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Lan Wei, who was standing at the side, quickly reacted as well.

The corners of her mouth curled up as her bright eyes became more and more dazzling.

She quickly joined Mo Chus ranks.

The scene immediately went from one against two to one against three.

Moreover, Lan Weis methods were much more subtle than Mo Chus.

Look, the posture of pulling a fight was truly selfless.

She did not side with anyone, nor did she touch Deng Xiao.

Yet, she had unknowingly caused this person to suffer a great loss!

And then… Deng Xiao was miserable!

Damn! Who said that women were not powerful Come and take a look yourself!

Deng Xiaos face darkened.

He gritted his teeth and tried his best to suppress the painful groan that was about to come out of his mouth.

He did not even need to lift up his clothes to take a closer look.

He could clearly tell that his stomach was already full of bruises.

The most bitter thing was that he did not dare to fight back!

Ning Yiyuan, who was at the side, was like a sharp dagger that had been unsheathed.

He was sharp and cold.

His pair of deep eyes were constantly staring at him.

He did not even dare to think of any small movements.

Otherwise, he would have no doubt that Ning Yiyuan would let him have a taste of what it was like to have his throat sealed with blood.

This was the first time Deng Xiao had felt Ning Yiyuans pressure so clearly.

It was a kind of silent valiance and power.

Just one existence and one look was enough to display it to the fullest!

Unlike Deng Xiao, the other special ability users not far away did not feel Ning Yiyuans pressure at all.

On the contrary, all they saw was Ning Yiyuans slightly gentle gaze, and the center of his gaze would forever revolve around Mo Chu!

How could Ning Yiyuans gaze not be gentle

Look at this! How could my little Chu be so cute

First, she sneakily tricked Deng Xiao.

When she saw Deng Xiaos face contort, his clear and clean eyes immediately brightened up a little.

However, her small face still maintained a serious expression.

She was like the most dazzling star in the summer night.

There was a hint of mischievousness in her intelligence, unconsciously attracting all of his attention.

As for Deng Xiaos unwilling gaze, it was not that Ning Yiyuan did not see it, but so what if he did! Narrowing his eyes, Ning Yiyuans deep eyes seemed to become as deep as the vast sea.

However, the corners of his mouth could not help but curl up.

Since Little Chu liked it, then you have to endure it!

Finally, when they were almost done playing, the two girls stopped at the same time and looked at each other with a smile.

“Aiya!” Mo Chu rolled her eyes and made a fuss out of nothing.

Then, she jogged a few steps and carefully half-supported Lan Lin as she looked at Deng Xiao with a reproachful look.

“Everyone came out to complete the mission together.

How can you be so ruthless”

These words almost made Deng Xiao fall back in anger.

No matter how strong Deng Xiaos psychological quality was, he was still feeling stifled at this moment!

Damn it! Would this little girl dare to distort the truth a little more He was the victim here, alright

Thats right, Lan Lins face was covered in a large patch of black and blue.

However, that was caused by the two of them fighting alone earlier on.

However, after Mo Chu and Lan Wei joined the fight, did Lan Lin suffer any injuries at all On the contrary, he was the one who suffered! All their attacks landed in hidden spots that people could not see!

Ning Yiyuan and the others naturally knew the inside story, but the other special ability users who were a distance away from them did not.

They only saw the truth in front of them — Deng Xiao was unharmed, on the other hand, Lan Lins delicate and pretty face was covered in a large number of bruises.

Some of them were even purple, which made peoples hearts tremble.

Therefore, all of them looked at Deng Xiao with reproachful eyes!

How old was Lan Lin How could he be so ruthless However, it was also true.

He was the first one to raise a gun at Old Bai just now.

If Lan Lin did not stop him, Old Bai would probably have died under his hands!

After thinking about it, everyone had a plan in mind.

They could not help but be on guard against Deng Xiao.

Imagine such a ruthless person.

Even if he suddenly turned around and stabbed you, no one would doubt him, alright This time, even a fool would know to stay away from him.

Deng Xiao naturally noticed everyones faint state of vigilance.

His eyes darkened.

Damn it!

The credibility that he had painstakingly built up previously was instantly destroyed by Mo Chus words.

He had really underestimated this little girl!

Gritting his teeth, Deng Xiao lowered his eyes with a dark look.

‘Hmph, you guys! You wont be able to be arrogant for long… Ill wait to see you turn into zombies!

Taking a deep breath, Deng Xiao raised his head, his expression calm again.

Thats right, the most important thing now was to send them to Anyuan Town immediately! “Since the quota for scouting has been confirmed, when do you plan to go”

Was it not obvious

Everyone had brought a limited amount of food, and this gasoline was also a luxury product.

Using less and less, everyone naturally hoped that the scouting progress could be as fast as possible.

