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The days seemed to have passed by in the midst of such happy banter.

In the blink of an eye, it was already the 15th of October.

Mo Chu had already changed her clothes early in the morning.

Her long hair that was usually draped over her shoulders was now half tied up.

An exquisite gem hairpin was pinned on her head, revealing the bright red vermilion color at the top of the hairpin, which complemented Mo Chus jade-white skin.

She was wearing a meticulously designed red dress that reached her ankles.

No one knew how Ning Yiyuan knew her size, but this red dress fit perfectly on Mo Chus body.

The elegant yet exquisite design completely accentuated her pure and clean temperament.

She wore a pair of rhinestones on her feet, her six-centimeter high heels made Mo Chu look even more slender and graceful.

Ning Yiyuan had sent people to deliver this outfit from head to toe.

This was also one of the rules of the Guardians oath.

The Guardian was responsible for taking care of everything that a woman had on the day of the oath, from clothes to travel.

On the other hand, a woman needed to wear the clothes that the Guardian had sent.

Of course, it was up to you to decide how much to wear.

However, this also represented the womans acceptance of the Guardian to a certain extent.

The more she wore the things that the Guardian had given her, this meant that the womans satisfaction with him was higher.

On the other hand, the less she wore, it meant that her satisfaction was lower.

After dressing up, Mo Chu looked at himself in the mirror and nodded in satisfaction.

Only then did he hold the hem of her skirt and walk down.

Just as she walked down the stairs, he saw Mo Yang and the others standing upright in the living room.

Each of their faces had a serious look on them.

That battle formation was probably not any worse than a battle.

Mo Chu could not help but laugh, she called out softly, “Brother.”

Hearing the voice, he turned around.

The few of them could not help but freeze on the spot.

Perhaps it was because she was wearing a red dress, but the girl in front of them had also put on slightly bright makeup.

Her eyes were charming, and her lips were red and her teeth were white.

She actually had a beauty that people did not dare to look at.

“… Arent these shoes too high” Mo Yangs gaze quickly shifted to Mo Chus six centimeters high heels.

He frowned in worry.

“Why dont we go and change into another pair”

This stiletto felt like it could be twisted if she was not careful.

Mo Yangs heart trembled as he looked at it!

“Its fine.” Mo Chu waved her hand nonchalantly.

On the other hand, Almighty Song raised a smile and gave a pertinent opinion.

“Not bad, this outfit is very beautiful.”

Having been in the entertainment industry for so long, Song Qingsong had never seen anyone who could make this big red color look so bright.

Indeed, this color was beautiful, but it was not that easy to wear it well.

On the other hand, Little Chus outfit was very suitable.

One person and one set of clothes, and they seemed to complement each other.

Qin Yue was more talkative.

He sized up Mo Chu carefully and shook his head as he teased, “Little Chu, you must be very satisfied with Ning Yiyuan.

He gave you everything, didnt he”

It had been almost a hundred years since anyone in the Federation had taken an oath.

Qin Yue and the rest were not clear about the specific process, but there was information on the Starnet.

After a slight search, a huge pile of information popped up.

After looking at it for a few days, they finally understood what was going on.

Tch! What are you talking about!

Mo Chu rolled her eyes at Qin Yue.

Before she could say anything, Mo Yang carefully helped her onto the sofa and advised her softly, “You should sit down.”

Her worried gaze lingered on the stiletto on her feet.

It seemed like he was afraid that she would accidentally fall.

She could not help but complain, “What kind of things does Ning Yiyuan choose Cant she choose a pair of flats”

Other than the custom ofwearing everything, there was also the custom ofblocking the door.

This was somewhat similar to the wedding ceremonies in some places in the 21st century.

Basically, the female family members would deliberately make things difficult for the Guardian to show that they valued women.

Of course, this also implied a hint of warning: see, my girl is so favored at home, once you become her Guardian, you have to treat her well! Otherwise, hmph!

In the 21st century, the most common tests were theliterary test andmartial test.

The literary test was just guessing riddles, revealing some of the preferences of women…

The martial test was mostly for men to do push-ups, frog jumps and so on…

However, obviously… looking at the solemn faces of Mo Yang and the others, Mo Chu could not help but rub her twitching eyebrows, Hehe! How could her brother be satisfied with those simple things!

“Dont worry! Ive finished almost all of this equipment two days ago.” Qin Yue patted his chest so hard that it made crackling sounds.

“Just now, I even especially took a look.

As long as Ning Yiyuan knocks on the door, hehe… this continuous 30 V voltage will shock him.

Even if his reaction is fast, there are still many traps behind it! Hell have to enjoy it!”

“Yes, there are reinforcements in the back, Blood Luminescent Beast and Little Flying Fox.

Ive already informed them.” Almighty Songs usually warm face revealed a hint of blackness at this moment.

“I believe theyll do very well.”

“Yeah, then itll depend on the few of us in the end.” In the end, Mo Yang even concluded with a faint smile.

Beside him, Mo Chu could not help but cower slightly…

Thats right! They were playing this big!

One layer after another, it was almost as difficult finding the hidden treasure in the Pyramids!

However, to be able to make Ning Yiyuan suffer… for some reason, Mo Chu was also looking forward to it!

“Im coming, Im Coming.”Suddenly, Qin Yues eyes lit up.

He chuckled and stared at the camera at the door without blinking.

