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For a moment, Xie Chunxi was actually a little fascinated by the scene.

His slender fingers and brows were like a painting…

When he met Mo Chus slightly surprised gaze, he suddenly came to his senses and dodged to the side with a guilty look.

Then, he quickly came to his senses and turned his head around.

He glared at Mo Chu confidently and said in a hateful tone, “What are you looking at Dont think that Ill believe you just because you act like you have a plan.

Tsk, you only know how to play some low-class tricks!”

Mo Chu had a dumbfounded look on her face.

As expected, she could not afford to offend a kid!

A burst of hurried footsteps suddenly sounded.

Zhong Wen frowned and pushed aside the crowd that was surrounding him.

He used all his strength to squeeze to Mo Chus side.

When he saw this scene, he could not help but be surprised.

“Little Chu, you guys are…”

He and Mo Chu had arrived at the exchange venue together.

However, he did not know what had happened to the previous stages that had gone smoothly.

For some unknown reason, something had gone wrong.

It was also because of this that he had been held back for more than half a day.

After all, they were not from the Federation.

Even though Zhong Wen had used his fastest speed to resolve the issue, he was still unable to catch up to Mo Chus speed.

At this moment, when he saw this scene, he pondered for a moment before immediately coming to a realization.

So it turned out that Little Chu had been picked on!

The few medical experts beside him had a pretty good impression of Zhong Wen.

They moved closer to him and explained the origin and progress of this matter in just a few sentences.

The more Zhong Wen listened, the more he frowned.

This matter sounded like a simple experiment, but the implications behind it were not small!

If Xiao Chu were to fail and be chased out of the exchange meeting alive, then the possibility of her stepping into such an exchange meeting in the future would be extremely slim!

Moreover, if this news were to be spread to the Federation, not only would it damage Mo Chus reputation, it might even affect the Ning Familys reputation.

After all, the politicians on the opposite side of the Ning family would not let go of such a good opportunity to criticize the Ning family.

After all, Mo Chu had already been assigned to the Ning Family.

Her every move could very well affect the Ning Familys reputation.

This was a good plan to kill three birds with one stone!

Zhong Wen quickly understood the meaning behind it.

His expression could not help but change.

His immediately went forward to stop her, “No, this experiment is not fair at all…”

Not to mention anything else, Mo Chu had already fallen asleep in the nutrition cabin for more than ten years.

Even if she had started to come into contact with medical drugs the moment she woke up, it had only been four to five years since then.

In terms of experience and ability, how could she compare to these old seniors who had been famous for a long time This was clearly bullying!

“Dont worry, itll be fine.” Seeing this, Mo Chu suddenly took a step forward and blocked Zhong Wens unfinished words.

She was very clear that if she couldnt stand up by herself today, then she could only kneel down and walk down the road!

“I can do it.” Mo Chu turned his head to look at Zhong Wen, the corners of his mouth curling up slightly.

“Believe me… I can do it!”

The unwillingness in Zhong Wens heart instantly vanished completely the moment he saw Mo Chus calm and unmoving eyes.

During the period of time he had been in contact with Little Chu, he had to admit that this girls performance had refreshed all of their stereotypes time and time again.

Under her soft and delicate appearance, there was an extremely tenacious and unyielding soul!

As long as she did not fall, no one could defeat her!

At the thought of this, Zhong Wen could not help but pause in his footsteps.

In the end, he still retreated.

Since Mo Chu had already said so, he would choose to believe her!

“Tsk, overestimating yourself!” Seeing the actions of the two, Xie Chunxi could not help but pucker his lips and mutter in disdain.

It was not that he was boasting.

This time, the pill was a drug that he spent three whole years to develop successfully.

The compatibility and ingredients of the drug were definitely not something that an ordinary person could easily see.

This girl was rather thick-skinned, she directly boasted.

Didnt she think that if she couldnt say it out loud later, the scene would probably be extremely awkward!

The other medical experts could not help but frown.

To be honest, even after looking at it for so long, they were still unable to discern all the ingredients of the pill.

With just this little girl, Mo Chu, could it be that she was even stronger than all of them

For a moment, everyone looked at Mo Chu with some opinions.

“… You know all the ingredients of this medicine” Suddenly, a gentle male voice sounded.

Mo Chu raised her head when he heard the voice.

At the edge of the crowd, a kind-looking old man was staring at her with a gentle gaze.

His eyes were filled with encouragement and curiosity.

Although he was called an old man, he actually looked like he was only in his 50s or 60s.

Although there were traces of age on his face, it did not affect the wisdom and depth that his entire being revealed.

“Your Excellency!”

Everyone turned their heads and when they saw the figure of the person who came, their eyes could not help but light up!

The medical experts who were originally extremely arrogant were now like little fans who saw their idols.