Ning Yiyuan was also clear on this point.

His slender fingers flicked a few times, and his voice was cold and firm.

“After we pack our things, well go take a look at it at noon.”

Hearing this, Deng Xiaos eyes could not help but light up, and he readily agreed, “Okay, lets do it!”

Anyuan Town was not small.

To explore it, it would normally take a whole day to drive, not to mention that the large-scale zombies had already caused a terrible traffic jam.

Ning Yiyuan and the others would only use more time, not less!

In such a dangerous situation, who could guarantee that there would not be any accidents Thinking of this, the smile on Deng Xiaos face grew wider.

Once this matter was settled, everyone could not help but feel relieved.

Then, they stared at Ning Yiyuan and Lan Wei as they started to pack their things.

Mo Chu and the others off-road vehicle had the best performance, and there were enough seats.

Therefore, they simply waved their hands and used this vehicle as a means of transportation.

In order to prevent everyone from suspecting, Mo Chu had specially placed a lot of food and kitchen utensils on the backseat of the car to cover it up.

Now, she naturally had to tidy it up.

Otherwise, Lan Wei would just sit down and sit in the pot.

How awkward would that be!

Then, everyone stared at Mo Chu calmly taking out a few pots and pans from the car, then taking out a kitchen knife.

Finally, she even took out a rare red sandalwood casserole pot… F*ck! Are you really not going for a picnic

By the end, everyone was already numb.

Hehe, towards Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan, they should not look at them like normal people!

However, when they turned around to look at the Hunters team, everyone instantly felt much better.

Look, thats much better!

Lan Lin sat on the ground and swiftly treated the wound on his face.

Lan Wei was taking out a large amount of food from the car and carefully placing it on the side.

It was completely different from the two playthings beside her!

The group was already prepared and set off.

There were four people in the car.

Ning Yiyuan was in the drivers seat while Mo Chu was in the passenger seat.

Naturally, the remaining two people could only squeeze into the backseat.

The car was completely silent.

Lan Wei was staring at the small mountain of milk candies, skittles, and chocolate beans with an incredulous expression on her face.

The usually steady Lan Wei was completely dumbfounded.

My God, with just a glance, it was like a candy carriage!

Even in times of peace, this carriage full of snacks could not help but cause people to be shocked, much less in this day and age! To put it bluntly, food was life! Dont look at these small and unremarkable snacks.

They were definitely good stuff!

The mountain of snacks in the carriage was like a mountain of gold in Lan Weis eyes, a shining golden mountain!

However, her shock did not last long, because Mo Chu turned her head and took out a few white rabbit milk candies from her pocket and handed them to them.

“Come, want some”

Mo Chus words were still somewhat vague, because a small piece of her fair and tender cheeks was slightly bulging.

A slight chewing sound rang out, and every time she opened her mouth, it smelled like milk.

Obviously, she was also eating this thing! However, to be honest, Mo Chu looked like a harmless little rabbit.

She narrowed her eyes and was holding a red carrot in her arms, munching on it with a face full of intoxication.

She looked adorable!

Then, the atmosphere instantly became funny.

“Alright.” Lan Wei nodded.

When she took the milk candy from Mo Chus hands, the corners of her mouth could not help but curl up slightly.

She raised her chin and that faint sense of coolness instantly exploded!

After giving half to Lan Lin, Lan Wei looked at the few remaining milk candies in her palm and could not help but be slightly stunned.

She had not eaten these things for a long time…

She picked up one, peeled off the candy wrappers on the outside, and threw the white milk candy into her mouth.

In a short while, the rich milk flavor filled her entire mouth.

It was warm, fragrant.

It tasted better than what she remembered.

“Oh right, where did you find so many snacks” Lan Lin was probably a person who loved to eat snacks.

In just a short while, the few milk candies given by Mo Chu were completely wiped out.

After savoring the taste in his mouth, he started to ask questions.

“The Central Mall in Alberto City.” The person who spoke was Ning Yiyuan.

His tone was clear and shallow.

“Last time when I was looking for cake ingredients, I took some out.”

Lan Lin could not help but chuckle as he looked at the pile of snacks that filled the entire car seat.

Was this calledtaking advantage You must be joking with me.

Indeed, these people cant be judged by common sense!

Lan Wei carefully put the remaining milk candy in her pocket after finishing the milk candy in her mouth and asked with a slightly serious expression, “Then what should we do when we reach Anyuan Town”

At the mention of this question, everyone could not help but become cautious.

To be able to survive until now in the apocalypse, apart from their unquestionable ability, they had a clear self-awareness!

Anyuan Town was definitely a tough bone to chew! Even if Ning Yiyuan, an expert, was in charge, their current situation would not be any better.

