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Therefore, a plate of egg fried rice completely heated up the atmosphere of the interview.

Especially the fans who tasted the egg fried rice below the stage, they were so excited that their faces were red and their eyes were sparkling.

On one hand, they were surprised by the delicious egg fried rice.

On the other hand, it was because they could get so close to their idols.

It was really beautiful just thinking about it!

Naturally, the cameras recorded everyones happy little looks.

Very quickly, it was broadcasted live on the Starnet.

It immediately attracted a group of wolf howls on the internet.

“Look at this expression.

I just want to ask, do you dare to be a little more flirtatious”

“You can just bully us who didnt get the live tickets.

Sob, all I can do is bite my handkerchief…”

“Humph! There are always wicked people who want to tempt me! The most damn thing is that I was actually tempted!”

Mark put down the bowl and spoon that had been licked clean.

There was still some reluctance and longing in his eyes.

When he looked away, he happened to bump into the mobile camera that had been pointing at him.

His heart could not help but feel weak, then he remembered his business as a host.

Actually, even Mark himself felt that it was strange.

He had great qualities, and he usually acted like a professional elite when he did programs.

Why did he become like this when he bumped into Mo Chu today

Could it be that… His nature had been liberated

“Ahem.” When he thought of this, Marks handsome face could not help but turn slightly red.

He coughed lightly and reached out to wipe away the remaining oil stains on the side of his mouth.

Taking advantage of the time when Little Chu was interacting with her fans, he suddenly asked, “Little Chu, how far have you progressed with Marshal Ning Hug, hold hands, or kiss”

Mo Chu was only 19 or 20 years old now.

She is still ten years away from adulthood! Although I know Marshal Ning would not take advantage of her, Mark guessed that it was inevitable that they were intimate.

This was also clear to everyone, naturally calm and waiting to stare at M Cchu.

“Kiss…” Mo Chu was really caught off guard by Marks sudden question, so she subconsciously opened her mouth.

When her gaze met the eyes of the fans beside her that suddenly lit up, she finally reacted.

She hurriedly swallowed the rest of her words into her stomach.

“Oh — so theyve already kissed! Tsk tsk!” Unfortunately, Mark had already heard what she had just said clearly.

His face could not help but carry a hint of ridicule, and he even dragged out her tone as if it was a matter of fact.

Obviously, everyone was quite interested in this gossip.

They stared at Mo Chu expectantly while giving Mark on the stage a meaningful look.

Good question! Continue!

“Sigh, Marshal Ning is also young.” Marks tone was laced with ridicule.

“Its normal for him to be unable to control himself occasionally.”

Thats right! Looking at Mo Chus current appearance, her face was flushed red and her eyes were watery.

This really added a hint of beauty to her clarity.

Not to mention that Marshal Ning was just a young man who had just come of age, every other man would be dumbfounded!

Even though the Federations laws clearly stated that both men and women had to be 30 years old before they could be considered adults, everyone had basically already fully developed by the time they were around 20 years old.

This was similar to the 21st century, which restricted men to be 22 years old and women to be 20 years old before they could get married.

The Federation also restricted men and women to be married for a certain period of time.

However, the 21st century was meant to limit the population, while the Federation was meant to be able to give birth to more people.

After hundreds of years of research by the Federation, the experts had finally calculated that the best age to give birth was between 30 and 50 years old, which was why they had made such a rule.

“Sigh, dont be shy!” Looking at Mo Chus shy and shy appearance, Mark suddenly felt like he was that kind of wretched and weird uncle.

His heart could not help but feel a little stifled…

“However, there are still many good men in our Federation.

Little Chu, dont be so sure of Marshal Ning!” As he said that, Mark even winked at her.

His azure blue eyes flashed like a sapphire.

“Isnt that right Theres a good candidate right in front of you!”

“Hmph! An old man, and you still have the cheek to have designs on my little Chu” Upon hearing that, Mo Yang, who was sitting at the front row, instantly had a nasty expression on his face.

He muttered to himself, “Theres also that fellow Ning Yiyuan.

He actually dared to touch my Little Chu.

I knew that this Kids intentions were impure!”

Although Mo Yang had lowered his voice, Song Qingsong and Qin Yue, who were sitting on both sides, had sharp ears and sharp eyes.

When they heard his words, they sighed.

He was indeed a sis-con.

They could not afford to offend him!

Besides, how was this Mark old He was not even 60 years old this year, right He was also a golden bachelor!

However, in Mo Yangs eyes, all the men who wanted to snatch Mo Chu from him were probably not good people!

However, when Mark said this, he immediately won the hearts of many single men.

This was great! Finally, someone realized our existence! It was too rare!

