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In less than twenty minutes, all the food on the table had been eaten clean.

There was not even a drop of soup left.

The plates were clean and clean, as if they had been washed with saliva.

Roundy was half lying on the ground, squinting with satisfaction.

From time to time, it would pat its slightly bulging belly with his claws.

“Awoo –” It was so full, so happy! As expected, following Little Chu was the best choice!

After drinking and eating to his hearts content, even Mo Yang and Qin Yue, who were at the side, could not help but feel a little warmth on their faces.

Song Qingsong had also lost his usual cold and aloof demeanor.

His handsome face was stained with a slight blush, and his drunken eyes were slightly narrowed.

He revealed a unique sense of extravagance and charm…

Mo Chu also did not expect that Almighty Song was actually the legendary weirdo who could beknocked over with one cup.

Previously, the clam had been laced with some cooking wine, so the alcohol level was not considered high.

In the end, Almighty Song had still ended up half-drunk.

However, it had to be said that Song Qingsongs handsome yet dreamy appearance could definitely be called peerless! It was as if the abstinence had suddenly been tainted with a strong sense of lust.

That feeling was simply more alluring than pure seduction!

No wonder Almighty Song had such a great appeal in the Federation fan group.

Just his beauty alone was enough to give him full marks, alright

“f*ck! Whats wrong with this kid… ” Qin Yue was dumbstruck.

For the first time, he felt that a man could also be described asbeautiful.

A hint of amazement flashed across Mo Yangs eyes.

However, he did not say anything.

He merely stared at Song Qingsong quietly.

“Mm, hes probably a little drunk,” Mo Chu explained softly.

She secretly took out the terminal in her hand and aimed it at Almighty Songsmagnificent appearance.

She took a few pictures in one go.

Sigh, how could she miss such a good opportunity

Mo Yang tilted his head and naturally caught a glimpse of Little Chus actions.

Before he could say anything, he saw her making a mouth gesture at him.

“Dont worry, Ill send you the photos later.”

What nonsense! … Mo Yang was slightly stunned.

When he came back to his senses, he realized that he had already forgotten what he was about to say.

He could only smile helplessly.

However, for some reason, he turned around and looked at Song Qingsong who was squinting his eyes…

Looking at the photos in the terminal, Mo Chu nodded her head in satisfaction.

Not bad! The angle and lighting were very good.

The most important thing was that he was beautiful and photogenic! There were one or two photos that even Mo Chu was a little amazed by!

Taking advantage of this, Mo Chu found a good angle to take a few more photos for her big brother…

“Me, me too!” Seeing this, Qin Yue immediately got excited.

He even pretended to find a position and got into a good position.

He even pulled up his sleeves, revealing strong arms that he was proud of.

He stared at Mo Chu with a face full of excitement.

Hmm… after looking at the scene in the camera, Mo Chu finally put down the terminal silently.

Qin Yue choosing to be in the same frame as Almighty Song and Mo Yang was really not a wise choice.

This style was purely like a real-life version of a handsome man and a wild beast! Forget it!

Seeing the pity on Mo Chus face, Qin Yue, who was frozen on the spot, could not help but tremble in the wind.

Little Chu, what do you mean by this Could it be that my looks are so different from that of Almighty Song and the rest After all, Im a person with more than ten thousand fans, okay At least you have the intention to casually take two pictures!

“When will I wake up from this drunkenness” Previously, when Little Chu was preparing the wine, Mo Yang had heard his sister mention it.

Some people could drink up to a thousand cups, while others could get drunk with just one drop.

Obviously, Song Qingsong belonged to the latter.

“Dont worry, Almighty Song should be able to wake up after resting for a while,” Mo Chu explained with a smile.

Her gaze shifted to Roundy, who was half-squinting and preparing to fall asleep.

To be honest, not only did this little guy look like a panda, but his habits were also similar.

He ate and slept all the time.

He wished that he could lie down and not move twenty-four hours a day.

Sometimes, she even suspected if this little guy was really the legendary famous ferocious beast

As Mo Chus gaze landed on Roundy, her sharp senses caused the little guys chubby body to suddenly tremble.

