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In the off-road vehicle.

Mo Chus eyes were half-closed as she leaned against the seat.

Her long eyelashes were drooping, forming a shadow under her eyes.

Coupled with her perky nose and slightly pouted lips, she was like a beautiful still-life scenery.

When she felt the seat next to her sink, her eyelashes could not help but tremble.

Mo Chus clear eyes opened as if they were rippling with autumn water.

“Youre back”

“Yes,” Ning Yiyuan replied in a low voice.

Looking at Mo Chus exquisite side profile, his expression became gentler and gentler.

He carefully put down the things in his arms, and his headdress filled the entire car seat, it even rose up high.

“Which one do you like, Ill help you put it on.”

His gaze swept across the car seat, and Mo Chus body suddenly trembled… From the most ordinary black rubber band to the luxurious diamond headband, there was everything.

It was enough to open a small shop!

“You went out just now to get these” Mo Chu raised his head to look at Ning Yiyuan in surprise.

He was clearly a cold and stern man, but who would have thought that he was so meticulous and considerate inside

Ning Yiyuan did not say much and only nodded slightly.

Mo Chus heart felt warm, as if she had suddenly drunk a cup of hot black tea on a cold day.

The warm air kept rising, and then she lowered her head to look at the headdress on the car seat.

Her hand subconsciously touched her own hair.

Following Mo Chus actions, Ning Yiyuan also cast his gaze on her long black hair.

Previously, he did not pay special attention to other peoples hair.

However, he remembered the feeling of Mo Chus long hair very clearly.

It was thin, very soft, and very smooth.

It was like a shallow layer of fur.

“Forget it.” After hesitating for a long time, Mo Chu finally shook her head regretfully.

“Ill wear it after I wash my hair back at the base.”

It was still alright when she was in the base previously.

She could still take a shower and wash her hair every now and then.

However, when she went on a mission, she could not do so.

She could only take advantage of the time when no one was paying attention to her and use water to wipe her hair slightly.

It did not have any smell, and it was quite clean.

However, she still felt that it was a little strange.

Moreover, such a beautiful headband would not look beautiful on her dusty hair no matter how she thought about it.

Upon hearing this, Ning Yiyuan was not disappointed.

Instead, he carefully kept the headbands in the terminal.

Actually, it was not that the Federation did not have headbands.

Although there were very few women in the Federation, the prices of the accessories they used were usually ridiculously high.

Sometimes, the price of a pair of earrings alone could be worth half a months salary.

However, with that design, truthfully speaking, it really could not compare to the ones he had just picked out!

After carefully putting everything away, Ning Yiyuan suddenly stopped moving and raised his brows slightly.

“Oh right, why dont I help you wash your hair later”

“What” Mo Chu was stunned for a moment.

“Yes!” Ning Yiyuans interest was suddenly piqued and his face was filled with eagerness to give it a try.

The Federation had implemented automatic machines and a one-stop service for washing ones hair and bathing.

They did not give Ning Yiyuan the chance to show off at all.

Of course, he had not thought of this before, but now it just happened to give him the inspiration.

“But theres no water here.” Looking at Ning Yiyuans excited look, Mo Chu really did not want to discourage him, but the current conditions were not good enough!

“Its fine.” Ning Yiyuan shook his head, his eyes sparkling.

“Theres a small village a short distance away.

I remember theres a living spring inside.

Everyone can rest there for a while.”

Mo Chu was really impressed by Ning Yiyuans memory! When they had come here before, everyone had basically rushed all the way in order to catch up with the progress.

They did not expect that Ning Yiyuan would actually record the situation along the way.

It was really amazing!

Of course, when Ning Yiyuan passed this suggestion to the Hunters team members behind him through the pager, they were immediately greeted with cheers, and all the votes were approved!

They were not like Mo Chu who could cheat with her water attribute ability.

After all, after so many days, they felt as though their bodies were covered in a layer of dust.

Now that they heard that they could rest and take a bath, how could they not be happy

Thus, one by one, they drove happily and almost jumped up!

Not long after, they arrived at the village that Ning Yiyuan mentioned.

The clear stream in front of them was indeed very clear.

