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Along the way, the two of them were very eye-catching!

The Horned Dolphin was not small to begin with, and it was estimated that this fellow liked to be very high-profile.

Thus, wherever it went, it was bound to cause waves, which caused many sea beasts to emerge from the Bohai Sea.

When they saw this, they were dumbfounded!

Aiyo! What was sitting on this big guys back Two people

Eh Thats not right! Why wasnt he eaten them Instead, he was carrying them Hmm… could it be that this coquettish fellow was planning to show off everywhere

One by one, more and more sea beasts stuck their heads out.

Along the way, Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu silently accepted the hot gazes of many sea beasts.

Even though most of these sea beasts were expressionless and cold, Ning Yiyuan could still tell that they were in a state of disorder!

Hmm… thats right.

Their visual effects should be similar to watching a person carry two large pieces of cooked pork on his back and not eat them! Their first reaction was definitely that there was something wrong with this guys brain!

Clearly, the Horned Dolphin was extremely satisfied with this scene.

Its eyes, which were the size of a slit, were smiling so much that they could no longer be seen.

With a wave of its tail, its speed increased by a few notches.

Hence, with the support of the Horned Dolphin, they had already approached the coastline in less than an hour.

Over ten meters away, a group of soldiers silently squatting and guarding.

Their faces were painted with a few streaks of dark green paint.

Coupled with the green military uniforms on their bodies, they made use of the misplacement of their bodies to skillfully blend in with the surrounding environment.

If one did not look closely, one would not be able to tell the difference.

At this moment, they were also furious.

Recently, they did not know what the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was trying to do, as they had been constantly having conflicts with the Federation.

Although it was just a small matter, it was not going to go on like this!

The higher-ups had come to the conclusion that they might as well reach an agreement with Wisdom Cloud Galaxys side.

You want to cause trouble, right Fine! Then lets hold a semi-public military exercise! This will teach you a lesson that you should not mess with the Federation!

Therefore, the location of this military exercise was set at the intersection of the two galaxies, Bohai Sea.

“Ah!” The originally solemn and quiet atmosphere was suddenly broken.

The soldier squatting on the far right took a deep breath, causing the few soldiers beside him to turn their heads to look at him.

The captain of this team frowned and slapped his head hard.

“What are you doing, Kid Why are you so jumpy”

“Theres… a Horned Dolphin over there!” The soldier widened his eyes, turned his head, and pointed at the surface of the sea more than ten meters away with trembling fingers.

“So” The captain looked at the surface of the sea.

In the blink of an eye, the Horned Dolphin disappeared, and the surface of the sea became calm again.

When he turned his face back, the captain glared at him with a dark face, “Why Havent you seen them before”

“No, no!” The soldier quickly shook his head.

The words that came out of his mouth even made him feel a little strange.

“There seemed to be two people sitting on the back of that Horned Dolphin just now!”

“Pfft-” Hearing this, the soldiers beside him could not help but laugh out loud.

They teased, “Are your eyes playing tricks on you”

There were two people sitting on top of the dolphin beast

Come on! Did you think that the Dolphin Beast was a harmless pet sold on the Starnet Do you think you can ride on its back That big guy was the overlord of the sea.

Its attack power was strong, and its defense was not bad.

Especially its sharp teeth, it could chew and swallow people whole.

“Youre only here for one day, and your eyes are already playing tricks on you.” The captain pouted.

“It seems that there is still too little training.

Alright, when we return from this military exercise, the training content will be doubled! At that time, you wont say such nonsense.”

“Dont!” Hearing this, the soldier almost burst into tears.

However, when faced with his captains dark face, he really did not dare to bargain.

In the end, he could only silently swallow this grievance.

He could not help but curse himself in his heart.

Look, who told you to have such a big mouth! If you didnt say it, wouldnt everything be fine This was great.

With the training doubled, he would become a miserable skeleton.

However, after being disturbed by the soldier, the serious atmosphere was broken, and everyone started talking.

They had already fought with Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people once, but they had lost miserably.

Otherwise, they would not have needed to stay here and defend.

