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The news of Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu successfully swearing their vows quickly spread across the Starnet.

In particular, the few videos that were taken by the onlookers gained extremely high popularity.

In just a few minutes, the number of views and reposts rose rapidly to the peak at a visible speed, it created one jaw-dropping number after another.

The scene captured in the video made up for the regret of many fans who were unable to watch it live.

Of course, this sweet scene also caused many netizens to wail and howl!

“Is it really good for all of you to be so lovey-dovey Can you consider the existence of us single dogs”

“I swear, I saw the desire in Marshal Nings eyes!”

In the video, Ning Yiyuans uncharacteristic gentleness and indulgence blinded a group of onlookers and attracted the attention of a large group of fangirls.

Oh my God! The cold Marshal Ning actually had such a gentle side…

Look at those deep eyes, they were full of affection!

Especially the details that reflected true love.

Every time Mo Chu turned around, Marshal Ning would always hold the hem of Mo Chus skirt with care and half-embrace her, afraid that she would accidentally fall down.

This meticulous care and care was simply killing them! He was so charmed that he could not be more charming!

“Oh oh, the contrast of being charmed is so cute! Ive already been conquered by Marshal Ning and Im standing on the spot, begging to be overwhelmed…”

“Can you restrain yourself a little Lucky Star might be watching right now! But… This is also what I feel in my heart!”

“Didnt anyone notice my poor Mo Yang When we made the oath, he stood quietly by the side and didnt say anything, but his eyes were slightly red.

Sob… just looking at him makes my heart ache.

Give him a hug!”

“I saw it too.

Cough, cough, Mo Yang, if you dont mind, come into my embrace! I will definitely comfort you properly!”

“Get lost! How can you trouble him with such an arduous mission Let me handle it.”

This crazed wave of swearing had not only swept through the entire Federation, it had even spread to other galaxies.

After all, be it Ning Yiyuan or Mo Chu, these two people were characters that could not be ignored in the new generation of power within the Federation.

The moment they succeeded in swearing their oaths, they had no choice but to let people re-examine and re-evaluate their status.

The same video, but different people watching it, had different perspectives.

Different from the focus of the majority of the people, the higher-ups of the other galaxies were more focused on Ning Zhenhai!

Although in the entire video, he had only appeared for a few minutes, and was purely a side character, they did not dare to underestimate this man.

At this moment, they could see with a single glance that his injured leg had recovered.

In the past, Ning Zhenhai was a well-deserved leader in managing the galactic border region.

Whether it was his military or political ability, he was extremely outstanding.

If it was not for an accident in a war back then, he would still be in the military now, he would become a sharp knife that everyone feared!

After a few decades, almost everyone had tacitly agreed that Ning Zhenhais leg was incurable.

He had also transferred from the military to the political world because of this.

Who knew that an accident would happen now

Who was it Who was it To be able to create such a miracle

These people were all people in power.

Naturally, their thoughts were more profound than the average persons.

Very quickly, they realized the value of this.

They immediately sent people to inquire about it, but the results they obtained made them feel astonished — this was actually Mo Chus work!

Actually, Mo Chusmedical healing ability was no longer a secret in the Federation.

After all, Song Qingsong was considered a household name in the Federation.

Back then, his successful treatment of his gene disintegration disease had made Mo Chu famous! In one fell swoop, he had madeDomineering Roundy number one most popular person in the Federation back then!

However, this was only limited to within the Federation.

Ning Zhenhai was different.

Back then, his military achievements were not inferior to the current Ning Yiyuan.

That iconic face and temperament made him stand out from the crowd.

It was precisely because of this that when the news of his leg being injured spread out.

Not only did it shake the upper echelons of the Federation, it also affected the attitudes of the representatives of the other galaxies.

Now that he had recovered from his injuries, no one dared to look down on him!

Hence, the various galactic leaders who had learned of this matter became more cautious towards Mo Chu.

The direct result of this matter was that the Federation had received an additional quota ofInterstellar medical experts this year!

The meaning behind this could not be clearer.

When Elder Ning found out about this, he was beaming with joy! Did you see that Even though his granddaughter-in-law was young, her ability cannot be underestimated.

Look, this casual move of hers had shaken the entire galaxy!

A normal person would not be able to do such a thing.

“How is it Little Girl, do you want to go and broaden your horizons” Knowing this news in advance, Elder Ning simply waved his hand and called the two back.

He did not want them to be caught off guard and could only react in a hurry.

“This exchange meeting is indeed a good opportunity.” Elder Ning looked at the two little guys in front of him with satisfaction.

They were a perfect match! “However, some of the old guys inside are very stubborn.

But dont worry, as long as you want to see it, you can go!”

Elder Nings words were very clear: This exchange meeting was very pretentious and ordinary people would easily be rejected.

However, as long as Mo Chu liked it, then dont worry.

The Ning Family was her stable backing!

Mo Chu naturally understood the old mans words.

She lowered her head and thought carefully for a moment, then raised his head.

“Ill go and take a look.

After all, this is a rare opportunity.

Thank you, Grandfather.”

During this period of time, Mo Chu had been thinking about expanding the production of Spirit Food, but he had not been able to enter.

Perhaps this exchange meeting would give her some new ideas

Hearing Mo Chus words, the old mans eyes immediately became more satisfied.

The Ning Family was a large military family, so they had an attitude and confidence to face difficulties head-on.

Mo Chus action just happened to catch the old mans eye, and he nodded with satisfaction, “Okay, Ill speak on your behalf about this matter, dont bother about it.

Ning Yiyuan, come up with me, I have something to tell you.”

Although Ning Yiyuan was now the commander-in-chief of the Military District, it was not easy for him to hold on to his position.

The old man could give him a lot of help in terms of experience and connections, so it was a good opportunity for him to talk about it.

