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Meeting Xia Chens arrogant gaze, Ning Yiyuans eyes darkened slightly, and his lips parted slightly.

Just as he was about to speak, a female voice interrupted him.

“Burden Liability Hehe!” Lan Wei stared at the group with a playful look, her eyes faintly containing a hint of disdain and ridicule.

“Mo Chu is an auditory special ability user of tier four and above! Among you… who can replace her”

A crisp and clear female voice rang out!

Lan Weis pretty appearance faintly contained a hint of wildness, especially her pair of large eyes, which were exceptionally bright and sparkling at this moment!

The previously noisy room instantly became quiet…

What! An auditory special ability user above tier 4!

Everyone looked at each other, their eyes filled with an unconcealable surprise.

Most of them had seen Mo Chu before, so they had no way of equating that delicate and weak little lass with a level-4 auditory special ability user.

Ning Yiyuans eyes flickered slightly.

Without saying anything, he just stood there quietly, looking elegant and graceful.

In the eyes of the others, they felt that Ning Yiyuan had tacitly agreed with them.

They were so shocked that they sucked in a breath of cold air!

They were all veterans who had been on missions before, so how could they not understand what was going on Having a high-level hearing ability user was like adding wings to a tiger to the whole team! No one would be willing to give up such a great help!

Thinking back on what they had just said, the mens faces could not help but turn green and red!

At this moment, the one who was more embarrassed than them was Xia Chen! He had thought that he had a firm hold on Ning Yiyuan, but he did not expect that he had brought this upon himself, turning himself into a living joke!

“Captain Lan, is what you said… true” Xia Chens voice was almost squeezed out from his throat, with a hint of gloominess in his hoarse voice.

Lan Wei did not seem to have heard him at all, as she looked directly at Xia Chen.

“Of course.”

“Very good!” Xia Chen nodded heavily, the gloominess in the depths of his eyes becoming heavier and heavier.

“Since thats the case, there shouldnt be any objections to Mo Chu joining, right”

“This… one more hearing ability user, naturally no problem!”

“Right, we dont have any objections either.”


The people who had been firmly rejecting the offer a moment ago all turned their backs on him.

“Then Xiao Chus supplies for these 20 days… shouldnt be moved from my portion, right” The corners of Ning Yiyuans mouth curled up slightly.

He did not care about this little bit of food, but if he could make Xia Chen angry again, why woul he not do it

As expected! As soon as Ning Yiyuan said this, Xia Chen clenched his fists that had just loosened! “Of course, theres no need… As for the supplies, Well prepare them for Mo Chu.

Dont worry!”

“Thats good.” The smile on Ning Yiyuans face grew wider, which made Xia Chens expression even more unsightly.

His pair of sinister eyes stared fixedly at him.

Ning Yiyuan, just you wait, this mission, Ill make sure you never come back!

The next day.

At six oclock, all the teams set out.

Ning Yiyuan had somehow created a 70% new modified off-road vehicle.

Its defense was top-notch, causing many men to look at it with drooling eyes.

There was once someone who said that cars and women were mens eternal pursuits.

Mo Chu, who was watching from the side, deeply agreed.

“Have you slept well” Ning Yiyuan walked forward and skillfully rubbed Mo Chus head with a gentle expression.

“Yes.” Mo Chu nodded and replied with a smile.

The simple words and actions of the two revealed a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

Everyone could not help but be stunned when they saw this, and they also faintly revealed some envy.

In this era where life and death were unpredictable, who knew if one day one would be bitten by a zombie or die from a sudden illness The entire air seemed to be filled with a tense and numb feeling.

Then, under this atmosphere, it seemed that everyone had become an extreme hedonist.

They played with women, robbed resources, and killed people as usual… There was no order and no restrictions.

However, looking at the warmth of Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan, their hearts suddenly trembled! Did they… do something wrong Did they miss something again

“Lets depart!” Xia Chen stood at the front and suddenly said, breaking everyones thoughts.

Ning Yiyuan pulled Mo Chu into the car and started the SUV first.

The cars behind them started one after another and followed behind them.

Ning Yiyuans driving skills were very good.

Mo Chu did not feel the slightest bit of turbulence sitting inside.

She turned her head slightly and stared at Ning Yiyuan.

At this moment, the Sun had just risen, and the golden sunlight hit his chiseled face.

He was handsome and firm, like a god.

“Do I look good” Ning Yiyuans voice suddenly sounded, and there was a hint of unnoticeable ridicule in his tone.

“Yes…” Mo Chu had yet to recover from her shock when he blurted out her honest words.

The corners of Ning Yiyuans mouth could not help but curl up, and the smile on his face deepened.

Fortunately, there were only the two of them in the car.

If there were other people in the car, they would probably be tortured to tears by the two of them!

“Thats not right!” Mo Chu suddenly looked up.

“How do you know how to drive this car”

“Its very simple.” Ning Yiyuan turned her head and patted the steering wheel twice.

“Its just a few more steps than the Drive Machine.”

Hearing Ning Yiyuans casual words, Mo Chu could not help but think of the tragedy of her driving the car and directly hitting the stone stake.

Her mind became blurry.

After that, she remained silent.

“Whats wrong” Looking at Little Chus silent appearance, Ning Yiyuan could not help but turn her head and ask.

“Nothing.” Mo Chu shook her head slightly and turned to look at the modified off-road car with great interest.

However, with her pale understanding of cars, she really could not understand what was so good about this car.

It made many people want to come over and give it a kick.

In the end, they were all scared off by Ning Yiyuans cold gaze.

“Oh right, why did you think of getting a car like this” Mo Chu stared at Ning Yiyuan with interest.

