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Most men loved alcohol, and Elder Ning was no exception.

Even if it was just the simplest beer, it still made Elder Nings eyes shine.

He first sniffed, and when he smelled the mellow smell of alcohol, his eyes lit up a few degrees!

Aiyo! This smell was really superb!

When it came to alcohol, it was necessary to mention the spirit wine that Mo Chus Spirit Food Shop had just put on the shelves.

As expected, this spirit wine was listed as a best-seller!

Usually, when the spirit wine was put on the shelves, it would be snatched up in less than three minutes.

If it was not for Mo Chu limiting the amount of spirit wine that everyone could buy, the amount of spirit wine would be even less.

“Are you tired” When Mo Chu put down the plate and sat down, Ning Yiyuan, who was beside him, handed the warm duck soup to her mouth and said gently, “Here, have some soup first.”

This kind of care was simply enviable!

“Okay.” Mo Chu pursed her lips and smiled at Ning Yiyuan.

Only then did she lower her head to the side of the bowl and take a sip.

She was still very confident in her cooking skills.

As expected, the moment the duck soup entered her mouth, the unique aroma immediately spread out.

The soup was already very tasty.

The ginkgo was crisp and fresh, and the duck meat was tender and smooth.

One was mellow, and the other was fresh and delicious.

When the two were mixed together, it was definitely a unique taste!

The old man sat opposite them.

When he saw the old couples attitude, he could not help but feel his teeth ache.

These two really did not let go of the opportunity to show off their love!

However, when he saw Ning Yiyuans attentive attitude, the old mans heart felt a little uncomfortable.

Hmph! He had raised this brat for so many years, but the brat had never given him a bowl of soup.

Now, he was very attentive to Mo Chu!

After drinking half a bowl of soup, Mo Chu turned her head and saw the expression on the old mans face.

Only then did she realize that their actions were a little too intimate.

Her small face felt feel a little hot, her his left hand pinched Ning Yiyuan under the table.

“Ack.” Ning Yiyuan did not guard against Mo Chus move and let out a light snort.

“Whats wrong” The old man raised his head and stared at the two people.

“No, nothing!”Then, Mo Chus face turned even redder.

He glared fiercely at Ning Yiyuan before changing the topic stiffly, “That… Oh right, grandfather, try this.

This is a new dish that Ive developed, Beer Duck.”

The old man had been drooling over this dish for a long time.

When he heard Mo Chus words, he did not stand on ceremony and took a piece of it with his chopsticks and fed it to his mouth.

In fact, after the stir-frying process, more than half of the alcohol smell had dissipated, but the remaining alcohol smell had perfectly blended with the duck meat.

With just a bit of biting, the rich fragrance immediately burst out in his mouth and filled his entire mouth, it made people want to immediately exclaim in admiration, but they were also worried that once the mouth opened, the fragrance would be lost from the mouth.

They could only shut their mouths and continue to enjoy the delicious taste..

After the duck meat in the mouth had disappeared completely, the old man smacked his lips as if he was savoring the aftertaste.

He opened his eyes and said, “Not bad, the little girls skills are pretty good.”

Although the old man still looked serious, the chopsticks in his hand obediently moved towards another piece of duck meat.

His action was not ambiguous at all

“Oh right, you should also drink some soup.” As he spoke, Mo Chu took the small bowl beside her and scooped a bowl for Elder Ning before passing it to him.

The warm fragrance of the soup assaulted his face.

As he smelled the fragrance, the corners of the old mans mouth widened even more.

His fondness for Mo Chu also increased by a notch.

Look, she was still a sweet girl.

Only Ning Yiyuan had that cold face, how could she expect anything from him

He lowered his head and took a sip of the soup.

The fragrant soup flowed down his esophagus and burned the old mans heart.

“Little girl, dont worry.

If this Kid dares to bully you in the future, just tell me immediately and Ill take care of him!”

These words meant that he wanted to be Mo Chus backing.

“Okay!” Hearing this, the smile in Mo Chus eyes deepened.

She even glanced sideways at Ning Yiyuan.

“Did you hear that Grandfather said that if you dare to treat me badly in the future, youll suffer!”

“How would I dare to mistreat you” Ning Yiyuan laughed softly, his ambiguous gaze sweeping across Mo Chus face.

“I definitely wouldnt dare to bully you, but you are welcome to bully me anytime.”

In the end, the wordbully was especially meaningful.

Hmm… hearing this, Mo Chu almost choked on his own food!

Damn! Ning Yiyuan, this damned hooligan!

You should have said something when you were racing, you almost scared her to death!

After rolling his eyes a few times, Mo Chu finally dared to look at the old mans face.

However, her grandfather did not seem to hear the hidden meaning behind Ning Yiyuans words.

At this moment, he was engrossed in competing with the beer duck!

Seeing this, Mo Chu finally heaved a sigh of relief and reached out to pinch ning Yiyuans leg again! When he saw Ning Yiyuan frown in pain, she withdrew her hand in satisfaction.

Ah, this silly girl!

