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It was also because of this photo that Mo Chus spirit wine had already jumped to the top of the hot searches list before it was even placed on the sales page.

It had attracted the attention of many people.

When it was released the next month, it had even caused a wave of buying frenzy, it was enthusiastically pursued by most people!

Buy it! You definitely have to buy it! Didnt you see that the cold and arrogant girls beside him had instantly become infatuated and starry-eyed when they saw Song Qingsongs seductive posture! Without a doubt, this spirit wine was a god-like aid in chasing girls! It had to be given to everyone!

Of course, this was a topic for another time.

Now, Mark had already secretly set his sights on the spirit wine.

“Well, Little Chu, look…” Mark straightened his clothes with a serious expression.

The deep blue beads blinked at Mo Chu charmingly, and he asked in a low voice, “If the spirit wine is out, can I reserve a portion first”

As soon as he said this, the audience below the stage and on the Starnet was immediately enraged.

“Damn, you can even cheat like this and get close to her”

“Mark, Wheres your integrity Did you just throw out the male beauty trap without any pressure”

“Damn, Marshal Ning, hurry up and come out.

Your wife has already been targeted by others!”

Not long after the show started, the number of views on the Starnet easily broke past the previous record.

Moreover, from the looks of it, there was still a possibility of climbing to the peak.

The various comment sections and large-scale web pages were almost overcrowded by enthusiastic netizens.

Almost everyones focus was on tonightsExplosive Character interview.

On stage, looking at Marks expectant handsome face, the corners of Mo Chus mouth curled up slightly.

“About that… we can consider it.”

After being kept in suspense by Mo Chus long tone for a long time, he still got an ambiguous answer in the end.

Mark could only helplessly spread his hands, looking sad.

“Im really getting old… I cant even rely on my beautiful face anymore.


This humorous and self-deprecating tone instantly caused the audience below the stage to burst into laughter.

The netizens on the Starnet also seized the opportunity to appear:

“Oh my! Mark, dont be sad.

If you use the beauty trap on me, Ill definitely bow down to you under your suit pants, okay”

“Thats right.

The main reason is that my Little Chu has too many beautiful men around him.

Count them carefully.

Cold Marshal Ning, handsome Mo Yang, elegant Almighty Song, gorgeous Qin Shang… Awooo! Which one of them isnt amazing So I cant blame you for being too weak.

Its just that the enemys antibodies are too strong!”

Very soon, this comment that was highly approved by everyone was pushed to the top.

Even the comment manager specially added a little red flower on top to show his encouragement and approval, the comment that occupied the top floor suddenly became particularly conspicuous.

Then, Qin Yue, who had been busy refreshing the comments, could not help but have a dark expression on his face… say, what do you mean by this!

Lets not talk about Almighty Song and Mo Yang… why is it that even my brother, who had only appeared once or twice, was listed on the Handsome Mens list, but not me This is discrimination, pure and simple discrimination!

Qin Yue was extremely indignant at this moment!

Say, why didnt anyone appreciate the beauty of a forthright and domineering man Sigh!

Thus, Qin Yue, whose brain had gone haywire, waved his hand and started typing.

Soon, his comment was pasted.

“Dont you think that… Qin Yue is also very handsome”

As soon as this comment was posted, everyone was suspiciously silent for half a second.

Then, dozens of comments instantly popped up like fireworks.

“Uh… to be honest, Qin Yues looks are really a hundred times worse than his big brothers!”

“Right, I also feel that Qin Yue cant be called handsome.

If you judge him carefully, maybe we can call him… cute”

“I agree with the comments above!”

Looking at the comments below jumping up and down with joy, Qin Yue really wished that he did not post that comment just now.

This was clearly asking for trouble! Also, what did he mean by his looks being 100 times worse than Qin Shangs At most… at most 10, okay

Also, what did he mean by cute I walk like a tough guy! The combination of strength and beauty, understand

Qin Yue once again kneeled down in front of this materialistic world…

At this moment, Mark on the stage had already quietly changed the topic.

