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One had to know that every dish served in the Spirit Food Shop would be snatched up by people!

Only one or two of them were lucky and had fast hands.

They fought their way out of the thousands of soldiers and successfully snatched a spirit food.

Everyone was quite happy.

They thought that they could share the good and the bad together.

They could also have a taste of spirit food.

In the end, these two little brats actually carried the delicacies and hid away!

Heh, this made them so angry!

One by one, they rolled up their sleeves, waiting to teach them a lesson.

Thus, when these two brats came back with an empty plate with a satisfied look on their faces.

Unsurprisingly, they received a violent blow.

They were originally two delicate and pretty brats, but they were beaten until they became pandas.

Their eyes were completely black and blue.

They were ridiculed by the other people in the army for a few days.

It was also because of this incident that the name of Mo Chu, the spirit food, was officially publicized in the Military District.

Everyone wanted to buy it, but because Mo Chu and the others had fallen into a spatial rift, the supply of spirit food in the shop was becoming less and less.

None of them managed to snatch the spirit food, causing everyone to feel extremely vexed!

Now that they had finally met Mo Chu, they might be able to get some delicious food.

In the end, such a good opportunity was given to them, and they could only watch it slip away… It was impossible for them not to feel regret in their hearts!

“What are you looking at” Faced with everyones resentful gazes, Ning Yiyuans attitude was as calm as ever.

There was not the slightest bit of embarrassment as he raised his eyes and lightly asked, “What Has Wisdom Cloud Galaxys investigation of the situation been completed, or is our Federations victory already in our grasp”

This simple and light sentence was like a heavy thunder that fiercely struck the hearts of everyone present!

The expressions of the soldiers present immediately turned solemn as they placed all their attention on this military exercise.

Indeed, although Ning Yiyuans move was ingenious and had also severely dampened Wisdom Cloud Galaxys limelight.

It was still far from being so easy to win this military exercise.

Thinking of this, everyone did not dare to be careless anymore.

They silently saluted Ning Yiyuan before quickly returning to their respective posts.

The investigations and arrangements were not left idle…

Seeing this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but smile.

He also turned around to deal with the aftermath of this incident.

Although they had beheaded the elite forces that dealt with 800 people, this was only a loss of Wisdom Cloud Galaxys arm.

There was no room for any mistakes in the subsequent plans.

With Ning Yiyuan leading the way, the panic and nervousness in the command room were no longer as before.

Everything appeared to be orderly and orderly… This scene caused Song Hao, who was watching by the side, to be amazed.

Just this imperial skill alone, he would not be able to catch up with Ning Yiyuan even if he flattered him!

Unlike here, the soldiers who led Mo Chu and the others at the other end were like they had fallen into Heaven!

“This… is this really for us” The leading soldier stared unblinkingly at the food boxes stacked high in Mo Chus hands as he counted in his heart.

One, two, three… there were a total of six of them.

Oh my God! If this was converted into Federation coins, it would be over 100,000! As expected of sister-in-law, she was indeed generous!

“Yes.” Mo Chu nodded with a smile as she pushed the food boxes in her hands forward.

“Ill have to trouble you to lead the way.

This little bit of food can be considered a thank-you gift.”

Fortunately, the terminal in her hands was still there, there was still quite a lot of spirit food stored in it.

Otherwise, there would really be nothing left to take out at this moment.

“This, leading the way is Marshal Nings order.

It is the duty of a soldier to obey orders.

You Dont have to be so polite!”

At the end of the sentence, the heart of the leading soldier was bleeding! His eyes were filled with nostalgia as he looked at the food box in Mo Chus hand!

“Its really nothing…” Before Mo Chu could finish her words, a clear gulping sound could be heard from the army.

The leader of the soldiers in front immediately blushed!

He coughed uncomfortably and turned his head slightly.

From the corner of his eyes, he glared fiercely at the kid who made a fool of himself just now!

Good Heavens, youve embarrassed everyone today.

