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As a result, the originally scattered stalls instantly became neat and tidy.

All kinds of items filled up the stalls.

The dust on the floor was carefully wiped away by the stall owners.

Then, like soldiers who were lined up in a square, they held their heads high as they waited for the chief to inspect them.

Mo Chu hopped all the way over.

Every stall looked at them with interest, and she had a lot of things in her arms.

Ning Yiyuan quietly followed behind her with a smile on his face.

When Mo Chu picked something, he immediately went forward to pay.

The stall owners watched from the side, silently thinking, oh my God! Along the way, the two of them had spent at least 30 bags of biscuits! In their eyes, this was already an astronomical figure!

If it were any other woman who dared to be so reckless, they would definitely be beaten to death! One had to know that in this day and age, how could a womans life be compared to a bag of biscuits

However, when she turned her head to look at the man behind her, not only did his handsome face not have the slightest bit of impatience, on the contrary, it was filled with a warmth that anyone could clearly see.

In an instant, Mo Chu became the object of envy and jealousy of countless women!

Halfway through the market, Mo Chu could not help but pause in her footsteps… Strangely, there was nothing on the stall in front of her.

Before she could ask in puzzlement, a series of intermittent moans suddenly sounded.

“En en… no, ah…” Through the dirty tent curtains, two figures entangled together could be vaguely seen.

Could this be…

Mo Chus small mouth slightly opened in surprise.

Before she could see clearly, her vision suddenly turned black.

Ning Yiyuan took two steps forward with a dark expression.

He stretched out his large palm and pulled Mo Chu into his embrace.

Without any explanation, he turned her face over.

The little girl was not even an adult yet! How could she look at such things

When a fat black man saw the two of them moving, his eyes flashed.

He ran up to them in a fawning manner.

The fat on his body trembled and trembled violently.

“Ah, are you going to play with us” The chubby man glanced at Mo Chu in Ning Yiyuans arms and said cleverly, “Dont worry.

We have all kinds of women here, pure and flirtatious… as long as you say the word, I can find all of them for you!”

With the appearance of zombies and the fall of the city, the moral and legal system became a thin piece of paper that could be torn apart at any time.

There were also all kinds of strange ways to play in private affairs.

Ning Yiyuans action of carrying a woman to the tent was naturally interpreted by the man as one of them.

He wants to play together He wants to trade with another woman

After being stunned for a long time, Ning Yiyuan finally understood the meaning of these words.

His face turned even darker, and his fierce eyes swept straight at the man, pinning the fat black man to the ground, not daring to move.

Seeing this, the stall owners beside him could not help but sigh to vent their anger!

This Fat Man was not a good guy.

He had kidnapped all the beautiful women in the base.

Every once in a while, he would bring out one or two dead women from his tent.

Some of them had committed suicide because they cold not stand this kind of torture, while others had been tortured to death!

However, this fat black man had quite a bit of background behind him.

Everyone was angry at him, but did not dare to say anything.

Moreover, because he had the most goods here, and those special ability users and soldiers also liked to come here.

Therefore, no one dared to provoke this man.

Unexpectedly, they met a tough guy today!

Seeing this Fat Mans defeated look, they felt very happy!

When Ning Yiyuans gaze moved away, the man finally dared to move and let out a deep breath.

When he saw the curtain of the tent being pulled open, he hurriedly pulled out the woman and lowered his head to fawn over her.

“Then, what do you think of this”

This woman was one of his best goods.

Her body was truly enchanting! She also had the most repeat customers!

Ning Yiyuan glanced at him coldly and pulled Mo Chu forward.

They had just taken two steps when they suddenly stopped.

The Fat Man thought there was a chance.

He quickly took a few steps forward and said, “Dont worry, I only want three bags of biscuits.

You can play with this woman however you want!”

“Whats wrong Are you not feeling well” Mo Chu asked curiously when she noticed Ning Yiyuans stiff body.

In the end, before Ning Yiyuan could say anything, a stern shout suddenly rang out behind the two of them.

“Take him down!”

When the crowd heard the shout, they looked over.

More than a dozen soldiers under the direct command of the Xia Family were glaring at Ning Yiyuan and the others.

They did not say a word and immediately surrounded them.

When they saw the aggressive manner in which the soldiers were coming, the few stall owners beside them quickly covered their things and retreated, afraid that they would be caught in the crossfire.

“What are you all doing” Ning Yiyuan stood with his hands behind his back.

He had an imposing manner, and people did not dare to look at him directly.

“… We just received news that youre infected with a zombie virus!” After pausing for a long while, the man in the lead suddenly spoke.

He looked at Ning Yiyuan with a dull gaze.

“We need to lock you up and isolate you immediately!”

What A zombie virus!

As soon as he said that, it immediately caused countless people to panic.

Some stall owners did not even have the time to collect their things.

They all retreated in panic, as if Ning Yiyuan was a moving source of infection.

The fear and panic on their faces were clearly displayed!

