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No one knew what Song Tiancheng was feeling, but Elder Qins face returned to its usual smile.

Aiyo, Ning Yiyuan is back

Not bad! He came back at the right time!

He did not hesitate with his old friend and directly waved his hand.

“Hurry up and contact Ning Yiyuan.

We cant delay the military exercise.”

Although he was angry that Elder Qin had stolen the first video call between him and his grandson, Elder Ning still knew what was important and what was important.

He only glared at the old man and dialed his number.

The two of them laughed and chatted for a while, but the details were unclear.

But it was said that after this, the participants who were originally worried looked as if they had taken a relaxing drug, and their walking became much more erratic.

Meanwhile, the Bohai Sea received another wave of fierce attacks from Wisdom Cloud Galaxy!

“What did you say!” In the command room, Song Hao listened to the situation that his subordinates had detected in disbelief, and his handsome face was a little distorted due to his anger.

“Reporting to the Commander!” The soldiers on the opposite side could not help but show a little panic on their faces.

“The test results show that Wisdom Cloud Galaxys military strength has suddenly appeared in Area A, and is less than 10,000 meters away from our defensive military strength.”

Area A

Song Hao took off his military cap and fiercely scratched his hair.

His eyes had turned red from staying up all night, and even his blood vessels could be seen clearly.

What the f*ck was this!

One had to know that the back of Area A was directly connected to the Bohai Sea, and the dense forests on both sides were covered with magical plants.

It could be said that this was a natural barrier for the Federation.

Normally, commanders who had some common sense would not choose to launch a surprise attack from this place.

After all, magical plants and magical beasts would not be given preferential treatment just because one was a soldier.

But what was going on now

Taking a deep breath, Song Hao did not have time to think about the cause and effect of this.

He continued to ask, “Then how many soldiers did the other party send into Area A”

The soldier below paused for a moment, then shook his head stiffly after a long while.

His voice sounded a little obscure.

“Wisdom Cloud Galaxys side should have used an upgraded shielding system.

Our machine… cant find out the specific data.”

In fact, if it were not for the latest detector sent by the higher-ups in time a few days ago, they probably would not have discovered it when the enemy suddenly launched a fierce attack! Therefore, technology was the first source of productivity.

This saying was still an unshakable law even after a thousand years.

Hearing this, Song Haos frown deepened.

After walking around the small command center for a few rounds, Song Hao was still unable to make a decision even though he had dazzled the soldiers who were waiting to receive orders.

Previously, it was because he was not thoughtful enough that he had fallen into the enemys ambush.

He had lost more than a thousand soldiers.

Now, he did not dare to act rashly.

Without a specific number of people to attack, his sides deployment and counterattack immediately became a thorny problem.

If Wisdom Cloud Galaxy attacked from Area A with too many people, and they sent too few troops, then they definitely would not be able to stop the enemys attack.

If they followed Area A, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people might enter the command center, at that time, even their nest might be wiped out!

However, if Wisdom Cloud Galaxy attacked from Area A with too few people, and they sent too many troops, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people might suddenly appear from somewhere and take advantage of their lack of military strength to give them another vicious blow!

This was really a dilemma, a dilemma between advancing and retreating!

Song Hao was anxious, but the soldiers below were even more anxious!

“The enemy is only 8,000 meters away from our defense… 6,000 meters… less than 5,000 meters away!” At this point, the situation was so urgent that even the most basicreport to the commander words were neglected.

Hearing the constant urging from the side, Song Haos mind was like a ball of yarn, in a mess.

He took a deep breath and said, “How about this, you give the order to send 3,000 soldiers into Area A first…”

“No need!” Before he could finish, the door of the command room was opened and a male voice interrupted his order.

Song Hao was still angry when someone bumped into the spearhead.

He raised his eyebrows and scolded, “Dont you know the rules Do you think you can just barge into this command room Dont you know how to report Which team are you…”

After a long speech, he turned around and saw the person who had come.

The door of the command room was opened, and the person who came just happened to be standing at the door.

His three-dimensional distinct facial features, handsome and strong temperament, and the sunlight shining on his body made him look like a god for a moment.

“Marshal… Marshal Ning! “The eyes of the soldier behind him lit up, and he stammered out, as if he could not believe his own eyes.

He even rubbed his eyes a few times in a daze.

“Mm.” Ning Yiyuan nodded.

Then, he strode in.

He did not bother to exchange pleasantries and asked directly, “How many defenders are there in Area A”

The security deployment in Bohai Sea was also under Ning Yiyuans management, so he was naturally very clear about the geographical distribution of this area.

In addition, the old man had just sent him the details of the military exercise.

On the way here, Ning Yiyuan had already looked through it carefully.

“Only 300.” Seeing Ning Yiyuans serious expression, the soldier also consciously restrained the ecstasy and excitement in his heart and answered seriously.

300 people… After two seconds of silence, Ning Yiyuan immediately made a decision.

“Send Team S and I to Area A immediately.”

Team S was a permanent soldier stationed in Bohai Sea.

It could be considered a sharp sword in Ning Yiyuans hand.

The key was that they knew the situation in Bohai Sea by heart.

Just this point alone was already an advantage.

“You want to go too Thats not very good…” Hearing this, the soldier could not help but be startled and said in surprise.

After all, how could there be a military exercise where the commander personally took action

However, when he saw Ning Yiyuans slightly gloomy expression, the soldier obediently swallowed the words that he had not finished just now and immediately turned around.

“Yes! I understand.

Ill immediately inform them.”

Obeying orders was the second rule of the Federations military laws.

Any soldier had to abide by it.