“Dont worry,” Ning Yiyuan said.

He raised his eyebrows and said confidently, “Youll know soon.”

Seeing this, the others were curious, but they did not ask any more questions.

Ning Yiyuan had this kind of magic power, which made people trust him.

It was as if his words were the most stable backer.

Not long after, they arrived.

Not far from them was Anyuan Town, and the large wave of zombies inside were like sealed evil spirits.

Once they stepped in, the unsealed evil spirits would instantly follow behind them like worms, they wanted nothing more than to suck their last drop of blood and eat their last piece of meat!

“Lets go.” Taking off the car keys, Ning Yiyuan pushed open the door and strode out.

Seeing Ning Yiyuans attitude, Lan Wei and her brother were a little stunned.

Could it be that… Ning Yiyuan wanted to leave the off-road car here without using it

But how far could they go with just two legs Thinking of this, Lan Wei could not help but frown.

Just as she was about to ask, Ning Yiyuan took the lead to answer their questions.

His voice was deliberately lowered, but it was still very clear.

“Everyone has already seen the situation the last time we came.” Ning Yiyuans gaze was slightly focused, and a confident aura instantly burst out.

In an instant, Mo Chu seemed to be able to see the legendary Marshal who could subdue millions of zombies with a wave of his hand.

Ning Yiyuan really lived up to his reputation!

“The only entrance is densely packed with zombies.

If we drive in, the only thing that will happen is that we will be blocked by zombies, but…” Ning Yiyuans eyes flashed again, “Once we travel light, the probability of this happening will be much lower.”

“How can that be” Hearing this explanation, not only did Lan Weis brows not relax, they even tightened.

“If we enter alone, wont we still be surrounded by zombies, and the situation will be even more serious! Moreover, once we abandon this car, what will we do next Will we only rely on our two legs”

Lan Weis words were sharp, but she made the situation quite clear.

Ning Yiyuan, on the other hand, glanced at them, his tone calm, “There is a small door at the entrance.

The number of zombies there is relatively small.

According to our ability, as long as we dont make too much noise, it will be no problem for us to enter Anyuan Town.”

“Besides, although we didnt use this off-road car, it doesnt mean that we have to rely entirely on walking.

Are we afraid that there wont be any cars in Anyuan Town”

Thats right! As soon as he said that, everyones heart lit up!

Anyuan town was a tourist attraction, how could there not be any vehicles If the situation was as Ning Yiyuan said, then they might really be able to enter smoothly this time!

“Lets go.” Ning Yiyuan took the lead and walked in front of Mo Chu, while Lan Wei and Lan Lin were a few steps behind.

“Shh — be quiet,” Ning Yiyuan lowered his voice and reminded them.

However, at this moment, who dared to speak loudly Didnt they see that there was a large group of zombies not far in front of them They were all half-squatting and carefully hiding their bodies, afraid that they would be discovered.

After walking around the periphery of Anyuan Town, Ning Yiyuans eyes suddenly lit up.

He stood up and said, “This is it.”

Everyone looked up and saw an almost undetectable wooden door standing in front of them.

The color of this wooden door was almost the same as the color of the wall.

If they did not observe carefully, they would not be able to notice it!

“How did you know” This place was at least two to three hundred meters away from where they came in! Ning Yiyuan had such sharp eyes “Or have you been here before”

In fact, Lan Lin believed the latter more.

After all, this wooden door was too inconspicuous.

Even the aborigines of Anyuan Town might not know about this wooden door.

How did Ning Yiyuan come here before Mo Chu watched from the side, and the smile on his face became sweeter and sweeter.

There was actually a sense of pride and honor.

“I havent been here before.” Sure enough, Ning Yiyuan shook his head slightly.

“But when we came here last time, couldnt we see this place”

He was already used to memorizing everything along the way, and this time was no exception.

Damn! How could he see it The corners of Lan Lins eyes twitched.

According to their previous route, they would at most be able to catch a glimpse of this place.

Could it be that Ning Yiyuan was able to see the door with just a glimpse

If that was really the case, then his observational ability and acuity were truly Heaven-defying! One could not help but sigh in admiration!

Lan Wei was already silent.

Previously, she had thought that Ning Yiyuans special ability was powerful.

Now, she was shocked to realize that this person was a complete genius!

One had to know that in this day and age, being powerful was not something to be feared.

However, if one was matched with a mind that surpassed others, that would be shocking.

On the other hand, Ning Yiyuan had already reached the pinnacle in both aspects!

Ning Yiyuans image as a peerless expert had just taken root in the minds of Lan Wei and Lan Lin.

At this moment, this fellow actually took advantage of this moment to tease Mo Chu! “Do you think that Im… Powerful”

Please, can you take a closer look at the current situation You dont have to display your affection now!


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