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Remnant Lin had suffered a terrible defeat today!

“Let her go, and Ill give you a way out,” the silver-haired man said with a firm voice.

“Oh, theres no need for that!” Remnant Lin sneered and suddenly opened the door of the ship.

He held Mo Chu tightly in his hand, and before anyone could react, he jumped!

“Little Chu!” Mo Yang, who was behind, saw this scene and was scared out of his wits.

“Ao ao–” at this critical moment, the Blood Luminescent Beast suddenly jumped out.

Its sharp teeth bit on the Remnant Lins hand that was holding Mo Chu!

You bad guy, you want to take away the gourmet food provider that I found with great difficulty.

It wont be so easy.

Watch me bite you to death!


The Blood Luminescent Beast was not just for show.

A piercing pain entered every cell of Remnant Lins body through his palm.

In the end, he could not hold on any longer.

He let go of the hand that was holding Mo Chu and took a closer look.

Remnant Lins palm was already dripping with blood, and it was extremely unsightly.

“Be careful!” The silver-haired man reacted very quickly.

He stretched out half of his body and grabbed Mo Chus hand!

Mo Yang also rushed over to help.

However, before he could make a move, this man had already successfully rescued Mo Chu!

“How is it Are you Aalright” Mo Yang could not bear to see his own sister leaning into the arms of the strange man.

He took a step forward and pulled Mo Chu over as he asked nervously.

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“Im fine.

Dont worry, brother!” Mo Chu smiled and shook her head.

Other than her legs feeling a little weak, she was alright.

After she calmed down, Mo Chu turned to thank the man who had saved her.

“Thank you, Uncle.”

Mo Chu had classified this silver-haired man with unfathomable skills as a hidden expect.


The mans figure paused before he nodded silently.

Mo Yang was also sincerely thanking him from the side.

If it was not for him, it would be a disaster for Little Chu.

The man did not say much.

He glanced at the two of them before turning around to leave.

Looking at his departing figure, Mo Yang could not help but feel a surge of emotions.

As the saying goes, the layman watches the show while the expert watches the trick.

It was not easy to remove the assassin that Remnant Lin had set up! Mo Yang was well aware of this.

Mo Yang had just discovered that Remnant Lin had sent five people to attack the control room.

Almost every one of them was a tier 7 expert or above.

However, there were only two people who stopped them.

Although these two people were strong, it was impossible for them to fight two against five.

Unless… these two people had already entered the control room and were hiding there so that they could have a chance of winning by launching a sneak attack.

However, if that was the case, it meant that the man in front of him had sensed something strange from the beginning.

In fact, he had even made a prompt decision to send these two people into the control room.

After that, he found the hidden assassin arranged by Remnant Lin among the thousands of people.

Without alarming anyone, he actually took care of the assassin.

Finally, this man also found some powerful special ability users among the passengers, and persuaded them to attack Remnant Lin and his men, catching the Remnant Blood Interstellar Pirates unprepared!

As long as any part of the plan went wrong, a massacre would be inevitable.

However, this person did it without any mistakes, and achieved the greatest success at the least cost.

This mans planning abilities, his strength, they were all shocking!

“Boss, your plan is really good today!” Two men stood beside Ning Yiyuan, one on the left and the other on the right.

They were the two people who had just entered the control room earlier.

“Nonsense, of course, the bosss plan is good!”

“Is that so” Ning Yiyuan, who had rarely spoken to them in the past, suddenly turned to look at them and asked in a low voice, “Do you think Im very old”


Huh The two of them were instantly stunned.

Why was he suddenly asking this

“Forget it!” Ning Yiyuan waved his hand and turned his head to look out of the window.

When he thought of that girls gluttonous and intoxicated look, his resolute gaze could not help but become gentler.

Very quickly, he snorted coldly.

Did she call meUncle! Im only in my forties.

In the Federation, Im considered a youth in my 300s, alright


This girl had no taste!



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