Ning Yiyuan even specially took a pot to boil the spring water and mixed it with cold water to wash Mo Chus hair.

At first, Mo Chu felt that there was no need to go through so much trouble.

After all, it was a sunny day now.

Even washing cold water was not a big problem.

In the end, before Mo Chu could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Ning Yiyuan with conviction.

Back when she had her first menstrual cramps, he specially looked up the information and studied it back and forth several times.

He was just short of memorizing it.

The information had clearly stated that it was best for women to avoid cold water and to maintain a regular diet and sleep.

Just for this matter, he had specially gone to consult Zhong Wen.

Zhong Wen did not know whether to laugh or cry! Tell me, he was an expert in the study of disease treatment, but he was forced by Ning Yiyuan to step into the ranks of womens health care.

What was going on!

Seeing the two of them in such a state, Lan Wei, who was about to wash her hair, could not help but stop in her tracks.

Damn it! She suddenly felt like she needed a man by her side.

What was wrong with her

In the end, Mo Chu could not turn away from Ning Yiyuan.

She half-lay on a big rock and let Ning Yiyuan serve him.

The sun was shining on her face through the trees on both sides.

It was warm and comfortable.

Ning Yiyuans movements were very gentle.

First, he wet Mo Chus hair with warm water.

Then, he gently rubbed her head with his fingers.

From time to time, he would ask, “Does it hurt Is I using too much strength”

Unexpectedly, although Ning Yiyuan was not familiar with his movements, he was not bad either.

He controlled his strength appropriately.

When his hair was completely wet, Ning Yiyuan picked up a soap corner from the side.

Speaking of which, he had to mention Lao Bai.

This person was really knowledgeable.

No one had brought shampoo.

Especially Lan Wei, who had oily hair, and now she was in deep trouble!

Then, Lao Bai came out excitedly and walked around the area.

He picked up a few soap horns from a nearby Soap Horn Tree, crushed them, and rubbed them on his head.

The most natural shampoo was successfully produced.

He gently rubbed the crushed soap horns on Mo Chus head, and milky-white foam soon appeared.

He pinched his hair into a ball and carefully washed it.

His movements were gentle and careful.

When he was almost done washing, he scooped up the water and washed it down along his long hair.

Mo Chu tilted his head and could see his slightly gray shampoo.

Her face could not help but turn red.

After all, she had been running and jumping around these days.

Her head was full of dust, and it directly pounced on him.

Even if she wiped her hair from time to time, it would not be of much use.

However, Ning Yiyuan did not seem to mind at all.

He gently poured the water into her hair and occasionally rubbed it.

It was so comfortable that it made her want to moan.

Mo Chu closed her eyes and smiled slightly.

It seemed like a long time had passed, but it also seemed like a blink of an eye.

The pot of hot water was used up.

Ning Yiyuans identity as a shampoo boy came to an end.

“Its done.” Ning Yiyuan looked at the masterpiece in his hands with satisfaction.

Her bright black hair had just been washed, and when the sun shone on it, it seemed to glow.

Looking up slightly, Ning Yiyuan coil not help but pause… the water from the hair flowed along the hair to Mo Chus neck and chest.

Her summer clothes were already quite thin, and with a little water, in an instant, they became translucent.

Her snow-white skin was puffed up and plump.

From this corner, he could see the scenery in front of him clearly! His throat suddenly slid!

Ning Yiyuan suddenly stood up, looking like he was on fire.

“Well… Im going to take a shower too.” After saying this, Ning Yiyuan hurriedly walked to the back.

This spring was divided into upstream and downstream.

A few men were taking a shower downstream, so it was convenient for them.

They took off their clothes, washed their hair, took a shower, and washed their clothes.

Ning Yiyuan was ready to join them now.


“Hey!” Lan Lin, who was standing in the middle, suddenly shouted in a low voice.

His expression changed slightly.

Why did he feel that her leg… seemed to have been bitten by something What the f*ck! What was that

The others were also attracted by his scream and quickly asked, “Whats wrong”

Lan Lin looked down for a long while before a smile appeared on his face.

He raised his head and cried out in surprise, “Fish! Theres a fish in the water!”

