reached out to touch the faint circles under Little Chus eyes and frowned slightly, his tone was filled with a tinge of heartache.

“Did you not sleep well these two days”

“It was alright.”

“Little liar.” Ning Yiyuan sighed and shook his head.

He pulled Mo Chu towards the bedroom.

“Alright, then you might as well sleep with me for a while.”

He had been busy looking for Little Chu these few days, he only had two to three hours of sleep every day.

Now that he had found Mo Chu and returned home, his sleepiness could not help but surge up.

Mo Chu also noticed Ning Yiyuans haggard expression.

Her heart could not help but tremble.

She nodded obediently.


Two figures were leaning against each other on the two-meter-long double bed.

Half-hugging Mo Chu and feeling the unique scent and warmth from her body, Ning Yiyuans brows relaxed.

Not long after, he closed his eyes.

Only his large bronze hands were still resting on Mo Chus slender waist, it was as if he wanted to hug her whole body into his embrace.

Even though he had not slept for too long two days ago, Mo Chu did not feel sleepy at this moment.

She opened his eyes and sized up Ning Yiyuans sleeping appearance.

This persons facial features were as three-dimensional and handsome as ever.

It was as if he had been carved with a knife.

He was born with an indescribable domineering and steady aura.

Just looking at him made people not dare to look at him directly.

However, at this moment, he closed his eyes and covered his face with his long and thick eyelashes.

That terrifying aura was instantly softened a lot.

He was like a tiger cub that had let down its guard, revealing a faint sense of docility and gentleness.

“Have you seen enough” The man chuckled, instantly causing Mo Chus hand to pause mid-air.

She was about to cause trouble.

When she lowered her head slightly, she happened to meet Ning Yiyuans gentle, teasing eyes.

Mo Chu immediately withdrew her hand with a whoosh and cleared her throat.

“Umm… you didnt sleep”

“I was going to sleep.” Ning Yiyuan nodded as if he was serious.

Suddenly, she pulled Mo Chu closer and whispered into her ear, “But youve been staring at me so intently, so how can I sleep”

Hot… Damn! Did he have to be so explicit with her words Mo Chus originally fair face was now blushing.

She glared at Ning Yiyuan and wiggled her body a few times under the blanket.

She stuffed her head in and a muffled sound came from under the blanket, “Im going to sleep.

Dont make any noise.”

Looking at Mo Chu who had wrapped herself into a cocoon, Ning Yiyuan was slightly startled at first.

Then, he could not help but chuckle.

His large hand grabbed the blanket and with a slight force, he freed Mo Chus head from under the blanket.

Turning his head to look, the little girls face was a little red.

Her originally fair and jade-like skin was now dyed red.

It was like a delicate and alluring rose that was exuding its fragrance, there was a faint allure in her purity.

Ning Yiyuans eyes suddenly darkened, and his voice was slightly hoarse.

“Alright, lets sleep like this.”

“Mm,” Mo Chu replied.

She had originally thought that she would not be able to sleep, but she did not expect that she would be able to fall into a deep sleep after leaning on Ning Yiyuans body for a short while.

Ning Yiyuan, on the other hand, was rather pitiful.

He was originally quite sleepy, but when he saw the annoying little girl in his arms, who was closing her eyes and rubbing herself into his embrace, that pair of tender hands even firmly grabbed onto his collar.

From time to time, she would smack her lips and fall asleep soundly.

Ning Yiyuan could not help but feel his heart soften.

The fatigue all over his body seemed to have disappeared in an instant.

He wanted to just stare at her like this.

He would not find it too much to keep looking…

Suddenly, Ning Yiyuans body stiffened slightly! He lowered his head in disbelief and stared at Mo Chu, who was leaning against his chest.

This little girl was actually…

“Smells so good…” A muffled voice was heard.

Mo Chu closed her eyes and smacked her lips with all his might.

She felt that there was not much taste in the red bean bun today, so he sucked on it again.

“Mmm…” Ning Yiyuan let out a muffled groan.

He felt his heart tremble and his entire body became boiling hot.

The large palm on Mo Chus body was also tightly clenched into a fist.

Her eyes were rolling like the sea!

Mo Chu was still unaware.

She licked her a few more times, and Ning Yiyuans fist could not help but let out a creaking sound.

The gaze he stared at her was as hot as the scorching sun.

It was scorching hot!

“Its not good…” Mo Chu turned her body, and her voice became clearer.

“Dont want the bean buns.

Change to another one.”

Ning Yiyuans expression suddenly froze.

He stared at Mo Chu with anger and passion in his eyes.

Damn it, did this girl… treat him like a bean bun and lick him

He closed his eyes.

A moment later, when Ning Yiyuan opened them again, his deep eyes had become much clearer.

He lowered his head and gently bit Mo Chus lips.

Ning Yiyuans voice was so gentle that it was like the smooth texture of chocolate, “What a little thing that scratches people.”

As he said this, Ning Yiyuan slowly got up and carefully tidied up the quilt before turning around to leave.

He stayed in the bathroom for another 40 to 50 minutes before walking out.

He hugged Mo Chu and continued to sleep.

He slept for more than half a day.

When Mo Chu opened her eyes, the outside had already become a little gray.

Ning Yiyuan was still asleep.

Mo Chu carefully got up and looked around the room.

Then, he ran to the kitchen with a pleasantly surprised look.

The kitchen was well-equipped and bright.

