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After eating and drinking to their hearts content, they rested for a while before setting off again, speeding through the highway like lightning.

There were at least two or three people in the other teams who were taking turns to drive.

However, looking at Ning Yiyuans side, Mo Chus idiotic driving skills were evident.

After careful calculation, they had only stopped for two or three hours after eating.

With all these going on, How could Ning Yiyuan rest well

“Why dont we find someone to help us take turns driving”

Actually, Ning Yiyuan did not feel very tired.

However, when he saw Mo Chus slightly pained expression, his heart instantly softened.

In the end, she tacitly agreed.

Unexpectedly, when Mo Chu released these words, it quickly attracted a large number of people to sign up! All of them were as enthusiastic as picking up money!

“Mo Chu, let me help you guys with the driving.

I guarantee that your skills will meet the standard!” Relying on her friendship with Mo Chu, Lan Lin successfully stood out from the crowd.

The moment he sat in the drivers seat, Lan Lins eyes lit up like a pervert looking at a great beauty.

He touched left and right and could not help but exclaim in admiration, “Tsk tsk, look at this equipment, chassis, and this engine… its definitely top-notch!”

“Start the car.” Ning Yiyuan looked at him lightly and instantly, Lan Lins body changed.

He did not even dare to make a sound as she straightened his body.

He put his food down on the accelerator, while he skillfully gripped the steering wheel, and the car sped off in a zoom.

Mo Chu watched from behind and was amazed!

Even Lan Lin was muttering in her heart! Tell me, why was Ning Yiyuan so intimidating even though he was only a few years older than him His gaze was like an ice blade, piercing straight into peoples hearts and making them not dare to act recklessly.

However, Lan Lins words were not exaggerated at all.

His driving skills were indeed pretty good, at least there were no problems along the way.

Seeing this, Ning Yiyuan felt slightly relieved.

“You should also take this opportunity to sleep for a while.” Mo Chu nudged Ning Yiyuan.

She could feel that this persons entire body was stiff and full of tendons and muscles.

“Yes.” Ning Yiyuan did not refuse.

He closed his eyes and fell asleep just like that.

The car was moving smoothly.

It was unknown if it was due to the inertia of a soldier.

Even though he was asleep, Ning Yiyuans posture did not change much.

He was still leaning against the seat.

Mo Chu, on the other hand, was tired from watching.

She stretched out her arm and carefully placed Ning Yiyuans body horizontally.

Then, she placed his head on her thigh and patted it rhythmically.

What the f*ck! Could she not be so brazen as to show off her affection for Ning Yiyuan Didnt she see that there was a lone person standing here! Lan Lin inadvertently looked through the rearview mirror and coincidentally saw this scene.

Tears instantly flowed down his heart… In this day and age, a single dogs heart was fragile, and could not afford to be injured!

It was rare for Ning Yiyuan to sleep so soundly.

In the past, he would either be busy with training or leading the battle in the Federation.

As such, he did not have much free time and his sleeping time was also compressed.

At night, he would be busy until late at night before sleeping for another four to five hours.

The next day, he continued to work.

After all these years, he seemed to have already gotten used to such a lifestyle.

It was because of this that when he woke up and discovered that the scorching sun was shining brightly outside, he was stunned for a moment.

Look at this scorching sun, it was probably already noon.

In other words… he had already slept for nearly seven hours

“Hiss –” Ning Yiyuans sudden movement caused Mo Chu let out a soft snort.

She was not asleep, but she felt waves of numbness coming from her thighs.

Although Mo Chus voice was very soft, it was not a small matter to Ning Yiyuans ears.

She quickly turned her head and asked, “Whats wrong Are you not feeling well”

However, Lan Lin, who was driving in front, made it clear, “Isnt it obvious After being pressed down by you for so long, how can her legs not be numb”

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but be slightly stunned.

He turned his head to look and saw that he had indeed leaned his head on Mo Chus legs in that sleeping position just now.