It was probably a fish that had bitten his leg just now.

F*ck! It almost scared him to death!

What There are fish!

Oh my! Everyone was extremely excited when they heard that!

Thinking about it carefully, they had not touched meat for a long time.

Now, just hearing the wordfish made their mouths salivate automatically.

Taking a closer look, they realized that the spring water was very clear.

However, there were some mud and water plants below.

The water would turn muddy with just a slight movement.

They would not have noticed even if the fish were to jump over.

If it were not for the fact that a fish had stupidly bumped into Lan Lins leg, they would not have noticed it.

When the water became slightly clear, everyones lips curled up even more.

Ha! This fish was not small.

It was enough for them to have a good meal.

Hence, everyone began to rub their fists and get ready to show off their skills.

Unfortunately, the reality was cruel.

After working for half a day, no one could catch a fish.

Although these fish were not small, they were definitely agile and fat.

Their bodies were slippery, and their postures were vigorous.

Several times, they chased after them and finally caught one, in the end, it struggled a little and successfully escaped from their hands.

This angered everyone! Hey, wasnt it just a fish I killed so many zombies, why would I be afraid of you

Thus, the battle began once again, but in the end… it was still a crushing defeat!

This was especially so for Lan Lin.

He had even fallen into the water a few times and was drenched all over, but he was so pitiful that he did not even touch the tail of the fish.

He was feeling dejected when he saw the figures of Ning Yiyuan and Lao Bai walking over.

His eyes could not help but light up.

“Come, come, there are fish here!”

Although Lao Bai was young, he could not resist the rich experience of others.

Catching a fish was not something that could be done in a matter of minutes.

Ning Yiyuan had been dealing with magical beasts all year round, how could he not be able to catch a small fish Thus, the moment they met Ning Yiyuan and Lao Bai, the fish in the spring suffered.

They were captured one after another.

In the beginning, they even jumped and struggled a few times, but later on, they did not know if they had resigned themselves to their fate and did not move much.

Hence, the group ate a delicious grilled fish feast.

Especially with a chef like Mo Chu, the taste was extremely good.

It was fragrant and fresh, and the fish meat was extremely tender.

It was so delicious that they wanted to swallow their tongues.

The group ate their fill and chatted happily around the lake!

“Lao Bai, go ahead and brag!” Although there was no alcohol, everyone was in high spirits, especially Lan Lin, who was like a wild horse.

“What cyclone Isnt it just a tornado I thought we didnt know! Alright, I know that you want to show off in front of my sister, but you cant brag like that!”

Hearing that, everyone laughed out loud and Lao Bais face turned red.

“What Im telling the truth! That is definitely not a tornado.

Have you ever seen a tornado stop in one spot”

“Alright, Lao Bai, stop arguing!” Lan Lin did not believe him at all.

He even patted him on the shoulder and acted as if he knew what he was talking about.

“Whatever you say, alright”

Seeing this, the rest laughed again.

Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu, who were sitting in the middle, turned around at the same time, they looked at each other.

The spatial rift looked like a fixed wind circle that was spinning crazily!

“Lao Bai, where is the cyclone that you mentioned” Mo Chu asked softly as she suppressed the excitement in his heart.

“Ah” As if he did not expect Mo Chu and the others to be interested in this, Lao Bai rubbed his head.

“Its not far north of the base.”

“Why didnt I see it before” Ning Yiyuan frowned.

When he was looking for Mo Chu, he also paid attention to the location of the spatial rift, but unfortunately, he did not find anything.

“Oh, then you probably didnt meet it.” Lao Bai nodded in understanding.

“That thing is really mysterious.

It only appears once a month.

After that, its gone.”

If it were not for the fact that they had been doing missions there before, after almost two months, he still would not have discovered it.

Mo Chu hurriedly moved her head over.

“Then when was the last time you ran into it”

Lao Bai narrowed his eyes as he tried to recall.

“Hmm… it should be around the 20th of every month!”

Today was the 3rd.

Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuans gazes met, and excitement could not help but rise in their eyes!

If the cyclone Lao Bai mentioned was really a spatial rift, then they might be able to go back very soon!


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