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Ning Yiyuan arrived at the Mo family as fast as lightning.

The moment he opened his mouth, he called outBrother! Without any hesitation.

Mo Yang could not help but twitch his brows.

He held his breath for a long time before he said, “Come and sit.”

“Okay.” Ning Yiyuan nodded.

He did not hesitate and directly sat opposite Mo Yang.

Even though Ning Yiyuan had restrained himself, the domineering and dignified aura on his body still made people not dare to underestimate him.

He was like a sword that had not been unsheathed.

Just the cold air emanating from his body was enough to let people understand how powerful it was.

Even Mo Yang had to admit that Ning Yiyuan was outstanding.

He was only a young adult, yet he had already reached such a height that ordinary people couldnt surpass.

His ability was naturally evident.

Even if the Ning family had helped him, his own achievements could not be erased.

However, when he thought about how this guy wanted to snatch his sister, Mo Yangs thoughts immediately changed..

“… Alright, tell me, Whats your plan with Little Chu” No matter how unwilling he was, Mo Yang was still willing to respect his sisters thoughts.

When it came to serious matters, Ning Yiyuan immediately perked up.

That cautious look of his was even more nervous than any previous battle.

He placed his hands on his knees as if he was reporting a military report, “Brother, dont worry.

You know the law ofGuardians.

Ill definitely treat Little Chu well in the future.

Just wait and see!”

No matter how flowery his words were, they could not compare to actual actions.

This was something both of them were very clear about.

As expected, upon hearing this, Mo Yangs expression turned a little better.

“What about the time for the two of you to swear an oath”

“What do you think… about the middle of this month”

The moment Ning Yiyuan said this, Mo Yangs originally cloudy and sunny expression immediately turned dark.

What The middle of this month

Today was the 10th.

In other words, there were less than five days left before you want to swear an oath with my little Chu Hehe! You really dare to mention it!

“Yes,” Ning Yiyuans face was still calm.

He even made a promise.

“Brother, dont worry.

I have prepared everything.

There will definitely be no problem.”

You dont have a problem, but I do!

Mo Yangs face darkened and he immediately waved his hand, “No! Time is too tight.

Change to another date!”

“Thats not very good.” Ning Yiyuan frowned.

It seemed that he was not willing to give in.

“I have specially looked for someone to take a look at this time.

Other than this day, there havent been any good days recently.”

Ning Yiyuan had been looking forward to this for a long time.

It was not easy for him to be able to distinguish between himself and his wife.

Naturally, he was not willing to waste any more time.

“I dont believe that theres only one day left.

If it really doesnt work, Ill push it to next year or the year after next!” Mo Yang actually hoped that the time would be as late as possible.

How could his precious sister be handed over to another man to protect No! It was best to keep it under his nose.

“Umm…” Hearing this, Ning Yiyuans expression finally wavered.

Even his persuasion attacks became fiercer.

“Brother, think about it.

After a while, you should officially enter the army, right When that time comes, there wont be enough time.

For such an important swearing-in ceremony, Little Chu definitely hopes that youll be present.”

Thats right.

In the year Little Chu disappeared, Mo Yang had started his crazy cross-grade mode, forcefully breaking through from a new student who had just entered the academy to an advanced student.

The Federation Military Academy recognized ones strength.

To put it bluntly, as long as ones strength passed the test and could successfully pass the cross-grade test, then this matter would be set in stone.

No one would raise the slightest objection.

However, it was not that easy to jump levels.

Putting everything else aside, just the Military Academys normal promotion review system was very strict.

Not only did it require ones academic results to meet the standards, it also required ones practical results to meet the standards.

Those who did not meet these two requirements were immediately expelled and eliminated by the Military Academy without a second thought.

It was said that, the Military Academys annual pass rate was only 60%.

The difficulty of leveling up was not low, not to mention crossing grades!

It was also because of this that Mo Yangs feat of jumping three grades in a year was really eye-catching.

However, what Ning Yiyuan said just now made sense.

Hearing this, Mo Yang frowned slightly… He thought very clearly that Little Chu only had him as a family member.

Only if he stood firm and walked far would Little Chu have enough power to speak! “But the middle of this month is really too fast.”

“… then lets make it the middle of next month!” Ning Yiyuan endured the pain and finally let out a sigh of relief.

Did not you just say that there would not be any good days in the near future Arent you slapping yourself right now!

“Cough cough…” Even Ning Yiyuan, who was thick-skinned, could not help but blush slightly when he met Mo Yangs teasing gaze.

He coughed lightly twice.

“Next months time is indeed not as good as this months, but its still not bad.”

Hehe! If I believe you again, Im a pig!

After thinking carefully for a moment, Mo Yang finally nodded.

“Alright, then lets do it in the middle of next month.”

“Okay!” Hearing this, Ning Yiyuans face lit up.

He stood up excitedly and pulled out an invitation card from the terminal and handed it to Mo Yang.

“Brother, this is the oath-taking invitation card that I prepared earlier.

Do you think you can give me some advice”

… Oath-taking invitation card

Upon hearing these words, Mo Yang was slightly taken aback.

