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Lan Lin and the rest were stunned.

He looked like a poor kid who had never seen the world.

He suddenly won the first prize and was ecstatic that he became rich overnight.

“Wow… There are so many of them!” After being stunned for a while, Lan Lin came back to his senses.

He jogged a few steps happily and picked up a box of canned food that was scattered on the table.

After taking a closer look, he was even happier.

“The shelf life is still more than three years away!”

He could not help but tear open one of the canned food.

The strong fragrance quickly seeped out, causing Lan Lin to be unable to restrain himself.

He immediately took a bite out of it.

After chewing for a while, her eyes instantly lit up and she exclaimed in surprise, “Canned anchovies with pickled peppers!”

The taste of the canned fish was not bad.

The salty fragrance had a tinge of numbness and it was refreshing and alluring.

Even in peaceful times, there were still many customers, let alone now.

In this era where even a little bit of meat was considered a luxury item.

“Look at you!” Lan Wei patted his shoulder helplessly.

She could not hide the excitement in her eyes.

Looking at the size, the number of canned fish was even more than they had expected, moreover, this thing had a long shelf life!

As long as nothing unexpected happened, they would not have to worry about food shortages for at least the next three years! Thinking of this, Lan Wei could not help but feel excited.

However, when she saw Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu who were still calm, she suppressed her excitement.

“How about this You guys stay here and guard.” After thinking for a while, Lan Wei quickly made a decision.

“Lan Lin and I will go back and call for people.

Tell them to come here immediately.”

Although the road they came from was a narrow one, the car could not drive in at all, but it could withstand the small number of zombies.

The safety factor was high!

“Okay.” Ning Yiyuan nodded.

This decision was exactly what he wanted.

Therefore, Lan Lin, who still had a few boxes of canned food in his hands, happily followed behind Lan Wei and ran all the way back.

Only Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu were left in the huge production workshop.

Mo Chu was looking down at the cans when he suddenly let out a surprisedeh.

She stretched out her hand and took out a box from a box of cans beside her.

“Theres actually a can of fruit!”

Thinking about it carefully, she had not eaten any fruit for a long time.

Back in the Federation, she did not notice it, but now that they were here, they could not even eat their meals, let alone seasonal fruits.

This could be considered a pleasant surprise.

How smart was Ning Yiyuan Without waiting for Mo Chu to speak, he immediately picked up two canned fruits.

With a light tear, he tore open the surface of the can and placed them in front of Mo Chu.

“Come, have a taste.”

Mo Chu did not hesitate.

She picked one up and started chewing.

What she was eating now was canned lychee.

Although it could not compare to the freshness of fresh fruits, it was still better than nothing.

A foodie would not reject anyone!

Seeing Mo Chu eat with a happy expression, Ning Yiyuan could not help but smile.

He directly waved his hand and took half of the wooden box containing the canned fruit to the terminal.

Since Little Chu liked it, he would take more and let her eat to her hearts content.

“Whoosh–” A light gasp suddenly sounded.

This sound was as soft as a gust of wind.

If it was anyone else, they definitely would not be able to hear it.

Unfortunately, Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuans hearing was precisely very sharp! This light voice did not escape their ears in the slightest.

Frowning slightly, Mo Chu stopped eating the canned food and raised her head to look at Ning Yiyuan.

“Its fine, continue eating.” Ning Yiyuan reached out to rub her head, his gaze gentle.

When he turned around, his gaze instantly turned gloomy, and his low muttering drifted away with the wind, “Hehe, I thought you were going to hide for a long time!”

Just as he finished speaking, the wind blade in Ning Yiyuans hand suddenly swung out!

The speed of the wind blade was too fast, and the person outside the door had no time to dodge.

A wind blade directly pierced through his chest, and with a crash, the man fell to the ground, unwilling to give up.

However, there was still a muffled grunt coming from his throat, his face was full of confusion and could not disappear.

