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“Alright, go to bed early.”

Ning Yiyuan reached out to hug Mo Chus shoulder and stopped teasing her.

He placed her firmly on the bed and even carefully tidied up the corner of the blanket before he got up to wash up.

After about ten minutes, Mo Chu felt a depression on the bed.

She turned her head and saw that Ning Yiyuan was lying beside her.

His arms were wrapped around her slender waist as if they were possessive.

Mo Chu took a closer sniff.

The smell of the shower gel on Ning Yiyuans body was exactly the same as hers, but there was a hint of something different.

“Go to sleep!” Ning Yiyuan knew that the person beside him was not asleep at all.

He turned around and patted her back.

Under the moonlight, his expression was unbelievably gentle!

“Mmm, good night.” Mo Chu called out in a daze.

She subconsciously leaned against Ning Yiyuan and soon fell asleep.

On the other hand, the man beside him kept his eyes open as he pondered over the entire matter.

His right hand kept massaging her lower abdomen as if he did not know fatigue…

The Federation was not at peace.

Other than the threat from the Magical Region and the Beast Tide, the other galaxies were also eyeing them covetously.

Other than that, there were also many unexpected situations, just like the spatial rift that he and Little Chu had encountered before…

Hidden dangers had always existed.

And as he sat in this position, he never dared to be careless for even a single moment.

After thinking over the entire matter once more, he considered who should be sent to investigate the situation once more, as well as how to deal with all sorts of rehearsals once they had found out about the situation… After thinking through everything, only then did he slowly feel sleepy.

When he turned his head, he saw that Mo Chu, who was originally sleeping steadily, had already turned into his embrace.

Her entire body was slightly curled up, her breathing was long, and her small face was rosy…

Ning Yiyuan instantly felt his heart jump!

Just looking at Mo Chu like this made him feel wonderful and happy…

He gently planted a kiss on her forehead.

Ning Yiyuan leaned his head over and slowly closed his eyes.

The next day.

Mo Chu woke up earlier than Ning Yiyuan and looked at his sleeping face with interest.

To be honest, Ning Yiyuan was very handsome.

It was just that the steady and majestic aura on his body diluted the advantage of his appearance.

However, the moment he fell asleep, his sharp brows, starry eyes, and three-dimensional facial features were fully displayed!


This caused thelust of women in Mo Chus body to suddenly become restless.

She could not help but lower her head and gently stroke Ning Yiyuans lips…

Ning Yiyuan did not have the slightest reaction.

He was like a beautiful man who had fallen into a deep sleep.

Ning Yiyuans innocent appearance, which was completely different from the past, instantly caused Mo Chus desire to do evil to continuously increase!

She carefully stepped over him and found her makeup bag on the dressing table.

Then, she carefully crawled back to her original spot.

Hmm… She wanted to lay a foundation first.

However, after taking a closer look, she suddenly realized that Ning Yiyuans skin was really good.

There were almost no flaws, and not even any pores could be seen.

It was just that the color was slightly darker… She lightly applied a layer of foundation on it, instantly making Ning Yiyuans skin look much fairer and more beautiful.

Then, she raised her eyebrows again.

She carefully drew on Ning Yiyuan a few times, but his eyebrows were thick and black, so there was not much room for her to show off.

Very soon, Mo Chu put away the eyebrow pencil and took out an eyeliner.

She removed Ning Yiyuans eyelids and lightly drew an eyeliner.

The ends of his eyes were slightly lengthened, which would make him look much more charming.

Finally, she put on lipstick and added a little blush.

Alright, its done!

Mo Chu chuckled as she looked at her final masterpiece.

She nodded her head in satisfaction, and could not help but reveal some experience in his eyes!

She had always known that Ning Yiyuans facial features were very beautiful, but she had never known that putting on makeup for him would have such an effect!

A healthy light brown color, big eyes, eyeliner, and red lips… He was definitely a beauty, and the type that was healthy and wild!

“Hehe…” She snickered for a while, but in the end, she could not help but pick up the terminal and snap dozens of photos of him from all angles and all directions.