There was no need to think too much about it, this was definitely Ning Yiyuans handiwork.

Otherwise, who would specially bring these things back

Although she had eaten a cake before, after sleeping for an entire afternoon, the food in her stomach was almost digested.

Mo Chu picked through the terminal and finally picked out a few ingredients.

She did not have enough seasonings on hand, however, she had just changed some in the small dining hall, and now it came in handy.

She cut a piece of pork tenderloin and then took a piece of tender beef.

Mo Chu first sliced the pork tenderloin and beef separately.

She added a little cooking wine, salt, and starch, grabbed them, and marinated them for 10 minutes.

At this time, he washed the winter bamboo shoots and fungus, sliced them.

She soaked the red peppers and minced them, cut the celery into thin segments, and cut the Water Weed into short strips, and put them aside for later use.

She then took out a small bowl and poured in two small spoonfuls of sugar, one and a half spoonfuls of vinegar, one spoonful of soy sauce, and one spoonful of cooking wine.

She put in half a spoonful of starch, and finally added some water to make the juice.

When she was almost done with the preparation and was about to start the fire, Ning Yiyuans voice suddenly sounded from behind him.

He said in a slightly reproachful tone, “Why did you come out without your shoes”

Mo Chu looked down and saw the bare feet on the floor rubbing against each other.

He was a little embarrassed.

“Well, its not cold these days, so it doesnt matter whether I wear shoes or not.”

“That wont do!” Ning Yiyuan took a few steps forward, holding a pair of household shoes in his hand.

“These are mine.

You wear them first.

Well go out to buy some supplies in two days.”

As he spoke, he half-squatted down and stretched out his big hand.

He placed Mo Chus little feet on his thigh.

“That… Theres no need.” This action made Mo Chu stunned.

Then, she retreated a little.

“I, Ill do it myself.”

Ning Yiyuans large hand held tightly onto Mo Chus slender white ankle, not letting her leave.

“Stand properly.” Ning Yiyuan raised her head and stared at Mo Chu.

She immediately did not dare to resist, and could only watch Ning Yiyuans actions.

Holding onto Mo Chus ankle and placing her entire foot in his palm, Ning Yiyuan realized at this moment that this little girls feet were extremely exquisite and moving.

They were fair and well-proportioned, and her nails were full.

They even faintly emitted a faint pink color, the sole of her foot was so small and exquisite that he could control it with one hand.

“Hey, are you still going to wear it or not!” Being stared at by Ning Yiyuan like this, Mo Chu strangely felt that her entire foot was a little numb.

She hurriedly kicked his hand and said with a slightly annoyed tone, “This fellows gaze is too strange…”

Ning Yiyuan did not say anything more.

He only reached out and put the shoe on her foot.

His movements were slow and steady, and the expression on his face was sincere and sincere.

Standing in a corner of Mo Chu, he just happened to see his well-defined facial features at a glance.

“Okay.”After putting the shoes on Mo Chu, Ning Yiyuan stood up slowly and glanced behind her.

She said softly, “What did you do”

When she talked about this, Mo Chu immediately became excited.

Her eyes were full of excitement, bright and moving! “Im going to make celery beef.

The beef is tender and tender, and the celery is crispy and fragrant.

The taste of these two together is absolutely perfect! This fish-flavored shredded pork has a sour, sweet, and fragrant taste.

Just smelling it makes people drool!”

“Okay.” Ning Yiyuan nodded and washed his hands.

“Then Ill take the dishes out first.”

“Okay.”Mo Chu nodded.

Stir-frying was actually very fast.

These two dishes took no more than 15 minutes to stir-fry.

Therefore, while Ning Yiyuan was washing the dishes, Mo Chu took action.

She turned on the heat, heated the pot, and poured in the oil.

After the oil temperature rose, she put in the pickled red pepper.

After stir-frying out the fragrance, she added shredded beef into the hot oil.

He only needed to stir-fry it a few times, and when the color of the meat changed, he would put down the chopped celery and stir-fry it for a while, finally, the salt was added, the chicken essence was added, and some water plants were sprinkled.

A dish was successfully cooked.

Then, the wok was cleaned and the oil was added.

After the oil temperature rose, the shredded pork was poured into the wok and stir-fried until it was cooked.

Then, the dish was scooped out for reserve.

Then, a little oil was poured into the wok, the pickled red pepper was added, and the red oil was stir-fried.

The end of the water plants was stir-fried until it was fragrant.

Then, the shredded winter bamboo shoot and the shredded wood ear were put down and stir-fried a few times.

Finally, the shredded pork was added and stir-fried.

She then poured the fish sauce into the pot and stir-fried it.

Mo Chu walked over with two dishes in her hands.

Her eyes were shining brightly.

“Quick, try it.” After she placed the dishes on the table, Mo Chu sat down as well.

Without any hesitation, she picked up a pair of chopsticks and picked up some shredded fish and fed it to her mouth.

That tender, sour, and sweet taste could not be any more beautiful!

The little girls eyes were narrowed into slits.

Her mouth was slightly bulging as she chewed non-stop.

There were even a few spots of oil on it.

It looked very tempting…

As Ning Yiyuan stared at Mo Chus small mouth that was moving non-stop, his expression suddenly froze.

He recalled how Mo Chu had bitten his chest when he was sleeping, and his ears could not help but turn slightly red.

This little foodie was truly hopeless!


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