“Speaking of which, the commander we sent this time is really not good.

He didnt even know the situation of the other party, but he asked our people to make a move.

Didnt we lose a third of our people all of a sudden” A soldier clicked his tongue and sighed.

Although this joint military exercise could not compare to an official battle, and it was not to the extent of losing their lives, they still felt cowardly in their hearts after losing like this!

“Thats right!” Another soldier also nodded, his eyes carrying a hint of nostalgia.

“Back then, when Marshal Ning led us to battle, it was really satisfying! Ive never tasted the taste of losing.

This Commander Song is indeed a little lacking now.”

“Really” The soldier beside him had just joined a year ago.

The moment he heard his idol, he was immediately rejuvenated.

He raised his head in extreme excitement, his eyebrows twitching.

He had joined the army for too short a time.

Logically speaking, he should not have been part of such a high-level military exercise.

However, this kid had sharp ears, sharp eyes, and quick reactions.

Moreover, his military strength was not bad.

The military made an exception to accept this guy into the squad.

However, it was because he had joined this team for too short a time, he had never experienced the domineering era when Ning Yiyuan led the army.

He had only heard of this Marshal and had never seen him before.

“Thats right!” When this question was brought up, the other soldiers expressions also changed.

Their faces seemed to have a layer of brilliance, and their faces were filled with admiration that could not be blocked.

“Let me tell you, Kid, as long as Marshal Ning is present, my heart will not waver! Not to mention anything else, just the battle a few years ago, our military strength was only half of the opponents.

In the end, guess what We still won beautifully! But its a pity…”

At the end of the sentence, the smiles on the faces of the few soldiers could not help but disappear.

“It has been almost a year since Marshal Ning fell into the spatial rift… In the end, there is still no news at all…”

“What are you afraid of” The startled soldier just now puffed out his chest with a look of certainty.

“Marshal Ning is so powerful.

Perhaps he has returned by now”

At this moment, this soldier did not know that his words were just right.

“Thats enough! You guys are quite lively.” The captain glared at his own team members, his face darkened.

“Your mission is to guard the dyeing workshop.

Hurry up and keep an eye on it.

If something happens, we cant afford to be delayed!”

“Yes!” Hearing this, the other soldiers restrained their expressions.

The atmosphere of chatting and laughing instantly dissipated.

Everyone immediately turned their heads and stared forward with sparkling eyes.

The captain at the side was somewhat stunned.

He estimated that Commander Song should nto be able to stay for long… After all, the two sides had just exchanged blows, and he had already lost so many people.

This was too much of a loss of face right

The higher-ups could still let him command the military drill Wasnt he obediently sticking his right cheek out after being slapped on the left cheek

However, before this, he had specially gone to hear that Commander Songs military reputation was not bad.

He had won beautifully in several commanding battles on the Starnet.

In the end, he could not be compared to Marshal Ning… sighing, the captain did not dare to let his imagination run wild anymore.

He hurriedly focused his attention on the opposite side.

As for Ning Yiyuan, who was being missed by everyone, he could only helplessly look at the dolphin that always put on a haughty face.

It was uncharacteristically reluctant to part with Mo Chu.

In return, Mo Chu had already given it a fewbeauty massages, making this big fellow so beautiful! That tail kept flapping, splashing waves of water.

Moreover, it looked like it had a taste of its own medicine.

Its pitifully small eyes stared at Mo Chu, as if it wanted to use the deep affection in its eyes to move thebeautician to stay.

How could Ning Yiyuan see the reluctance and deep affection in it

Damn! If this continued, this dolphin beast might really drag Little Chu back to the sea.

When he thought of this, Ning Yiyuans face could not help but darken.

He took a few steps forward, stood in front of Mo Chu, and faced the dolphin beast with a cold face.

Alright, lets just leave as soon as were done.

Thus, the pitiful-looking Horned Dolphins face immediately darkened.

If it could speak, it would probably insult Ning Yiyuan!

Blinking its eyes, the Horned Dolphin critically glanced at Ning Yiyuan a few times.

