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If one were to say that on the first day of the conference, the one with the most limelight, other than Exalted Su Yuan, should be this girl, Mo Chu.

At the end of the conference, everyone looked at her with a slightly mystical gaze!

Tell me, how could it not be mystical

One had to know that opening up a new path in the medical field was huge news that had never been heard before.

Perhaps just a single action could affect the rules and order of the entire galaxy!

Thinking about it again, the person who created all of this was just a little girl in her twenties… This was simply too unbelievable!

Hence, when Mo Chu entered the venue the next day, he felt a completely different atmosphere from the day before.

The repulsion and coldness from before were like the fog in the morning.

The wind blew and it disappeared completely.

Instead, it was replaced by a slightly appreciative gaze and a concerned welcome.

At this moment, one had to admit that a powerful strength was always the best entry card!

From the initial doubt to the importance now, only a day had passed.

But now, no one dared to belittle Mo Chus existence.

The bottle of Spirit Wine that she had provided yesterday, almost all the medical experts present had tasted it and came to the same conclusion: The content of the impurities in it was indeed less than 2%! Just based on this alone, no one dared to erase this girls achievements.

Thus, todays exchange meeting made Mo Chu feel exceptionally comfortable… However, the only residual side effect was this fellow in front of him.

“That… Whats the matter “Unable to hold it in any longer, Mo Chu suddenly turned around.

In the end, Xie Chunxi, who was following behind her, also hurriedly turned his head away when he saw the situation.

His gaze fell on the long rack at the side, and he pretended to pick up the jade bottle on it, he looked at it seriously.

“Stop looking at it.

Its an empty bottle!” Mo Chu narrowed his eyes and took two steps forward.

She poked Xie Chunxis shoulder.

“Say, Whats wrong with you today”

She did nto know what was wrong with Xie Chunxi.

Ever since he apologized yesterday, something had started to go wrong.

Todays situation was even more serious, the moment she entered the venue, she realized that this guy was always following behind her, whether intentionally or not.

Just like that, she turned around and caught him.

After being poked twice by Mo Chu, Xie Chunxis shoulders trembled slightly.

She looked down at the empty bottle in his hand.

It was indeed empty.

She could not help but curse in a low voice.

In the end, after hesitating for a long time, she turned her head back.

Her gaze was fixed on the ceiling, and her tone was a little vague, “That… I heard that you can also cook Spirit Food.

Can I…”

“Oh!” Before Xie Chunxi could finish speaking, Mo Chu nodded her head in understanding.

She sighed lightly and took out a plate of spring rolls from the terminal.

She smiled and waved at him.

“This is the spring rolls that I made.

Do you want to try it”

Looking at the Spirit Food in Mo Chus hand, Xie Chunxis eyes could not help but flicker.

He took two steps forward and reached out to take a spring roll from inside.

He was about to feed it to his mouth when he stopped.

He looked at the spring roll in puzzlement, he asked softly, “How should I eat this Should I peel off the outer layer of skin”

As he said that, he looked up at Mo Chu with a puzzled expression.

It had to be said that this tsundere guy was so cute when he was dumb!

“No need.

Just eat it like this.” Mo Chu smiled and shook her head.

She simply reached out and took one and fed it directly to her mouth.

Mmm… although it had been in the terminal for some time, the outer layer of the spring roll still had a crispy texture.

The filling inside was also fragrant and fresh.

It could not be any more delicious!

Even though she had tasted it before, Mo Chu was still unable to avoid being conquered by her own craftsmanship.

Her eyes narrowed slightly as he ate.

She could not stop the happiness on his face at all.

“Phew…” For some reason, even though he had already eaten the nutrition capsules before he came, Xie Chunxi actually felt a little hungry when he saw Mo Chus expression of enjoyment.

His stomach felt empty as well, he kept feeling as though something was missing.

He looked down and saw that the spring roll in his hand was still emitting heat.

There was a faint fragrance that made people want to swallow their saliva.

Xie Chunxi stuffed the spring rolls into his mouth and roughly chewed on them.

Not long after, his movements suddenly stopped.

His eyes lit up and he said with a bright expression.

How could there be such delicious food in this world!

After pausing for only one or two seconds, Xie Chunxis chewing speed suddenly increased.

He did not forget to squint his eyes and carefully savor the taste buds in his mouth.

The crispy and fresh fragrance intertwined together, he almost could not bear to swallow the food in his mouth.

After a long while, the fragrance in his mouth had completely dissipated.

Xie Chunxi then opened his eyes and stared at the remaining spring rolls in Mo Chus hands with drooling eyes.

Mo Chu generously handed the plate forward.

“Here, eat!”

Hearing this, Xie Chunxis eyes suddenly lit up.

He stared at Mo Chu with a slightly proud expression.

“Umm… I didnt know that you were such a nice person.”

Mo Chu could not help but stifle her laughter.

So it turned out that in this day and age, giving out two spring rolls was considered a kind gesture

Although the two of them were standing in a corner, the moment the spring rolls were bitten open, the rich fragrance inside immediately spread out.

It couldnt be blocked at all.