One by one, they began to express their feelings on the Starnetw:

“Little Chu, do you still need a Guardian The kind that can earn money, act cute, and warm the bed for free”

“Thats right! Raise your hand and sign up.

Welcome to the inspection, Welcome to the inspection.”

“Add me!”

Mo Chus popularity on the internet had always been very high.

In the beginning, it was because of the quiet and peaceful temperament that she had displayed on the reality show.

This was completely different from the current trend of the Federations women being arrogant and despotic.

In an instant, she had attracted everyones attention.

In addition, Mo Chu had shown off her intelligence and ability time and time again, causing everyone to be filled with admiration for her.

It started with her looks, and finally, her talent, and her character!

The moment this interview program was released… Everyone instantly felt that the distance between them and their goddess had increased by a huge step.

Wow! My Little Chus face is blushing!

This little appearance of hers could not be any more loving.

A large group of single men who were eyeing her covetously instantly felt as if their wives in their hearts had materialized! And this skill of cooking Spirit Food! Little Chu, quickly turn around and look at us! Theres still a forest blooming for you at this moment!

“Theres no need, I… Eh” Before Mo Chu could finish speaking, a surprised expression appeared on her face, immediately arousing everyones curiosity.

Mo Chus gaze shifted.

At the entrance of the interview room, a tall and straight figure was striding over.

As he walked, he faintly revealed a somewhat reserved coldness and indifference.

His handsome face froze slightly.

However, when the camera focused on his eyes, it was only then that they realized that the gaze that he and Mo Chu looked at each other with was unbelievably gentle!

Holy sh*t!

Isnt this… isnt this Marshal Ning

Everyone could not help but hold their breaths, but their hearts were so excited that they almost jumped out of their chests!

Sob… They really wanted to chat with someone to express the pleasant surprise that was about to explode in their hearts.

However, as Ning Yiyuan walked closer, the entire interview room fell into an inexplicable silence.

It seemed that even breathing a little harder would break this atmosphere.

Therefore, everyone pursed their lips and stare at Ning Yiyuan.

They did not even want to blink, but they were secretly happy in their hearts.

Damn it! Todays ticket was really worth it! It was definitely worth the ticket price!

“… Why are you here” In the end, it was still Mo Chu who spoke in surprise.

Her words were like that of an old couple.

“Didnt you say that you have to deal with the rest of the matters of the military exercise Are you done”

“How can I not come” Ning Yiyuans lips curved slightly.

He stepped onto the stage with his strong long legs, and his tone was full of affection.

“If it were any later, my wife would have been kidnapped.”

For some reason, when he heard this, Mark suddenly felt a chill on his back.

He subconsciously took two steps back, leaving the stage for the two of them to hide behind.

The audience below the stage had long been stirred up by Ning Yiyuans words!

“Damn! I didnt expect you to be such a softie… No! Give back the cold and aloof Marshal Ning in my heart!”

“Damn, is Marshal Ning acting coquettishly to Little Chu I cant believe it!”

“Hehe! Im already blinded by the light!”

The majority of the people expressed that they were unable to react in time after being exposed to this affectionate scene without any warning!

However, Mo Chu, who was on stage, was even more unable to react.

“How… How can you say that!”

As she said that, Mo Chus gaze was still directed towards the camera above, hinting at Ning Yiyuan.

This was a live broadcast of the entire Federation! Arent you being a little too careless Dont you want your usual cold and aloof image

Initially, he thought that Ning Yiyuan would know what she meant and restrain himself a little.

However, to her surprise, this fellow actually went even further! He raised his brows slightly and said with a slightly aggrieved tone, “So, are you prepared to give up on me from the start”

What the heck!

The audience below became even more excited by Ning Yiyuans act of cuteness! They all expressed that there was too much love in the air, and they could no longer withstand it!

Before Mo Chu could recover from her shock, Ning Yiyuan suddenly curled the corners of his mouth, and his gaze softened.

Thus, his originally cold and indifferent expression instantly became like spring water, warming up quite a bit.

His facial features were originally three-dimensional, and his temperament was extraordinary.

If he were to smile lightly, the effect would definitely be more lethal than that of an ordinary person!

As a result, even Mark, who was a man, could not help but mutter to himself, “I finally understand why Marshal Ning always has a cold expression on his face.

His smile is simply invincible!”

According to the programs post-event statistics, the moment Ning Yiyuan smiled, the online screen capture rate reached the highest! Indeed, a mans sex appeal was alluring!

“Little Chu,” as soon as he finished speaking, Ning Yiyuan suddenly knelt down on one knee with his right hand behind his back.

His tone was sincere and earnest, and his pair of eyes firmly grabbed Mo Chus gaze.

“Let me be your Guardian!”

Wow! Ning Yiyuans action caused the entire scene to explode!


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