After talking in detail for more than half an hour, they had just reached the end when a strong fragrance came from downstairs.

It was trying to get into peoples noses, and it could not be blocked.

“… Ahem!” The old man came back to his senses and murmured, “This smell is quite tempting.

By the way, where were we just now”

Upon smelling this smell, Ning Yiyuan knew that Mo Chu must be working on the Spirit Food again.

Naturally, he also saw his grandfathers performance and chuckled.

“Actually, Ive said enough.

I understand what you mean.

Why dont we go down and take a look now”

Actually, the old residence did not have any kitchen facilities installed.

After all, no one would use it even if it was installed.

It was Ning Yiyuan who mentioned it a few days ago.

He did not think that the old man would actually put in so much effort and come out so quickly.

“Thank you, Grandfather.” He was very grateful for his grandfathers effort.

“What are you talking about!” The old man was obviously not used to this kind of emotional expression.

He coughed a few times, straightened his body, and deliberately walked out with a straight face.

“Let me tell you, dont think that Im doing this to please Mo Chu.

Its just that I cant bear to see her skills go to waste.”

Even though he said that, the old mans usually upright eyes were a little erratic at this moment.

One look and it was obvious that he was lying.

Seeing this, the smile in Ning Yiyuans eyes deepened, but he did not expose it.

He obediently followed the old man down the stairs.

Just as he walked down the stairs, this rich fragrance assaulted his face, as if it had already filled the entire corner.

Every breath carried a hint of the rich fragrance.

The kitchen on the right side was sizzling with the sounds of cooking.

Coupled with the fragrance and silence of the room, there was an indescribable sense of harmony and beauty.

Ning Yiyuans line of sight quickly caught sight of Mo Chu who was busy in the kitchen.

He took a step forward with his long legs in his black pants and sped up.

He strode towards the kitchen and skillfully folded the sleeves on his wrists.

He waited until he washed his hands before coming to Mo Chus side.

There was no need for Mo Chu to tell him.

He was always able to hand over plates and seasoning bottles at the most appropriate time, which saved Mo Chu a lot of trouble.

The two of them did not feel it themselves, but others saw their incomparably tacit understanding in their eyes.

The faint warmth that pervaded around the two of them could not be faked, and they could not help but feel a little envious.

To be able to find such a person who knew and cared for each other, it was truly a blessing!

Mo Chu was busy at the moment!

Considering her grandfathers age, she also put in some effort for this meal.

She tried to make it as nutritious and digestible as possible.

In the end, she still had to ensure the taste.

First, a fresh duck was split into two.

Half was used to make ginkgo duck soup, and the other half was used to make a beer duck.

In addition, there was a fermented tofu, a bamboo shoot, and a fish-scented eggplant.

There were four dishes and a soup, it was enough for the few of them to eat.

The ginkgo duck soup was already stewed over the fire.

Even though it was closed, it still revealed some fragrance.

It was faintly more attractive.

At this moment, Mo Chu started to make beer duck.

It was just in time to use the beer that she brewed some time ago.

Before this, she had already chopped the duck meat, washed it, and placed it on the side.

At this moment, she was taking out a series of seasonings.

First, she washed the anise, cinnamon, and fragrant leaves that she had discovered a while ago.

Then, she cut the chilies and aquatic plants into pieces and prepared them for use.

The most important thing in making beer duck was that the seasonings had to be sufficient in order to suppress the slight smell of game in the duck meat.

Then, she would further enhance the freshness and fragrance of the duck meat.

Only then would the taste of this dish be guaranteed.

Mo Chus movements were very smooth.

There was no need to think about it at all.

It was as smooth as flowing water.

There was a faint sense of beauty to it.

First, she boiled the water in the pot.

Then, she added a little bit of aquatic plants and some cooking wine in the water.

After the water boiled, she blanched the duck meat in the hot water to remove the foam and residual blood.

Then, she scooped up the duck meat, washed it clean with clean water, and drained the water.

Mo Chu then heated the wok and added oil.

After the oil was heated, he added water plants and stir-fried the duck meat until it was relatively dry.

At this time, he added anise, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, and stir-fried the duck meat together to stir-fry the oil.

With this small action, the fragrance of the entire duck meat suddenly intensified, causing the old man, who was originally calm and composed, to secretly take a few small steps toward the kitchen.

Mo Chu did not notice this, but the sharp Ning Yiyuan did.

The corners of his mouth could not help but curl up, but he did not forget to pass the seasoning box to Mo Chu.

Mo Chu added a little soy sauce and salt into the pot.

Finally, she added a little white sugar to stir-fry it for a moment, so that the fragrance of the seasoning and the freshness of the seasoning were evenly wrapped around the duck meat.

Finally, she picked up the beer that had been brewed by the side, opened the lid, and poured more than half of the beer into the pot.

When the fire was hot enough, she turned down the heat, added a lid, and stewed it until it was almost thick soup.

Finally, she gathered the juice.

Mo Chu had already prepared the other dishes.

By now, the duck soup was almost done stewing.

The fragrance of ginkgo and the mellow texture of the duck meat blended together, making people reluctant to take their eyes away.

With her previous experience, Ning Yiyuan took the initiative to pick up the bowls and chopsticks and carried out the dishes that were already ready.

Mo Chu stayed in the kitchen and carried out the last step of the processing of the beer duck.

As it was the first time the old man had eaten this dish, she deliberately picked out the star anise, cinnamon, and fragrant leaves, finally, she put in the dried chilli and garlic sprouts and stir-fried them for a while.

Just as she walked out of the kitchen, Mo Chu noticed that the old mans eyes were surprisingly bright.

However, he was looking not at her, but the beer duck in her hand.

It seemed that he had fallen in love with it even before he ate it!


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