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At this moment, in the conference center of the Federation headquarters.

Both sides of the neat and shiny conference table were filled with people.

Upon closer inspection, these people were all military bigwigs with several Federation military badges on their shoulders.

If this was any other time, they would definitely be the ones who would do it, however, at this moment, they all pursed their lips tightly and did not say a word.

“Alright, everyone, dont treat me as a mute anymore.

Hurry up and tell me, what should we do about this matter” Sitting at the head of the table, the Qin Familys elder frowned.

His expression was not very good, and he no longer had his usual smiling face.

Thinking about it carefully, how could his expression be any better

Their Federation had taken the initiative to request an actual combat exercise with Wisdom Cloud Galaxy.

However, in the end, they lost utterly in the first round, losing one-third of their forces!

Hehe! This was like a big slap to their faces!

Truthfully speaking, this result was something that they had never expected.

After all, Ning Yiyuans undefeatable battle record had left a deep and habitual thought in their minds.

So Be it.

Our Federation has never lost before!

In the end, the effect of changing the commander was completely reversed.

It was likely that Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people had already ridiculed them in their hearts!

Thinking of this, Elder Qins expression turned even worse.

“Fortunately, our military exercise this time is still semi-public, so the people outside dont know.

Otherwise…” Elder Qins big hand slapped the table fiercely, causing the water cups on the table to tremble.

“The few of us old men probably dont have the face to go out!”

“It makes sense.” A few high-ranking military officials at the side also nodded with a dark expression.

“How about this, lets change people.

This Song Family kid cant do it anymore, lets change to another one.”

“Thats not too good, right” Song Tianchengs expression was already ugly to begin with, but he still had to squeeze out another smile with all his might.

“Hes still a young man after all.

Give him more time to familiarize himself.

The situation will definitely get better in the future.”

One had to know that in order to get Song Hao to the position of commander of the military exercises, their Song Family had put in a lot of effort.

In the end, they were beaten back with just a few sentences.

How could they be willing to accept this

Previously, with Ning Yiyuan standing in the military world, it was an out-and-out sun.

Everyone elses radiance was directly reduced to his background!

When they heard that something had happened to Ning Yiyuan, they were extremely happy.

They quickly make their move.

However, the position of commander of the military exercises was really coveted.

Even their Song Family had to pay a lot of blood to be able to take this position.

“Ha! You still want to familiarize yourself with it” Elder Qin was still furious, not giving him any face at all, he scolded, “Just wait for him to familiarize himself with it for a while more, and our Federation will be completely annihilated! Replace him! Pick someone for me, pick a good one!”

They knew they needed someone else, but the problem was that there was no one else!

Everyone was really in a difficult position.

Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people was not easy to deal with, but the only person on their side who could directly resist Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was Ning Yiyuan!

However, now that Ning Yiyuan was missing, even if they wanted to make him taller among the short ones, it would not be enough for them to use him in the actual combat exercises!

After struggling for a long time, everyone still could not come up with a result.

On the other hand, the latest commander-in-chief of the military region had been voted out.

Looking at the results, everyone felt even more troubled.


Because Ning Yiyuan had come out to cause trouble again!

Speaking of which, it had to be mentioned that the Federations appointment system was very democratic.

Just like this times commander-in-chief election, it was as usual, using a 50-50 power distribution method.

First, a professional selection agency would post the names of a few candidates on the Federations central official website.

Then, they would use public opinion polls to vote.

Since the Starnet was all real-name systems, there would also be sample verification investigations.

Therefore, there was no need to worry about a scandal like stealing votes and changing the data.

Of course, the votes of the netizens only accounted for 50% of the final results.

The other 50% of the votes were in the hands of the direct leaders of the few judges.

In the past, this would not have been a big deal.

However, the key point was that Ning Yiyuan had appeared in this years election.

In terms of results and strength, he was also a suitable candidate.

Thus, the voting organizations listed Ning Yiyuans name.

Of course, since Ning Yiyuan had fallen into a spatial rift for more than a year and his fate was unknown.

Everyone understood that this was just a show to fill in the numbers!

However, no one expected that in a short week of voting time, the results that had just been calculated would cause everyone to turn pale with fright!

Because at this moment, Ning Yiyuans votes on the internet had completely displayed the momentum of a galloping horse!

The total population of the Federation was less than 100 million, and Ning Yiyuans public votes had already reached nearly 80 million.

He had left the other candidates far behind, and could not catch up even if he were to flatter them!

The netizensattitude was very clear — if they were to choose a person to be the commander-in-chief of the military region, they would only acknowledge Marshal Ning!

Although Ning Yiyuans popularity was not low to begin with, he had kept a low profile in the past!

No one present had expected that the popular vote at this moment would erupt like this!

After thinking about it again, sure! The reason for this was not because of Mo Chu! If it were not for the fact that he was dating Mo Chu, with Ning Yiyuans introverted personality, he would not have taken the initiative to expose himself to the public.

Naturally, he would not have attracted so much attention now.

Especially half a year ago, after someone pushed Mo Chu into a spatial rift, Ning Yiyuan had jumped into it without thinking.

This had caused a wave of excitement on the Starnet!

In the past year, the Federation had produced quite a few new celebrities.

However, in terms of recognition and likability, Roundy could not compare to Song Qingsong and Mo Chu.

It was said that in this election, Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chus die-hard fans had joined forces and secretly used all their strength.

“If it was according to the normal election process, Ning Yiyuan would probably be elected with a high vote, but with his current situation…”

It could not be that the position of commander-in-chief of the Federation military region was empty.

If this were to be spread out, people would probably laugh their heads off!

Thus, after looking through the data, Song Tiancheng was the first to vote against it.

It was a pity that he did not join the entertainment industry with that righteous look on his face.

