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“Haha! Well done!” The originally tense and serious meeting room was now filled with hearty laughter.

Elder Ning, who was sitting at the head of the table, was grinning from ear to ear.

The wrinkles on his face bloomed like a chrysanthemum.

He patted the armrest of the chair with his large palm.

“Little Chu is indeed a member of our Ning Family.

She made one move, but his move is astonishing!”

Thats right! The overall quality of this military exercise was not low.

Whether it was the quality of the individual soldiers or the mechanical equipment, both sides had reached first-class standards.

Even if Ning Yiyuan made a move, he might not be able to win in such a short time, but this little girl, Mo Chu, had done it!

Why shouldnt this old fellow be proud

His Grandson, Ning Yiyuan, had such a sharp eye.

He took aim at a rare pearl like Mo Chu! With a little polishing, it shone with a dazzling light.

Even picky old men like them could not help but exclaim in admiration!

“Forget it!” Seeing his old friends smug face, Elder Qin could not help but roll his eyes at him and said sourly at the side, “Return to your Ning Family Mo Chu is not even an adult yet!”

How could Elder Qin not be jealous Just by looking at Mo Chus outstanding appearance, everyone knew that Ning Yiyuan and her descendants were definitely outstanding as well.

Turning his head to look at his grandsons… Aiyo! They were all old bachelors, yet they still had the nerve to wander around doing nothing.

Tsk tsk!

Elder Ning was currently happy and did not argue with this old man.

He generously waved his hand and said, “Hey, Old Man! If youre envious, just say it.

Why are you so shy”

“Elder Ning, if you continue to be so thick-skinned, pretty soon, even an energy wouldnt be able to shoot through you,” Elder Qin said disdainfully while stroking his mustache.

The other people in the meeting room laughed as they watched the two bicker.

Although they looked like they were bickering, there was a deep familiarity and understanding between their words.

After all, the two of them had known each other for at least a hundred years since they were young.

Their long-term relationship could not be underestimated!

“Okay, I wont talk to you anymore.” Elder Qin cleared his throat and straightened his face slightly.

His gaze turned to the other people in the meeting room.

“This time, this girl, Mo Chu, has helped us a lot.

Should we also show our gratitude”

“Of course!” Elder Ning voted in favor and nodded as if it was a matter of fact.

“Do as you see fit.

Dont be too shabby.”

“F*ck off,” Elder Qin scolded with a laugh.

“Mo Chu hasnt even become a member of your family yet, and youre already protecting her”

“Look at what youre saying.” Elder Ning was serious.

“Im helping her out of principle, not the family.”

Hehe! Who the hell would believe you

Therefore, in view of Mo Chu destroying Wisdom Cloud Galaxy Commands grand event in one fell swoop, the meeting that was originally scheduled to be amilitary exercise situation study was naturally changed to amilitary exercise victory award discussion.


And the person being discussed, Mo Chu, was currently receiving an unprecedented warm welcome.

Just as she walked into the Federations headquarters, the fervent gazes of the surrounding people turned towards her one after another.

Even Mo Chu, who had always been calm and composed, could not help but quicken her pace.

“Yo, little girl, youre back after becoming famous” Qin Yues teasing voice rang out.

As soon as they walked closer, the silly temperament on his body could not be concealed any longer, and he eagerly walked over.

After walking around Mo Chu for a few rounds, it was as if she had some unknown treasure hidden on her body.

“I didnt know that you had such a trick up your sleeve.”

“Hurry up and tell me the truth,” Qin Yue said with a stern face.

“How did you take down Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people”

As he said that, he seriously poked the terminal on his wrist and muttered, “Wait, I have to record your response.

Maybe I can use it as evidence in court in the future!”

Mo Chu was speechless!

“How is it Are you okay” Mo Yang was indeed her brother.

As soon as he came in, he carefully looked at his sister from top to bottom several times, afraid that she had been taken advantage of.

