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For the first time, Mo Chu clearly realized that her existence was also a form of encouragement and role model for others!

“Little Chu, you must do your best! We will always support you!”

“Lucky Star, Lucky Star, awesome!”

“We will always be here, waiting for you and protecting you!”

All kinds of encouragement sounded one after another, clearly reaching Mo Chus ears.

The little girl clenched her fists and mustered up her courage.

She strode forward and raised the tightly clenched souvenir book in her hand, “Little Chu, I… Ive always liked you.

This is a souvenir book that I specially made for you.

I hope you can accept it.”

It was unknown whether she was nervous or excited, but the little girls lips trembled slightly and her eyelashes fluttered.

Looking at the souvenir book in front of her, Mo Chu was stunned.

She reached out to take it and opened it to take a look.

The thick souvenir book was meticulously made.

It was full of Mo Chus photos without any repetition.

In fact, Mo Chu did not appear in public many times.

This little girl even took a photo of her reality show and put it on it.

She even specially added some words to it.

It could be seen how much effort she put into it.

“Thank you.

I like it very much.” Mo Chu smiled faintly as she hugged the souvenir book tightly in her arms.

“Really… Really” The little girl suddenly raised her head, and her eyes lit up.

Mo Chu nodded heavily.


Thus, after this little girl had created the first case, the other fans also quickly took action.

Wave after wave of gifts almost drowned the three of them.

Perhaps, this interview was the best opportunity for her to sayThank you in front of the screen to this group of people who had always cared about and loved her.

Three days later.

The interview program officially began, using the same live broadcast method.

The publicity department under Qin Shang had long released the news.

Without a doubt, with Mo Chus high popularity, there was no need to worry about the viewership ratings of this episode.

There were even people who paid a high price for live tickets online just to see their idols up close.

In the end, of course, no one was willing to sell it.

Rubbish! We had fought so hard to get the tickets, who would be stupid enough to sell them

There was still half an hour before the official broadcast, but the program venue was already full.

Everyone was anxious, waiting for Mo Chu to come out.

They were extremely anxious, they counted the time with their fingers.

Finally, it was eight oclock sharp.

The program started on time.

The host, Mark, was the first to go on stage.

With his handsome facial features and extraordinary stage presence, it was very easy for people to have a favorable impression of him.

However, just by relying on his face, it was impossible for him to become the host of this popular interview program.

Marks hosting style had always been distinct.

He usually did not have a script, and what he paid attention to were the questions and answers.

His humorous yet sharp conversation angle made him quite popular, his private fans could almost be compared to a B-list celebrity.

“Good evening, everyone.” Looking straight at the camera, Mark mischievously blinked.

His subwoofer-like voice was completely comparable to Qin Shangs.

“Welcome, everyone, toExplosive Character.

Im Mark.” The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, and he went straight to the point.

“Everyone should be very familiar with the guest of this episodes interview.


“Mo Chu!”

“Little Chu!”

“Mo Chu, Lucky Star!”

Before Mark could finish his sentence, the crazed fans below him started to clamor.

The boiling voices practically filled the entire show venue.

It was enough to tell how popular Mo Chu was.

“Thats right.” Seeing everyones enthusiastic reaction, Mark smiled knowingly.

“The guest weve invited this time is — Mo Chu!”

Just as he finished speaking, the curtain at the side was pulled open, and Mo Chu walked over with a faint smile.

She was wearing a light yellow long dress today.

The simple and generous cut revealed her graceful figure.

There was only light makeup on her face, but she looked elegant and clean, it had a natural feel to it.

Her idol was only a few meters away from her, and the fans were all as if they had been injected with stimulants.

They were excited and fanatical, and the cheers were getting louder and louder.

“Little Chu, look over here!”

“Mo Chu, I love you!”

“Emma, My Fobo is beautiful again!”

Seeing that everyone loved him so much, Mo Chus nervousness eased a little.

He strode to the center of the stage and bowed slightly.

“Hello, everyone.”

“Come, please take a seat.” There were two single sofas in the center of the stage.

Mark waved his hand gentlemanly and waited for Mo Chu to take a seat before sitting down as well.

“This should be Little Chus first time participating in an interview program like this, right Are you nervous” Just like how they usually chatted, Mark opened his mouth with a faint smile.

It was as if they were chatting at home.

“A little.” Mo Chu nodded her head honestly.

Her small face was slightly tense, and even her words seemed to be very serious.

She had only participated in a reality show before.

At that time, she was only focused on completing her mission and did not have an audience.

Therefore, it was not a question of whether she was nervous or not.

However, it was different at this moment.

Wherever her gaze landed on, there were people looking at her with admiration.

One after another, the cameras were all focused on her…

Looking at Mo Chus slightly stiff little action, Mark could not help but laugh and start a new topic.

“Little Chu is famous for Spirit Food.

Back then, the shop ownerDomineering Roundy had been pushed to the top of the trending list several times.

How did Little Chu come up with the idea of making Spirit Food in the first place”

Mark was very considerate.

The points that he cut into were all very familiar to Mo Chu, which eased the tension in her heart a lot.

“Actually… I had no choice.”


When he said this, everyone could not help but be surprised.

They had never expected that Mo Chu would give such an answer.

Even Mark, who had asked the question, could not help but be slightly stunned.

Before asking this question, he had even drafted a few answers that Mo Chu might give in his heart, such asA sudden flash of inspiration orJust happened to make a success

However, he did not expect Little Chu to take a different path and give an unexpected answer.

