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In the following month, it was unknown what methods Ning Yiyuan had used.

The people around Mo Yang had all defected without any moral integrity, and all of them had silently joined the other partys camp.

Usually, they would take advantage of the training break to chat while they were having a good time.

Suddenly, the topic changed, and they could bring up the matter between Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu.

In the end, they did not forget to add a heartfelt sentence: “Enough, Mo Yang.

Marshal Ning is not having an easy time, so dont stop him!”

Every now and then, someone would say this in his ear, causing Mo Yangs face to become darker and darker day by day.

Hehe! Ill stop him.

What are you going to do about it

Forget about the others, in the end, even Qin Yue ran over and forcefully started brainwashing Mo Yang.

He kept repeating the same words over and over again, emphasizing Ning Yiyuans identity and strength, or how deep his feelings for Little Chu were.

In the end, he even concluded with a sentence, “Look… These two were a perfect match, a perfect match! If you were to break them up, that would be heartless, cruel, and unreasonable!”

“Alright, tell me.” Mo Yang rubbed his furrowed brows and said, “How much did Ning Yiyuan pay you”

When he heard this, Qin Yue immediately put on a loyal look that saidyou can never buy me over.

He said seriously, “Hmph! What kind of person do you think I am How could I, Qin Yue, do such a thing Look, the wordsupright and kind are carved on my forehead…”

“Speak English!”

After being glared at by Mo Yang, Qin Yue finally put away his previous expression and rubbed his hands with a chuckle.

“… Well, Ning Yiyuan said that if I can do this, he will give me a newly developed A-54 mecha!”

That was a treasure that Qin Yue had coveted for a long time.

Thinking about the smooth lines, the sensitive touch, and the powerful attack power… just thinking about it made him drool uncontrollably!

He smacked his lips.

At this moment, Qin Yues expression was that of a pervert fantasizing about a beautiful woman, which made Mo Yang look disgusted.

“So you sold me out just to get a broken mech”

“What” Qin Yues eyes widened, and he immediately smacked his chest loudly.

“How can I be this kind of person who forgets loyalty for profit”

You are! — these two words were written in Mo Yangs eyes.

“Well…” When Qin Yue met Mo Yangs disdainful gaze, he immediately shrank back.

“Am I not doing this for the sake of everyone Little Chu and Marshal Ning are on good terms.

Isnt it a problem for you to be stuck in the middle like this”

“Besides, even if you can stop them, how long can you stop them” Whenever a female from the Federation had a gene rank above B Class and had yet to get married after reaching a certain age, the government would force her to find a partner, this was all for the sake of smoothly passing on more outstanding genes.

This was also one of the reasons why Federation women were able to enjoy so many privileges.

Rights and obligations were often complementary to each other.

Hearing Qin Yues gentle suggestion, Mo Yang quickly understood the meaning behind it, and his gaze could not help but become hesitant.

Hey! Theres a way!

Qin Yue quickly struck while the iron was hot, racking his brains to continue his persuasion, “I also know how much you love Little Chu, but you have to ask Little Chus opinion on this matter! If shes really willing to swear an oath with Ning Yiyuan, wouldnt you be creating trouble for her by putting on this stance”

Uh… Mo Yang thought for a moment, then raised his head in surprise and said in a slightly surprised tone, “I didnt expect that you, Kid, would be able to say such a thing one day!”

What did he mean

When he heard this, Qin Yue was immediately displeased and flew toward Mo Yang with his sharp eyes.

Brother, I am also a rather intelligent man, alright

“Alright.” Mo Yang stood up.

“I will have to ask Little Chu about this matter.”

The two of them had just been talking in the study on the second floor.

Now, as soon as they walked down the stairs, a strong fragrance rushed straight to their noses!

“Aiya, Little Chus craftsmanship is getting better and better!” Qin Yue sighed as if it was a serious matter.

Then, he ran to the kitchen like a child.

Mo Chus Spirit Food Shop had resumed its normal sales, and the number of magical plants and magical beasts it received was also increasing.

Thats right, other than magical plants, she had also started to buy magical beasts.

