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“Ow ow–” It felt so good, so exciting!

Tightly hugging the mechs feet, Roundys pair of bright red eyes were wide open, and its eyes were shining brightly.

It was probably the first time it had faced the thrill of flying at such a high speed.

This little fellow was not afraid at all.

It looked like it was enjoying itself too much, and its whole body was trembling with excitement!

This pet was just like iits owner.

This little girl, Mo Chu, did not have the slightest hint of fear on her face.

Instead, she narrowed her eyes slightly and carefully felt the feeling of the strong wind hitting her face.

Aiyo! This feeling of exhilaration was even more exhilarating than bungee jumping in the 21st century!

Thats right.

Dont look at Little Chus delicate and weak appearance.

However, she just liked this kind of exciting game.

She had played all kinds of pirate ships and soaring into the clouds.

Fortunately, this little girl did not know how to drive.

Otherwise, she might have become a member of the racing team.

However, the performance of the man and the beast clearly exceeded the expectations of the two people in the mecha room.

Especially the young man sitting in the operating seat, he did not hide the shock in his heart and raised his eyebrows.

Uh… Forget about the Blood Luminescent Beast.

Whats wrong with this woman

We kidnapped you, not taking you to play a free exciting game.

Why arent you showing any fear

“Captain, this woman… is there something wrong with her brain” The young man pursed his lips and turned to look at the man beside him.

Any random person would not have this reaction when they were suddenly captured by the enemy, right If you do this, we wont have a sense of accomplishment, okay

“Dont worry, shes very normal.” The mans eyes were faintly filled with admiration.

As expected of Ning Yiyuans favorite person, she was indeed somewhat different from the rest.

“However…” The mans lips had a hint of mockery as he casually said, “Since they enjoy it, then speed up and try to satisfy them!”

“Yes.” Hearing this, the young mans eyes instantly lit up.

He immediately nodded and his hands quickly operated on the control panel of his mecha.

Let them be proud of themselves.

Now, they would not be able to be proud anymore!

Thus, the mecha that was already extremely fast increased its speed by another notch.

The two people who were originally looking forward to seeing Mo Chu become terrified were completely disappointed.

Moving at the same speed, Mo Chu and the Blood Luminescent Beast actually became even more excited.

That lively look of theirs made them want to jump up and down a few times.

It really made them not know whether to laugh or cry.

However, once they increased their speed, their return time also became much shorter.

In less than ten minutes, they had already successfully arrived above Wisdom Cloud Galaxys command center.

“Were finally back,” the young man muttered with a smile.

His fingers skillfully operated the interface.

The mechas speed slowly decreased.

The assault device on the back was also put away, and then it steadily landed on the ground.

Mo Chu and the Blood Luminescent Beast were naturally released.

This was already Wisdom Cloud Galaxys territory anyway.

Even if they wanted to escape, they would not be able to.

“Thats it” As soon as they landed, Mo Chu immediately asked with sparkling eyes.

It seemed that she had not experienced this high-speed flying in mid-air enough and was prepared to do another three rounds.

Even the Blood Luminescent Beast at the side also cried out, as if echoing Mo Chus words.

When the young man who had just walked down from the drivers seat heard this, he almost fell down! Damn! Where did this oddity come from

Even the man who had walked down from the side could not help but twitch the corners of his mouth.

“Commander, youre back!” Their movements naturally attracted the attention of others.

A few soldiers immediately came forward and saluted the man with respect, waiting for the man to nod at them.

They then looked at Mo Chu and the Blood Luminescent Beast with confusion.

“These two are…”

“Chips.” The man was the commander of Wisdom Cloud Galaxys side for this military exercise — Liang Bai.

A smile appeared on his normally calm face as he looked at Mo Chu with satisfaction, “The chips that will allow us to win this military exercise.”

Initially, everyone did not quite understand what he meant.

Suddenly, a soldiers eyes lit up as he pointed at Mo Chu and shouted, “This… arent you the Federations Mo Chu who made the spirit food”

As soon as he said this, everyone understood.

Even though more than a year had passed since the Galactic Combat, the impression they had left on them was still fresh.