Tch! How could these people have the face to say such a lie

Mo Chu could not help but smile and said sarcastically, “I remember that when we entered the base, we had already checked the security department and were not infected.

Now you are here to arrest people.

What are you trying to do”

The man did not even look at Mo Chu and waved his hand.

“Do it!”

As such, a dozen well-trained soldiers attacked Ning Yiyuan.

They immediately took out rows of black pistols and shot straight at Ning Yiyuan.

Bullets flew everywhere.

The ordinary people behind them screamed in fear.

Their faces were pale as they scrambled out of the circle.

In the blink of an eye, the area had become empty.

Everyone thought that Ning Yiyuan would definitely die.

No matter how powerful he was, he was only a body of flesh and blood.

How could he withstand the power of bullets

However, what happened next stunned everyone!

Dozens of bullets flew towards Ning Yiyuan.

Just as they were about to hit their target, Ning Yiyuans figure slightly moved to the side.

He actually managed to dodge all the bullets and still stood on the spot unscathed!

The mans heart could not help but sink.

He waved his hand again.


He did not believe that Ning Yiyuan could dodge thousands of bullets!

Unfortunately, before the mans hand could land, Ning Yiyuan had already taken the initiative to attack.

His ghostly figure flashed and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Before the crowd could find him, they only heard muffled groans.

The people around them fell one by one, but they could not even figure out how Ning Yiyuan had attacked!

Only now did they finally understand that Ning Yiyuans title as theNumber one expert was not groundless! He had not even used his special ability yet, and had already crushed all of them with just his punches and kicks.

They could not help but be shocked! The remaining soldiers trembled slightly as they held their guns!

“If you cant catch him, kill him!” A cold male voice suddenly sounded.

A series of footsteps sounded on the ground, but it seemed to hit everyones hearts.

Mo Chu raised his head and looked up, her his eyes darkened!

All the special ability users were high-level, and the person standing at the front was none other than Xia Chen! There were even a few small rocket launchers behind him, pointing directly at Ning Yiyuan!

He was obviously going to kill Ning Yiyuan in one fell swoop!

“Those who are infected must not stay in the base!” Xia Chen said righteously, and his tone slightly sank.

His killing intent instantly surged out.

“If we dont kill him now, the entire base will be wiped out in the future!”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Mo Chus gaze focused, and she immediately retorted, “Are you the only one in charge of this base When was Ning Yiyuan infected…”

However, the moment she looked at Ning Yiyuan again, the rest of her words were stuck in her throat!

“Is he infected Cant you see it” Looking at Ning Yiyuan not far away, the corners of Xia Chens mouth could not help but curl up slightly.

At this moment, more than ten soldiers had been knocked unconscious on the spot by Ning Yiyuan.

His slightly pale face was clearly visible to everyone, and his pupils were slightly dilated — this was clearly the sign of infection and mutation!

Seeing this, the hearts of the special ability users who had been skeptical could not help but sink!

Xia Chens words were absolutely right.

If they did not get rid of Ning Yiyuan as soon as possible, with his skills, once the mutation was complete, it would be enough to turn the entire base into darkness! Then, they would have no way to survive!

To live or to die

This was a simple multiple choice question, and everyone knew the answer.

“Kill him!” Someone took the lead and shouted.

The group of superpowered people started to attack one after another.

All kinds of special ability users exploded in the air, and all of them were thrown at Ning Yiyuan!

Normally, these superpowers would not be able to hurt Ning Yiyuan at all.

However, at this moment, his body gradually became stiff, and his special ability also became sluggish, as if they were being suppressed by something.

Swoosh! A few fire-type special abilities smashed onto Ning Yiyuans legs.

He did not have time to dodge, and a piece of his skin was burnt, emitting a faint burnt smell.

“Ning Yiyuan!” Mo Chus eyes suddenly widened, and she immediately rushed towards him.

Not far away, Xia Chens eyes could not help but light up, and he pinched his chin.

“Thats right! How could I forget about you”

Xia Chen chuckled as he blocked Mo Chus path.

“What, do you want to save Ning Yiyuan Too bad, this person is dead!”

A man who was about to mutate into a zombie, no matter how powerful he was before, what was the use He was just being attacked and guarded by more people! Moreover, he did not plan to let Ning Yiyuan leave today.

Two rocket launchers were enough to turn him into dust!

Xia Chen was delighted at the thought of stepping on the awe-inspiring Ning Yiyuan and seeing his stiff and twisted appearance!

“As for you,” Xia Chen raised his gloomy eyebrows and slid her big hand on Mo Chus fair and tender face.

“As Ning Yiyuans favorite woman, dont worry.

I will treat you well!”

“Stop!” Ning Yiyuan also saw this scene, and his pupils gradually became deep.

Although his voice was still, it made people feel more scared.

“Oh” Seeing Ning Yiyuan like this, Xia Chen did not feel scared.

Instead, he pulled Mo Chu into hsi arms with great interest.

