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Following Wisdom Cloud Galaxys admission of defeat, this military exercise officially ended.

On the second day after the military exercise ended, the usually solemn and cold official website of the Federation suddenly released a news update, which immediately attracted the attention of many netizens.

In view of the outstanding contribution that Mo Chu had made in this military exercise, Mo Chu was now awarded a first-class Military Merit.

This military exercise with Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was a semi-public event.

Although everyone knew about it, they might not be clear about the specific situation.

In the end, it was now linked toMo Chu, and it instantly caused a wave of excitement.

The discussion on the internet was even more heated!

“Live broadcast, please explain!”

“Although I dont know what Lucky Star has done, I feel that its really awesome!”

The Federations first-class Military Merit was not something that could be easily awarded.

It could only be issued through the joint approval of 12 high-ranking military officials.

The difficulty of it could be seen from just this.

The last time he received this Military Merit seemed to have been more than 80 years ago! People did not expect that Little Chu would be so awesome!

Just like that, someone quickly revealed Mo Chus glorious feat of sweeping Wisdom Cloud Galaxy with a Spirit Food, immediately causing Mo Chus fans to howl in excitement!

All sorts of discussion posts popped up one after another like mushrooms after rain.

It was really lively…

On the other side, Mo Chu and the others were also busy preparing to return home.

Other than Ning Yiyuan, who needed to stay behind temporarily to handle the follow-up matters, the rest had already embarked on their return journey.

Upon closer inspection of these people, Song Qingsong, Mo Chu, Mo Yang, and Qin Yue, it had to be said that these four peoples image was too eye-catching.

This was because they had just stepped into the interstellar ship, they were discovered by the staff on board.

“You… are Mo, Mo Chu!” The crew member who had a professional look on her face saw the four of them and immediately stopped her work.

She came up to them excitedly.

“Theres also Almighty Song, Mo Yang, and Qin Yue!”

F*ck! Usually, it was lucky to meet one, but today, there was a gathering of four! Her luck could not be any better!

Hmm… such a good opportunity could not be wasted! At the thought of this, the attendant immediately pulled her shirt aside, revealing the white shirt underneath.

She looked at them expectantly.

“Umm, can you help me sign it”

The flight attendants series of actions were too smooth, causing Mo Chu and the others to be a little stunned.

Song Qingsong, on the other hand, was used to this scene and smiled at her, then, he picked up the pen and wrote his name on her white shirt.

Wow! Almighty Song smiled at me! Staring at Almighty Songs beautiful face, her heart was beating wildly.

She lowered her head to cover her burning face, but their eyes fell on Song Qingsongs slender fingers! As expected of the most popular almighty, even his fingers were so alluring!

“Okay.” Song Qingsong stood up, turned around, and handed the pen to Mo Chu.

Then, the other three followed suit.

Looking at the four peoples signatures on the shirt, the crew members face turned red with excitement as if she had collected the nine Dragon Balls and could summon the Dragon God.

She secretly thought to herself,Hmm… Ill seal this shirt when I get back today.

It will become a great specimen!

Carefully putting the shirt away, the crew finally regained her professional side.

She bowed slightly and led the four people to the upper-class cabin with a blush on her face.

“Your seats are over here.”

In order to prevent unnecessary trouble, Ning Yiyuan waved his hand and booked the entire upper-class cabin.

Therefore, there were only the four of them in the huge cabin.

“So this is how the upper-class cabin looks like” It was Mo Chus first time entering the upper-class cabin, and she sized it up with curiosity.

Sure enough, no matter when, there would always be different grades!

She and Mo Yang had sat in the middle-class cabin before, and the feeling between the two was different.

Not to mention other things, just the texture of the seats was very different.

It also provided an excellent field of vision, and they could almost see the entire cabin.

It really felt like they were looking down from above.

“Hey! Its rare to see this little fellow sleeping so soundly.” Qin Yue really did not stop at all, seeing the Blood Luminescent Beast sleeping soundly in Mo Chus arms, his hands were itching to run up and rub against it again.

It seemed that he had forgotten how miserable he was when he was almost chased around by Roundy a few days ago.

“Shh.” Mo Chu shook her head lightly and placed Roundy on the soft sofa at the side.

“Youre finally asleep.

Dont wake this little ancestor up again.”

Roundy lived up to its reputation as a big foodie.

Once it saw food, it could not walk anymore.

It especially loved the seafood in Bohai Sea.

This could be seen from its obsession with crayfish.

Once it heard that it was leaving, the little fellow was immediately unhappy.

It looked at the seafood in Bohai Sea with a regretful expression.

It had not tasted all of them yet! Why did it have to leave After making a fuss for a long time, Mo Chu finally took out a few Spirit Foods and left after looting a lot of seafood.

“Sigh, why do I feel that this little fatty is getting smarter and smarter” Qin Yue clicked his tongue and touched his chin as if it was a matter of fact.

“Could it be that this Spirit Food has the effect of promoting intelligence”

“Hmm… maybe.” Mo Chu nodded and turned her face around with a serious expression.