If it was not for the fact that Mo Chus appearance had matured over the past year and the fact that she had fallen into the spatial rift had spread far and wide, everyone would not have been unable to recognize her so quickly.

“Yes, Im Mo Chu.” Mo Chu nodded with a smile.

Even though she was now in the enemy camp, the peaceful aura around her did not disappear, and there was not the slightest trace of fear or unease.

This made people feel a good impression of her.

“Send someone to look after her.” Liang Bai turned his head slightly, and a strong fighting spirit rose in his eyes as he muttered to himself, “Not long from now, Ning Yiyuan should be able to discover that this girl has disappeared!”

When the time came, they would discuss the conditions properly.

He would definitely make this brat, Ning Yiyuan, shave off a layer of his skin!

“Yes.” Hearing this, the few soldiers beside him immediately agreed.

As such, Mo Chu followed behind with a long tail.

However, she still calmly hugged Roundy in her arms and strolled around Wisdom Cloud Galaxys command center.

This place was similar to the Federations structure, but not far away was the Bohai Sea and a small Magical Region.

Walking to the side of the Bohai Sea, looking at the rich fish and prawns inside, Mo Chus eyes could not help but light up!

“Can you help me catch this” Mo Chu did not hesitate and made full use of the advantage of the soldiers behind her.

Although she could not leave this place, her personal freedom was still fully protected.

Liang Bai did not lock her up or tie her up.

Of course, this was not only because she was a woman, but also because she was Mo Chu!

An all-star live broadcast of the Galactic Combat, she made a name for herself as an 18-year-old child and left an indelible mark on everyones hearts! No one dared to ignore this girl with amazing potential.

On second thought, the creator of spirit food, the light attribute special ability user, and the disciple of Cultivation Master Exalted Chen Bai, a series of halos shrouded her!

Her current status alone was enough to make Liang Bai and the others think twice about her.

They didnt dare to be too presumptuous to her.

After all, they might even be able to ask her for help in the future! What was wrong with being a little more polite to her now

The soldiers guarding her from behind also understood this logic.

However, when they saw the Ball Fish in Mo Chus hand, they could not help but frown in puzzlement.

“What do you want this for”

The Ball Fish was also a type of small-sized magical beast.

However, the energy contained within its body was very little.

Moreover, its strength lay in its defensive power, not its offensive power.

Therefore, most people did not pay much attention to this thing.

“To eat it.” Mo Chu calmly threw out his answer, causing the eyes of the group of soldiers behind him to suddenly light up.

They were even more miserable than the people of the Federation.

They had only heard of the name spirit food and had not seen it before.

After all, there were not many spirit food.

The first thing that Mo Chu was satisfied with was internal sales.

For the time being, he had yet to open up a channel for external sales.

Therefore, a large group of customers from other galaxies stared at the few photos on Mo Chus Spirit Food Shops front page all day long.

They then scrolled through the comments that described the taste and drooled.

Now that they heard that Mo Chu wanted to make spirit food on the spot, how could they not be envious

At this moment, the people who volunteered came out one after another.

They caught all the Ball Fish in this small patch and looked at Mo Chu innocently.

“Do you think its enough”

Hehe! You guys have almost cleaned out all the Ball Fish in this area.

Of course, itll be enough!

Mo Chu twitched her mouth and nodded.

She turned around and walked towards the Magical Region not far away.

The remaining soldiers hurriedly followed behind Mo Chu.

Then, they stared at Mo Chu as she picked a lot of the roots of the magical plants.

They scratched their heads in surprise.

How could these things make spirit food that could make everyone sigh in admiration

Everyones doubts were completely dispelled when Mo Chu started to cook.

Look at his neat movements, meticulous skill, and smooth flow.

It was simply not something that these rough men could do!

Mo Chu first took out the pot, oil, salt, and a series of tools and accessories from the terminal and deliberately placed them in pieces.

This posture made the group of soldiers gasp in amazement.

They did not know what was going on!

In fact, this Ball Fish was a kind of turtle.

It was rich in nutrients!

Mo Chu was very skilled in her movements.

First, she cut off the head of the live turtle, slaughtered it, and drained its blood.

