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Half a day ago.

At the base research institute.

The two-story building stood in the most hidden area.

All the sophisticated instruments in the room were running quietly.

Researchers in white coats came and went, the expression on their faces was as serious and cautious as if it had been carved from a template.

Suddenly, a burst of powerful footsteps sounded in the room, breaking the silence in an instant.

“Where is it” Xia Chen glanced at the crowd and turned to look at the researcher beside him.

“Master Xia, over here.” The researcher wearing a mask walked straight to the second floor.

He unlocked three doors before entering a small room with a thermostat in the middle, inside, a transparent test tube was lying quietly.

The researcher stared at the test tube with sparkling eyes.

There was less than a milliliter of liquid in the test tube, but it had taken them three whole years of time and effort! It was the latest purified zombie virus!

“Take it out and show it to me.” Xia Chen stood by the side, staring at the test tube with an unnoticeable glimmer.

Hearing that, the researcher could not help but frown, “Im afraid we cant do that…”

Before he could finish his words, he met Xia Chens threatening gaze.

The researcher could not help but hesitate for half a second.

In the end, he lowered his head.

He took a few steps forward and carefully took the test tube out of the incubator.

“Is this the latest variant of the ZH13 virus” He casually shook the test tube in his hand.

The transparent liquid in the test tube also shook.

Xia Chens lips curled slightly, and his eyes were deep.

This action made the heart of the researcher beside him jump wildly.

He was afraid that he would accidentally break the test tube.

He quickly took a few steps forward and extended his hand to cover the bottom of the test tube.

“Yes… Thats right!”

“Very good.” The smile on Xia Chens face grew wider, but his voice was a little cold.

“Do you think… If this thing is used on a human, will that person be infected”

It was not a question of whether it would be infected or not, but it was a sure thing!

One had to know that the most terrifying part of the zombie virus was its terrifying parasitic and proliferating ability.

As long as it entered the human body, in less than a second, it could rapidly divide and proliferate, occupying the human cells, then, it could control the human body and mind.

Among them, the latest mutated Zh13 virus was the most powerful.

However, for some reason, the researcher suddenly felt a chill on his body when he heard this.

He hurriedly laughed dryly and said, “Young Master Xia, what you said just now was… a joke, right”

What did he mean by using it on a human Why did he sound so scary!

“A joke” Xia Chen shook his head slightly.

“No, Im not a person who likes to joke.”

… Huh The researchers mind froze.

Before he could recover, Xia Chens voice sounded in his ear again.

“Give me some.”


Hearing this, the researcher instantly came to his senses.

He shook his head and refused.

His face turned pale.

“This wont do.

It really wont do! The danger of this thing is too great.

Once it gets out, then we…”

The rest of his words were instantly silenced when he met Xia Chens gloomy eyes.

“You just need to do as I say.” Xia Chen bowed slightly, and his eyes turned darker.

“You dont have to care about the rest!”

Being stared at like this was like being entangled by a poisonous snake with bloodshot eyes.

The researcher could not help but cower.

He did not dare to say anything more.

He took a small test tube from the side and filled it with some virus solution, he handed it to him shakily.

“Well done.” Looking at the mini test tube in his hand, the corner of Xia Chens mouth curled up even more.

He did not believe that Ning Yiyuan would be able to escape this time!


A loud slap echoed in the room.

Xia Chens face was slapped to the side, the bright red palm print was clearly visible on his face.

He was so angry that his entire body was trembling.

Xia Gang stared at his son with a puzzled look in his eyes.

“Tell me, what are you thinking about all day long You know that our base has already lost six special ability squads, yet you still dont think its enough! How dare you drag Ning Yiyuan into this Are you crazy”

At this moment, he should be trying his best to appease the people and win over the special ability users.

However, this kid actually went to destroy Ning Yiyuan.

He really did not know what was good for him!

“Dad, What are you talking about” Xia Chen touched the wound on his neck that was left by Mo Chus water blade.