It opened his eyes wide and looked at Mo Chu in a daze.

What was wrong

When she saw Roundys innocent look, the corners of Mo Chus mouth curled up slightly as she said slowly, “Roundy, we just ate.

Dont just sit there.

Lets go for a walk.”

It was not easy to see this little guy become slim.

She could not watch it gain weight again.


Hearing this, the little guy immediately woke up.

Its small mouth was slightly pursed and it shook his head unhappily.

After eating and drinking enough, it should have a good sleep.

Why did it still move The innocent Blood Luminescent Beast indicated that it really did not understand human thinking.

“Huh” Mo Chu narrowed her eyes and did not say anything.

She only snorted.

Then, he saw Roundy, who had initially refused to comply, stand up with a wronged expression and walk unsteadily towards Little Chu.

Sigh! For the sake of their future food life, it could not afford to offend its gourmet storage!

“Ao ao –” Just as it reached the bend of Mo Chus legs, the little fellow revealed a sweet smile.

It raised its two claws high towards Mo Chu and even shook them from time to time to give it a hug!

Qin Yue, who was standing at the side, had a look of surprise in his eyes.

However, Mo Yang was already used to seeing this little fellow acting cute without any moral integrity.

Just for the sake of walking a few steps less, it was really sparing no effort.

Mo Chu ignored this cute little fellow.

She raised his finger and shook it, her tone determined.

“Walk on your own.”

If she carried Roundy and walked, then what was the point

The plan to act cute broke down, and the smile on the little fellows face immediately disappeared.

Its gaze shifted to Mo Yang and the others beside it, and it immediately lost its balance.

“Ow ow –” Why can they stay here to sleep, but I have to walk

“Its very simple.” The smile in Mo Chus eyes deepened.

She lightly said, “Because youre fatter than them.”

Sob sob! You dont love me anymore! The little guys bright red eyes cast a few complaints.

She actually despised me for being fat!

“Alright.” Mo Chu lightly shook her head and took the lead.

“Brother, Ill just take this little guy for a walk around the area.

Well be back in about half an hour.

You guys can rest here for a while.”

Mo Yang nodded.


Hence, under the influence of the delicacies, Roundy, who had no right to speak, could only follow behind Mo Chu silently.

The figure of a woman and a beast walked slightly further away.

Mo Yang, who was sitting at the back, narrowed his eyes comfortably.

The faint sunlight shone down on his handsome face, suddenly him feel that their days had suddenly become better…

“Ow ow –” After walking for only about 20 minutes, the little fellow could not hold it in anymore.

It howled a few times in succession, but Mo Chu did not take it seriously.

Who knew that the little fellow would actually roll its eyes and jump up and catch up to them.

Before Mo Chu could understand its intentions, he saw Roundy stretch out its claws and hug one of her legs tightly.

Then, it was dragged by Mo Chu for a few steps.

Great! She had to admit defeat to Roundy!

“Alright, its about time.

Lets go back…” Before Mo Chu could finish her sentence, Roundys expression suddenly turned cold.

All the hair on its body stood on end.

Its bright red eyes stared fixedly at the right side.

Mo Chus expression froze, and her expression also changed abruptly.

She bent over to pick up Roundy in her arms, and subconsciously retreated backward.

However… it was already too late!

When Mo Chu raised her head again, a huge monster suddenly appeared before her eyes.

The robotic arms were abnormally agile.

The arms that were covered in golden paint knocked lightly on the ground, instantly creating a huge pit! The power could not be underestimated!

Damn it!

Mo Chu bit her lip… why would a mecha appear here And from the looks of it, this was definitely not someone from the Federations side!

Taking a closer look at the side, only then did Mo Chu realize, to her chagrin, that she and Roundy had actually long left the domain of the Magical Region.

Having left the special magnetic field of the Magical Region, they had become the domain of mecha!

However, surrendering was not her style.

Mo Chus gaze focused slightly as he took the initiative to attack.

The special ability in her hand was suddenly unleashed.

The sharp light blades struck the mecha, producing a tinkling sound.

