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“Youre overthinking it, okay” Mo Chu rubbed her furrowed brows.

This guy was a little too crooked, right Werent they just discussing the future of these things Why did the topic suddenly change to private money

Hearing this, Qin Yues face immediately turned stern.

He said earnestly, “Little Chu, youre still young and dont know much about this aspect.

You have to know that this problem can not be ignored! Take a look…”

Seeing that Qin Yue was about to give a long speech, Song Qingsong immediately stopped him.

“What It sounds like you have quite a bit of experience”

One sentence was enough to kill him!

Qin Yue was about to teach Mo Chu a good lesson, but as soon as Almighty Song said this, the rest of his words were forcefully stuck on the spot.


… What kind of experience could he have

He was just a pitiful single dog, man!

Qin Yue, who had been hit in the vital spot, silently took a step back and went off to soothe his injured little heart alone… Sob, this world was really too cruel, even such a cute single dog like him had to be abused! Inhumane!

“Ow, ow –” The commotion attracted Roundy and Little Flying Fox.

Coincidentally, they bumped into Roundy and Little Flying Fox, who had just woken up in the house.

The two of them came out.

When they saw the gift boxes that filled the living room, their eyes immediately lit up and they began to fiddle with them.

Their movements were so fast that it was really swishing!

In the blink of an eye, the originally beautifully wrapped box was torn apart by the two of them.

However, they clearly knew their limits.

They clearly knew that they could not break the thing inside, and they were still slightly restrained in their attacks!

“Li Li –” Looking at the small piece of cloth in the box, the Little Flying Foxs clear eyes could not help but reveal some curiosity.

What was this thing

Two circular enclosures and two attached belts…

No one knew how the Little Flying Fox suddenly thought of something, but it actually raised its little claws and put the cloth upside down on its head.

The two enclosures just happened to cover its two pointed ears.

The position was just right, and the little fellow also felt that it was quite beautiful, it even deliberately circled around the box twice, looking very happy!

On the other hand, Mo Chu, who was watching from the side, was dumbstruck… What the f*ck! This Ning Yiyuan actually gave her lingerie! — but at this moment, this soft and smooth lingerie was being used as a hat on the Little Flying Foxs head!

In an instant, Mo Chus heart was filled with a myriad of curses…

Feeling the fervent gaze from the side, the Little Flying Fox became even more excited.

It even shook its head at them with interest, and then the underwear on its head also started to shake, that pink and tender color was simply too eye-catching…

This time, it was Mo Chus turn to scream in pain.

With a mournful howl, Mo Chus face was slightly red as he directly dashed over.

His large hand accurately grabbed, and he put away all the underwear on the Little Flying Foxs head and the scattered underwear in the box, stuffing them all into the terminal.

Aiya, f*ck! This was a huge loss of face!

Mo Chus movements were too fast.

In just the span of a breath, Little Flying Fox felt a weight on its head.

Eh… Something seemed to be missing

The little guy first shook its head in puzzlement.

It did not feel the existence of the thing on its head.

Only then did it carefully use its claws to probe upwards.

When it touched a ball of ethereal air, its originally showing off expression immediately dimmed.

Woo woo, the good-looking hat was gone.

It was unhappy..

On the other side, Roundy was even more high!

It did not know if it was because he found an inexplicable pleasure from opening the box, but its eyes were frighteningly bright!

With a slight scratch from his sharp claws, the beautifully decorated box was cut open from the middle, revealing all kinds of gifts.

Everyone was dazzled and unable to take in all of them.

“Ao ao –”

What was this

A large box of lipstick was rummaged out by Roundy.

Inside, there were various colors, types, and everything.

If it was someone in the industry who was here, they would have cried out in surprise when they saw this box of lipstick! This was the most expensive brand of lipstick in the galaxy, Dioe!

It was said that this brand had been passed down from thousands of years ago.

It had always been famous for being a tsundere brand.

Every year, it only sold 100 lipsticks, and the price had always been high.

Even so, there were still people who rushed to order it!

Looking at the entire set in Mo Chus box, they carefully counted and almost covered all the models that Dioe had produced in the past ten years… Oh my, what the heck! This was no longer the realm of the rich…

“Wait, dont!” Mo Chu suddenly let out a wail, but it was already too late to stop Roundys actions.

She did not know how this little fellow had opened the outer shell of the lipstick.

As soon as it saw the bright and beautiful color, it immediately cried out in excitement.

Then, it held the lipstick and immediately applied it on its face.

It was originally fine, but after a slight scratch, it was frightened by Mo Chus howl.

Its round claws could not help but tremble.

The lipstick twisted and turned from its right face to its chin.

It was a brilliant and colorful sight!

Wow, it was such a good orange lipstick, but it was ruined by Roundy… what a waste of gods gift! Mo Chu rushed over with a pained expression.

He snatched the remaining lipstick from Roundys paws and stuffed them into the terminal.

“Awoo!” Roundy was displeased when it saw the empty paws.