He lowered his head and said with a dark look, “I dont understand.”

“Humph! With that little trick of yours, do you think you can hide it from mefrom” Xia Gang snorted, his walking stick knocked on the ground, and his face was red with anger.

“Dont forget that the entire base is still under my control.

How can I not know that you took the virus test solution from the research institute”

Since he had made it clear, Xia Chen did not try to hide it anymore.

He slightly raised his chin and said, “Yes, I ordered someone to put the zombie virus in his water.” He paused for a second and then added, “Dad, Ning Yiyuan has already mutated.

No matter how powerful he was before, hes just a useless chess piece now.”

Thats right! Xia Gang touched the space between his brows.

This son of his was too fast and ruthless.

By the time he found out, it was already too late to stop him.

He sat down on the chair in the middle and waved his hand.

“Forget it, things have already come to this.

Whats the point of talking about it”

He originally thought that Ning Yiyuan could become a sharp blade in their base.

He did not expect that with Xia Chens interference, he would rust himself first… What a pity!

On the other side.

Ning Yiyuans mutation speed had already exceeded Mo Chus imagination.

It had only been half an hour since the discovery of the mutation, but Ning Yiyuans face had already turned pale.

His pupils dilated, and his speed was even more violent than the previous mutation of Lao Bai! Mo Chu could not help but feel apprehensive!

Running Madly, Mo Chu could not help but heave a sigh of relief when he realized that there were no pursuers behind them.

Ning Yiyuans situation could not be delayed any longer.

There was no time for her to think too much.

Mo Chu immediately accumulated her special ability in her hand.

With a slight wave of her hand, a milky-white ball of light immediately enveloped ning Yiyuans body.

Ning Yiyuan, who was still struggling in pain, suddenly calmed down.

His distorted expression gradually became peaceful.

His handsome face was like a god amidst the thin layer of light…

Half an hour later.

Just as Mo Chus power was about to run out, Ning Yiyuan suddenly opened his eyes, which were as bright as the next day!

Mo Chu could not help but feel relieved.

She clearly felt that the foul air of the zombie virus had been expelled from Ning Yiyuans body…

With a startled look, Mo Chu suddenly raised her head.

What was going on The energy in Ning Yiyuans body suddenly exploded!

Ning Yiyuan seemed to have expected it.

He gave Mo Chu a comforting smile, then quickly closed his eyes and activated the special ability elements in the air.

Seeing this, Mo Chu understood!

Ning Yiyuan preparing to advance!

Different from the Federation, the air here was filled with more abundant elemental special abilities.

Ning Yiyuan was talented, and was already close to reaching the barrier of advancement.

This time, with the opportunity of the zombie virus, he had broken through to tier 13 in one go! It could be considered a blessing in disguise!

Ten minutes later.

Under Mo Chus worried gaze, Ning Yiyuan opened his eyes slightly.

His eyes, which were as bright as the stars, had become calm.

They were as dark as day, and there was a hint of solemnity in the tranquility.

“How are you Are you alright” Mo Chu hurriedly leaned over and asked.

In just a short while, she could clearly feel that Ning Yiyuans temperament had become more reserved.

If in the past, Ning Yiyuan was a sharp sword that was unsheathed, sharp and imposing, then the current Ning Yiyuan was like a half-hidden sharp sword.

Just a slight release of that sharpness was enough to shock anyone.

“Its fine.” The corners of Ning Yiyuans mouth curled up slightly.

He reached out to Mo Chu and pulled her into his embrace.

“Dont worry, Im here.

Nothing will happen.”

Turning his head, Ning Yiyuans gaze towards the base was somewhat sharp..

Whoosh whoosh–

Suddenly, a few soft sounds could be heard not far away.

Mo Chus body stiffened.

Just as he was about to turn around, he was stopped by Ning Yiyuans actions.

“Its fine, dont bother about him.”

Mo Chu could not help but be stunned, but she still obediently listened to Ning Yiyuan.

It was not until the person hiding not far away left in a hurry that he relaxed the arm that was hugging Mo Chu.