Thus, before the military exercise commanders matter was over, the military region commanders ownership was another headache!

Especially Elder Qin, whose face was almost wrinkled like a bun.

Tell me, why did he feel that this year was not going smoothly Without the nourishment of Mo Chus spirit food, he was already in excruciating pain, and he had added so many troubling matters.

He felt that he had aged by several years! Sigh!

“But the poll numbers cant be faked, right” Another person raised an objection.

“Sigh, arent there still higher-ups voting They also account for 50% of the total results!” Song Tiancheng rolled his eyes and said in a low voice.

In the end, when he said this, everyone turned their heads and looked at him with an expression that said, “Are you stupid”

Song Tiancheng was at a loss.

In the end, it was a family head beside him who told him the reason.

There was an Elder Ji, Ji Sheng, in the higher-ups selection this time.

This old man could not stand these crooked methods.

Hearing this, song Tiancheng could not help but furrow his brows.

He had really heard of the name of the Ji Familys elder.

He was famous for being unreasonable.


Furthermore, the Ji Family held an extremely unique position in the Federation.

To put it bluntly, almost the entire judicial department was under their control.

However, the members of this family were also rather strange, they were practically carved out of the same mold, and were upright.

Therefore, everyone did not have to worry about their lax enforcement of the law.

If such a situation really happened, their own people would naturally find him and bring him to justice.

Similarly, there were only three big words for him to use to gain connections under Elder Ji — Impossible!

Would he really let Ning Yiyuan rise to the top

Song Tiancheng glanced at everyone and saw the worry on their faces.

Indeed, if Ning Yiyuan was really in the Federation, then this position would most likely belong to him.

However, the crux of the matter was that he was not here right now.

The position of commander-in-chief of the military region could not possibly be vacant, right

“Forget it.” Elder Qins brows furrowed even more tightly.

“Lets send a video call to Elder Ji first and see what his plan is.”

“Yes.” The people below immediately went to do it.

In less than ten minutes, elder Jis figure appeared on the screen in front of them.

“Everyone is here.

Whats the matter” Elder Ji swept his gaze over them and asked in a deep voice.

When Elder Qin told them about the election of the commander of the Military District, he was scolded before he could ask anything!

“Take a look for yourself.

What are these things” As he said that, Elder Ji slammed the information in his hand on the table and started to curse crazily.

“Take a look at this person from the Song Family.

He didnt win any of the previous three training battles.

How could you put him in the position of the commander of this military exercise Are all of your brains fried”

“And this guy from the Chen Family.

He was the commander of the field battle.

Look at what the f*cking commander is doing! And this…” The old man was so angry that his face turned red.

“Tell me yourself.

How dare you report this kind of candidate to me”

The old man of the Ji Family had a special status.

Many of the high-ranking officials present were his students.

They also understood his tough temper.

At this moment, they did not even dare to say a word.

They just silently watched the old mans spittle flying all over the sky.

Ji Sheng, on the other hand, was roaring to his hearts content.

The faces of the heads of the song and Chen families turned pale.

Yes, Song Hao had lost the previous few training battles, but the key was that the person he was fighting was Ning Yiyuan! There was also the Chen Family.

Their ability to command the battle was not weak, but with Ning Yiyuan as a comparison, he was indeed a bit inferior..

They did not want to do this, alright

“Enough.” Elder Ji on the other end of the screen drank a mouthful of water to calm the anger in his heart.

He was still as stubborn as ever.

His attitude was very clear.

The position of commander-in-chief of the Federations Military District was extremely important.

Rather than pushing these random people up, he would rather keep this position for Ning Yiyuan and let the position hang in the air! Otherwise, if others knew that the commander-in-chief of the Federations Military District was a piece of trash, their faces would be completely disgraced!

“If you have nothing else to do in the future, Dont disturb me.” Elder ji snorted proudly.

“All of you are simply useless!”

As he said that, he snapped the video call.

The people who were left in the conference room were silent.

F*ck… These days were simply impossible to live!


At this moment, Elder Ning, who had been silent the whole time, suddenly stood up.

The chair made a piercing sound and attracted the attention of many people.

“Whats wrong” Elder Qin turned his head first and looked at his old friend who had lost his composure.

He asked worriedly.

Ever since Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu disappeared into the space crack, this old man had become much quieter.

His fiery temper in the past had also been restrained a lot.

Why was today..

Elder Ning looked away from the terminal on his left wrist, and his wise eyes seemed to shine.

“My grandson is back!”

Tch! They thought they would hear some shocking news Everyone turned around.

Isnt it your grandson who is back Yes… Your grandson Thats not right! Isnt this Elder Nings grandson Ning Yiyuan

In just a second or two, everyone came to their senses and hurriedly asked, “Really That Kid Ning Yiyuan is back”

“Did anything happen”

“Oh right, that little girl Mo Chu also came back”

Thus, the solemn meeting room suddenly turned into an exchange of greetings and questions.

Elder Ning was also beaming with joy!

How could he not be His precious grandson and granddaughter-in-law had returned safely!


Thus, he dealt with these problems one after another.

His patience was completely unlike his usual hot temper.

“Yes, thank you for your concern.”

“Dont worry, that little rascal of mine and Mo Chu came back together.

The two of them arent injured and are both very safe.”

However, Song Tiancheng did not feel good about this!

The Song Family was one of the main characters just now, but now that Ning Yiyuan came back, what would hapen to them

“Umm… arent we still talking about that matter”

He had just interrupted, but everyones reaction almost made him vomit blood!

“Aiya, what else is there to say”

“Thats right! Since Ning Yiyuan is back, who else can be the commander”

“Right, I think he should be able to take over the position of commander-in-chief of the Military District as well, right”

F*ck, these guys are betraying him so quickly!


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