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They had just commented on it, but when they turned around, they saw that there was something even more annoying!

When Ning Yiyuan asked, this silly girl, Mo Chu, actually nodded her head as if it was a matter of fact.

She even gave Ning Yiyuan a thumbs up.

Her small eyes were filled with admiration and adoration.

It could not be any sweeter.

Seeing Mo Chus adorable appearance, Ning Yiyuans brows danced even more, and even his usually stern temperament was mixed with some gentleness.

He reached out and stroke Mo Chus head, the gentleness in his deep eyes was simply enough to drown a person!

Then, the siblings who had instantly turned into thousand-watt light bulbs beside them expressed some sadness.

We want to ask… Why are you so arrogant

If it were not for the current situation, Lan Wei would have wanted to knock on the table for everyone to focus on.

See This was the best way to show affection at all times — show off your face from time to time, not giving anyone the time to prepare!

However, with serious matters at hand, Ning Yiyuan quickly turned his head and shifted his gaze to the wooden door.

With a slightly adjusted expression, he turned his head and asked softly, “Are you guys ready”

It was clearly a simple sentence, but they could hear the excitement in his voice! The excitement in their bones instantly burst out!

Then, they all nodded in unison.

Seeing them like this, the corners of Ning Yiyuans mouth could not help but curl up.

His many years of combat experience had taught him an iron law.

No matter what time it was, the most important thing in a battle was the morale of the army! Once the morale of the troops was consolidated, half the battle was won.

It was the same now.

Ning Yiyuan extended his hand toward the wooden door.

He secretly exerted strength in his palm.

With a slight creak, the locked wooden door was easily opened.

After the door was opened, what was exposed in front of them was a slightly half-meter-wide path.

Moss grew liberally on both sides of the path.

The green patches were small, and it made peoples hearts light up!

However, what made them even happier was that there no zombies on this path! This was a pleasant surprise for them!

The eyes of the four of them lit up.

Ning Yiyuan took the lead and Strode in, followed by Mo Chu, Lan Lin, and Lan Wei.

This path was very narrow, and could only allow one person to pass alone.

However, it had its advantages.

When they reached the end of the path, they would occasionally encounter one or two zombies who were alone, and they would be able to deal with them easily and cleanly.

Often, they would not even have the chance to meet them, and the zombies would not even have the chance to show off their various appearances, their heads were directly cut off by Ning Yiyuan with a wind blade.

Then, they would roll around on the slippery moss.

If they could ignore the sticky blood on the ground, the effect would be a little comical.

However, after they had walked for almost half an hour and found that the road was not the end, the comical feeling began to fade away.

The silent silence brought about an unspeakable sense of fear, this made everyone feel a little nervous.

“This road… why is it so long”

Something was wrong! Could it be that this road did not lead to Anyuan Town, but took a turn and left

“Dont be anxious.” Turning back to look at them, Ning Yiyuans general aura was once again in full effect.

His calm temperament was natural, especially his determined eyes, which were like the stabilizing needles in a stormy sea, it instantly made people calm down.

Meeting Ning Yiyuans eyes, Lan Lin also knew that he was a little impatient.

He lowered his head and take two deep breaths.

When he raised her head again, his temperament instantly became much quieter.

Ning Yiyuan nodded with satisfaction and continued to move forward.

The group of people continued to move forward quietly, trying to maintain the same speed and not make too much noise.

In the end, they had to look in all directions.

It was just a simple walk, but it was not easy at all!

After walking for another twenty minutes, Ning Yiyuan suddenly stopped.

Mo Chu said tacitly, “There are many zombies ahead.”

At least, they were hundreds of zombies.

Hearing that, Lan Lin and Lan Wei, who were behind them, raised their vigilance and did not dare to let down their guard.

The deeper they walked, the more they could hear the restless hiss, which formed a sharp contrast with the quietness of the small path.

Before long, they reached the end of the path.

In front of them was an iron gate that firmly blocked their path.

Before they could react, a zombie suddenly rushed towards them from the corner!

Its twisted eyes were shining with desire! Obeying its udnead nature, it impatiently stretched out its claws, ready to grab them and have a good taste of this enchanting flesh and blood!

In the end, Ning Yiyuan threw out a wind blade.

The transparent and sharp wind blade pierced through the neck of the zombie, splashing blood everywhere.

Then, it fell to the ground.

Lan Lin took a few steps forward and touched the iron door with his hand.

He frowned for a long time! After walking for so long, they had actually walked into a dead end.

It was really depressing to think about it!

“Why, cant we open it” Lan Wei took a step forward to help check.

“No!” Lan Lin cursed and shook his head helplessly.

“Without the key, we cant enter at all.”

This was unlike a wooden door that could be opened with brute force.

Without a matching key, they could not do anything about this door at all.

“Lets look for it.” Just when everyone was at a loss, Mo Chu suddenly said, “Maybe the key is nearby!”

Thats right! As soon as she said that, everyones eyes lit up.

They all lowered their heads and searched.

They did not miss a single detail and almost overturned this piece of land.

In the end, they still did not find anything.

“No.” After searching for a second time, they still did not find any trace of the key.

Lan Lin shook his head and his eyes darkened.

“If only… Old Bai was here.

That guy is quite capable in this aspect!”

In the past, Old Bai could easily deal with their team, but now… Lan Wei stood by the side and did not say anything, but her eyes darkened.

When she saw Mo Chu half-squatting on the ground, she was stunned, she walked over and asked, “What are you doing”

Mo Chu pointed at the zombie whose head was cut off by Ning Yiyuan and asked in a clear voice, “Do you think this person has a key”

Hearing that, Lan Wei looked at the zombie whom she had never noticed before.