This unexpected episode didnt disturb Mo Chus state of mind too much.

After she finished eating the canned lychee in her hand, she stood up and took a few steps outside.

With one glance, she saw the man lying outside.

However, at this moment.., he was already dead.

Only his eyes were still wide open, unwilling to give up.

“Its a member of the White Tiger Team.” Ning Yiyuan could tell his identity with just a glance.

He raised his eyebrows as if he was mocking him.

“How dare you send someone like him to follow me”

Mo Chu was surprised.

“You found out long ago”

This man was extremely good at hiding himself.

No one knew what method he used to cover his breathing and heartbeat.

It was precise because of this that he was allowed to follow him all the way.

Mo Chu, who had a keen sense of hearing, did not notice him.

It was only when he let out a light gasp that he revealed his position.

“Yeah.” Ning Yiyuan nodded his head as if it was a matter of course.

As the only Marshal of the Federation, who knew how many people had set their sights on him in the past If he did not even have this bit of ability, how would he be able to hold on to his position Although this person concealed his heartbeat and breathing, as long as a person passed by, the airflow in the air would definitely change.

Naturally, his whereabouts would be exposed.

“Alright, dont bother about him.” Ning Yiyuan smiled and took out a can of fruit from the terminal and handed it to her.

“Dont you like this Try it again, Ill go to the other production workshops to take a look.”

Thus, while Mo Chu was happily chewing on the fruit, Ning Yiyuan consciously took on the role of a porter and collected a lot of all kinds of canned food in the production workshop.

Moreover, his selection of items was very ingenious, he took a lot of canned goods, but the overall feeling was not much different.

Clearly, the news that Lan Wei and Ning Yiyuan brought back inspired the others.

In less than half an hour, the large group rushed over.

When they saw the canned goods from the three production workshops, their silly looks were even worse than Lan Lins.

However, when they got closer, they saw a corpse lying in front of Ning Yiyuan.

Furthermore, it looked a little familiar.

Aiyo, after staring at it for a long while, everyone finally reacted! It was a member of the White Tiger Team! Why did he come here

When they raised their heads again, Ning Yiyuans ice-like face instantly made their hearts tremble!

Previously, Lan Lin had told them about Ning Yiyuans glorious feat of single-handedly fighting hundreds of zombies.

At first, they did not believe it, but when they walked in, f*ck! They were instantly stunned, okay The ground was littered with zombies, and most importantly, the wounds were almost identical.

It was obvious that this was done by one person!

Other than Ning Yiyuan, could anyone else be so insanely powerful

Thus, everyones respect and admiration for Ning Yiyuan rose to another level.

At this moment, when they saw his cold expression, they became even more silent, not daring to say a word.

“Whats wrong with this person” Ning Yiyuans long legs tapped the ground, and he suddenly raised his head.

His sharp gaze shot directly at Deng Xiao, and his voice was incomparably cold.

“Captain Deng, shouldnt you… Give me a reasonable explanation”

Being stared at by Ning Yiyuan like this, Deng Xiaos body could not help but tremble, as if he had been slashed from the inside out by a sharp blade!

From the corner of his eyes, he glanced at the corpse on the ground.

He could not help but feel annoyed.

This person was the hidden combat general of their White Tiger team.

His ability to cover up and hide was simply superb, why did he have to face Ning Yiyuan and the others and be utterly defeated!

“Im asking you a question!” Ning Yiyuans brows furrowed even more tightly.

Each and every word of his was like a bolt of lightning as he walked toward Deng Xiao.

Seeing this, the people beside him could not help but feel a chill down their spines.

They hurriedly retreated a few steps back.

If they were caught in the crossfire, they would be in big trouble.

“This, I… I just want him to help.

If anything happens, he might be able to lend a hand.”

Youre f*cking lying! Almost everyones eyes shot out doubtful gazes.

If he wanted to help, he would not have followed the team in.