Ning Yiyuan was also wearing a dark red suit today.

He had never worn such an eye-catching color before.

Mo Chu thought it would be a little awkward, but now that she looked at it, she realized that this guy was wearing red rather well.

As expected, it confirmed the old saying —If youre good-looking, youll look good in anything!

“Its time to knock!” Looking at Ning Yiyuans right hand that was about to reach out, Qin Yue could not suppress the ecstasy on his face.

His mouth was about to open.

Seeing that Ning Yiyuans hand was about to touch the door and trigger the electric switch, the result was still 0.

At a distance of 001 meters, this guy actually pulled his hand back, causing Qin Yue to let out a long sigh of frustration.

“Sigh –” What a pity! Why did he pull his hand back again

Song Qingsong frowned.

“Could it be… that Ning Yiyuan saw through it”

“How is that possible” Qin Yue twisted his head.

“This is a system that I installed myself.

Its impossible for Ning Yiyuan to see through it.”

Even though he said this, Qin Yues heart was beating fast.

If it was someone else, they definitely would not be able to see through it, but if it was Ning Yiyuan…

“He has to open the door eventually,” Mo Yang added indifferently.

His words immediately caused the eyes of the two people beside him to light up.

Thats right! If he wanted to take Mo Chu away, he would have to knock on the door no matter what, right

The materials used by Qin Yue to attract electricity were the latest.

There was no such thing as insulation.

As long as he touched it, no matter which part of the human body or what was used to separate from, he would be subjected to a 30-volt electricfrenzied kiss and hug! The effect was extremely passionate!

On one side, their eyes were burning.

On the other side, Ning Yiyuan finally made some movements.

He first glanced at the miniature camera at the door, his mouth slightly opened, then slowly opened the terminal…

The people in the room were confused by Ning Yiyuans move.

If he did not hurry in to pick her up, why was he still playing with the terminal

“What did Ning Yiyuan say with his mouth” Mo Yang suddenly narrowed his eyes.

Almighty Song also reacted and frowned.

“Did Ning Yiyuan see our miniature camera just now”

What was a miniature camera As the name implied, it was a camera that was hundreds of times smaller than a grain of rice.

Logically speaking, the naked eye should not be able to see it.

How could ning Yiyuan see it

On the other hand, Mo Chu could not help but purse her lips.

Although the scene flashed past, she could clearly see what Ning Yiyuan said just now.

He said — wait for me.

Her heart could not help but feel a little sweet.

Before Song Qingsong and the others could figure out this problem, they saw Ning Yiyuan suddenly reach out to touch the door and ring the doorbell!

Their eyes instantly widened!

Why did they feel so good when they thought about how Ning Yiyuan would be electrocuted until his whole body trembled

In the end…

Ding dong —

the doorbell still rang cheerfully.

Ning Yiyuan still stood outside the door like a pine tree, looking outstanding.

The people who were waiting to watch the show were dumbfounded!

What was going on

Qin Yue was the one who did not believe it the most.

He had personally installed the system and guaranteed that there was no problem at all.

Why did it lose its effectiveness the moment it met Ning Yiyuan

“No, thats impossible.

I was clearly…”He scratched his head in annoyance.

Qin Yue quickly pulled out his real-time 3D device route and looked at it carefully.

“Look, thats right.

Why did it suddenly fail”

At first, he was worried that Ning Yiyuan had tampered with this device, so he had even especially connected a real-time operation route to guard against this kid.

But when he looked at it, the device was as good as new and there were not any problems at all.

How could Ning Yiyuan be fine

Then, Qin Yue looked at the operation diagram and was stunned…

Mo Yangs eyes suddenly flashed, and he recalled Ning Yiyuans actions just now.

He quickly opened the terminal and checked the online system of their residence.

When he saw it, his face darkened… “This Kid!”

“Whats wrong” Song Qingsong quickly leaned over and looked at Mo Yangs terminal.

He was stunned for a moment, then he could not help but laugh!

Great! Ning Yiyuan had probably already guessed that they would make such preparations.

He came actually cut off all the energy facilities in the house!

With Ning Yiyuans current status, doing such a small thing was simply a piece of cake.

It was effortless.

It was a pity that they had made so many traps previously!

With this, without the energy supply, no matter how elaborate and powerful their traps were, it would be useless!

Mo Chu listened quietly by the side.

He could not help but praise Ning Yiyuans move.

“Damn, as expected of Ning Yiyuan.

This move is f*cking awesome!” Qin Yue said through gritted teeth.

It was true.

He had spent half a month to figure out these traps.

He did not even know how many brain cells had been damaged.

At this moment, he still had two distinct dark circles under his eyes.

In the end, Ning Yiyuan ruined everything he had carefully prepared.

Not even a shadow could be seen!

“Its okay.

Isnt there still Roundy” Song Qingsong patted Qin Yues shoulder and comforted him.

“Yes!” Hearing this, Qin Yue immediately cheered up.

He wiped his face and revealed a sinister smile in his eyes.

“Roundy, that fatty, cant stand seeing Ning Yiyuan for a long time!”

Thinking about how he had been bullied by Roundy before and how Ning Yiyuan would taste it, Qin Yue finally felt a little more at ease.

The door opened, and Ning Yiyuan walked in alone.

He strode through the front porch.

After a while, he turned a corner and met Roundy and Little Flying Fox, who were full of killing intent…


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