“Why Do you feel uncomfortable But… What can a zombie like you do”

Seeing this, the red light in Ning Yiyuans eyes became even hotter.

It made peoples hearts skip a beat.

Even Xia Chen, who was confident, could not help but hold his breath.

He always had the illusion that Ning Yiyuan would rip his throat open!

The atmosphere instantly became tense!

The air seemed to be filled with a strong smell of gunpowder.

It seemed that as long as one sneezed, the fuse of the battle would be detonated instantly.

Everyone understood that a big battle was inevitable..

“Release us.” Suddenly, a cold female voice sounded in everyones ears.

When they heard the voice, they almost trembled in fear!

Holy **! When did Mo Chu get behind Xia Chen And what the hell was that water blade hanging on Xia Chens throat Didnt they say that Mo Chu was an auditory special ability user

Why did she turn into a water-type special ability user

From the looks of it, she was quite swift and fierce.

Looking at that thin and sharp water blade, no one would doubt her.

As long as she gave it a slight shake, Xia Chen would immediately die on the spot!

Damn, this was simply blowing up their worldview, okay

“Let us go.” Mo Chus gaze was calm.

Her delicate little face no longer had the usual calmness.

Instead, there was a faint sense of killing intent.

The words she said were extremely cold.

“If you dont let us go, Ill kill him immediately.”

Her words were soft, but no one dared to ignore it.

F*ck, this girl really attacked just like that!

The new blood mark on Xia Chens neck was the best evidence!

Everyone looked at each other.

No one dared to risk Xia Chens life.

After all, this was the biological son of the head of the base.

If something really happened, they would not be able to bear the responsibility!

Thus, the group of people stepped back one by one and made way for an empty path.

Ning Yiyuans figure had already started to stiffen, but his movements were still not slow.

He stood behind Mo Chu and carefully protected her.

He looked around cautiously.

It was only a few hundred meters from the market to the exit of the base, but they were walking extremely cautiously, firmly blocking Xia Chens human shield in front of them.

Suddenly, with aswoosh sound, a light sound pierced through the air.

Ning Yiyuans footsteps suddenly stopped, and he suddenly pulled Xia Chen with great force.

As a result, the bullet that was supposed to hit Mo Chus chest was contracted by Xia Chens arm.

“Ah–” Xia Chen grunted, and the blood flowed down from his hanging hand and dripped all over the ground.

Xia Chen gritted his teeth fiercely.

His face was dark, and his eyes became darker.

He stared at Mo Chus small face, which was still as pure and clean as before.

“Pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger.

This move of yours is really ingenious!”

Thats right! There were so many people in the base who thought that Mo Chu was just a subordinate of Ning Yiyuan.

Who would have thought that this girls combat strength was also terrifyingly high Everyone was deceived by her delicate and weak appearance!

Not only that, he was even used as a shield by this girl.

This humiliation would probably never be washed away in this lifetime!

Thinking of this, he wished he could tear the two of them apart alive!

Mo Chu ignored Xia Chens words and only looked at the wound on his arm.

Her lips slightly opened.

“Hehe!” Mo Chu chuckled.

her gaze was slightly cold as he looked up.

“Why Are there still snipers”

The Xia Family was a military family with a deep foundation.

Naturally, they did not lack professionals like snipers.

Unfortunately, they had met Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu, these two oddballs.

Thus, in the end, they could only admit defeat.

After revealing such a move and failing to succeed, the sniper no longer dared to move recklessly.

In their hands, Xia Chen had become the best life-saving talisman.

The others simply did not dare to act rashly.

It was precisely because of this that the two of them were able to safely and smoothly walk out of the main gate of the base.

“Arent you going to release him” This matter had caused too much of a ruckus, and even the head of the base, Xia Gang, had been alarmed.

Looking at the bloody wound on his sons neck, Xia Gang was enraged.

His aura was extremely terrifying.

If it was anyone else, they would have long been frightened by his aura.

However, Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu were indifferent, there was not the slightest hint of fear.

Release him Looking at Xia Chen in front of him, Mo Chus gaze could not help but darken.

She really wanted to kill this fellow!

She was very clear that the reason why Ning Yiyuan suddenly mutated was definitely related to Xia Chen! However, she also understood that once Xia Chen died at this moment, the rocket launcher not far away would immediately fly toward them!

From the corner of his eyes, hse glanced at Ning Yiyuan, whose expression had already become twisted and ferocious.

Mo Chu could not help but make up her mind.

Thats right, the most important person now was Ning Yiyuan.

Nothing else mattered!

After a moment of silence, Mo Chu suddenly pushed his people forward, using Xia Chens body to block the rocket launcher.

Then, she pulled Ning Yiyuan with one hand.

With astonishing speed, they escaped.

Behind them, countless special abilities and bullets immediately shot towards the two of them.

Unfortunately, all of them missed.

When they exceeded a certain range, everyone could only watch them leave with regret…


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