After all, the power of the masses was boundless, and they could not be ignored.

Of course, Mo Chu had also made it clear earlier that the magical plants and magical beasts that she collected were all to remove the remnants of energy.

Hence, the number of ingredients that she received was simply increasing by the day.

Everyone went to the Magical Region to obtain the magical plants and magical beasts for the energy portion of their bodies.

The moment Mo Chu mentioned this, everyone enthusiastically sent the remaining magical beasts and magical plants to Mo Chu.

They were also dreaming.

If Mo Chu obtained more materials, perhaps he would be able to develop more and faster Spirit Food in the future! With this thought in mind, everyone gifted her happily!

They even repeatedly expressed that they did not have anything else, but these materials were definitely enough!

Just like that, Mo Chu took the few ingredients that he had just received and made a few new dishes.

One serving of spring rolls and one serving of donkey rolls.

They were not considered staple food, but they were good enough to be used as snacks.

Just as the plate was being served, she saw Qin Yue walking over with an expectant look on his face.

Mo Chu could not help but chuckle.

“What a coincidence.

Come, help me taste this.

How does it taste”

“Sure!” Qin Yue answered cleanly.

The spring rolls and the fried chop rice cakes were still steaming!

That mellow and sweet smell assaulted his nostrils, making him want to drool!

Qin Yue could not wait to bring his chopsticks over.

He immediately grabbed a piece of fried chop rice cake and threw it into his mouth.

“Ohh –” He bit open the outer layer of skin with his teeth, and the semi-liquid bean paste inside gushed out.

It burst open like lava, hot and scalding.

However, there was an indescribable fragrance in the hot air, and it also brought with it the slightly frozen texture of the bean paste.

It was very beautiful!

He could not bear to spit it out, so Qin Yue opened his mouth slightly and exhaled twice with all his strength.

He waited for the temperature of the bean paste in his mouth to drop a little before continuing to taste it.

Hmm… There was a hint of sweetness mixed in with the soft and sticky taste.

With a little sesame in it, the umami flavor was greatly enhanced.

Coupled with the crispy crust, it matched perfectly!

Although the ingredients were very simple, the texture did not appear monotonous.

Instead, it felt a little dizzy.

“Why are you rushing” Seeing Qin Yue directly grab it with his hands, Mo Chu could not help but shake her head.

She stuffed the chopsticks into Qin Yues hands.

“Here, use this!”

“About that…” Qin Yue licked the remaining red bean paste on his hands.

He laughed so hard that his teeth could not see his eyes.

“The main thing is that the food you made, Little Chu, is too delicious!”

As he said that, he held his chopsticks and attacked another spring roll.

The spring roll was sweet and salty because the fried chop rice cake had already taken up the sweet taste.

This time, Mo Chu made a salty spring roll with oily skin.

It was just right to go with it so that it would not taste too greasy.

The spring roll had been placed for a while, so it was not too hot.

Especially when the outer skin was fried until it was golden yellow.

At this moment, one could even faintly see the filling of the vegetables inside.

Two small spring rolls that were as wide as two fingers were neatly placed on a plate, just the visual enjoyment was already very good.

After lightly blowing twice, Qin Yue was relieved and took a big bite!

The crispy skin wrapped the filling and chewed it together.

It was fragrant and crisp.

The filling inside was pork, winter bamboo shoots, and mustard greens.

The three were perfectly blended together.

The winter bamboo shoots and mustard greens absorbed the excess fat in the pork and added some freshness and freshness to the filling.

On top of that, the filling that Mo Chu put was just right.

It was neither salty nor light, just right, how could it not be delicious

“Brother, try it too.” Mo Chu stared at Qin Yue, who was immersed in the world of gourmet food, and handed the bowl and chopsticks to Mo Yang.

“In case Qin Yue snatches all of them later.”


With Qin Yues stance ofEat them all and swallow them all, it was likely that he would not have much time to eat these two plates of fried chop rice cakes and spring rolls!

As for Roundy and Little Flying Fox, Mo Chu had already prepared the quantity of these two little fellows and gave it to them.

Otherwise, they would have caused a ruckus by now.

