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In ten days, 12 special ability users died one after another.

It was so quiet that it gave people a strange chill.

The Xia Family was silent.

However, they kept adding waves after waves of guards around the house, which almost made the whole house impenetrable.

Even so, the fear in the hearts of Xia Gang and his son did not dissipate much.

After all, there were twelve special ability users, including a few high-level ones! Ning Yiyuan had killed them so easily, as if they were playing with them! Thinking of this, their hearts could not help but tremble violently!

Would they be next

With this thought in mind, the two of them could not sleep at night, and looked absent-minded.

After a long period of mental tension and lack of sleep, they looked as if they had aged a few years! Every time they heard the news of the death of a special ability user, the panic in their hearts deepened.

Trapped in this thick fear and terror, the two of them were about to go crazy!

Every minute and second had become an endless torment.

Just as the two of them were about to collapse, Ning Yiyuan suddenly appeared.

Unlike the various assassination methods that they had anticipated, he actually brought Mo Chu into the bases entrance in a magnanimous manner.

The people guarding the base entrance were also stunned.

They just let them in like that.

After that, the appearance of the two instantly attracted a wave of excitement!

Back then, when Ning Yiyuan mutated, everyone could clearly see the scene where Mo Chu took Xia Chen away.

But now, when they looked again, they could clearly see that Ning Yiyuan had a resolute face and a handsome face.

He did not have the stiff and twisted look of a zombie at all… Everyones eyes could not help but light up!

Before this, they had only heard about Mo Chus healing ability.

No one knew whether he had it or not.

But now, when they looked at Ning Yiyuan, what was there to doubt This was the obvious evidence! Then, all of them stared at Mo Chu like Wolves who had been hungry for months.

They were fanatical!

The burning gazes of others did not seem to cause much disturbance to these two people.

They walked side by side.

One of them had exquisite facial features and a quiet temperament, while the other was handsome and domineering.

They were a perfect match, and along the way, they attracted quite a few eyeballs!

When Xia Gang and his son received the news and rushed over, they happened to see Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan surrounded by everyone.

Their popularity was even greater than that of the 21st centurys superstars.

Ning Yiyuans sharp senses allowed her to quickly sense the other partys arrival.

He raised his head slightly, and when he saw their pale and dazed appearance, his beautiful lips could not help but curl up slightly.

They had finally arrived!

The two parties gazes met, and there was a faint stagnant aura.

The lively atmosphere just now instantly froze.

There was a faint sense of tension in the air.

There were only two people on Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chus side while there were eight or nine people on Xia Gangs side.

In terms of aura, they were still not at a disadvantage, they even seemed to be suppressing their opponents! They were not to be underestimated!

“Have you fully recovered” Xia Gang was the first to speak.

The older the wiser.

Xia Gangs years of experience had long trained his sharp eyes.

With just a glance, he was surprised to find that Ning Yiyuans aura was even more powerful than it was half a month ago.

That kind of calm aura was even more frightening than being exposed.

Ning Yiyuan nodded slightly, “Yes.”

“Thats good.” Xia Gang was still trying to maintain the peace on the surface, but he did not expect Ning Yiyuans next words to shatter the peace on the surface!

“Good Humph! Whats good about it” Ning Yiyuan raised his eyebrows, his face suddenly darkened.

“I think its strange.

I wasnt bitten by zombies during this mission.

How did this mutation come about Shouldnt your Xia Family give me an explanation”

Facing Ning Yiyuans sharp eyes, Xia Chens hands under his sleeves trembled.

Xia Gangs expression didnt change.

It was still the same old saying.

Ning Yiyuan had no evidence, so it was useless to say anything.

He even frowned innocently.

“Hmm… how do we know”

With a simple sentence, with just a simple sentence, he had completely shirked the responsibility.

“Is that so” Mo Chu could not help but smile.

She raised her bright eyes slightly and asked, “Then, what is this”

Waving her hand, she held a bottle of transparent test tube liquid in her slender palm!

In the past ten days, Ning Yiyuan had not just killed a few special ability users to show his power.

Of course, they killed people with bad reputations.