However, looking closely, Mo Chus continuous attacks had only scratched the surface of the mecha a little.

Roundy, who was at the side, was also very quick-witted.

Seeing this, it immediately transformed into its original form.

Its sharp claws scratched the outer shell of the mecha fiercely.

It even used her sharp teeth, but it only made the metal slightly bend inward!


What was this thing made of How could it be so strong

Roundys power was self-evident, but even it could not do anything to this metal lump.

This cruel reality made Mo Chus heart skip a beat.

Only now did she truly understand why it was the main force in Interstellar War.

Just the hardness alone was enough to drive people crazy, okay

“Captain, dont you think this person is too funny He even prepared to use her special ability to fight us.

Does she really think our mechs are made of tofu” Inside the precise mecha room, a man was controlling the relevant data accurately.

However, he did not stop talking.

“But are there any women from the Federation willing to join the military now This is the first time Ive heard of it!”

Whether it was the Federation, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, or other galaxies, the proportion of women was not considered high.

It was because of this that most women were pampered too late.

Why would they be willing to participate in such a dangerous matter

The man next to him crossed his hands and did not say anything.

He only stared at Mo Chu and the Blood Luminescent Beast next to her… After a few seconds, he opened his mouth slightly.

“Previously, Lan Han said that Ning Yiyuan has returned, right”

“Yes.” The man nodded.

The movements of his hands were still turning rapidly like shadows.

He moved the arm of the mech and lifted it up agilely.

Now, he only needed to press down lightly and this little girl would be heavily injured.

Once she lost more than 40% of her vitality, she would be judged to be dead and would withdraw from this military exercise.

He had always controlled this degree of control very well.

“Wait!” The man sitting next to him curled his lips and his eyes suddenly lit up.

“Dont hurt her.

This person will probably be of great use to us!”

“Hmm” The young man sitting in the control seat was stunned.

He did not ask any more questions and immediately followed his instructions.

“I understand, Captain.”

His fingers flew up and down on the control panel.

Faced with a mecha that was as big as a turtle shell, Mo Chu really did not have any ability to resist.

She wanted to escape, but just as she ran a few meters away, the arm of the mecha suddenly stretched out a few meters, like a transformer.

Then, with a light pinch of that simulated finger, Mo Chu was like a chicken being held in someone elses hand.

She did not have the ability to fight back at all.

This was the first time Mo Chu was so depressed!

“Awooo –” How dare you snatch her away from me, do you believe that I will kill you all!

Roundy was also extremely furious.

Seeing Little Chu being snatched away in front of it, it was as if it saw a pile of delicious food floating away.

It let out a few angry roars and desperately used its claws and teeth to bite this huge lump of metal!

As a result, the originally flat and neat human figure of the mecha was bitten by Roundy until it was uneven, but unfortunately, it was still firm.

“Hey, my mecha!” The young man could not help but howl in grief.

To every warrior, his mecha was his closest companion.

Seeing his companion being destroyed by the magical beast, the mans heart was about to bleed!

“Alright, lets go back immediately!” The man beside him knocked on the edge of the seat and said in a deep voice.

Even if this was not his original plan, with this woman, their trip was worth it! However, if they were to delay any longer, it was inevitable that they would be discovered.

After all, this territory was still demarcated by the Federation!

“Then what about this magical beast” The young man asked with a bitter smile.

His eyes were filled with helplessness as he stared at the Blood Luminescent Beast below.

This damned magical beast actually clung tightly to the leg of the mech.

No matter how hard he tried to shake it off, he could not shake it off.

He could not be any more indignant! He was an A-rank operator, yet he was actually entangled by a magical beast.

If he were to tell others, he would probably be laughed at by others!

The man frowned and said coldly, “Forget it.

If you cant shake it off, then bring it back with you!”

Right now, the most important thing was to leave quickly.

“Yes.” The young man nodded and immediately started to move on the control panel.

Thus, he watched as the heavy mech leaped into the air with a light leap.

Behind it, a propulsion device slowly activated, giving it sufficient power.

It flew forward quickly.

Thus, in broad daylight, Mo Chu and Roundy were kidnapped just like that!


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