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No! How… How is this possible

At this moment, the sharp pain in his chest could not stop the shock that surged in Deng Xiaos heart like a tidal wave!

Even though he had lost too much blood and his vision was a little blurry, he could still see that mans determined eyes.

Lao Bai had a straight body and not the stiff zombie look.

He did not have the zombies strange pale face either — he was clearly a normal person!

However, Deng Xiaos eyes suddenly widened in disbelief — he had seen him mutate with his own eyes! How could he suddenly become normal now That was impossible!

“Lao Bai” Lan Wei was also stunned for a moment, but the joy in her eyes was overflowing.

“Yes,” Lao Bai curled his lips slightly, but his voice was a little hoarse.

“Im back!”

He did not turn into a zombie.

He was alive!

His words were like thunder in everyones ears!

How could a mutated person recover completely Even though they saw Lao Bai in front of them, they still could not believe it.

Drip, drip, drip…

The bright red blood fell on the ground like delicious food, instantly attracting countless zombies.

Before Deng Xiao could recover from his shock, he was surrounded by a lot of zombies.

“Ah!” A mournful howl suddenly sounded.

He looked down and saw that Deng Xiaos right hand was bitten by a half-dead zombie.

Blood flowed out of the wound more violently, and the strong smell of blood instantly spread out.

Another zombie bit his leg!

Deng Xiao was dumbfounded.

He could not even move his eyes… He knew that he was finished! As soon as this thought popped up in his mind, the other zombies quickly occupied other parts of his body, surrounding him tightly!

Looking from the side, he could not even see Deng Xiaos figure.

He was already submerged in the zombie crowd, leaving only the crisp sound of chewing echoing in everyones ears, which made their hearts tremble!

Just like how he abandoned Lao Bai, who was bitten by zombies, he was also abandoned by his teammates.

When the first zombie bit him, they all stayed far away, afraid that Deng Xiao would touch them.

At this moment, they did not dare to get close to him.

They even faintly used him as a meat shield to attract more zombies.

“Humph, youre lucky!” Seeing Deng Xiao being eaten by zombies, Ning Yiyuan was still indignant.

If he could, he would take Deng Xiaos body out and whip it again.

Of course, if he still had a corpse.

Deng Xiao was dead.

Blood covered the ground.

Even his bones and flesh were bitten by zombies.

These zombies had been starving in Anyuan town for a long time.

Now, they wanted to eat every bit of his flesh and blood.

Mo Chu stood beside Ning Yiyuan and watched this scene silently.

He wanted to kill Lao Bai with a gun, but he did not expect Lao Bai to kill him with a gun in the end! As expected, retribution was not pleasant!

The thick smell of blood had already aroused the enthusiasm of the zombies, and they all became crazier and crazier.

As a result, the other teams also suffered.

They did not have the time to curse, and could only struggle with the zombies in front of them!

Among them, the White Tiger team suffered the most.

They had been relying on Deng Xiao to support them.

Now that Deng Xiao was dead, the entire White Tiger team was like a group of headless flies that were instantly scattered by the zombies.

The remaining few people could not hold on for long.

Before long, they were attacked by the zombies one by one.

Mournful howls echoed in the sky.

On the other side, Lao Bai joined the battle.

He was a metal attribute user.

With a wave of his hand, countless sharp metal plates were slashed at the zombies necks.

It did not take long for him to finish off a large group of zombies and successfully reunite with the members of the Hunters team.

Back to back, they formed a group.

Looking at their dead and resurrected comrade behind them, their eyes turned red.

However, due to the current tense situation, they could only suppress their excitement.

However, it was clear that Lao Bais smooth return had given the members of the Hunters team a boost in morale.

Not long after, they successfully broke through the encirclement and returned to their cars.

“Alright, its about time.

Lets go.” Speaking of which, Mo Chu only had some feelings for Lan Wei and the others.

Now that they had broken through the encirclement, there was naturally no need for Mo Chu to remain here.