Looking at Mo Chu who was engrossed in her soup, Ning Yiyuan could not help but chuckle.

With her strength, how could she pinch him

However, looking at her smug little appearance, it was not bad.

The three of them were exceptionally satisfied with this meal.

Looking at the two little fellows who were busy not far away, elder Ning could not help but feel a little happy.

Seeing that the child was getting older and busy with his own matters, the old house became more and more spacious.

Usually, when he spoke alone, he would be able to echo back.

Today, when the two of them came, the originally quiet house immediately became lively and full of people! Just based on this point alone, the old man was extremely fond of Mo Chu.

“Do you want to take a nap” Ning Yiyuan stroked Little Chus head.

She was extremely familiar with the rules of her life.

If she didnt rest for a while before this time, she would be completely exhausted, looking at her made ones heart ache.


“Then come to my room to sleep.” As he said this, Ning Yiyuan held Mo Chus hand and walked towards the second floor.

Actually, there were still many empty rooms in the old mansion and they were quite clean.

However, could Ning Yiyuan let Mo Chu sleep elsewhere It was obviously impossible, so he brought this girl to his own territory.

After Mo Chu slept, Ning Yiyuan walked down the stairs.

“Come here.” Elder Ning sat on the sofa and waved at him.

Ning Yiyuan nodded and held two cups of warm water in his hands.

He placed one cup in front of Elder Ning and then sat down.

Seeing this, Elder Nings heart could not help but feel warm.

Look, finding a wife is really different.

In the past, how could ning Yiyuan be so meticulous and considerate

“Oh right, that… Little Chu is still young.

There are some things that you should pay attention to.

Dont be too presumptuous.” He had clearly seen the small actions under the table just now.

It was clearly his grandson bullying little Chu!

Elder Nings words were rather obscure, but everyone understood the meaning behind it.

“I wasnt joking about what I said at the dinner table just now.” Elder Nings expression was slightly serious.

“Little Chu is a good girl.

If you dare to bully her, dont blame me for being merciless when the time comes.”

He had also come from that age.

He also understood that young people were usually hot-blooded.

Once the heat rose, they might not care about it anymore.

However, Mo Chu was still young ! He could not watch his grandson do such a wicked thing!

“Grandfather!” Ning Yiyuan did not expect his grandfather to talk about this.

His usually cold face could not help but turn slightly red.

“I will take note of this.

You… dont have to worry.”

Elder Nings tone finally relaxed.

“There have been a lot of things happening in the Military District recently.

I think you will have to be busy.

If Little Chu goes to the exchange meeting, you have to be prepared for safety.”

Mo Chu was like a piece of raw stone.

On the surface, she looked ordinary, but after careful polishing, the bright light inside would immediately burst out.

It was extremely dazzling!

Just based on Mo Chus performance a few times, she should have already made a name for herself in the eyes of the other higher-ups in the galaxy.

After all, who would not be envious of such a talent!

“Yes, I know.

I will prepare carefully.” Speaking of this, Ning Yiyuans expression became serious, but there was a hint of pride on her face: My Little Girl is just that amazing!

“Enough, enough.” Seeing the expression on Ning Yiyuans face, the old mans mouth twitched, and he quickly waved his hand to urge him to leave.

“Quickly go up!”

He really could not stand it anymore.

Look at that lovey-dovey attitude! It made the goosebumps on his old mans body rise!

Once the old man chased her away, Ning Yiyuan was also happy to leave.

He strode upstairs.

Opening the door, Ning Yiyuan slowed down his footsteps and looked at the little girl who was sleeping soundly on the bed.

Then… he realized that the promise he made to his grandfather just now was too early!

What kind of scene was it on the bed now Mo Chu turned his body sideways and faced the door.

Her small hands were hugging half of the blanket.

Perhaps it was because she was sleeping comfortably, but the hot air rushed up to her face, making her skin appear even more fair and delicate, rosy and moving.

Her red lips were even slightly open, and one could vaguely see her pink little tongue inside, this scene in Ning Yiyuans eyes was absolutely alluring!

And it was precisely because of this position that Mo Chus nightdress was slightly curled up.

A part of her thigh was revealed.

That tender, fair, and dazzling sight made Ning Yiyuans eyes dazzle!

His breathing instantly became heavier, but he could not look away.

He stared at Mo Chu with longing, looking at her over and over again!

“Damn it!” When his hand landed on Mo Chus face, he was shocked to realize that he had actually walked to Mo Chus side from the door.

His hand was still caressing her nose.

Ning Yiyuan took a deep breath and stretched out his large hand.

He tidied up Mo Chus rolled-up nightgown and the blanket that was half-wrapped around her.

He only dared to approach her after she was completely covered.

Mo Chu, who was sleeping soundly, was naturally unaware of Ning Yiyuans pain.

He was still breathing evenly, his chest heaving up and down.

“Little vixen, youre torturing me!”

Ning Yiyuan straightened his body and did not dare to stay any longer.

He strode towards the bathroom at the side with a bitter smile on his face.

It seemed that he had overestimated his endurance!


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