However, when she looked at it, her eyes could not help but reveal a hint of ecstasy! Taking a closer look, she found that the gray clothes were the standard outfit of a security guard!

Most likely, this key was on him.

Little Chu was really lucky.

Look, she solved the problem that they had been worrying about for half a day with just one sentence.

Lan Wei walked up and did not care about the zombies blood-stained clothes at all.

She fumbled around and immediately took out a bunch of keys from under his clothes.

When the keys collided with each other, a crisp sound could be heard, it was as if someone heard a cheering horn.

Under everyones expectant gazes, Lan Wei inserted the keys one by one to see if they matched.

When she switched to the fourth key, she heard a cracking sound, and the lock was unlocked!

Everyones eyes lit up!

“Dont be anxious.

Open the door a little and see whats going on,” Ning Yiyuan said in a low voice.

“Okay.” Lan Wei nodded, slightly pushed open the door a little and took a closer look.

Then, she was dumbfounded for a long time.

The people behind her were all anxious.

What was going on Why didnt she say anything

After a long while, Lan Wei turned around and closed the door carefully.

Then, she asked softly, “Erm, our target this time is to find a food processing factory, right”

“Yes.” Lan Lin nodded hurriedly.

When he saw her sisters panicked look, he could not help but feel anxious.

What was going on

“Could it be that… the processing factory is ahead” Mo Chu reacted very quickly and revealed everything.

“Haha, how is that possible” Look at that, he was thinking very well! How could there be such a beautiful thing Lan Lin shook his head and lowered his voice.

She patted Lan Weis shoulder lightly.

“Sister, dont tease me anymore.

Quickly tell us what is happening outside the door so that we can…”

However, when he met Lan Weis solemn gaze, Lan Lin could not finish the rest of his sentence.

After a long while, he said shakily, “Are you… are you serious”

Outside… was the food processing factory The food processing factory that they had been looking for for a long time

Aiyo, this was really effortless! When she realized what was going on, Lan Lin almost jumped up!

“But, there are a lot of zombies out there,” Lan Wei licked her dry lips and added, “I think all the workers in this factory have turned into zombies and are trapped inside.”

How many workers were there in a factory, there were at least hundreds of them!

“Also,” Lan Wei looked at the path that they had just walked through, “Im guessing that this is a safe path that they left behind on purpose.

However, it should not have been used in time.”

Instead, it was beneficial to them.

A few hundred zombies Could the four of them handle it Furthermore, they had to keep it as quiet as possible so that they would not be discovered by the other zombies.

Lan Lin frowned slightly and suggested, “Why dont we go back first and tell the others about this Then, we can move together.”

“No need.” Ning Yiyuan shook his head slightly.

His tone was clear and shallow, but it was like a bolt of lightning striking their hearts.

“You guys wait here, Ill go in alone.”


Lan Lin could not help but be stunned!

If he did not hear wrongly, did Ning Yiyuan say that he wanted to go in alone to deal with the hundreds of zombies Hehe! Are you sure that youre not joking

“Wait for me here.” Ning Yiyuan patted Mo Chus head.

When he saw that Mo Chu nodded obediently, he could not help but smile.

Then, he strode forward and was about to push the door open, however, this action scared Lan Lin and Lan Wei!

‘No! I know that youre powerful, but there are hundreds of zombies right now! Moreover, we have to do it without alerting the other zombies.

This is extremely difficult!

‘This annoying little girl, Mo Chu, is it the right time to nod Hurry up and stop him!

“Take care of yourself.” Mo Chu took two steps forward and smiled as she shook Ning Yiyuans hand.

Then, she turned to look at Lan Wei and Lan Lin, who had worried looks on their faces.

Her eyes sparkled as he said, “Dont worry, he wont fight a losing battle.”

Ning Yiyuans record in the Federation had never been defeated, let alone now!

Facing Mo Chus trusting gaze, Lan Wei and Lan Lin could not help but be stunned.

Then, they silently took a step back and made way for him.

Indeed, they had seen the true relationship between Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan.

How could Mo Chu let Ning Yiyuan step into a dangerous situation

The corners of Ning Yiyuans mouth curled up slightly.

A warm feeling surged in his heart.

He pulled the door handle and opened the door.

Then, he strode in.

His delicious scent of a living person instantly attracted many zombies.

One by one, they rushed toward Ning Yiyuan, but his back was still as straight as bamboo… This was the last scene Lan Wei and the others saw, because Ning Yiyuan pushed the iron door shut.

More than ten minutes later, Ning Yiyuans calm voice suddenly sounded, “Okay, come in.”

Lan Wei and the others were dumbfounded… What the f*ck! So fast Are you really not joking with me

Mo Chu, on the other hand, did not look surprised as she opened the door and walked in.

The two siblings were stunned for a moment before they followed behind him.

The zombies were all over the ground.

Lan Lin and Lan Wei stared at Ning Yiyuan with a hint of horror in their eyes! It had only been ten minutes! Moreover, they were so close to Ning Yiyuan, yet they did not hear any big movements… Ning Yiyuans strength was simply inhuman!

Ning Yiyuan ignored them.

Instead, he held Mo Chus tender hand with interest and walked towards the production workshop in front.

As soon as he walked into the production workshop…

Gulp! The sound of swallowing could be heard.

Everyone could not help but look at the instigator — Lan Lin.

Being stared at by everyone, the young man blushed and said, “There is too much food… I feel a little nervous just by looking at it!”

Indeed, this was just a production workshop, but it was filled with processed food.

Just looking at it made people feel extremely satisfied!


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