When he raised his gaze slightly, he happened to see Mo Chus worried little face.

Anyone who had felt numbness in their legs would know this feeling.

That indescribable feeling of numbness and pain surged up along their limbs.

Especially after being pressed down by Ning Yiyuan for so long… Now, with just a slight movement, she felt extremely sore, as if her entire leg was no longer her own.

“Ah –” Mo Chu let out a soft cry of pain and looked down again.

Ning Yiyuans large palms landed on her thighs, gently massaging and beating them.

This feeling was even more refreshing than before!

“Bear with it for a while, itll be over soon.” Ning Yiyuan lowered his head, but his tone became gentler.

His large, slightly calloused hands were massaging Mo Chus legs.

Ning Yiyuans heart ached and he was touched.

This silly girl, her legs had been pressed down for so long, yet she still did not move them.

She would definitely go numb!

Ning Yiyuans lowered, half-covered face had a hint of piety.

It was as if what he was doing now was the most important thing in the world.

If her legs were numb, he had to massage them.

He had to wait until the pain was over! Everyone knew this principle, and Mo Chu was no exception.

However, this feeling was really unbearable!

The moment her numb legs moved, she would feel extremely uncomfortable! It was also because of this that Mo Chu would occasionally let out a few low moans.

They were soft, soft, and occasionally, there were trembling sounds!

Lan Lin, who was in front of him, was helpless!

Tell me, wasnt it just the numbness in her legs Was it necessary for Mo Chu to let out such a sound If it was someone else who did not know, they might have thought that something had happened in the car!

Finally, Ning Yiyuan rubbed Mo Chus legs for a long time.

Mo Chus legs were finally much better.

At least the numbness had faded a lot, and her face did not have to be wrinkled like a bun anymore.

Seeing this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but let out a light sigh.

He reached out and rubbed Mo Chus head.

His tone was gentle as he said, “Dont worry about me next time.

I can sleep no matter what.”

When they fought, they would often stay up for days.

It was already good enough for them to have some time to sleep.

So, they had no problems sleeping anywhere.

“Okay.” Mo Chu could finally feel the uncomfortable numbness in her legs dissipating.

She quickly nodded and agreed, “I understand.”

Ning Yiyuans eyes were filled with warmth when he saw how obedient Mo Chu was.

When he turned around to look at Lan Lin, he looked like a gentle breeze.

“Sorry to trouble you.

You have been driving for so long.

Lets switch places when we are resting.

You should rest well too.”

“Sigh!” This was the first time Lan Lin felt Ning Yiyuans gentleness.

He could not help but be stunned.

After all, this person had left a strong and cold impression on everyone.

Now that he looked at him, that was not entirely true.

Ning Yiyuans guess was right.

After driving for a while, anyone would be tired.

They shouted a few words into the walkie-talkie before stopping.

“Damn! What kind of weather is this Why is it so hot all of a sudden” That was right.

Yesterday, it was not too hot, but today, the sun was shining brightly!

The off-road car that Mo Chu and the others were on had been specially modified.

The ventilation effect was exceptionally good.

Coupled with the speed of the car, it was even more romantic.

It was because of this that other than feeling a little hot in the car, they did not feel anything strange, but the people in the other cars were suffering greatly!

Look, there were already many people in the car.

Coupled with the bright sun shining down, the scorching hot air instantly swelled up, giving no time for people to get used to it.

As a result, the person who was originally wearing a thin coat was now only wearing a vest.

Even so, his head was covered in sweat and his body was soaked through.

When he wiped his head, his palms were covered in sweat, which was sticky.

It was extremely uncomfortable!

“What else can we do” Another man added, “Didnt people talk about the greenhouse effect in the past Forget greenhouse, its a bathhouse!” As soon as they entered a bathhouse, they were greeted by a wave of hot air.

How was it different from now

These words were humorous, and many people laughed.

There was a willow tree by the roadside.

Everyone ran over to it as soon as they saw it.

