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Mo Chu used her special ability to save Ning Yiyuan

If it was in the past, Xia Chen would definitely scoff at this unbelievable news.

But now, when he thought of Mo Chus clear and clean eyes, the determination in his heart could not help but waver slightly.

That pure and innocent young girl seemed to be refreshing their views again and again!

In the beginning, everyone simply thought that that girl was just a subordinate of Ning Yiyuan, and had no other advantages other than a pretty face.

However, in the end, Mo Chu used his identity as an auditory special ability user to give them a fierce slap.

Touching the scar on her neck that had not healed yet, Xia Chens gaze darkened slightly… Mo Chus calm and delicate face seemed to appear clearly in front of him once again.

Once again, she used her awe-inspiring skills, her powerful water attribute special ability had renewed everyones view of her, leaving behind an indelible mark!

It had to be said that that weak-looking little girl had already created too many miracles! Now, adding another miracle onto the list, it did not seem impossible.

An indescribable silence flowed in the air.

The mans simple two sentences were like a bolt of lightning that struck fiercely on everyones hearts!

Mo Chu had saved the soon-to-mutate Ning Yiyuan The meaning behind his words shocked all of them!

If what he said was true, then without hesitation, Mo Chu would become the salvation of all of them, as well as the honored guests of all the bases.

After all, he had such a miraculous special ability, it was enough to raise Mo Chus status to the altar!

Thinking of this, everyones breathing could not help but become slightly heavier…

“You dont believe me” The shocked silence of everyone was interpreted as suspicion by the man.

They hurriedly struggled to break free from the restraints of the few soldiers who were accompanying them.

He gestured with their hands and feet as he explained, “What I said is true! Its true!”

“At that time, Ning Yiyuans pupils were completely dilated.

His entire person was malevolent and twisted.

Looking at him, it was extremely frightening.

However, once Mo Chus milky white special ability appeared, it didnt take long for Ning Yiyuan to recover to his original state!”

He was afraid that everyone still did not believe him, the man told them everything that he had seen.

As soon as he said this, Xia Chens eyes instantly turned solemn!

If he had been holding onto some hope before this, then the hope now had all been dispelled.

If that was the case, then there was no way for the man to fabricate it.

There was only one possibility — he had really seen it with his own eyes.

In other words, everything that he had said just now was also true!

It was only at this moment that Xia Chen finally realized why that girl was willing to follow him even though she knew that Ning Yiyuan had already mutated She did not even hesitate to go against the entire base! Humph! Xia Chen sneered.

It turned out that with Mo Chus superpower, he could successfully cure the zombie virus.

Such an ability was simply shocking! No wonder she hid it so well before!

The others finally realized what was going on.

They looked at each other and could not help but feel happy! A person with such an ability was in Alberto City Base.

What would they be afraid of in the future Even if they were accidentally scratched and bitten by zombies, wouldnt Mo Chu be there to save them

Thinking about it carefully, the others were excited.

They were all laughing as if they had won the lottery! It was true.

With Mo Chu, they had an extra layer of protection and a few more lives.

This was much more important than winning the lottery!

Only Xia Chen and the group of superpowered people turned pale.

Its over, its over! The special ability users who had just arrogantly chased Ning Yiyuan out of the base were now filled with regret.

They wanted nothing more than to turn back time and stop their foolish actions.

Attack Ning Yiyuan How could they do such a thing! That time, Ning Yiyuan had already mutated.

If they did not get rid of him, the entire base might not be able to survive.

Their lives had almost been wiped out.

so how could Ning Yiyuan not hold a grudge

Ning Yiyuan did not need to do much.

He just needed to whisper to Mo Chu, and their fate would not be any better!

They were worried, and Xia Chen was even more worried than them!

His face was as pale as paper.

The group of special ability users did not know the important part.

They only thought that Ning Yiyuan had mutated after returning from the mission.

However, Xia Chen knew the connection better than anyone else! After all, he was the one who personally ordered people to put the zombie virus into Ning Yiyuans water.

Once Ning Yiyuan found out about it, not only would he not protect Alberty City Base, he would be lucky if he did not destroy them!

Would Ning Yiyuan not know the connection How could it be!

Even though they hadnt spent a long time together, Xia Chen had to admit that Ning Yiyuan was not only powerful, but also more resourceful!

When he thought of Ning Yiyuans terrifying aura, Xia Chens heart trembled.

He did not dare to hesitate anymore and immediately turned around to head back to the bases operations center.

He had to immediately tell his father about this matter and make preparations as soon as possible.

Otherwise, when Ning Yiyuan made his move, they would be finished!

“Young Master Xia, Young Master Xia…” The snitch behind Xia Chen thought that if he told such important news, he would be able to get some rewards.

Even if he got a few boxes of canned food, it would not be too bad.

However, after Xia Chen heard it, he turned around and left.

He did not care about him at all, which made him so angry! He could not help but think that the richer people were, the more stingy they were!

This news spread throughout the entire base in less than half a day.

It was like a bucket of boiling oil was suddenly splashed with water, then exploded!

“I heard that Mo Chu can cure zombies!”

“Also, I heard that Mo Chu has saved Ning Yiyuan.”

“Ah, Mo Chu is our savior!”

All kinds of rumors were spreading in the base, becoming more and more intense.

Meanwhile, the center of the base was silent.

Xia Gang was expressionless.

He stared at the man standing below and asked in a deep voice, “What did you say just now”

“Umm…” The soldier raised his head slightly.

He did not dare to look at the anger on Xia Gangs face, so he immediately lowered his head again.

“Rumors have started spreading in the base that Mo Chu might have the ability to cure the zombie virus.

Some people even saw with their own eyes that the mutated Ning Yiyuan was successfully saved.”

Xia Gang tightened his grip on the pen in his hand.