The excitement and ecstasy on their faces could not be suppressed at all.

There were even quite a number of people who were murmuring in excitement, “Oh my God! I didnt expect to meet someone like you at this conference.

How Lucky!”

“Thats right!” When these words were said, many people echoed.

One had to know that he was the number one medical expert in the entire galaxy! He was definitely a legendary figure!

According to rumors, he had saved more than half of the people on the planet by relying on the medicine he developed alone.

His contributions could be said to be outstanding.

No matter which high-ranking personnel in the galaxy saw him, they had to be respectful, his attitude was humble.

From this, it could be seen that his status was very high!

However, it was because of this that he felt burdened by his reputation.

He simply waved his hand and buried himself in the research of various drug cases.

It had been more than a hundred years since he had participated in the conference.

Even so, no one dared to look down on his existence.

On the contrary, their admiration for him grew even stronger.

However, no one had expected that this years exchange meet would actually be attended by Exalted Su Yuan! This was simply a pleasant surprise!

As soon as Exalted Su Yuan appeared, the entire venue instantly became lively.

When they turned their heads to look, almost everyones eyes lit up, and their excitement could not be suppressed.

On the other hand, Exalted Su Yuan, who was in the center of everyones burning gazes, still had a gentle appearance.

The corners of his lips curled up slightly, and his entire being seemed to moisten into peoples hearts silently.

However, this power could not be ignored.

“Tell me, what medicinal ingredients did you all see in this pill”

The moment he asked this question, the few medical experts holding the pill in their hands were as ecstatic as if they had hit the jackpot.

One had to know that being able to be commented on by His Excellency might be even more useful than having them immerse themselves in studying for decades!

“The energy contained in this pill is extracted from the Heavenly Grass, from the Elfins, from the Cattail Flower, and… and…”

After talking about three or four medicinal herbs, the few medical experts were stumped.

Their expressions were not good.

It was not easy for them to meet Exalted Su Yuan.

They all wanted to show their best side in front of their idols, but now they had become like this.

They could not help but feel a little annoyed.

“Its okay.” Exalted Su Yuan smiled faintly and waved his hand at them.

“You guys have already done very well.”

After receiving this evaluation, the few medical experts immediately regained their health as if they were on the verge of death! A sentence kept repeating in their minds: Exalted Su Yuan praised me, Exalted Su Yuan praised me, praised me…

“What about you” As he said that, Senior Su Yuan turned his head to Mo Chu and asked softly.

“Hmph! What does she know!” Xie Chunxi snorted lightly and glanced at Mo Chu with disdain.

It was obvious that he did not have any expectations for her.

Even the surrounding medical experts did not look at Mo Chu.

After all, the experienced seniors only answered three or four of them.

What else could a little girl like Mo Chu know

Mo Chu glanced at the crowd and opened his red lips slightly.

“Other than the few types just now, there are also wood, stone, Spirit-forged Stones, and remnant beasts…”

As Mo Chu spoke out the remaining medicinal herbs, the expressions of the others who were staring at Mo Chu gradually turned from disdain to disbelief!

Especially Xie Chunxi, when he first heard Mo Chu mention one or two medicinal herbs, he was still muttering in his heart.

This girl must have guessed randomly.

She was just lucky and guessed it right in an instant!

However, after hearing the rest, his originally arrogant and proud attitude could not help but change! Getting one or two herbs right might have been luck, but Mo Chu had clearly mentioned all of his ingredients.

This definitely could not be within the scope of luck.

On the contrary, this displayed the strength of Mo Chu without a doubt!

“… it should be about these.”

After saying more than ten medicinal herbs in a row, Mo Chus expression remained calm!

Actually, when Mo Chu was making Spirit Food, she had come into contact with many magical plants and magical beasts, so he was very familiar with their energy.

She could almost feel it with her eyes closed, and it was because of this that she was able to answer the types of medicinal herbs so easily.

However, the others were not clear about this.

What they saw was Mo Chus 100% accuracy!

“Very good.” The smile on the lower part of Exalted Su Yuans lips deepened.

He turned to look at Xie Chunxi.

“Did this little girl get it right”

When he said this, the others could not help but turn to look at Xie Chunxi.

Although this little guys expression had already stated the truth, they did not hear him personally verify it.

They still could not believe it.

All of the medical experts present could not even compare to an underage little girl.

Moreover, they had previously deliberately excluded her for the sake of their own groundless assumptions.

Now that they thought about it, they felt their old faces burning!

Under everyones fervent gazes, Xie Chunxis lips trembled.

After a long while, he said, “Thats right… all of the medicinal herbs she said are correct!”

When these words were said, the entire place was in an uproar!

Everyones gaze on Mo Chu could not help but change.

Mo Chu had used this powerful move to prove her own strength! She was not weaker than anyone present!


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