Most of them bullied commoners and used cruel methods.

Even if they did, they would not feel guilty.

More importantly, they found the reason why Ning Yiyuan fell into their trap — it was because of this bottle of purified zombie virus!

Speaking of which, Xia Chen really spared no expense.

This bottle of zombie virus purification liquid was less than one milliliter.

In order to deal with Ning Yiyuan, he had to use one-third of it.

He really spent a lot of effort!

Seeing the transparent test tube in Mo Chus hand, even Xia gang, who had always been calm, couldnt help but stiffen his face and purse his lips tightly!

“What Dont you recognize it” Mo Chu chuckled, her clear voice echoing throughout the base, “Isnt this the zombie virus that you purified”

“If you didnt put it in the water that Ning Yiyuan drank, why would he suddenly mutate” After saying that, Mo Chu could not help but look a little angry! If she didnt have the light power, Ning Yiyuan might have really become a zombie! They were not done with this!

After Mo Chus words, the crowd was silent for two or three seconds, then exploded!

The special ability users, especially those who were staring at the Xia Family members, had strange expressions on their faces.

The Xia Family did not like Ning Yiyuan, so they could infect Ning Yiyuan with the zombie virus.

What if one day, the Xia Family did not like them Would they also mutate them into zombies

Thinking of this, everyone felt a chill in their hearts!

No one was willing to put their lives in the hands of others at any time or place.

If they wanted to be crushed to death, they could do it at once! What was the point of living then!

Xia Gang naturally noticed the changes in everyones expressions, and his eyes could not help but darken.

Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu had played this trick ruthlessly!

With just a few words, all the bases special ability users had turned their hearts away from the Xia Family.

Once the bases special ability users stopped paying attention to the Xia Family, would they still be able to hold on to their position as the leader If they thought deeper, without the stability of the superpowered people, would their base in city a still be able to survive

Ning Yiyuans attack was ready to destroy their foundation!

“Do you think you can mislead us by taking out a test tube” Xia Gang secretly clenched his teeth, but on the surface, he put on a dignified look and nodded in understanding.

“I know.

At that time, when we attacked Ning Yiyuan, he must have been very upset.

But we had no choice in that situation.

We cant leave the mutated people in the base, right”

He was indeed an old fox!

As soon as he opened his mouth, he quickly shifted everyones attention from the zombie virus extract to Ning Yiyuans deliberate revenge.

Unfortunately, Mo Chu and the others were already prepared.

Today, they were going to step on the Xia Family!

“Mislead” Mo Chu sneered and suddenly raised the test tube in her hand, “In that case, lets make a bet.

As long as you drink the zombie virus extract without mutating, Ning Yiyuan and I will immediately apologize to you and stay in the base in peace.

What do you think”

“Do you dare to agree to this bet” Mo Chu raised her voice and stared at them with sparkling eyes.

Hearing that, everyone could not help but stare at Xia Gang and Ning Yiyuan expectantly.

What were they hesitating for They had to agree to the bet as soon as possible.

As long as Mo Chu could stay, what did city a base have to worry about

Unfortunately, after waiting for a long time, Xia Gang and Ning Yiyuans faces turned pale, but they did not respond for a long time.

How could they dare to agree to the bet

What Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan were holding was definitely the zombie virus extract.

As long as they drank it and mutated, they could not even imagine Mo Chu saving them.

It was impossible!

However, if they did not agree, wouldnt they be admitting that they had done something to Ning Yiyuan

Thinking about it, they were really in a dilemma!

“Humph!” Seeing this, Mo Chu sneered.

The results were out.

The people were not stupid, so how could they not understand — the Xia Family really did make a move against Ning Yiyuan!

The suspicions in their hearts were confirmed, and everyones hearts sank.

If Ning Yiyuan and the others could make a move, who would dare guarantee their own safety

Would they still dare to believe such a leader

In less than half an hour, Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan successfully turned the entire Alberto City Base into a pile of loose sand.

However, this was not the end.

While everyone was still in shock, Ning Yiyuan suddenly took two steps forward.

The dangerous look in his eyes was obvious.

