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With this thought in mind, they were forced to return within five days.

When they saw the gate of Alberto City Base, Lan Lin and the others were like rabbits on the verge of death.

They stuck out their tongues and were so tired that they were gasping for air.

Aiyo, are they trying to kill us!

Along the way, Ning Yiyuan did not know if he had been injected with some kind of stimulant.

He stepped on the accelerator with all his might, and the car seemed as if it was going to float up.

In the beginning, the members of the Hunters squad were still worried for them when they watched from behind.

Later on, they became excited and simply started to race together!

After they tasted this taste, they finally understood why so many people loved to race.

When the speed of the car increased, that adrenaline rush, the beating of the heart, and the feeling of the wind blowing by their ears, it was a thrilling feeling!

However, the problem was that no one could endure driving for five whole days!

After entering the base, they got off the car and stepped onto the ground with their feet firmly on the ground.

Only then did everyone feel an indescribable sense of peace.

On the other side, as soon as they entered the base, their movements were immediately controlled by the Xia Family.

“What did you tell me before” Xia Gang looked at his son who was standing at the bottom and thought of the situation reported by the higher-ups just now.

He could not help but feel a dull pain in his heart! Six special ability user teams, that was six whole Six special ability user teams.

Just one operation in Anyuan Town had completely destroyed them!

How could he not feel a pain in his heart At this moment, his heart was bleeding!

One had to know that talents had always been priceless, especially in this era.

Without special ability users, who would go around collecting resources Without special ability users, who would resist the huge number of zombies If there was time, the number and quality of special ability users in a base would directly represent the strength of a base!

Xia Gang lost his composure.

He slammed his hand heavily on the table, and the teacup on it trembled.

“Back then, you swore to me that with Ning Yiyuan as the leader, these teams wouldnt have any problems and would be able to bring back food and weapons.

Now, look at how many people our base has lost…”

Thats right, quite a lot of food had been brought back.

However, Xia Gang felt his heart ache when he thought about the cost of six special ability teams!

Xia Chen stood there silently.

Seeing this, Xia Gang did not say anything more.

In the end, he just waved his hand at Xia Gang and said in a slightly dispirited tone, “Forget it.

I didnt think this through.

You… you can leave now.”

Speaking of which, he felt helpless.

Their base had received the news first and acted first.

As long as they successfully obtained the resources in Anyuan Town, their bases status would increase greatly, and their authority would be even more powerful, but now… the situation had taken a sharp turn.

Not to mention the rise in status, it was already very good that they could keep their original reputation.

Xia Gang sighed and watched Xia Chens back gradually disappear.

He could not help but frown and carefully think about how to make up for it.

It was not until he walked out of the house that Xia Chen raised her head slightly.

His face was full of coldness, especially his eyes, which were full of evil intentions!

He never thought that Ning Yiyuan would turn a blind eye to the other special ability teams! If it were not for that, their base would not have suffered such a great loss.

It was all that Kids fault! Thinking of this, Xia Chens eyes grew more and more stern.

He strode directly toward the entrance of the base.

Ning Yiyuan and the others had just unloaded the goods.

Before they could catch their breath, they were stopped by Xia Chen, who had come to interrogate them.

“Hehe! If it isnt the heroes of our base Look, they brought back so many supplies.

Theyre really amazing!” Xia Chen looked at them coldly, suddenly, he changed the topic, and the sarcasm in his tone was about to spill out.

“But what about the other special ability user teams Did you abandon them”

“Young Master Xia, what do you mean by that” Lan Wei tilted her head and glanced at him, then raised her eyebrows slightly.

“Its not that you dont know the situation in Anyuan Town! There are so many zombies, and its already pretty good that we managed to escape.

Do you expect us to give up our chance to escape and go back to save them”

Lan Weis words were very direct and sharp.

Xia Chen was instantly dumbfounded!

… Of course, that was impossible! Even if they were in a different place now, he definitely would not make such a selfless decision.

However, the situation was completely different from what he had expected! Not only did he not get rid of Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu, but he even got the other six teams involved.

It was really a double loss!

At the thought of this, Xia Chen could not help but clench his fists tightly! He looked at Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu.

The two of them were still in high spirits and their faces were rosy.

They did not look injured at all! How could he not hate them

“Is there anything else” Mo Chu frowned.

She was not in the mood to argue with Xia Chen right now.

“If theres nothing else, well go and check.”

Every team that had completed its mission had to be checked by the security department.

Only after they were sure that they were safe could they enter the base.

After all, the base was crowded with people.

If they accidentally let in a zombie, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Mo Chu did not know that her impatient tone was the last straw that could crush the camels back.

Xia Chens anger rose to the highest point in an instant! Hehe, she was just a woman who was attached to Ning Yiyuan.

What right did she have to question him like that

‘Good! Very good!

Xia Chen was so angry that he smiled.

He turned around and left, his eyes becoming more and more vicious!

Three hours of observation time passed very quickly.

Mo Chu and the others naturally did not show any abnormalities and were soon allowed to pass.

“Come, this is the list of materials for your mission.

As for the details of the distribution, someone will come and tell you later.” The staff handed them a thin piece of paper and a few cups of water from the side.

He handed them the water and said, “The weather is really weird.

Its getting hot all of a sudden.

You guys should drink some water too.”

Although only hunter and Ning Yiyuan had come back, they had brought back a lot of canned food.

It was almost enough to fill half of the small warehouse.

As a result, the staff became more amiable when they were happy.

“Ah, thank you!” Lan Lin and the rest picked up their cups and gulped down the water.

The cool water flowed down their throats and they felt refreshed.

After drinking the water and watching them leave, the smiling staff members expression changed.