The first rule was naturally to protect the country and protect the safety of women, children, and the elderly.

Team S was very fast.

They arrived in less than a minute or two.

When they saw Ning Yiyuans figure, their eyes lit up.

Aiyo, Boss, youre finally back!

“Dont worry, Ill be back soon.” During this short period of time, Ning Yiyuan took the time to Caress Mo Chus tender face and softly told him that he was sparing no effort in showing off his love, the group of bachelors in the command room were all green with envy!

“Okay.” Mo Chu nodded obediently and watched Ning Yiyuan leave.

Song Hao, who was next to him, finally asked, “If youre gone, what about the other arrangements If Wisdom Cloud Galaxy suddenly attacks at this moment, what should we do”

In his opinion, as a commander, the most important thing was to be able to coordinate the overall situation, and not take the initiative to lead the battle like a general.

Ning Yiyuan did not know what was important.

It had to be said that this action made Song Hao somewhat disappointed with Ning Yiyuans first sense.

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuans footsteps paused slightly.

He turned his head, revealing a clearly defined side profile.

“It wont happen.

During this period of time, they definitely wont dare to attack.”

He said each word with unusual firmness.

“What makes you think so…” Song Hao took a step forward.

Before he could finish his question, he was successfully blocked by Ning Yiyuans words, “Time is of the essence, come back and discuss it in detail.”

The soldier beside him did not know how to read between the lines.

He casually added, “Commander Song, dont worry.

Our Marshal Nings predictions have never been wrong.”

Obviously, this guy was a die-hard fan of Ning Yiyuan.

The meaning behind his words was very clear.

Not only that, he even took a stool from the side and placed it beside Mo Chu.

The moment he opened his mouth, he said.., “Sister-in-law, please sit!”

Aiyo! This honorific title!

Mo Chu raised her head and glanced at him.

Although the people of the Federation generally looked young, they were definitely adults if they could join the army.

In addition, he was able to enter the command room.

It was basically impossible for him to be very young.

If that was the case, this soldier was at least 50 to 60 years old.

Just like that, he still called her sister-in-law

Mo Chus heart trembled and he sat down under the soldiers expectant gaze.

“Umm… Thank you, but you can just call me Mo Chu.”

Dont call me by my honorific title, I cant take iit!

“That cant be.” Hearing this, the soldiers expression changed abruptly.

He was worried that his murderous look would scare Marshal Nings girlfriend, so he immediately broke into a smile, “Sister-in-law is your title.

How can I not call it”

When she saw the soldiers serious expression, Mo Chu swallowed her words and sat down obediently.

Her gaze swept across the command room.

Hmm… she could not understand all this high-end professional equipment.

She sighed at her own ignorance.

In the end, Mo Chu could only fiddle with his terminal.

First, she sent a message to a friend she was familiar with, saying that she was safe and had successfully returned to the Federation.

After replying to everyones passionate questions one by one, only then did she have the energy to open the homepage of the Spirit Food Shop that she had not seen for a long time.

When she saw it, she was truly shocked!

Eh Something was not right!

They had clearly only left for over a month, so why was it that more than a year had passed Could this be the legendary difference in the flow of space Mo Chus little face froze for a moment, and he hurriedly opened the comments section below.

As expected, the comments section was about to explode!

Mo Chu had left a lot of spirit food in will and Mo Yangs terminals, just in case.

However, the amount left was not enough to last for more than a year!

Since half a year ago, the Spirit Food Shop had gone from opening more than a dozen dishes every month to only selling one dish every month! Sometimes, only one dish of spirit food was sold every two months!

This made everyone suffocate!

As the saying went, it was easy to go from frugality to extravagance, but it was difficult to go from extravagance to frugality!

If they were already used to Mo Chus spirit food and ate the food from before, it would be like eating pigs food! No, if they could endure the pigs food, they might even be able to eat it.

This was even worse!

In the past, people could still snatch some of the delicacies from Mo Chus Spirit Food Shop to relieve themselves.

Although the quantity was not so good, they could still snatch it once or twice a month to console themselves.

In the end, with Mo Chus disappearance, the number of spirit food decreased drastically!

Everyones resentment was increasing day by day!

“You… How can you do this Previously, you guys only put in seven dishes a month.

Now, there are only three dishes left Do you dare to be even more ruthless, cruel, and unreasonable”

“Forget it, I can tolerate three dishes a month.

Now, what the hell is it with only one dish a month I admit that my attitude was not very good before.

I can apologize! But, the number of spirit food can not be reduced!”

“Life is pitiless, life is hopeless! It has been three months without a single dish.

Eating nutrient capsules all day! I cant breathe!”

“You actually dare to compete with me in misery You havent gotten a single dish in three months, and Ive already been six months.

It has been half a year, half a year! Do you know how I feel right now Right now, I just hope that I can maintain one dish a month.

Thats already pretty good!”

“Why dont we collectively pay a visit to Mo Yang I heard that these spirit foods are now in his terminals inventory.

What do you guys think”

“I agree!”

“Thats a good idea.

Its worth trying!”

“Umm… I feel that Mo Yang is definitely more upset than us.

Why dont we just forget about it”

“No, youre wrong.

Were not going to beg for food.

Were just going to comfort Mo Yang!”

A bunch of foodies was making a ruckus in the comments section.

Even though they were separated by the terminal, Mo Chu could still feel the deep resentment in their hearts.

The corners of her mouth could not help but curl up.

She lowered her head slightly, and one could also see her exquisite brows and eyes.

This caused quite a number of soldiers who were sitting calmly by the side to look at her.

She was indeed worthy of being called big sister-in-law.

She was just beautiful!


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