In addition, most of the medical experts present had sharp facial features, for a moment, they attracted the astonished gazes of many people.

What are you looking at!

Seeing this, Xie Chunxi could not help but turn his head coldly.

He used his typical arrogant and cold gaze to repel the group of people who were about to make a move.

However, what formed a sharp contrast with his gaze was the fact that he was continuously increasing his eating speed!

Mo Chu was silently watching from the side…

Xie Chunxi, this fellow, should also be from an aristocratic family.

This could be seen from his eating etiquette.

Even though he was eating faster, his movements were still very elegant.

What was even rarer was that when he was chewing on the spring rolls, there was no residue.

Even the sound of chewing was very soft.

If it was not for Mo Chus good hearing, she probably would not have been able to hear it.

The plate that Mo Chu took out earlier was not very big.

There were only four or five spring rolls in it, so it was quickly cleaned up by this guy.

Perhaps it was because he had satisfied his taste buds, Xie Chunxis expression became much gentler.

He looked at Mo Chu with a smile and said, “Did you make all these yourself”

Mo Chu nodded.

“Yes…” Xie Chunxi turned his head and looked up uncomfortably.

“Well, the taste is quite good.

You are also… not bad.”

This was probably the first time this arrogant guy had praised someone.

His face was covered with a faint layer of redness, yet he still pretended to not care.

Mo Chu could not help but laugh at this look.

“Then… do you still want it”

“Yes!” Hearing this, Xie Chunxi immediately switched back from the arrogant mode and nodded at Mo Chu with certainty.

The smile on Mo Chus face deepened.

At this moment, she finally understood why Qin Yue and the others liked to tease her so much.

Xie Chunxis performance gave her the best answer.

Look.., this persons reaction was so interesting that she could not stop!

“Sure, then do you want to eat the spring rolls or…”

Before Mo Chu could finish his sentence, another person suddenly interjected.

His voice was slightly cold.

“Hello, is this Miss Mo Chu”

Mo Chu turned her head when she heard the voice.

The person was dressed in a strict suit and even the buttons on the top were buttoned perfectly.

She could not help but be surprised.

In her memory, there did not seem to be such a person, “Yes, may I know who you are…”

“Assistant Yan” Before the person could reply, Xie Chunxi suddenly frowned and took a step forward.

His body happened to block Mo Chus figure.

“Why are you here”

“Hello, Young Master Xie.” Yan Jin nodded slightly at Xie Chunxi.

The smile on his face seemed to have been carefully measured, but there was a bit of rigidity in his standards.

“Im sorry, Im here to look for Miss Mo Chu.”

“If I remember correctly,” Xie Chunxis eyes turned cold as he said, “you shouldnt have the qualifications to enter this exchange meeting, right Who allowed you to enter”

As he spoke, Xie Chunxis tone suddenly became high, and his usually proud face had an expression that could not be rejected.

“Now, either you leave by yourself, or Ill get someone to invite you out!”

Even though he was reprimanded so harshly, Yan Jins expression did not change at all.

“Im sorry, the venue for this exchange meet is provided by Young Master Yan.”

In other words, he naturally had the right to freely enter and exit this place.

“You!” Xie Chunxis expression could not help but change when he was reprimanded in such a casual manner.

After all, he was still young and impetuous.

Anger immediately surfaced on his face.

Seeing that the two of them were about to start a fight, Mo Chu took a big step forward, she hurriedly walked out from behind Xie Chunxi.

“Is there something you need” She could see very clearly that this persons target should be herself.

“Im sorry to disturb you.” When facing Mo Chu, the corner of Yan Jins mouth curled up a little more.

“Its like this.

Young Master Yan hopes that you can find some time to help take a look at his condition.”

As expected, yesterdays news was spread very quickly.

Whether it was Mo Chus miraculous Spirit Wine or the comments of Exalted Su Yuan, all of them made Mo Chus reputation resound in Dark Ocean Galaxys upper echelons!

Initially, they thought that the big families would be cautious enough to stop and observe for a period of time.

They did not expect that the young master of the Yan Family would make a move so quickly in front of everyone

“Youre going just because you say so” Xie Chunxi snorted coldly and pulled Mo Chu behind him.

“Do you think that you can get rid of our group of medical experts at your whim You wish!”

“Im sorry.” Yan Jins attitude was very respectful, but there was a hint of arrogance in his words.

“But do you think you can stop young master Yan from doing what he wants to do”

Ignoring Xie Chunxis sudden change in expression, Yan Jin bowed slightly to Mo Chu.

“After todays exchange meeting is over, we will wait for you at the door.”

As he spoke, without waiting for Mo Chus reply, Yan Jin half-bent his body and took small steps back.

Not long after, he disappeared without a trace.

… What the hell

For the first time, Mo Chu felt that her brain was not working.

What was the meaning of this

Hence, the confused Mo Chu could only cast his gaze on Xie Chunxi.

“Well…” Meeting Mo Chus pure gaze, Xie Chunxi turned his head apologetically and cursed in a low voice, “Damn it! Yan Yiyan is a f*cking lunatic!”


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