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Hence, when Mo Chu woke up in a daze, she immediately saw the scene of a handsome man coming out of the bath on the side rooms frosted glass!

Although it was blurry, the blurry narrow waist and buttocks, as well as the strong and powerful long legs, could be seen at a glance.

The water droplets that splattered down from below flowed down Ning Yiyuans raised neck../


Mo Chus originally hazy sleepiness instantly disappeared completely!

F*ck! This was naked seduction! Didnt he know that seducing a minor was immoral

… Her heart was continuously lashing out at Ning Yiyuan, but Mo Chu was not willing to look away from the frosted glass!

Roar roar!

He did not expect that this fellows figure was actually so good.

Lines and muscles covered his body…

For the first time, Mo Chu felt that the termphysical seduction could also be used on a man, and it did not feel out of place at all!

The door opened with a click.

Mo Chu, who was engrossed in her thoughts, subconsciously raised her head, and… coincidentally, she met Ning Yiyuans gaze!

In just a few short seconds of eye contact, Ning Yiyuans gaze changed from the initial surprise to understanding, and finally, his eyes were filled with ridicule!


Only now did Mo Chu realize what she had done just now!

Her small face flushed red.

Without waiting for Ning Yiyuan to speak, she turned around with a whoosh and covered half of her face with the blanket as if she was trying to steal a bell from her ear.

She humphed a few times, “Mmm… Im so sleepy.

Ill sleep for a while more.”

Ning Yiyuan had just finished showering.

At this moment, he was only wrapped in a towel.

His half-wet hair hung at the corner of his forehead.

His well-defined handsome face looked even more charming.

He was simply bursting with hormones!

When he saw Mo Chus movements, his deep eyes could not help but narrow.

This girl… the corners of her mouth curled up slightly.

Ning Yiyuan took a long step forward and directly walked towards the bedside.

To be honest, Ning Yiyuan really did not think that this girl would wake up early.

Normally, Little Chus nap time was around an hour.

This time, it was only about 30 minutes.

Logically speaking, she should still be sleeping soundly!

Although the bathroom was in the side, it was soundproof and would definitely not disturb Little Chu.

It was also because of this that Ning Yiyuan felt at ease taking a bath in the side.

He did not expect to meet Little Chus sparkling eyes the moment he came out!

It had to be said that Little Chus fangirl attitude made Ning Yiyuans mans vanity reach its peak in an instant!

In particular, this girlsclearly seeing it but still pretending to be nonchalant attitude made his heart soften even more, turning him into a puddle of water…

“Are you asleep” Leaning closer to Mo Chus face, Ning Yiyuan intentionally spat out a warm breath onto her face.

Mo Chu ignored this person and vowed to carry out herpretending to sleep act.

She did not even blink her eyelashes.

She even deliberately controlled her breathing to simulate the long and even breathing feeling of a deep sleep…

However, how could such a small trick fool from Ning Yiyuan

This was a professional big boss who could judge the situation even with her eyes closed.

Mo Chus method was still too inexperienced!

“Are you really sleeping” However, since this little girl wanted to play, Ning Yiyuan was willing to play along.

The teasing look in his eyes became more and more intense.

He simply went up to her.

His handsome face was only one or two centimeters away from Mo Chu, so he did not pay any attention, the tip of their noses could communicate amicably for a while.


Cant you tell if Im sleeping or not Why are you still acting like a wolf here

Feeling annoyed, Mo Chus breathing could not help but become heavier.

She wished she could pounce on Ning Yiyuan and bite him! This shameless bastard!

“It seems like youre really asleep!” The smile in Ning Yiyuans words could not be any more obvious.

Perhaps even a deaf person could understand it.

“Why dont we take this opportunity… to kiss first”

With the fragrance of the shower, Ning Yiyuans handsome face came closer and closer…

— “Wait!”

Mo Chu suddenly opened his eyes and glared at Ning Yiyuan.

Fine, you win!

Seeing Mo Chus aggrieved look, the corners of Ning Yiyuans mouth curled up.

His facial features were three-dimensional and her eyes were shining.

He was unbelievably handsome!

“Youre awake Just in time.”

“Yes…” Before Mo Chu could react, Ning Yiyuan grabbed her hands and kissed her!

His lips pressed against hers.

First, he gently rubbed them, and his actions were gentle with a hint of affection.

When Mo Chus red lips slightly opened and her eyes slightly narrowed, Ning Yiyuans eyes could not help but darken.

His actions suddenly became fanatical and intense, and he looked as if he wanted to swallow Mo Chu whole..

“Hmm… Hmph…” Although both of them were newbies in this area, it was clear that men were much better than women when it came to love.

With just a kiss, Mo Chu was kissed until she was in a daze.

Her originally clear mind was a mess.

It was filled with a wet paste and she could not think at all.

The sound of their heavy breathing interweaved and resounded in every corner of the room…

“My silly girl!” After an unknown amount of time, Ning Yiyuans rough voice sounded before he managed to call back some of Mo Chus remaining rationality.