They hid under the leaves, enjoying some shade and sticking out their tongues, they looked like big yellow dogs lying on the ground.

They took out the mineral water that they carried and touched it.

Oh my god!

The temperature of the mineral water was also extremely high.

It was as if it had been boiled in a pot.

They opened the bottle cap and drank it in one gulp.

Not to mention cooling it down, the moment the hot water hit their stomachs, everyone felt even hotter! One more bite of the biscuit and it was so hard that it could block a person to death!

This rare meal time had become torture.

When Mo Chu and the others came down, everyone looked at them with a bit of ridicule in their eyes.

My God, its so hot that Im sweating all over! Coupled with the rock-hard biscuits, it was pure torture.

However, does this count for anything to Mo Chu

This was nothing!

On such a hot day, she did not plan to cook any hot food.

Wouldnt it be more uncomfortable the more she ate She simply took four or five cucumbers from the back, some fungus, and a few green vegetable leaves.

She washed them all and then cut them into shreds.

She put them in a big bowl, added some salt, dripped a few drops of sesame oil, and finally sprinkled some MSG and chilies.

Then she mixed them with all her strength and blended them.

The taste was so refreshing!

In the middle of the summer, was there anything more suitable than eating this salad

Hence, everyone who was watching was dumbfounded!

Fine! You are awesome!

As they stared at the colorful salad in Mo Chus hands, everyone looked down at the biscuits in their hands.

Aiya… why did they feel so sad

Mo Chu made quite a lot of portions.

Apart from leaving some for Ning Yiyuan and herself, he also gave a portion to Lan Lin and the rest.

After all, they had helped him drive for so long, they should compensate them.

Lan Lin did not expect such a good thing to happen.

When he received the bowl from Mo Chu, he was so surprised that she could not speak!

When he looked down again, the colorful salad immediately made his appetite recover.

Then, he took a chopstick and fed it to his mouth.

Oh my God! It was so refreshing and crisp that it made people salivate!

Although Mo Chu did not put much seasoning in it, the taste of the vegetables was not bad.

Besides, it was rare for them to eat vegetables.

It was really delicious!

“Lan Lin, Im your sister… remember” Lan Wei walked over with big strides.

Her eyes fell into the bowl of salad and her tone was slightly threatening.

Lan Lin had been coerced by his sister for so many years, how could he not understand this stance He did not bother to talk to her and directly fed the salad into his mouth with chopsticks.

His cheeks bulged like a delicate hamster!

By the time Lan Wei caught up, there was not much salad left in the bowl.

Only a few cucumber slices were left alone at the bottom of the bowl.

Then, Lan Weis face darkened rapidly.

She stared at Lan Lin with a gloomy face and said in a chilly tone, “You brat, hurry up and come over here…”

The other teams were envious as well.

However, they did not have any relationship with Mo Chu and the rest.

They were filled with regret in their hearts! If they had known earlier, they would have joined the Hutners team as soon as possible! Look at this! Look at the benefits!

In just two short days, Mo Chus astonishing culinary skills had left a deep impression on everyone.

In fact, it was even more unforgettable than her identity as an auditory special ability user!

There was nothing they could do about it.

The food that this lass cooked was too delicious.

They could not help it at all, and they could only drool as they imagined the taste of her cooking!

Therefore, in the next one or two days, everyone could only watch helplessly as Mo Chu served dish after dish of delicious food!

However, this temptation was quickly reduced.

That was because… this damned weather was getting hotter and hotter.

As long as one stood outside and the scorching sun shone on their bodies, it would not be long before they would be drenched from head to toe.

This way, it would be better to be in the car.

At the very least, when the car sped up, there would be a cool breeze blowing!

Therefore, except when it was cool at night, everyone basically stayed in the car.

However, because of this, everyones car sped up, and their progress was also accelerated.

In addition, the journey was exceptionally calm.

In less than five days, they arrived at the destination of this mission — Anyuan Town.


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