It raised its head arrogantly and glared at Mo Chu with its bright red eyes, it was still breathing hot air out of its nostrils.

What was going on Could it be that this Young Masters value was not comparable to these broken toys

To be honest, if it was a different model, Roundys aura would have been able to produce some effect.

However, now that it had a fair and tender face… No, after being drawn just now, it could only be considered a little kitten now.

It looked even less powerful.

“Alright, stop fooling around.” Mo Chu held back her laughter and patted Roundys little head as a form of consolation.

Qin Yue, who was standing at the side, could not hold back his laughter when he saw Roundys silly look.

He immediately laughed out loud.

Oh my… these two magical beasts that Mo Chu raised were really funny!

One of them had used her underwear as a hat, while the other had smeared lipstick on its face.

It did not look like a ferocious beast at all.

It was clearly even funnier than the most docile pug on the internet!

Qin Yues smile had offended the magical beasts!

Roundy immediately targeted him.

It did not care about the lipstick that Mo Chu had put away.

With a roar, it ran straight towards Qin Yue.

Its sharp claws flashed as it greeted him on the face.

Hmph! If I dont teach you a lesson, you will never learn!

As soon as Roundy made its move, Little Flying Fox followed behind it.

Thus, the entire living rooms outer corridor was filled with Qin Yues intermittent wails.

“Ah! Dont bite, dont bite my butt…”

“Go away quickly! Little Chu, help! Hurry up and control your familys demonic beasts…”

“Alright, I was wrong.

I was wrong, alright, Master”

“Umm…” the soldier beside him clearly knew the power of Roundy and the Blood Luminescent Beast.

Seeing Qin Yues pale face, he hesitated and asked, “Should we help him”

Before Mo Chu could speak, Mo Yang shook his head, “No need.

Roundy and the Little Flying Fox know their limits.

At most, Qin Yue will only suffer a little bit of physical pain.

Nothing serious will happen.”

“Mo Yang, you ungrateful brat!” Hearing this, Qin Yues face became even more bitter.

What did he mean by suffering a little at most He had suffered a great deal!

After exchanging a few moves with Roundy, Qin Yue had no choice but to admit that the Blood Luminescent Beast was indeed ferocious.

Not to mention biting people, just being scratched by it was enough…

Turning her head to look at the pile of presents in the living room, Mo Chus brows could not help but twitch slightly.

In just a short while, more than half of the presents were opened by Roundy and Little Flying Fox.

Fortunately, the items inside were still intact.

Otherwise, she would really vomit blood.

However, even if that was the case, there was no way for her to return them.

“Ill take the presents.

Sorry to trouble you.” As he said that, Mo Chu activated his special ability.

With a wave of his hand, he directly put all the presents into the terminal.

After the presents were put away, the living room immediately became much more spacious, “Oh, right, here are some snacks that I made two days ago.

You should try them too.”

“No need to trouble you.

I dont…” The soldiers originally resolute heart was shaken when he saw the steaming spring rolls and the fried chop rice cakes that Mo Chu took out.

He hesitated for a long while, he really could not resist the temptation of such a rich fragrance.

In the end, he still compromised and said, “Alright, thank you.”

Taking the food box from Mo Chu, the soldier felt the fragrance that continuously seeped into his nose and swallowed his saliva…

After successfully completing the mission and bringing back a lot of delicious food, the soldier was in an exceptionally good mood.

Even his salutation was full of vigor.

“Then Ill take my leave first.



After seeing the outsider leave, Qin Yue finally had the face to come up to him.

His face was filled with snot and tears.

In the end, he even whined with a tone of complaint, “I cant take it anymore.

Hurry up and help me.

I really cant take it anymore!”

He was already having a hard time with just one Blood Luminescent Beast.

With the addition of Little Flying Fox, there was really no way he could survive.

Moreover, the tacit understanding between these two guys was especially good.

One came to attack while the other surrounded Qin Yue.

One was playing interception while the other cut off his retreat.

He was completely helpless against them.

One had to know that Qin Yues actual combat experience was not bad, but when he encountered these two masters, in the end, he could only end up in a miserable situation!

What made him even more vexed was that he was in deep trouble by the side.

Mo Yang and Song Qingsong were actually sitting by the side and watching the show.

They were just short of having some snacks and drinks!

He just wanted to ask: Is there still brotherly love in this world

“Alright.” Roundy probably had not had enough of this chasing game.

Just as it was about to run towards Qin Yue, it was stopped by Mo Chu.

She took a piece of paper and gently wiped the lipstick mark on its face.

“Thats enough.

Stop fooling around.”

Then, the Blood Luminescent Beast that was originally incomparably ferocious suddenly quieted down.

It raised its head like an obedient child.

Mo Chu took a wet tissue to wipe the mark on its face.

Its pair of bright red eyes were wet, there was an unintentional sense of peace and tranquility… This appearance was really a world of difference from before.

Qin Yue watched from the side and could not help but sigh in his heart.

Sure enough, you cant raise a magical beast just because you wanted to!


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