When he looked down, Mo Chu realized that her nightdress belt had been pushed to the middle of her wrist, and more than half of the two lumps on her chest had been exposed, there were even a few faint red marks on her tender skin… If Ning Yiyuan had not stopped in time, things might have gone out of control!

F*ck, how did things suddenly turn out like this

Mo Chu was dumbfounded.

Didnt she want to take a nap in the beginning

Looking at the silly look of the little girl in his arms, Ning Yiyuan took a deep breath and forcefully suppress the agitation in his heart.

With trembling hands, he pulled up her nightgown and wrapped her tightly in the blanket.

Only then did he reach out to hug her.

He hugged her in his arms and let out a low sigh that was half torturous and half satisfied.

“Little Chu… when will you be able to become an adult”

Mo Chu, who was wrapped up like a silkworm chrysalis.

She did not know what to say.

Only now did Ning Yiyuan understand what he meant byyou brought this upon yourself.

In just half an hour, the cold shower he had just taken had been wasted again!

“Its hot!” After a long while, Mo Chu finally spoke.

Her body was still squirming.

Ning Yiyuan was a source of heat.

Coupled with the layers of blankets, she was really no different from a sauna at this moment.

The sweat on her back was almost flowing down her back.

“Im hotter than you!” Ning Yiyuan gritted her teeth and shouted in a low voice.

However, his hand automatically picked up the rooms thermostat and lowered the temperature of the room by a few degrees.

A cool breeze blew, and Mo Chu instantly felt much better.

After she felt better, she realized that the temperature of Ning Yiyuan behind her had always been high.

He was like a hot fireball, constantly emitting heat.

“Are you okay” Mo Chus voice was like a flys.

“Good, okay.

You can sleep a little longer.” Ning Yiyuan reached out and patted Mo Chu.

“Here… Ill be fine in a while.”

Since he had endured so many times, he already had some experience.

When Little Chu became an adult, he would definitely find a way to make up for it from this girl!

“Okay.” After replying, Mo Chu closed her eyes.

Initially, she wanted to continue sleeping, but in the end, Ning Yiyuans intoxicated and sexy appearance just now kept flashing in front of her eyes.

The heavy breathing seemed to still linger in her ears… Ahhhh! She was going crazy!

In this way, she could not fall asleep!

Ning Yiyuan also seemed to sense the girls restlessness, but he did not dare to provoke her again.

Otherwise, he would be the first one who could not stand it!

“This exchange meeting wont be easy.” Ning Yiyuan gently stroked Mo Chus long hair and gradually calmed down.

She carefully explained the situation to Mo Chu.

“The participants are basically all medical experts from all over the galaxy.

Most of them have been famous for a long time.

I think they will be quite hostile towards your arrival.”

Hearing this, Mo Chu turned around under the blanket and happened to meet Ning Yiyuans deep and warm eyes.

Her heart could not help but tremble.

She knew that Ning Yiyuan had been very busy during this period of time.

The higher-ups had long intended to reorganize the army, but they had not found a suitable person before.

Ning Yiyuans appointment just happened to be at the right time, and he had been extremely busy in the past few days.

Even so, he still took the time to investigate this situation for he!

“Thank you.” Mo Chus eyes curved, and she reached out to take Ning Yiyuans big hand that was stroking her hair, pressing his fingers together.

“Silly girl, do you still need to say that to me!”

Looking at the hands of the two of them, the warmth in Ning Yiyuans eyes deepened.

He gently moved closer and planted a devout kiss on the back of Mo Chus hand.

“Ive been too busy recently.

Im afraid I wont be able to accompany you.” Ning Yiyuans tone revealed a hint of regret.

“However, Ive already instructed Zhong Wen.

If theres anything, just look for him.”

Zhong Wens medical skills were one of the best in the entire Federation.

Naturally, he had also received an invitation to this exchange meeting.

“Dont feel any pressure.

Just treat it as a trip.” If Ning Yiyuans words were heard by other medical experts, they would definitely burst into tears! What did he mean by a trip This exchange meeting was very serious and important, okay If we wanted to go, we wouldnt be able to!

“Also, if anyone dares to bully you, dont be polite.

Just ruthlessly repay them.

If worst comes to worst, we will take care of you from behind!”

Ning Yiyuan had always been a man of few words.

It was only in front of Mo Chu that he could say such a long string of words.

He was afraid that his sharp heart would be bullied by others!

“Okay, dont worry, I understand.” Mo Chu smiled and nodded.

Her fingers unconsciously played with Ning Yiyuans large palm.

“However, this exchange meeting is of such high value.

Even if there is enmity, they shouldnt make it too obvious, right”

Very quickly, Mo Chu realized that she was still too naive!

What did she mean by not making it too obvious

This group of people could not wait to be even more obvious!

A few days later, when Mo Chu stepped onto the interstellar meeting in the Dark Ocean Galaxy, she was shocked to realize that she was really ostracized by everyone!

In the huge meeting venue, she was the only one standing alone in a corner.

The surrounding three meters had completely become a vacuum belt, and there was not a single person in sight! The people around her were drinking and chatting happily, but her side was cold and quiet.

The contrast could not be any clearer!


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