He looked towards the other room and his voice trembled slightly, “Young Master Xia, is there really… no problem with what were doing”

Another door opened and Xia Chen walked out!

However, at this moment, his expression was no longer gloomy.

Instead, it was slightly contorted with joy.

He glanced at the nervous staff member beside him and the corners of his mouth could not help but curl up.

There was a hint of joy in his voice.

“What are you afraid of”

Just wait and see! A good show… was about to begin!

On the other side.

After the high-speed car chase, hunting and killing people could not take it anymore.

One by one, they rushed to their houses.

On the other hand, Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan acted as if nothing had happened.

They were still walking around the bases streets with great interest, their leisurely appearance could not help but make people sigh in admiration!

“Lets see, what do you want to buy” Ning Yiyuan held Mo Chus hand.

The relaxed appearance of the two formed a sharp contrast with the numb and desperate atmosphere in the base.

People could not help but raise their eyebrows.

According to Lao Bai, there were still more than ten days before the reappearance of the wind circle.

They could stay in the base for a few more days and find some small toys for Little Chu.

Speaking of which, it was strange.

Ever since Ning Yiyuan brought back a bunch of headdresses for Mo Chu, he seemed to have become addicted and always wanted to buy things for Mo Chu!

As soon as they returned, they went straight to the market of the base.

A long stream of people and stores appeared in front of them.

In front of every stall, there were a lot of things scattered around.

Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu looked over as if they were on a large road, one by one.

The people selling goods had long learned how to read peoples expressions.

They might not know that the man in front of them was the famous wind element expert in the base, Ning Yiyuan.

However, just by looking at their clean clothes and ruddy faces, they knew that they were definitely not worried about food and clothing.

Naturally, they were also good customers for doing business.

Hence, all of them put on flattering smiles as they eagerly asked, “Hello, what would you like”

“We have everything here! What would you like”

However, Mo Chu did not care about most of the resources here.

After all, the technology of the Federation far surpassed what they had at this moment.

What could they not do

On the contrary, Ning Yiyuan was rather interested.

If it was in the past, these things would be genuine antiques! Some of them were even kept in the Federation Pavilion, under close protection 24 hours a day.

However, they were now placed here casually for anyone to choose from.

“This earring looks pretty good.” After strolling around for a while, Ning Yiyuan suddenly stopped and looked at the pair of amethyst earrings on display.

His eyes lit up.

The design of this earring was very unique.

The amethyst was inlaid in the middle, and on both sides were silver flower petals made from silk.

There was even a drooping petal at the bottom.

It was exquisite, yet it revealed a bit of ingenuity.

“Yes, yes!” Hearing Ning Yiyuans words, the woman sitting on the ground was pleasantly surprised.

She quickly stood up and forced a smile on her yellow face, but her voice was extremely hoarse, it was as if she had not had water for a long time.

“The quality and style of these earrings are very good.

Take a look.

Do you like them”

The last sentence was said to Mo Chu.

The two of them had not stopped much along the way, but they could clearly see the friendship between this man and the little girl next to him.

He had bought earrings that girls could use, therefore, they had to find the right person to please.

“But, I havent had my ears pierced yet!” Mo Chu reached out and rubbed her earlobes.

She had had her ears pierced in the 21st century, but she had not chosen the right time.

However, not long after she had put on the earring, her ears became inflamed and filled with pus.

It was extremely painful, it took her almost half a year to get over it.

Now, it had left a trauma in her heart.

“Its fine.” Ning Yiyuan looked at her itchy hands and reached out to pinch her small jade-like earlobe.

“Well do it when we get back.”

He was naturally referring to the Federation.

The Federations ear piercing technology was much more advanced than that of the 21st century.

All they needed to do was to use a laser to gently sweep through it.

One would not even feel any pain, and the ear piercing would be completed.

Furthermore, they would not have to worry about inflamed pus after that, it could simply be said to be perfect.

“Thats right!” The woman hurriedly flattered.

“This little girl is so beautiful.

If she were to wear these earrings, she would definitely look even better.”

Normally speaking, it was possible for people to buy things like daggers.

However, the earrings and purses of women like this were usually unsold goods.

Now that they finally had a customer, they could not let them leave no matter what.

“Do you like them” Ning Yiyuan picked up the earrings on the stall and handed them to Mo Chu as he asked softly.

The little girl nodded slightly.

Ning Yiyuans deep eyes became more tender as he turned to look at the stall owner.

“How much are these earrings Well buy them.”

The womans face could not help but be delighted.

She clearly did not expect this transaction to be successful so quickly! Her voice trembled slightly.

“This… this one bag… No, half a bag of biscuits is enough!”

As she said that, she quickly turned around and took out a few exquisite small boxes from the tent behind her, “Take a look.

The quality of the jewelry here is also very good.”

As she said that, she opened the small black velvet box.

This was a set of accessories made of light blue jade.

The earrings, pendants, and bracelets were all beautiful.

Just by looking at the color, one could tell that they were not ordinary items.

Under the sunlight, they looked even more dazzling.

“These things are all new.” The woman licked her saliva and looked at Mo Chu nervously.

“What do you think of this”

Mo Chu nodded honestly.

“It looks good.”

With just two words, Ning Yiyuan waved his hand again.

“Okay, Ill buy this too.”

Thus, three bags of biscuits and a bottle of mineral water were exchanged for these two high-quality pieces of jewelry.

Mo Chu happily hugged them in her arms.

Suddenly, she had the illusion that there was a huge sale going on.

Thus, she excitedly walked toward the other shops.

Not long after, news spread along the whole street — two nouveau riche were appearing.

Everyone quickly took out all the good stuff!


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