His expression changed drastically!

Even when he heard that Xia Chen had been kidnapped, his heart was not as agitated as it was now!

Mo Chu had the ability to cure the zombie virus Xia Gang closed his eyes and nodded at his subordinate.

“Okay, is there anything else”

“Young Master… should be here soon,” the soldier added in a low voice.

Ever since Xia Chen took the medicine from the research center, Xia Gang had strengthened his control over the base.

It was also because of this that he received the news so quickly.

“Okay, I got it.

You can leave now.” Xia Gang nodded.

After the door was closed, he sat on the chair with a dejected expression.

One wrong step, one wrong step!

Letting out a long sigh, Xia Gang could not help but shake his head lightly.

Originally, they could have recruited an expert like Ning Yiyuan to their Alberty City Base, and with Mo Chus miraculous ability, their base would definitely be able to successfully sit on the number one seat in the country.

In the end, they had wasted such a good hand.

What a pity!

With a creak, the door was pushed open.

Xia Chen had just revealed his face when he was greeted with a stack of documents! The sharp edges of the paper even left several bloody marks on his face!

“You still have the face to come here!” Xia Gangs eyes widened, and his eyes were shining.

If it were not for this bastard, how would things have ended up like this At this moment, his heart was filled with anger and resentment!

“Dad, I know Im wrong.” Xia Chen turned around and closed the door.

He did not dare to argue anymore.

“But the most important thing now is how to deal with Ning Yiyuan and the others revenge.

The rest can be ignored for now.”

“Hehe!” Xia Gang sneered and asked in disappointment, “Tell me, how do we deal with them”

Ning Yiyuans strength was already formidable.

Now, with the addition of Mo Chu, just the ability of these two people was enough to turn their base upside down.

Not to mention, if they joined other bases, then their Xia Family would probably be finished.

When his gaze fell on the bloody scratches on Xia Chens face, the anger in Xia Gangs heart stagnated.

“Alright, did you leave any clues”

No matter what, Xia Chen was still his son.

He could not just watch helplessly as Ning Yiyuan destroyed him, right

“No.” Xia Chen shook his head with certainty, a hint of worry appearing in his eyes, “But Ning Yiyuan… might be able to guess it.”

“Humph! Guess it” Xia Gang chuckled, after all, the older the ginger, the spicier it was.

His eyes could not help but darken as he said, “Can he take us on by himself Its unreasonable.

Even if they make a move, it will be for nothing.”

“Wait a minute.

Contact the nearest bases in Serene City and Coral City immediately.” Xia gangs eyes sparkled as he continued, “Send them the news that Mo Chu can cure the zombie virus.”

“What!” Hearing that, Xia Chen frowned.

Xia Gang glanced at him meaningfully and said, “Do you still think that Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan will cooperate with us after this”

Obviously, this was impossible!

“Since thats the case, why dont we generously release this news By then, there will definitely be many people who will flock to us.

At that time, do you think that Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan still have the intention to deal with us”

It was too late for them to solve their own problems!

Indeed, Mo Chus special ability could be said to be magical!

However, at the same time, the more magical something was, the more people would be attracted to it.

Meanwhile, Mo Chus special ability was enough to make her into a piece of fat meat that all the bases would fight to obtain.

Even if Ning Yiyuan protected her, how long could they resist the desire of thousands of people

Upon hearing this, Xia Chens eyes could not help but light up!

Thats right, as long as Mo Chus special ability was made public, their peaceful days would be over.

No matter where they went, countless people would want to snatch and possess Mo Chu! At that time, they naturally will not have any time to care about this side.

Attracting trouble to the east was a clever move!

“Yes, I understand.” Thinking of this, Xia Chen felt relieved.

“Ill immediately pass on this matter.”

“Mm.” Xia Gang nodded and no longer put his mind on this matter.

Night gradually descended.

The boiling base gradually returned to peace.

A muffled groan suddenly sounded in the quiet corner of the base.

After a while, it quickly returned to peace, and no one noticed it.

The next day, the body of a special ability user was found in the corner of the base.

However, this incident did not attract too much attention.

After all, it was very common for one person to die these days.

It was not until the number of special ability users died suddenly increased to five that this strange phenomenon attracted everyones attention.

They had all died in the middle of the night, and were also thrown into a corner… After getting the information of the special ability users, Xia Chens face darkened, and the hand holding the paper trembled slightly.

What was even more coincidental was, these were the people who had attacked Ning Yiyuan!

What did this mean

It was a demonstration! Ning Yiyuan was declaring war on them!

“Keep your guard up!” Xia Gang, who was sitting at the head of the group, could not help but have an ugly look on his face.

Ning Yiyuans action was like a hard slap on their faces, making them unable to fight back.

He looked down at his adjutant, Xia Gang ordered in a deep voice, “In the future, dont even let a fly in, let alone people!”

“Yes!” The adjutant nodded.

Unfortunately, after one night, another special ability user died.

Their well-guarded base was like a no-mans land for Ning Yiyuan.

He could come and go as he pleased.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the base started to become anxious, especially the group of special ability users who had dealt with Ning Yiyuan.

They were so frightened that they did not dare to stay alone, afraid that if they were not careful, Ning Yiyuan will take their lives.

Meanwhile, Xia Chen and his father became anxious and uneasy.

Ning Yiyuan was able to break through the defense of the base and easily kill a special ability user.

Naturally, he was able to kill the two of them as well.

There was nothing in this world more unbearable than having ones head fall off at any time!

In just a few days, the two of them were obviously haggard.

They did not even dare to fall asleep until late at night.

The slightest movement would immediately wake them up from their hazy dreams.

If this continued, they would not have to wait for Ning Yiyuan to deal with them.

They would be tortured to death by themselves first!


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