Then, she scalded it with hot water and peeled off its skin.

After that, she removed the parts that could not be eaten.

Finally, she cut the remaining turtle into small pieces and placed them at the side for backup.

Then, she washed the red dates, wolfberries, and fresh-picked amaranth from the terminal slightly and placed them at the side for backup.

When she turned on the heat.

She first put water into the pot, boiled them, and added some cooking wine.

Then, she put the spare turtle into the pot and simply blanched it.

Then, she scooped the Ball Fish into the small clay pot next to him.

In the clay pot, she added water plants, then put in the red dates, lotus seeds, and added enough water to boil.

She turned down the heat and simmered it for half an hour.

Finally, she added salt and washed the clean amaranth.

Naturally, most of the soldiers nearby were attracted by Mo Chus movements.

When they looked at the slow-simmering Ball Fish, their eyes lit up!

Mo Chu deliberately did not put a lid on it.

As time passed, this unique and rich fragrance attracted more and more people.

All of them stood at the side and almost dropped their eyeballs into it!

“It smells so good! How can it smell so good”

“I finally know that the description on the comment section is not fake.

My saliva is almost dripping out!”

“Move away, youre blocking the smell!”

Looking at the reactions of the people, Mo Chu could not help but raise the corner of her mouth slightly, revealing a sly expression.

Liang Bai was also attracted by this rich fragrance.

He raised his wrist and looked at the time on the terminal.

The corner of the mans mouth could not help but curl up slightly.

According to the time, the Federation should have already received the news!

He really wanted to see the expression on Ning Yiyuans face! It would definitely be very interesting!

Ning Yiyuan had never lost in the Galactic Combat, yet they had been defeated by Ning Yiyuan time and time again.

This kind of humiliation that they desperately wanted to wash away was something that no one understood better than him!

Looking at Mo Chu who was not far away… The smile in Liang Bais eyes deepened.

This time, he would definitely make Ning Yiyuan suffer a crushing defeat! He will taste defeat!

Although using Mo Chus methods was a little despicable, as long as the result was good, who would care about the process

“This… can we eat it” The soldier beside her finally could not hold it in any longer.

He wiped the saliva at the corner of his mouth with all his strength and asked with slight excitement.

“Wait.” Mo Chu used her chopsticks to poke at the meat inside.

Seeing that the chopsticks could easily be inserted into it, she nodded her head in satisfaction.

Not bad, it was just right.

“We can eat it.”

Then, she took out a pair of bowls and chopsticks from the terminal and filled a bowl.

She scooped a spoonful from the inside and fed it to her mouth.

Then, she narrowed her eyes in delight.

Mmm, delicious!

This look of enjoyment made the soldiers beside her even more impatient.

They caught a lot of Ball Fish.

Even the largest pot mo Chu took out could only hold half of it.

However, there were still much food left in the pot.

It was not impossible for them to try half a bowl each.

“This… can we try it”They were still polite to Mo Chu.

Now, they had more confidence in their questions.

Mo Chu did not answer, but buried her head in her food.

“Eat it!” Seeing that Mo Chu ate a few spoonfuls without any reaction, Liang Bai was relieved.

He waved his hand at his soldiers.

“What are you doing!” Mo Chu stopped drinking the soup and glared at Liang Bai, “This is spirit food I made! Who are you to make the decision”

“So” Liang Bai spread his hands.

“Dont forget, youre our captive now.

Whats a little food”

Mo Chus angry look made Liang Bai feel more at ease, he directly turned his head to look at the covetous soldiers beside him.

“Alright, Hurry up and eat!”

After Liang Bai said this, everyone did not hesitate.

They thanked Mo Chu in a low voice and left with a big pot of turtle stew.

The amount of turtle stew was not small at all.

Everyone had almost tasted half a bowl of turtle stew, and they were immediately conquered by the taste in their mouths!

The meat of the turtle stew was smooth and tender, and the soup was fresh and fragrant.

It could not be any more delicious! Each and every one of them had their mouths full! Even Liang Bai had taken a few mouthfuls of the turtle stew.

He sighed in his heart.

The taste of this spirit food was indeed delicious.

It lived up to its reputation!


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