She patted Qin Yues shoulder.

“Forget it.

In the future, when you come to freeload, I wont stop you.

You can eat more.”

“Really” Upon hearing this, Qin Yue immediately laughed.

In the future, Spirit Food would be guaranteed! Then, when he thought about it again, he felt that there was something wrong with these words… F*ck! What do you mean eat more

Are you saying that my IQ isnt sufficient

Are you even friends

Song Qingsong and Mo Yang, who were standing at the side, looked at the two of them quietly.

The corners of their lips curled up in a similar manner…

“Dont be angry.” Mo Chu and Mo Yang put their arms around Qin Yues shoulders.

“Im just joking.

Dont worry, youll be full from now on!”

When he heard this, Qin Yues face turned bright again.

“Thats more like it.

Oh, right! My Brother asked me to ask you, are you willing to participate in the latest episode ofExplosive Character”

Ever since Mo Chu and the others reality show became popular, Qin Shang had gone straight to the wave of the entertainment industry, never to return.

‘Explosive Character was an interview program that he launched immediately after that.

The invited guests were mostly people who were very well-known in society and had made outstanding contributions.

They were extremely valuable characters.

If he did not invite a suitable guest, this episode would rather be canceled.

Because of this, ordinary people would not even think about it.

Even Song Qingsong might not have the qualifications to set foot on this show now.

Was she qualified

Mo Chu licked her lips and hesitated slightly.

Song Qingsong saw through her thoughts at a glance and said softly, “Dont worry, youve long been qualified!”

She had created a world-breaking Spirit Food

She had worked with Exalted Chen to cultivate the first normal magical plant

She was a light-attribute special ability user that had only appeared in hundreds of years.

No matter which identity he had, it was enough to show how outstanding Mo Chu was!

“Then, Ill think about it.” Mo Chu nodded as he met Song Qingsong and Mo Yangs encouraging eyes.

“Ill reply to him when we get back.”

“Alright.” Qin Yue nodded and lowered his voice slightly.

“If you want to go, Ill get my brother to reserve a few seats in the front row for us.

Well be able to see your amazing performance at first sight!”

Hmm… Mo Chu blinked.

Are you sure that the three of you sitting in the front row wont cause a stir among the fans below Due to the high popularity of the three of them, Mo Chu felt that the possibility of this happening was very high!

In the end, when he turned around, Mo Yang and Song Qingsong nodded their heads in agreement.

Not bad, it was rare for Qin Yue to come up with such a good idea!

Mo Chu shook her head and temporarily put this matter aside.

She closed her eyes and went to rest.

The distance from Bohai Sea to the third region of the Federation was not considered close.

They had sat on the interstellar ship for four to five days before returning.

However, along the way, with Qin Yue, this idiot, making a scene from time to time, it was not too bad.

The interstellar ship gradually came to a stop.

Mo Chu walked in front and stepped on it.

Instantly, he felt much more relaxed.

Before he could sigh, he heard loud cheers coming from not far away.

“Its Little Chu! Little Chu is back!”

“It really is this ship!”

It was not until this moment that Mo Chu noticed that the entire waiting area was filled with people.

There was a large group of people, and they were even holding a conspicuous sign in their hands.

“Mo Chu, Mo Chu, charming as ever!”

“Lucky Star, we love you!”

It was very obvious that this group of people were all Mo Chus fans.

They guessed that someone had accidentally leaked the news, so the fans who liked Mo Chu rushed over to pick them up and also prepared for this huge welcoming party.

“Aiyo! Look at this, Mo Chu is so popular!” Qin Yue, who had followed behind them, naturally saw this scene and could not help but laugh.

Then, the popularity of the fans immediately rose at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Ah! who was that

“Silly Qin Yue! Qin Yue, Qin Yue!” Upon hearing this cheer, Qin Yue, who had been pretending to fix his hair, almost staggered.

What wasSilly Qin Yue Do you dare to say it to my face again!

However, before Qin Yue could speak, the fans cheers completely drowned the entire waiting area.

Oh my Gogd! Whos that at the back Its actually Almighty Song, and Mo Yang!

The few girls standing in the front row were so excited that they almost fainted! This trip was really worth it!

Originally, they only thought that it would be pretty good if they could pick up Mo Chu.

Who would have thought that all of them were here It was like getting four for one!

Hence, the fans, who were already extremely excited, were now even more excited! The signs in their hands were waved non-stop, and they were shouting at the top of their lungs as if they wanted to express all the emotions that were surging in their hearts.

“Almighty Song!”

“Mo Yang!”

Of course, the one with the highest cheers was still Mo Chu.

Looking at the excited and joyful faces of the fans not far away, even Mo Chu, who had always been calm, could not help but feel her heart tremble violently!

Such pure love and support was like a strong warm current that surged straight into her heart.

Mo Chu pursed her lips, and her voice was firm as she said, “Qin Yue, I will participate in that interview program!”


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