How could they still be so quiet

Sitting on the stool, Mo Chu also picked up a pair of chopsticks and stuffed a fried chop rice cake into her mouth, savoring the taste.

She had some thoughts in her mind.

There was only a small portion of the energy from the magical plants and magical beasts.

The rest of the energy was either discarded or used for toxicity tests.

However, the latter portion was also very small.

It could be said that the waste rate of the magical plants and magical beasts was very high.

However, it was different for her.

Looking at the snacks on the table, Mo Chus eyes became brighter and brighter.

She could use thesediscarded materials to make safe and delicious food and make full use of their value.

However, the problem now was how to expand production.

This was still an unsolved problem…

“Little Chu! Little Chu!” Mo Yang nudged her gently.

“What are you thinking about Youre so engrossed in your thoughts that you didnt even hear me ask you a question.”

“Ah, whats wrong”

“Hmph.” Mo Yang coughed twice and turned his eyes slightly.

“Do you really… Like that guy Ning Yiyuan”


Wasnt he eating happily Why did his style suddenly change

Not hearing his sisters answer, Mo Yang turned his head with satisfaction.

“Dont worry.

As long as you dont like him, we dare to reject even Ning Yiyuan!”

Did she say she was not willing

Qin Yue, who had a fried chop rice cake in his hand, tried his best to stuff it into his mouth.

He even paid attention to the movements between the two from time to time.

When he saw Mo Yangs self-righteous reaction, he could not help but shake his head.

Little Chu was not the kind of woman who liked to hang around others.

Since she was able to get so close to Marshal Ning, she obviously liked him!

As expected, Mo Chu shook her head very quickly.

She closed his eyes slightly and said softly, “I… Like him.”

In the 21st century, she was busy making a living and did not have the time to fall in love.

However, she was not totally ignorant about love.

At least now, she was very clear that she really liked Ning Yiyuan!

When the two of them were together, the bubble-like sweetness in their hearts could not be faked.

Upon hearing this, Mo Yangs face could not help but pause.

He even specially asked again, “Little Chu, arent you going to think more about it Were not in a hurry!”

“Theres really no need.” At first, Little Chu was quite shy when it came to this question, but now she was much calmer.

“Hes very good, really good.”

These short words were filled with sweetness and trust.

“Okay, I got it.” For some reason, Mo Yang felt a little stifled at this moment.

He always had the feeling that the delicate cabbage that he had painstakingly raised was being eaten by a pig.

He waved his hand at Mo Chu in a slightly dejected manner.

“Didnt you say that you were going to the laboratory Hurry up!”

“Oh! Right!” Mo Chu finally reacted after her brothers reminder.

She quickly put the spring rolls and fried chop rice cakes into the terminal and prepared to bring them to Master Chen Bai for a taste.

“Brother, Ill be leaving first.

I should be back in the afternoon.”

“Okay.” Seeing Little Chus figure disappear from his sight, Mo Yang turned his head and looked at Qin Yue, whose mouth was full of bean paste.

The corner of his mouth could not help but twitch.

“Alright, let that Brat Ning Yiyuan come over and talk to me!”

Hearing this, Qin Yue, who was originally focused on feeding, suddenly stopped and desperately swallowed the spring roll in his mouth.

Only then did he shout in pleasant surprise, “Wow, youve finally thought it through.

Dont worry, Ill contact Marshal Ning immediately!”

It was his first time being a lobbyist, and it went so smoothly.

Qin Yue could not help but give himself a few likes.

His heart was even more excited.

Aiyo, my little A-54 mecha, wait for Big Brother, Big Brother will come and hug you very soon!

On the other side, Ning Yiyuan, who had received the accurate news, immediately took action.

Fortunately, he had finished all the more important documents recently.

The rest were insignificant, so he directly handed them over to Zhong Wen and the others to handle.

Finally, he looked at his clothes and appearance… Hmm, very good, there were no problems.

“Boss, you can do it! We support you!” Before leaving, Zuo Lin and Zhong Wen did not forget to cheer for their Boss.

Speaking of which, they felt sad.

It was not easy to reach this step!


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