“After seeing so many pictures of delicious food, I suddenly feel so hungry.

Why dont Little Chu show everyone what she can do now”

“No problem,” Mo Chu agreed with a smile.

Then, she got up from the sofa and walked to the table next to her.

However, her mind kept spinning as she thought about what she was going to do this time.

Since the program had a time limit, it was impossible for her to cook any big dishes at this time.

After a few thoughts flashed through her mind, Mo Chu finally decided.

She might as well make an egg fried rice.

It was simple, did not consume much time, and the taste was not bad.

Although egg fried rice was easy to cook, it was not an easy thing to make truly delicious egg fried rice.

First, she had to ensure that every single grain of rice could wrap around the egg and prevent the egg rice from being loose.

In addition, the fragrance had to reach a level of fineness without being greasy.

Just these two points were enough to test ones craftsmanship.

The table prepared for the program had been pushed forward.

Mo Chu had a rough draft in his mind, so his hands naturally moved quickly.

First, he took out the required ingredients and the spare tools in the terminal one by one.

Therefore, everyone watched as Mo Chus hands seemed to pull out items from a treasure chest.

First, she took out a few Jumping Beast eggs, then he took out a big bowl of rice that had been prepared previously.

Then, she added some Water Weed and seasonings.

The preparations were ready.

“Wow! I feel that the time to witness a miracle is almost here!” Mark said a few sentences at the right time, but the anticipation and surprise on his face could not be hidden.

“What is Little Chu preparing to do”

“Egg fried rice.” A few high-magnification cameras were pointed straight at Mo Chu.

However, at this moment, Mo Chu was immersed in her favorite cooking skills, so she did not look nervous at all.

She raised her head and explained softly, then, she lowered her head and continued her movements.

The entire process was as smooth as a movie.

Just looking at it made people feel happy.

She took a headband from the terminal.

With a slight movement of her wrist, Mo Chu coiled up her long hair and started to make egg fried eggs.

She started the fire first and waited for the pot to heat up before pouring the oil.

Taking advantage of the time when the oil temperature was rising, Mo Chu picked up the egg beside her.

Her fair and slender fingers held the egg and lightly knocked it on the side of the bowl.

A crisp cracking sound was heard.

The eggshell broke open and her hands separated it, the egg yolk wrapped around the egg yolk was obediently poured into the bowl.

After knocking down three or four eggs in a row, Mo Chu finally stopped.

She added an appropriate amount of salt to the egg yolk and picked up the chopsticks to stir it in one direction.

After the entire egg yolk was evenly mixed, the oil temperature was about the same.

She held the bowl with one hand and poured the entire egg yolk into the hot oil.

With the other hand, she held the spatula and continuously scattered the egg yolk.

After the egg yolk had slightly changed color, Mo Chu poured in the white rice with an appropriate proportion and quickly stir-fried it.

With a slight force from her wrist, she evenly wrapped each grain of rice with the egg.

After that, she added some salt and MSG to spice it up.

Finally, she sprinkled the Water Weed that she had previously cut into powder.

Without mentioning anything else, just the color alone was enough to make ones appetite soar.

Each grain of clear white rice powder was wrapped around a pale yellow egg.

Coupled with the green Water Weed powder, it was simply moving!

Not to mention the alluring fragrance, almost as soon as Mo Chu started working, the entire interview room was filled with a thick fragrance that did not dissipate for a long time.

“Its done” Mark swallowed his saliva without leaving a trace, and his gaze almost completely fell on the large plate of egg fried rice that Mo Chu was holding in his hand.

As expected, in front of delicacies, everyone instantly became the subject of a skirt!

“Mm.” Mo Chu nodded with a smile.

She simply took a few matching bowls, chopsticks, and spoons from the terminal, divided the large plate of egg fried rice into a few portions, and gave Mark a bowl.

Then, he took the remaining bowls from the plate and walked down the stage.

With a faint smile, he said, “Everyone, have a taste.”

As Mo Chu approached, the fans below the stage were first stunned.