Dont you know that this is your first time meeting your sister-in-law Dont you know that first impression is very important Youre embarrassing me! Just you wait! I will train you ruthlessly when I get back!

The smile in Mo Chus eyes deepened.

No matter what, soldiers were the most adorable and most respectable.

“Alright, here, take it!” The smile in his eyes did not fade.

Mo Chu placed the tall lunchbox into the arms of the leading soldier and reminded him, “You have to eat this while its hot.

Otherwise, it wont taste good.”

Looking at the lunchbox in his arms, the soldier also knew that it would be too pretentious.

He smiled and nodded, “Alright, thank you, Sister-in-law!”

It was not that they had not come into contact with women before.

However, after staying in the army for so many years, they had long gotten used to the carefree lifestyle.

It was really difficult for them to deal with those pretentious, wild, and willful women.

However, the Mo Chu in front of them was clearly not like that.

She was very gentle and quiet.

Her entire person was like a cool breeze on a summer day, making people feel extremely comfortable.

As expected of the person that their boss had taken a fancy to.

She was truly unique!

“Ao ao –” Behind her, Roundy was already impatient.

It opened her mouth and let out a few dry howls.

This little fellow had always been a food protector.

Seeing so much spirit food being given away by Mo Chu with a wave of her hand, its big face scrunched up into a ball.

If it was not for Mo Chus promise to cook some new delicacies for it, it would have long rebelled, alright

Hmph! They dare snatch food from this Young Master!

“Alright then, Sister-in-law, well take our leave first.” It was difficult for this soldier to hold these six or seven lunchboxes with one hand, yet he still gave such a standard military salute.

What a capable person!

After seeing the group of soldiers leave, Mo Chu turned around and pinched Roundys big face, “Alright.

Ill make you some delicious food right away.”

Hearing this, Roundy did not care about Mo Chu touching its face anymore.

Its two claws pushed Mo Chus legs with all its might.

That impatient look of his made it seem like he had been starving for most of its life!

Mo Yang rolled his eyes at the side.

Are you still acting This little fellow had only eaten two plates of spirit food on the way here!

Shaking his head, Mo Yang felt a sudden warmth in his heart.

He took two steps forward, “Little Chu, do you need my help”

As soon as he said this, Roundy, who was leaning against Mo Chus leg, trembled all over.

It stared at Mo Yang with a horrified expression.

It was obvious that it was reminded of this fellowsgreat achievements.

Immediately, it widened his red eyes and glared fiercely at Mo Yang.

Youd better not interfere.

Otherwise, Ill let you taste my wrath!

“Right! Little Chu, if you say so, we will definitely help you.” Qin Yue and Song Qingsong, who were freeloading from the food beside him, also walked over.

The two of them looked rather eager to give it a try.

Mo Chu did not refuse.

After thinking for a moment, he said, “Then go and catch some fish and prawns!”

As the saying went, one had to rely on nature to eat.

This was the Bohai Sea, so naturally, they could not waste this innate resource.

“No problem!” Upon hearing this, Qin Yue immediately nodded.

It was just catching some fish and prawns, right It was a small matter! Thus, he pulled Mo Yang and Song Qingsong to the side.

Roundy, who had been left behind, did not want to be outdone.

It followed after them valiantly.

Seeing the harmonious figures of the three people and one beast, Mo Chu could not help but smile.

She waited until they were far away before taking out the kitchenware and other accessories from the terminal.

It did not take long for them to return with a full load.

It was especially so for Roundy, who was at the front.

The small pails in front of him were almost filled to the brim.

Oh! I could not tell that this little fellow actually had such a trick up his sleeve!

When it met Mo Chus astonished gaze, Roundy immediately raised its head and puffed out its chest to restrain its lower abdomen.

He acted as if he did not care about it at all.

However, the pride on its small face could not be hidden no matter how hard it tried.

Oh my, the tsundere look! It was simply too lovable!

Mo Chu could not help but pull this little fellow into her embrace.

Then, she saw that Roundy, who had always been a thick-skinned fellow, actually moved its body with a slight shyness.