It had already been several decades since anyone in the Federation had held an oath-taking ceremony.

As such, they were rather unfamiliar with the process of it.

On the other hand, Ning Yiyuan was rather well prepared.

“I want to give Little Chu the best.

Shes worth it!”

Upon hearing these words, Mo Yang could not help but feel a sense of comfort in his heart.

For the first time, he felt a sense of agreement with Ning Yiyuan.

What was the best way to get close to a sis-con

Ning Yiyuan had clearly gradually discovered the secret behind this: Praise his sister, and praise her to death! This was definitely one of the safest methods.

“Oh right, I still have to inform Little Chu about this.” Once the matter was settled, Ning Yiyuans entire being was filled with a feeling of being in high spirits after a joyous occasion.

His brows and eyes had become much brighter.

“Yes, she should be in the laboratory now.” Mo Yangs conscience was aroused, and he took the initiative to inform Ning Yiyuan of Little Chus location.

“Hey, good! Thank you, Brother!” Although Ning Yiyuan had long known about Mo Chus whereabouts, he still had a grateful look on her face.

After watching Ning Yiyuan walk far away, Mo Yangs gaze finally landed on the invitation card in his hand.

Heh! Not to mention, Ning Yiyuan had probably put in quite a bit of effort.

Just the design and tailoring alone was not something that an ordinary person could come up with.

Even his tone was a little official — Welcome to the swearing-in ceremony held by Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan on the 15th of October… Huh

Thats not right!

Mo Yang narrowed his eyes.

The 15th of October the middle of next month, right

… So Ning Yiyuan had already filled in the time

It was only at this moment that Mo Yang came back to his senses!

Ning Yiyuan, this Brat, probably had the intention of starting from the middle of next month.

The reason why he brought up this months matter first was so that he could have the Capital to bargain! Thinking back on Ning Yiyuans words just now, Mo Yangs face darkened even more.

Now that he thought about it, that guy was full of tricks!

He could not help but clench his teeth.

He could not help but think to himself,If youre so capable, why dont you go to Heaven What was the point of playing in the military If he joined the business world as soon as possible, there might even be another genius!

On the other side, Ning Yiyuan, who had not noticed that his actions had been exposed, was in a good mood.

Along the way, he had a smile on his face, which made his distinct face look like a god.

This was incredible!

Ning Yiyuan, who had always walked the cold and indifferent path, had actually become as warm as the spring breeze.

This was big news! In an instant, she attracted the attention of many military academy students.

“I didnt expect to see Marshal Ning transform into a warm man one day.

Aww, Im so touched!”

“He must be looking for Little Chu.

This route is obviously to the laboratory under Exalted Chen.”

“The two of them are really a perfect match.

Im going to support them!”

The chattering voices rang out, but it did not affect Ning Yiyuans footsteps at all.

Her long legs crossed and her steps were firm and persistent.

“Why are you here” She had just turned a corner when he saw Mo Chus figure.

Clearly, she had just come out of the laboratory.

Seeing a long tail following behind Ning Yiyuan, Mo Chu could not help but raise her eyebrows in surprise.

Ning Yiyuan took a few steps forward and held Mo Chus tender hand.

His voice was gentle as he said, “Im here to bring you home.”

Ning Yiyuans words could not have been simpler, but they were filled with a sense of love.

They were calm and contained a strong sense of warmth and sweetness.

The corners of Mo Chus mouth curled up slightly.

She held Mo Chus big hand and replied in a low voice, “Okay.”

The two of them left hand in hand.

One of them was tall, while the other was low.

However, the two of them looked exceptionally harmonious.

“I dont know why, but when I saw them walking together, I suddenly felt so warm.”

“Me too!”

“I always feel like I smell a sweet scent of love.

Sob, sob, I want to fall in love too!”

“Girl, Im available!”

“Get lost!”

Voices rose one after another.

Qiao Hongmei hid at the back of the crowd and watched the two of them leave.

Suddenly, she let out a low laugh.

She had long lost her former glory and was dressed in ordinary clothes.

Although her face was bright and beautiful, there was an additional haze and gloom that lingered on her face.

She seemed to be mumbling and mocking herself at the same time, “Whats there to compare I cant compare to her.

I cant compare to her for the rest of my life…”

The Qiao family had already fallen.

The family that she was proud of had become her biggest burden.

If it was not for her ability and her female identity, she probably would not have been able to stay in the Military Academy.

Even so, her life was far more difficult than before.

Human relationships were ever-changing.

One day it was cold, the other warm.

In the past year or so, she had had a good taste of this experience.

Not to mention finding trouble, even when she was on a mission, there would always be people who would trip her up from time to time.

After all, with her status in the Qiao family in the past, she had offended many people.

Now that she had lost her status, there would always be people who wanted to step on her.

Thinking of the disdain and ridicule she had towards Mo Chu in the past, Qiao Hongmei suddenly laughed bitterly.

She always felt that that period of unbridled arrogance was really too long ago, so long that she had already forgotten her original appearance…


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