“Forget it!” Qin Yue immediately rolled his eyes, “Look, with Little Chus posture, what could happen Instead of worrying about Mo Chu, you should worry about Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people! I reckon they will suffer internal injuries from holding in this embarrassment! Haha! Its really satisfying!”

“Thats right!” Upon hearing this, the restless soldiers at the side could not help but chime in, “Our Sister-in-law is very powerful! How could she be injured by Wisdom Cloud Galaxys group of b*stards”

“Oh right, Sister-in-law, how did you do it Hurry up and tell me.

Otherwise, Ive always been curious in my heart.

Its like a cat scratching, itchy to the extreme!”

“Thats right! Ive already posted the good news online.

Lets grow the fan base!”

Hearing the voice beside his ear, the corners of Mo Chus mouth could not help but curl up slightly.

It seemed that there were quite a number of pranksters hidden in the army!

“Actually, its very simple.” Mo Chu did not hide anything and revealed the answer.

“I was brought to Wisdom Cloud Galaxy command center.

The Bohai Sea is right next to it.

I just happened to get the ingredients on the spot and made a stewed turtle.

This spirit food itself doesnt have any problems.

Not only is the taste fragrant, but the meat is also tender.

Especially that faint aftertaste, it even lingered on the tip of my tongue for a long time…”

Gulp, gulp, gulp.

Damn it! Just hearing this description makes me want to taste it! It must be so delicious!

Ning Yiyuans eyes were slightly warm.

He asked softly, “Then what happened”

The little girl in front of him seemed to have unknowingly grown to a point that no one could ignore.

Ning Yiyuan did not know why, but he felt a little complicated at the moment!

Not noticing Ning Yiyuans little thoughts, Mo Chus eyes curved slightly and she smiled slyly.

“However, I added a piece of amaranth in the end.

The two functions counter each other.

How can it be good after eating it”

“Aiyo! Sister, youre so smart! You dare to tamper with Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people under their noses.

Awesome!” Qin Yue gave her a thumbs up and his face was filled with admiration.

“However, this is the first time I know that spirit food can have such an effect!”

Mo Chu was the founder of spirit food, there was no doubt about that.

However, creating spirit food did not mean that she could monopolize spirit food.

In the one year since Mo Chu disappeared, there were many people who wanted to imitate her methods.

After all, the benefits and power brought by spirit food were too tempting, not to mention ordinary people, even Wisdom Cloud Galaxy and Dark Ocean Galaxys higher-ups had many evil ideas!

However, it was as if they were possessed.

Thousands of people followed suit, but none of them succeeded.

Now, Mo Chu was already at the forefront.

He had developed another function of spirit food, so how could people not be impressed

“… Liang Bai fell for it so easily” Amidst the praise, Ning Yi Yuan frowned slightly.

He had fought Liang Bai in the previous Galactic Combat, so he had some understanding of this persons character.

Even though Mo Chu was a female, he had let down his guard.

Liang Bai would not eat the spirit food made by Mo Chu so easily.

Mo Chu said,”Uh…”

“Could it be…” Seeing Mo Chus hesitation, Ning Yiyuans eyes changed.

He quickly figured out the crux of the matter.

He immediately stepped forward and held onto Mo Chus arm tightly.

“You tried it yourself”

Looking into Ning Yiyuans deep eyes, Mo Chu could not lie.

“Yeah… but I only tasted one or two mouthfuls.

Its not a big deal.”

As she said that, Mo Chus confident aura suddenly weakened, she did not dare to look straight into Ning Yiyuans eyes.

“Little Chu, youre messing around again! How dare you taste something like this” Hearing those words, even Mo Yangs face changed.

“Wheres the medical specialist in the army Can you come over and take a look Make sure there are no problems.”

“No need! Im really fine.” Mo Chu hurriedly waved her hand.

“Ive only taken a few sips, so m okay.

Ive already said that I have a light attribute special ability, so the effects of these medicines have been reduced.”

It was only recently that Mo Chu realized the benefits of this light attribute special ability.

As the light attribute special ability itself had the ability to heal, the poison that had entered her body would naturally be slightly degraded.