He said, “Since you dared to make a move back then, you have to have the courage to face the consequences!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he swung the wind blade in his hand.

With a few swooshing sounds, before everyone could react, Xia Chen had already cried out in pain.

Her entire body was limp on the ground, like a pile of mud.

Fresh blood spilled all over the ground, just looking at it made one feel terrified.

Looking at his sons miserable state, Xia Gangs heart could not help but ache.

His eyes turned red as he glared at the culprit.

“Ning Yiyuan! What did you do”

“Nothing.” Ning Yiyuan lightly shook his head.

“I just broke his meridians!”

At this moment, there was no Federations treatment equipment.

With Xia Chens meridians crippled, it also meant that his special ability could not be released through his hands.

In other words, he was now a complete cripple! In fact, he was even worse than an ordinary person!

Hearing these words, Xia Chen, who was in extreme pain, was stunned for a second.

Then, he used all his strength to move his arms and legs.

To his horror, he discovered that his limbs were in a state of weakness!

Had he really become a cripple

To Xia Chen, who had always been prideful, this was definitely the cruelest thing!

“It cant be, it cant be…” Xia Chen shook his head in panic.

His eyes suddenly fell on Mo Chu, who was beside him.

He suddenly crawled over to her, looking miserable.

He no longer looked as arrogant as before, “Mo Chu, save me! You can definitely save me!”

Xia Gang also recovered from his grief.

Thats right! Ning Yiyuan was able to be saved by Mo Chu even after she mutated into a zombie, let alone injuries on his hands and feet

Xia Gangs expression changed.

He raised his head abruptly, pointed at Mo Chu, and said sternly, “Catch her!”

He knew very well that Mo Chu would never take the initiative to treat Xia Chen.

So, he could not be blamed for using violence!

The special ability users were still in a daze, but the guards and soldiers behind them had already moved forward to catch her.

Unfortunately, they did not even have a 10% chance of winning against Ning Yiyuan.

They were forced to retreat one after another.

“What are you guys still standing there for” Xia Gang looked at the special ability users at the side, half threatening and half tempting.

“Do you think Mo Chu will still stay in our base If we dont use force to keep her here, we wont have a chance in the future!”

After hearing Xia gangs words, many special ability users were moved.

After all, Mo Chus healing ability was too tempting, so they all joined the battle.

Of course, there were also some people who stuck to their principles and protected Ning Yiyuan and the others.

Among them, the Hunters team was in the lead.

Thus, a chaotic battle started…

When everyone was fighting to the end, they were surprised to find that the two parties involved, Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan, had long disappeared.

They could not help but look around blankly, but they were gone…

Without Mo Chu, Xia Chen was naturally crippled.

Xia Gang was not any better either.

The people in the base had lost their morale, and the superpowered ones had left one after another.

What made things even worse was that the news he had spread had successfully attracted a large group of people from other bases.

Since they couldnt find Mo Chu, they couldnt say anything about it, they all believed that he had hidden himself, and started to extort information from him one by one.

The stone he had moved back then had now completely smashed his own foot!

It was precisely because of this that not long after, the famous base of Alberto City had quietly collapsed…

Of course, this was all in the future.

Now, Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu had already quietly arrived at the north side of the base not far away — this was the place where theWind circle that Lao Bai had mentioned had appeared.

Looking at the time, there were less than five minutes before the wind circle appeared.

The two of them just stood there quietly, their hands tightly clasped together.

As their eyes met, a rich warmth and tacit understanding flowed through them…

Time seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye.

A rapidly rotating wind circle suddenly appeared on the flat ground in front of them, and Mo Chus eyes suddenly lit up!

“Is this… ” Although the wind circle in front of her was no different from the spatial rift she had seen before, Mo Chu still could not believe it.

She hurriedly turned his head to look at Ning Yiyuan.

Holding Mo Chus hand tightly, Ning Yiyuan showed a hint of joy in his eyes.

He nodded slightly, “Yes!”

It was a simple word, but it made Mo Chus heart bloom like a flower, instantly becoming bright and beautiful.

The two looked at each other, lifted their feet in tacit understanding, and walked toward the spatial rift…


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