Smiling at Lan Wei, Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan turned around and prepared to leave.

As for the group of people behind them, they could not care less.

“Dont go! Save me, save me.

I have important information that I can provide to you!” The only remaining member of the White Tiger team was still struggling to hold on.

However, he also understood that the situation was already over.

When he saw that Ning Yiyuan and the others were preparing to leave, he could not help but panic.

Immediately, he took out his remaining chips and prepared to exchange for his life.

Ning Yiyuan did not stop walking.

He was not the least bit interested in this so-called important information.

On the contrary, Mo Chu turned his head with great interest.

“Whats the important information”

A zombie was ambushing him from behind.

The man suddenly turned around and used his special ability.

Cold sweat kept dripping down his head.

“Please, save me.

Ill tell you this news immediately!”

“Tsk! Fine, you dont have to tell meme.” Mo Chu rolled his eyes at him, then opened the car door and prepared to leave.

“Dont! Dont!” The man was so scared by Mo Chus action that his heart stopped.

The situation in front of him was obvious.

He was the one who needed help, so he could not be arrogant.

So, he gritted his teeth and finally told them the information.

“Theres an armory nearby.

As long as you can get me out of here, Ill tell you the route immediately!”


As soon as this topic was exposed, the other superpowered people could not help but change their expressions!

They were not stupid.

They could not get such important information from the sources of the White Tiger team.

There was only one possibility — the people of the Xia Family in the base told them this!

Thinking of this, everyones eyes darkened, and their hearts burned with anger.

It was obvious that the Xia Family was guarding against them! Moreover, this plan was really well thought out!

There were so many zombies in Anyuan Town, so it was impossible for them not to know.

First, they had to come to get food.

After the heavy battle, their weapons would definitely suffer heavy losses.

At that time, they would have to make a trip to the armory, it was equivalent to getting their weapons for free!

Moreover, if more people died, the base would be able to get more supplies, right

Hehe! There was really nothing they could do!

Everyone clenched their teeth.

If they did not encounter such a crisis now, the White Tiger team would not have taken the initiative to reveal this information!

What Compared to the shock of the crowd, Mo Chu wrinkled her nose in disinterest.

“Is that it”

She thought that there was some incredible news, but it was such a waste of her time!

Obviously, Mo Chus reaction was out of everyones expectations.

The last member of the White Tiger team was also stunned.

So… the chips that he thought could save his life were worthless in Mo Chus eyes

“Are you leaving” Mo Chu turned and glanced at Lan Wei and the others.

The zombies on the small path were about to rush out.

They had better not stay any longer.

Lan Wei understood this as well.

She nodded and said, “Yes.”

As a result, the two cars quickly started moving and left amidst the crowds pleas and curses.

The return journey seemed to have calmed down at once.

When they arrived at a small town in the middle, Ning Yiyuan suddenly stopped the car.

This sudden action stunned the people behind them.

Then, a strong sense of vigilance rose in their hearts.

Their faces were solemn.

What was going on Was there some danger again Was it a zombie or a mutated animal

Ning Yiyuan had already gotten out of the car.

He was probably going to check out the situation.

Everyone waited anxiously for a long time before they saw Ning Yiyuan walking out with a pile of things in his hands like a treasure…

“What are you…” After being surprised for a long time, Lan Lin poked his head out of the car and asked curiously.

He also knew that he had thought wrongly.

If something really happened, why would Ning Yiyuan look so relaxed

“Oh, I went to look for something.” Ning Yiyuan turned his head and said gently, “Dont you feel that Little Chu is missing something”

“Yes — missing an arm or a leg” Just as Lan Lin subconsciously said that, she met Ning Yiyuans gloomy expression.

He could not help but tremble.

He cowered into the car and smiled sheepishly, “Umm… I was just joking, joking!”

Not daring to look into Ning Yiyuans dark eyes again, Lan Lin hurriedly turned his gaze and carefully sized up Mo Chu.

Her jet-black hair draped over his shoulders, her small face was ruddy and her clothes were neat… He looked left and right but did not find any problems.