Its large face was slightly red.

However, it still obediently lay in Mo Chus embrace and did not struggle free from her.

After letting Roundy go, Mo Chu took a closer look at the fish and prawns that they had brought back.

Each and every one of them was still lively and jumping about in the bucket.

They were very fresh!

Handling the ingredients was a piece of cake for Mo Chu.

In less than ten minutes, he had cleaned up the fish and prawns.

Mo Yang, on the other hand, smiled and took a bucket from behind.

“I saw a lot of these things in the Bohai Sea.

I didnt know if they were edible, so I brought them back for you.”

He knew that his sister loved to fiddle with new ingredients.

As expected, when he saw the things in the bucket, Mo Chus eyes lit up immediately!

The things in the bucket were all clams.

Each of them looked plump and plump.

When they were cooked, the taste would definitely be amazing!

Thinking of this taste, Mo Chu could not help but swallow her saliva.

She immediately started to deal with them.

First, she washed the clams clean, and then she put in some light salt water to make them spit out sand.

Next, it was time for her to show off her skills.

Mo Yang and the others brought back a lot of small fish.

Mo Chu washed them clean, then she placed the aquatic plants inside.

After adding a suitable amount of salt and cooking wine, she mixed them well and let them marinate for half an hour.

At this time, she took out the clams that had spit sand, washed them again, and placed them on the side.

First, she used a small fire to cut the water plants and stir-fry them with the clams next to her.

Finally, she added some cooking wine and salt as seasoning.

Then, she added a little water.

Less than half of the clams were almost done, she closed the lid and stewed them over medium heat for five to ten minutes until each clam opened its shell.

As soon as she opened the pot, that unique fresh aroma immediately flowed out, making people unconsciously swallow their saliva.

They wished they could taste it immediately.

At this moment, Mo Chus energy was completely focused on another dish.

The small fish had almost been marinated.

Mo Chu took the flour and corn flour prepared from the side and mixed them in a ratio of 2:1.

She stirred them evenly and then placed the marinated small fish inside.

Both sides were evenly coated with flour.

Then, she placed oil in the pot and waited for it to heat up.

She placed the small fish covered in flour into an 80% hot oil pot and fried it until it was golden yellow.

Finally, she drained the oil and directly placed it on a plate.

Finally, Mo Chu could not hold back Roundys pleading gaze.

She made another spicy crayfish, which was its favorite dish, to satisfy the little guys long-cherished wish.

Therefore, the small table that was moved out at the last minute had three dishes filled with fragrance.

Song Qingsong and Mo Yang were still rather reserved, but Qin Yue and Roundy, who were at the side, almost drooled!

“Eat! Have a taste of my cooking skills!” Mo Chu chuckled.

She first took a clam and placed it in a bowl.

She scooped some soup with the shell and mixed it with the clam meat.

The taste was simply amazing! Even Mo Chus eyes lit up!

The aroma of wine, the freshness of the meat, and the fragrance of Water Weed.

Savoring it carefully… it could not be any more delicious!

Mo Chu used the simplest method and did not add too much seasoning, but it just accentuated the freshness and tenderness of the clams.

The original taste brought out a mellow texture.

Compared to the 21st centurys artificially-raised clams, natural clams were indeed much more delicious!

The other crispy fried small fish were also quite popular.

A small and delicate one was placed in ones mouth.

It was crisp and fresh, and the aftertaste was endless.

One only needed to bite open it with ones upper and lower teeth, and the fragrance would instantly overflow into ones mouth.

It brought out the unique flavor of seafood, and it was completely a feast to enjoy.

In comparison, the spicy crayfish at the side was slightly inferior.

However, this was exactly what Roundy wanted.

It took over the plate of crayfish, one after another, and chewed happily with a creaking sound! Its red eyes also narrowed, and its face was full of enjoyment.

It was very satisfied!

The rich fragrance filled the air, accompanied by laughter… They felt like they were gradually drifting away..


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