Then, they let out thunderous screams and cheers! Oh my God! The egg-fried rice that Little Chu personally made for us could not be any lovelier!

Due to the limited quantity, it was unlikely that everyone could eat it.

Therefore, everyone could only give it a meaningful taste or two at most.

It was likely that the moment they tasted it, it would be snatched away by others.

Even so, everyone was so excited that they could not contain themselves!

They wished they could split every grain of egg fried rice in their mouths and eat them one by one.

It would be best if they could eat it for ten days to half a month to savor the taste of it!

Meanwhile, Mark had long lost his bearing as a host.

At the beginning, he was still holding a pair of chopsticks and feeding it into his mouth.

He was prepared to savor it carefully.

However, the moment he tasted the delicate and delicious taste, he immediately threw the wordreserved out of his mind.

He immediately gave up on the chopsticks and switched to using a spoon, stuffing it into his mouth!

Oh my God! How could there be such delicious food in this world It was not Marks first time eating Spirit Food, but every time he ate it, this thought would still pop up in his mind!

The rice in his mouth was delicate with a hint of crispness, as if it was mixed with the mellow aroma of barley.

It was as if even the fresh taste of the sun had melted into it.

Besides, this egg did not have the slightest bit of a greasy feeling.

Instead, it highlighted the unique flavor of the egg.

The two intertwined together and matched perfectly.

Finally, it was stained with the delicate fragrance of water plants.

wow, this texture was really superb!

Mark was immersed in the wonderful taste of the egg fried rice.

His expression of enjoying the taste with narrowed eyes was naturally recorded by the camera and was clearly seen by the majority of the netizens!

“Looking at Marks expression, I can already imagine the delicacy of this bowl of egg fried rice! F*ck! No, when I speak, I cant even hold my saliva and it just flew out!”

“Why was I slow and didnt get the live tickets I was already regretting it, but now that I saw it, I felt even more painful! Such good benefits, and I actually watched it slip through my fingers! Beating my chest and stomping my feet!”

“Haha, I feel the same! Im just waiting for Little Chus Spirit Food to be on sale!”

There was a commotion on the Starnet, but it did not affect the people in the interview room at all.

“Mark, Mark!” Finally, a soft call woke up the host who was immersed in the delicious food.

Mark turned his head and saw a sign behind the curtain with a few big words written on it, “Hurry up and save half a bowl, or I wont give you the labor fee for these few times!”

“What the hell”

Mark immediately widened his eyes and subconsciously covered the bowl in his hand, but he forgot that the radio in his earpiece just happened to send out this exclamation.

The audience immediately turned their eyes to Mark.

Mark was still unconscious.

He shouted bitterly, “If you dont save half a bowl of egg fried rice, you wont give me the labor fee For a bite of Little Chus egg fried rice, you guys are going all out.

where is the integrity of the program team”

Upon hearing this, the sharp-eyed audience quickly noticed the big signboard behind the curtain.

When they saw the content clearly, they immediately burst out laughing.

Aiya! My Little Chu is so popular that even the egg fried rice is hard to come by at a price! In order to have a taste, the program team even thought of such a method!

Oh My God! Ive been discovered!

The director behind the curtain was laughing so hard that his face turned red.

In the end, he could only sheepishly take back the sign.

He thought to himself, when Mo Chus Spirit Food shop opens for sale next month, Ill Rob it too!

Right at this moment, Mark had already grasped the opportunity and devoured the remaining half of the bowl of egg fried rice like a whirlwind! He even gave a light burp, not because he was full, but because he had eaten too quickly just now and was a little out of breath!

“Emma, I suddenly feel that this director is really cute!”

“If I dont keep the egg fried rice, I wont pay the service fee! Haha, I almost laughed out loud at my abs!”

“In the end, my little Chu is still the most powerful and domineering person!”


Just because of this small detail, the internet was once again bustling with activity.

The online viewing rate had even jumped up from the previous record high, causing the programs director to be so happy that he almost lost his mind! With just this number of views, it was definitely unprecedented and unprecedented!


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