Look, this persons appearance is really out of place.

Theres nothing good about him! He still dares to stand in front of me.

Hes really too narcissistic! Who really wants to see your ugly face

Thus, the Horned Dolphins big head turned around again, excitedly looking for Mo Chu.

In the end, it was blocked by Ning Yiyuan.

Wham –

The unwilling Horned Dolphin directly swung its tail.

The seawater was pushed up high and landed on Ning Yiyuan!

Then, Ning Yiyuan, who was completely unprepared, was drenched to the point of being dumbfounded.

What the f*ck! His entire body was drenched!

It was rare to see Ning Yiyuan in such a distressed state.

Mo Chu could not help but let out a soft laugh.

The corners of her eyes and brows could not hide the smile on her face.

The dolphin was clearly very proud of this move.

“Oh oh — ” It let out two joyful cries.

It also knew that it could not keep Mo Chu.

Its large tail waved at her with all its might.

With a turn, it jumped into the sea.

Not long after, it was gone.

“Okay.” Ning Yiyuan was still frozen on the spot.

It seemed that her heart was quite magnificent.

However, Mo Chu still tried hard to hold back the smile in her mouth.

She took out two sets of clothes from the terminal and said, “Hurry up and change.”

Fortunately, she had put Mo Yangs clothes in the terminal before.

Otherwise, Ning Yiyuan would have to wear her female clothes now.

However, this dolphin was really mischievous! Mo Chu carefully looked at Ning Yiyuan, and the corner of her mouth curled up again… it was probably deliberately stirring up the seawater below.

Not only was it mixed with a lot of mud and sand, there were even a few strands of aquatic plants.

At this moment, it happened to be upside down on Ning Yiyuans head, and the effect was really amazing!

After receiving Mo Yangs clothes, Ning Yiyuan finally regained consciousness.

It was also at this moment that he noticed that Mo Chu was almost half-naked!

The clothes on the two of them were originally quite thin, and after soaking in the sea water, they were wet.

Then, the sea breeze blew again, drying half of their clothes.

At this moment, the clothes that were faintly discernible were stuck tightly to Mo Chus body, it completely outlined her figure.

His heart beat faster! He took a deep breath!

Ning Yiyuan clenched the clothes in his hands tightly and immediately turned around, but Mo Chus graceful figure still lingered in front of his eyes… However, it had only been a short period of time, so why did it feel like Little Chu had suddenly grown up quite a bit The parts that were supposed to be slender were slender, and the parts that were supposed to be plump were plump… Thinking of this, Ning Yiyuan felt that her throat was becoming increasingly dry.

“Youre not allowed to peek!” After all, there was salt in the sea water, and his clothes were sticky.

Mo Chus clothes were so tight that she felt uncomfortable.

He stared at Ning Yiyuan, who had turned around and could not help but exhort him.

“Yes.” A deep male voice sounded.

Mo Chu still believed in Ning Yiyuans character.

He glanced around, but there was no one around, nor did he hear any movement.

Thus, he quickly changed his clothes as fast as possible.

Mo Chu was feeling more comfortable, making things difficult for Ning Yiyuan.

Indeed, he turned his head around and did not peek.

However, he could not bear the fact that there was a shadow on the ground! Under the sunlight, Mo Chus slender figure and slightly raised hands were reflected on the ground.

Ning Yiyuan knew that he should not look.

The Federations laws provided absolute protection for women.

However, he could not close his eyes at this moment.

All he could do was to greedily look at the faint shadow on the ground.

After that, he could feel the boiling heat in his heart surging up one after another.

“Im done.” Finally, Mo Chu called out softly, finally ending Ning Yiyuans sweet and torturous time.

“You should change first.

Ill send a message my brother.”

It had already been more than a month.

Her brother was probably extremely worried as well!

It had to be said that the quality of the terminal that Mo Yang had picked out for her back then was very good.

Even after going through so many twists and turns, it was still as good as new, without the slightest bit of damage.

Taking a deep breath, Mo Chu made a call to Mo Yang…


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