Could it be that this person also had a deep love for cars

“The defense of this car is barely passable, and its big enough.”

Huh Mo Chu could understand the first one, but what did the second one mean

They had a terminal, so why would they be afraid of not being able to fit anything in Would it not attract a lot of attention driving in such a big chunk of metal

Seeing the doubt on Mo Chus face, Ning Yiyuan explained indifferently, “The space in the car is bigger, so youll be more comfortable when you sleep.”

Hearing this, Mo Chu could not help but be stunned.

She had never thought that this would be Ning Yiyuans original intention!

When she turned her head, the corners of her mouth could not help but curl up into a faint smile.

The two vague dimples also rippled slightly, as if they were filled with honey, so sweet that it was somewhat intoxicating.

“Do you still want to sleep a little longer” Looking at the circles under Mo Chus eyes, Ning Yiyuan felt a little heartache.

After spending so much time together, he finally understood that if this girl did not sleep enough, she would become a little listless.

Especially the bruise under her eyes, which was even more obvious than the average person.

After all, she was still underage and was still growing! Thinking of this, Ning Yiyuans brows furrowed even more tightly as he directly said, “Sleep for a while more.

Anyway, well be driving from now on.”

Mo Chu thought about it and did not reject him.

Last night, she was busy packing up her things and only went to sleep when it was almost one or two oclock.

In the end, she got up again at five oclock today.

In total, she was not able to sleep for four hours.

She yawned and lay down on the ground.

Ning Yiyuan did not mind.

When he was leading the battle in the past, sometimes he would stay up all night studying the battle situation.

Because of this, he was used to quickly replenishing his sleep.

Usually, he would be energetic after four or five hours of sleep.

Looking at the slightly curled-up Mo Chu, Ning Yiyuans expression softened.

She used one hand to hold the steering wheel while the other hand picked up a coat from the side and carefully covered her body.

When he turned around, his gaze fell on the map Xia Chen had given them before.

On a simple, old piece of paper, there were only a few locations and names of the villages and large-scale facilities along the way.

The rest of the details were blank, and they could only let them explore and study it themselves.

“Ah– hurry up and drive –” A noisy and indistinct voice came from the walkie-talkie beside them.

This thing was specially equipped by the base for them, but the quantity was limited, and they could only equip one for each car, it was used to communicate in a timely manner.

“Whats wrong” Ning Yiyuan asked.

His eyes inadvertently glanced back, and his gaze darkened slightly.

“F*ck! Behind us… I dont know what kind of thing suddenly caught up with us.

Its speed is extremely fast! Hurry up and speed up!” The lane they were now entering was very narrow.

Ning Yiyuans off-road car was the first.

If he did not speed up, the cars behind him would be stuck behind him.

“Got it,” Ning Yiyuan replied indifferently.

He looked at Mo Chu who was sleeping soundly beside him.

He stepped on the accelerator and the off-road car slowly increased its speed.

It did not take long for Ning Yiyuan to shake off the cars behind him.

Seeing this, the cars behind him also sped up.

“Damn! We finally got rid of that damn thing!” A rough male voice sounded on the walkie-talkie with a hint of joy.

Ning Yiyuans eyes suddenly focused, and he said in a deep voice, “The highway is ahead.”

Hearing this, everyone coudl not help but get excited.

What did the highway mean They could accelerate at will! They did not have to maintain a moderate speed like now, afraid that there would be an emergency ahead that they would not be able to avoid in time.

However, before everyone was happy for too long, Ning Yiyuan poured a bucket of cold water on them.

“Let me tell you a piece of very unfortunate news.

The expressway in front of us is almost blocked!”


When they heard this, everyone could not help but be stunned.


When the cars reached the entrance of the highway and had no choice but to stop, they finally understood what Ning Yiyuan meant.

F*ck! Was this a traffic jam This was clearly a traffic jam!

The densely packed cars were all blocked on the road.

One car after another, blocking every route, leaving only a distance that could allow one person to pass.

The cars behind them simply could not pass!

Everyone could not help but worry! They had only walked for half a day.

Did they have to go back home

“Um… is there any other way” Staring at the jam-packed highway, someone finally asked after a long while.

“Yes,” Lan Wei frowned and gestured on the map, “But we have to go back again.

If we go around, well have to go around half of the province, and we might not be able to get enough food.”

Hearing that, everyone stopped talking about taking a detour.

If they did not get killed by zombies, they would starve to death.

Wouldnt that be a joke

“What should we do” They could not take a detour, but the road in front of them was blocked.

If they really went back, they would be laughed at by the other teams!

“Wait, something is coming!” Standing beside Ning Yiyuan, Mo Chu frowned and suddenly reminded them.

“What” Hearing this, everyone turned their heads to look back with vigilance in their eyes.

In the end, after a few minutes of worry, they found that there was no movement at all.

They could not help but show some doubt on their faces.

There was nothing, right When they turned their heads to look at Mo Chu again, they were a little dissatisfied.

If you cant do it, then dont say it.

Arent you just wasting time!

“It seems to be… hiding.” Mo Chus brows furrowed even more tightly.

However, the crowd no longer believed her words.

Originally, Lan Wei and Ning Yiyuan had said that Mo Chu had an auditory special ability.

Whether it was true or not, they still did not know! Now that they looked at it again, Hehe, there was an 80% chance that it was a lie.

All for the sake of being able to squeeze this lass in!

Thats right, take a closer look! Mo Chus fair and tender little face still had traces of redness from sleeping.

Coupled with her drowsy appearance, it was obvious that she had just woken up.

Just like that, how could it be the slightest bit convincing

On the other hand, the members of the Hunters team knew of Mo Chus ability, and all of them were on high alert, not daring to relax.


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