Just like when she had been drugged in the past, the effect of the poison that had entered her body was slightly weaker than that of ordinary people.

This was probably the reason.

Moreover, that was because her light attribute special ability cultivation level was too low.

If she continued to advance, it might not be impossible for her to be immune to all poisons in the future!

Hearing Mo Chus explanation, the expressions of Ning Yiyuan, Mo Yang, and the others softened.

However, they still insisted on having the medical experts take a look at her.

Only after they were certain that there was no problem did they finally heave a sigh of relief.

“If you dare to take such a risk again, Ill teach you a lesson!” Mo Yang said in a deep voice as he seemed to be gripping his sister sternly.

Ning Yiyuan, who was standing at the side, felt a little aggrieved.

This was clearly my line…

“Beep beep –”

The terminal rang.

Ning Yiyuans gaze turned away and looked at the person who had come.

She reached out to pick up the video call.

“Grandpa, Whats wrong”

“Well…” On the other end of the call, Elder Ning pretended to be serious, but he could not hide the pride in his words, “Wisdom Cloud Galaxy contacted us just now and asked Little Chu to help save their people.

Hey, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was showing off that their medical technology had made a breakthrough, but what happened now Wasnt it a slap in the face Thats why I said, this person cant be too full of himself…”

“Get to the point.”

“…” Elder Nings words were instantly cut off by his own cold grandson.

Hmph! As expected of a brat! The older he grew, the more unlikable he became!

“To put it simply, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people cant hold on much longer, and they cant treat it themselves, so they can only ask Mo Chu to help.

Thats right! The little girl did a good job this time.

The next time we make a move, we can be a little gentler.” With that said, the old man hung up the call with a bang.

Hmph, you want to be arrogant Im even more arrogant than you!

The others naturally heard the conversation between the grandfather and grandson.

Then, they stared at Mo Chu in shock.

Uh… Wisdom Cloud Galaxy had so many people and they were about to die They were going to die… just like that

Holy sh*t! Sister-in-laws attack power was several times stronger than they had imagined! Look, she was so quick and decisive.

There was no bloodshed at all!

“That… why are you guys looking at me like that” Mo Chu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

She quickly cleared her name.

“This is actually just a small problem.

I didnt expect them to make it so serious…”

It was true that turtle and amaranth should not be eaten together.

Otherwise, it would easily cause abdominal pain and weakness.

How did it become a fatal poison when it came to the people of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy Mo Chu expressed her innocence!

The others laughed! Do you think well believe it

“Little Chu, do you know how to solve this” Ning Yiyuan walked over and asked softly.

Based on Wisdom Cloud Galaxys stubborn nature, the situation on the other side was probably quite serious.

Otherwise, they would not have called the Federation.

“Mm.” Mo Chu nodded.

She took out a bunch of roots from his terminal and handed them to Ning Yiyuan.

“Ask them to drink the juice from this and theyll be fine.”

It was that simple

Hearing this, everyones eyes sparkled as they stared at the magical root in Mo Chus hand, their faces full of surprise.

As expected, the thing that came out of Mo Chus hand was magical!

“Alright, I got it.” Ning Yiyuan nodded his head and immediately sent someone over to deliver this item and explained its usage.

After receiving the news, the higher-ups of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy were still doubtful at first.

This was just a toy, right In the end, they really had no choice but to try it! They could not just watch as so many elites were defeated in one fell swoop!

In the end, after drinking bowl after bowl of juice, the soldiers immediately showed signs of improvement, causing everyone to be stunned! This was especially the case for the few medical experts of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy.

Their faces were filled with astonishment.

If they were not so busy, they would probably have gone straight to the Federation command center to seek advice from Mo Chu!

Furthermore, this series of events was sufficient for the higher-ups of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy to reassess Mo Chus value.

After much deliberation, they finally ranked her as an important figure of theSSS class! In the future, you must pay attention.

You must not offend this girl.

You must treat her seriously!


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