“No choice What do you mean”

Mo Chu smiled.

“My body constitution is quite special.

I am allergic to many kinds of food and I cant eat them.

In the end, I came up with Spirit Food.”

“Allergic body constitution” Hearing this, Mark could not help but come to a sudden realization.

“No wonder you gave the food you found to your teammates in the previous reality show.

So this is the reason.”

At first, he even thought that this little girl was a bit of a show-off.

However, after the incident with Mo Chu was exposed one by one, he changed his opinion of Mo Chu.

Especially when he came into contact with her today, he felt that this little girl was extremely clean and pure.

Mark had been in the circle for a long time.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have been able to reach his current position so easily.

His judgment of people was not 100% accurate, but it was almost the same.

“Then why dont you show us your skills later” Mark asked with excitement, “Im a loyal supporter of Spirit Food!”

“Okay.” Mo Chu did not refuse.

She agreed with a smile, which made Mark feel good.

“I saw your message saying that the sales will resume next month.

Is it true” At this point, even Mark could not help but get excited.

“Is there any new Spirit Food Can you tell us about it first”

“Sure.” Mo Chu nodded.

She connected her terminal to the big screen behind the stage and opened the photo album.

“These should be the new Spirit Food that will be released next month.”

Taking advantage of the past few days, Mo Chu summarized the new Spirit Food that she had made during this period of time and made some modifications.

She even took photos of the finished product with great interest.

Now, she could use it.

The audience below was already ready to lick the screen!

Sob sob, how could it look so delicious

Mo Chu casually took the pictures.

She did not pick any angle or light, but it still did not diminish the appeal of the dishes! Not to mention other things, just through the pictures, everyone seemed to be able to feel the mellow taste and delicious taste!

Oh my! We can only eat it next month Are you testing my endurance Dont be so seductive!

One picture after another slid by, and the scene was followed by a series of faint sounds of swallowing saliva.

Wow! What is this

The eyes of the audience, which originally only had food in their eyes, instantly lit up!

That was a picture.

It was just that the picture was no longer a delicious Spirit Food, on the contrary, it was a beautiful face!

It was a well-defined face.

Its facial features were three-dimensional as if they were carved.

Its eyes were slightly closed, which made the unique cold temperament disappear quite a bit.

Instead, it appeared to be much gentler.

Only half of the blanket was covered, it just so happened to reveal a perfect figure.

The complete eight-pack abs were well-defined and firm… Wasnt this person Ning Yiyuan

“Is this my illusion Why do I feel that Marshal Ning is a little cute after he falls asleep”

“Shouldnt everyones focus be on Marshal Nings figure What perfect lines and proportions! It absolutely matches the optimal distribution of the human bodys structure!”

“What I want to know the most is, why would such a photo of Ning Yiyuan appear on Lucky Stars terminal!”

“I didnt expect you to be like this, Mo Chu… But, I like it!”

On the stage, Mo Chus face was also slightly red.

She had taken this photo secretly during Ning Yiyuans lunch break.

How could she forget it now Its over, this is really embarrassing!

In the panic, Mo Chu hurriedly pressed the terminal.

The photo that appeared once again caused everyone to exclaim in surprise! Looking at the photo on the screen, even Mo Chu could not help but secretly hate herself.

Why didnt she tidy up the photo album earlier

The audience below was almost stunned.

“Damn! Is this… Almighty Song How can he be so beautiful”

“As beautiful as a peach or a plum!”

“Uncultured, get lost! Is this word used to describe men My Almighty Song is clearly a country-toppling beauty!”

Thats right, this photo was one of the results that Almighty Song had secretly taken when he was drunk.

His face was flushed, his eyes were slightly narrowed, and there was a hint of confusion in his eyes.

How could he not be beautiful

“Whats going on” A man sitting in the front row of the audience seat lowered the brim of his hat and asked while gritting his teeth.

“Umm… werent you drunk at that time” The two men sitting next to him retreated to both sides.

Thats right, the three of them were Song Qingsong and the others in disguise.

Instead of his usual handsome appearance, Almighty Song wore a hip-hop hat on his head.

In addition to his punk outfit and exaggerated makeup, he successfully hid his identity.

After sitting here for more than half an hour, the fans nearby did not notice anything amiss.

In the end, when they saw the photo, they almost revealed their faces.

“This is also an accident.” Mo Yang wore a decorative photo frame.

He was dressed in a scholarly style, and his hair was slightly messy.

If one did not look carefully, they would not be able to recognize him.

“Besides, isnt that Brat Ning Yiyuan accompanying you”

On the stage, Marks eyes were sharp, and he quickly noticed the wine bottle at the bottom corner of the photo.

“Whats this”

As expected of a popular host, his observational skills were really sharp! Mo Chu could not help but sigh in her heart.

“This is my newly developed spirit wine.”

“Then will it be placed in the new product for sale next month” Mark immediately asked the most crucial question.

“Great God song is so… enchanting just because he drank this”

“This, I cant guarantee for the time being.” Mo Chu shook her head.

“The brewing of spirit wine is more complicated and time-consuming than Spirit Food.

I reckon it cant be sold in large quantities at once.

As for Almighty Song… Its indeed because hes drunk.”

“If you cant sell it in large quantities, you can release a small portion of it!” As soon as Mark heard this, he immediately rushed up to encourage her.

From his appearance, it could be seen that he was indeed a true fan of the Spirit Food Shop!

The editorial director at the back could not bear to watch.

Mark was clearly a host with strong professional qualities.

Why was he going astray at this moment


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