Instead, he had to follow behind them stealthily.

There was definitely something wrong with this!

Deng Xiao also knew that this reason was far-fetched.

Cold sweat could not help but form on his forehead.

His original plan was very good.

The danger of exploring the path this time was needless to say.

As long as their team members secretly helped them, even if Ning Yiyuan and the others did not die, they would still be injured.

In any case, they would not be able to escape from the zombie horde in the end.

However, they did not expect their luck to be so good!

Not only did they find a small path and avoid the large-scale zombies in time, this path actually led straight to the food processing factory they were looking for.

When he heard Lan Lins description, he was so angry that he almost bit his teeth off!

“Hehe!” Hearing Deng Xiaos explanation, Ning Yiyuan could not help but sneer a few times.

He did not even look at him and turned his head.

This silent neglect actually made Deng Xiao feel even more humiliated.

His lowered face was slightly distorted! Good, Ning Yiyuan, well see about that!

After the encounter between the two of them, everyone calmed down.

Then, they looked at the canned food in the large production workshops and could not help but feel anxious.

Indeed, this full of canned food made them smile with joy.

But tell me, if the car could not drive in, how would they have to move out with so much canned food

At the thought of this, everyone was filled with worry! The feeling of sitting on a treasure mountain and being unable to move was probably this aggrieved!

“Isnt there an electric cart over there” Mo Chu reacted quickly and pointed at the inconspicuous electric cart in the corner.

When she had the time, she had taken the opportunity to take a look at the entire production workshop.

Perhaps it was to make it more convenient for normal transportation, every workshop was equipped with at least three electric carts.

As long as they were fast enough, she estimated that they would be able to transport all the things out by tomorrow.

“Thats right!” As soon as Mo Chu said that, everyone noticed the electric trolleys in the corner.

Some of them even went up to take a look.

“It still works!” They laughed so hard that their bodies started to tremble!

As a result, the group of superpowered people who were usually glorious turned into porters.

All of them were doing pretty well, and their faces were almost beaming with joy!

Even if the sky turned dark, it could not stop their surging enthusiasm.

Most of them took turns to work.

When they were tired, they would nap for two or three hours.

When they woke up, they would change to another person to rest and get motivated, naturally, their efficiency increased with a whoosh.

At this moment, the sky had just turned white, and the entire production workshop was almost emptied out by them.

Everyones cars were also filled to the brim.

If it were in the past, they would definitely be overloaded and waiting for their licenses to be revoked! Now, everyone was so happy that they could not find their bearings! Stuff, stuff it as hard as you can.

Were not afraid!

After working hard for a day and a night, there was finally only one trip left.

Everyone neatly packed up and prepared to go home!

However, no one expected that an accident would happen at this time.

The metal gate of the manufacturing plant was tightly closed.

It was because of this that the zombies inside could not run out and the zombies outside could not enter.

But now, the situation was great! The gate had actually opened without anyone knowing!

A large wave of zombies rushed in after smelling the human scent.

It was like a flood with the gate opened.

It could not be stopped at all.

“Run!” Mo Chu was the first to sense that something was wrong.

She roared loudly and pulled Ning Yiyuan along, preparing to run toward the small path.

The others were also stunned.

They were stunned for half a second, then threw down the cans in their hands and followed behind Mo Chu and the others.

Therefore, they ran as fast as they could, following a long group of zombies closely behind.

Fortunately, the small path was narrow, and the group of zombies were also stupid.

They all blocked the path, giving them more time to escape.

However, they had been busy for the whole night, and their physical strength had been severely reduced.

They were all panting, and their faces were pale.

They still had to run as fast as they could! They had to run! Once the zombies caught up with them, they would die!

They knew, but their bodies couldnt be controlled! A few people who were lagging behind were entangled by the zombies who caught up with them.

The clear sounds of gnawing and painful howls were heard, which made peoples hearts tremble!


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