His calloused fingers gently caressed her slightly pale little face, and his voice was gentle as he said, “You must be tired.

Do you want to rest for a while”

Little Chus light attribute special ability was indeed very useful.

However, every time she saved someone, she would use up a large amount of her energy, causing her body to suddenly become weak.

Ning Yiyuans heart ached endlessly at the sight of this.

“Im fine.” Mo Chu shook her head.

Suddenly, her actions froze, and a flash of inspiration flashed through her mind.

She abruptly raised his head and asked, “That person just now, did you let him leave on purpose”

“Smart!” Ning Yiyuan curled his lips and scratched Mo Chus nose.

His eyes were sharp as he stared in the direction where the man left, “Compared to the sharpness of the knife, cutting the flesh slowly is the most painful.”

Xia Chen… Humph! Youre finished now!

At this moment, in the base.

The news ofThe number one expert, Ning Yiyuan, has mutated into a zombie quickly caused a huge uproar.

Some people were surprised, some were confused, and some sighed… The entire base suddenly became noisy, and peoples hearts shook.

They had just lost nearly 30 special ability users, and now the number one expert, Ning Yiyuan, was also infected by zombies.

Everyone could not help but feel confused.

Xia Chen noticed this, but he did not care about it.

In a few days, this news would be replaced by other news.

Maybe in half a month, the people in the base would not even remember who Ning Yiyuan was.

People had always been like this.

Tsk Tsk! Xia Chens eyes darkened.

It was a pity that the girl, Mo Chu, had guts and looks, but insisted on following Ning Yiyuan, who was about to die.

Maybe she would be the first one to be bit by Ning Yiyuan after he mutated!

Thinking of this, Xia Chen could not help but feel a sense of pity.

Outside the door, a sallow and thin man was being stopped by two soldiers at the entrance of the Xia Family home.

“What are you doing”

“I have something important to tell Young Master Xia.

Quickly let me in.

If something happens, can you afford to delay” The man raised his eyebrows and showed off his might.

Unfortunately, this fierce demeanor did not intimidate the soldiers guarding the door.

The soldier immediately took out his pistol and pressed it against the mans forehead.

“Get lost.

This is not a place where you can be presumptuous!”

The cold muzzle was aimed at his temple.

The man swallowed his saliva and did not dare to shout that he wanted to go in.

He could only squat in a corner and look straight at the Xia Familys door.

As soon as someone came out, he would immediately notice.

After waiting for a long time, he finally saw Xia Chen come out.

He was about to go forward and report this unique news.

He might be able to use this to exchange for a better life, but he was stopped by someone far away!

The man fiercely bit his lip.

He knew that it was impossible for him to meet Xia Chen alone.

He could not help but shout, “Young Master Xia, I saw Ning Yiyuan just now.

He didnt turn into a zombie!”

The mans voice was very loud.

Many people nearby heard it clearly.

They could not help but look surprised and whispered to each other, “What Didnt he say that he was infected Why didnt he turn into a zombie Could it be false news”

Xia Chen, who was not far away, also stopped.

He turned her head slightly and asked in a deep voice, “What did you say just now”

Ning Yiyuan did not turn into a Zombie How was that possible!

He clearly saw him drink the water that was mixed with the zombie virus with his own eyes.

He also clearly saw that he had already mutated! How could it be…

Seeing the doubt in Xia Chens eyes, the man quickly widened his eyes and said in a louder voice, “Im not lying to you.

I saw Mo Chu use her special ability to save Ning Yiyuan!”

Those words instantly caused everyones eyes to widen in shock!

F*ck! were they hallucinating

What did that man just say The mutated Ning Yiyuan was saved by Mo Chu

Haha! Did you think that we would believe this joke Someone laughed, but in the silent atmosphere, it was exceptionally abrupt.

The laughter was quickly cut off.

Everyone looked at Xia Chens gloomy expression, their hearts beating even more wildly.

Could this… be true


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