In the end, Lan Lin had no choice but to poke her own sister.

“Sister, help me take a look.

What is missing from Little Chus body”

“I dont know, get lost!” Lan Wei had been driving for half a day and she was still sleepy.

In addition to her anger from waking up, she slapped Lan Lin on the head!

After hesitating for half a day, Lan Lin still could not come up with a reason.

He received a disdainful look from Ning Yiyuan.

“Cant you see that Little Chus head is missing some headgear!”

When Ning Yiyuans answer was revealed, it almost shocked Lan Lin!

Im sorry, brother, what did you say just now The wind was a little strong, I did not hear clearly… Headgear! Damn! Who would have thought of such a thing

As if it was not enough of a blow, Ning Yiyuan spread his hands and revealed his full head gear.

He had noticed that Little Chu had her hair hanging loosely.

Although it was elegant, it was not convenient.

Just for this, the little girl had even prepared a pair of scissors to cut her hair!

Would Ning Yiyuan agree Definitely not!

Little Chus smooth and smooth hair was very attractive.

What he liked the most was to reach out and rub her head.

The messy hair was scattered on the sides of Mo Chus temples, along with that exquisite and cute little face, it was an indescribable enjoyment!

How could Little Chu get rid of it with her scissors

Due to Ning Yiyuans strong opposition, Little Chu kept her hair long.

However, Ning Yiyuan was still thinking about this matter.

Today, when he saw that the shop was filled with hair accessories, he immediately stopped the car and searched for a few.

He asked Little Chu to change her hair every day!

Lan Lins brows twitched involuntarily.

This was the first time he had met a man who treated a headpiece as a treasure! In this day and age, let alone a headpiece, even if there was a scale of gold placed in front of everyone, no one would reach out to take it.

Think about it.

You cant eat it, you cant use it, and it takes up all the space.

Whats the point of taking it However, it was obvious that this set of laws did not apply to Ning Yiyuan.

This was a weirdo! A weirdo with great power!

While Lan Lin was complaining, a big head that was unwilling to be left out popped out from the side.

He asked with anticipation, “That… do you still have it in the shop”

“Yes.” Ning Yiyuan nodded.

Thus, Lan Lin, who watched Ning Yiyuan leave, stared at Lao Bai in surprise as he ran out of the car and ran into the shop without stopping.

What After being together for so many years, he had never known that Lao Bai had such a special hobby

After a long while, Lao Bai finally walked out of the shop.

However, compared to his previous appearance, he looked a little shy now.

His face, which was covered by a beard, was still slightly red.

“Erm… What do you think of this” Lao Bai handed the headdress in his arms to Lan Lin and asked shyly.

Lan Lin was stunned for a second before he took a few steps back and stared at him warily.

His voice was trembling as he said, “Lao Bai, what are you preparing to do”

I am a straight man, a straight man!

“Why, dont you look good” Lao Bais face turned tired after being hit by Lan Lins defensive look.

His previous shrewdness had disappeared completely.

Aiya, looking at the situation, something was not right! Lan Lins heart skipped a beat! It was over, his charm was too great and he had attracted someone of the same sex…

“… does that mean that you dont like it, Captain” Lao Bai lowered his head and sounded a little dejected.

Captain … Captain! Lan Lin instantly raised his head and the air of gossip immediately came out from his throat.

“Lao Bai, are you prepared to give this headdress to my sister”

“Umm…” Lao Bai hesitated for a while before finally nodding.


It was also because he was facing death that he mustered up the courage to express his feelings.

“Alright, Brother!” Lan Lin patted his shoulder, “Dont worry, my sister will definitely like this headdress.”

“Really” Lao Bais eyes lit up the moment he said that!

“Really… uh…”

Glancing at the headdress in Lao Bais arms, Lan Lin could not help but pause his affirmative tone.

Damn, what the hell was that eye-catching red flower As expected, apart from special abilities, they had very different tastes!


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