For this reason, Mo Chu specially created a new folder to record these photos.

The name of the folder was — Husbands Beautiful Photos!

After the bad deed was done, she had to remember to wipe her ass.

Mo Chu secretly picked up the makeup remover and makeup remover.

Just as she was about to greet Ning Yiyuan, when the makeup remover just touched his face, his eyes instantly opened!

It really gave Mo Chu a fright!

Not only because he suddenly woke up, but also because a beauty had suddenly become a transvestite the moment she opened her eyes!

The impact was huge!


When Ning Yiyuan opened his eyes, his entire temperament instantly changed.

Previously, when he was asleep, he was quite gentle.

Now, he had become cold and aloof.

Any normal person would be able to tell his gender.

However, wasnt he wearing makeup on his face Moreover, he was wearing female makeup.

On closer inspection, he looked like a transvestite! Moreover, he was the kind that looked more and more creepy! His temperament did not match his makeup at all.

It looked very strange!

“Whats wrong” Ning Yiyuan usually woke up early, but today was an exception.

It was mainly because he thought about things too late yesterday.

It was almost three or four oclock in the morning.

When he fell asleep, his body was filled with Mo Chus aura, so he slept soundly.

It was almost eight oclock now that he woke up.

After careful calculation, he actually did not sleep for long, at most four or five hours.

However, when he saw Mo Chus flustered look, he could not help but laugh.

However, if he saw the makeup on his face, Ning Yiyuan probably would not be able to laugh.

“Im going to wash up.

Why dont you sleep for a while” As she said that, Mo Chu put the makeup in the terminal.

Then, with an innocent expression, she got off the bed and ran straight to the washroom.

Then, she closed the door tightly.

She absolutely could not let Ning Yiyuan see his face.

Otherwise, she would be dead for sure!

Mo Chu was in the washroom thinking about how to destroy the evidence so that Ning Yiyuan would not notice this matter.

Then, she glanced at the mask on the shelf beside him and her eyes lit up!

Got It!

Mo Chu held a mask in her hand and brought a small basin of water from the bathroom.

She ran out excitedly, “Ning Yiyuan, let me put on a mask for you!”

Ning Yiyuan had already woken up and was putting on his clothes with the seductive makeup on his face!

If not for Mo Chus good self-control, she would have burst out laughing! Ning Yiyuans current appearance was simply too funny.

He was guaranteed to be even more interesting than a 21st century entertainer!

“What Apply a facial mask” Ning Yiyuan was stunned for a moment and frowned in disdain.

“Im a grown man, why would I apply a facial mask”

“Umm… didnt we say yesterday that we were going to buy supplies” Mo Chu rolled her eyes and quickly thought of a reason.

“We can use this opportunity to go today! But look at your skin.

Its hard and rough, but with a facial mask, itll be different in an instant!”

Ning Yiyuan still refused, “Its okay, Im already used to it.”

F*ck! Mo Chu stomped her feet!

If he did not let her apply the facial mask, how could she have an excuse to wash off Ning Yiyuans makeup

“Are you going to apply it” Mo Chu glared at him, but Ning Yiyuan was not moved at all.

“Ning Yiyuan, Brother Ning, Uncle Ning!” It was not good to be fierce, so Mo Chu used a coquettish method.

All kinds of terms were used, and she tried to be as disgusting as possible!

Ning Yiyuan actually fell for it!

Look, the face that was not moved a moment ago suddenly moved.

Mo Chu continued to increase her strength.

“Uncle Ning, just listen to me, alright”

Even Mo Chu felt her bones turn soft when she heard this voice, not to mention a man like Ning Yiyuan!

“Can you call me husband” It was not easy for Ning Yiyuan to have such a rare opportunity, so he naturally had to enjoy it.

Mo Chu fiercely glared at him! Dont think of taking an inch and asking for a mile!

Ning Yiyuan smiled and did not say anything.

He looked like he was saying,If you dont cooperate, I wont cooperate.

Fine! You win!

Mo Chu pursed her lips and deliberately dragged out her tone.

She called out tenderly, “Hubby…”

Ning Yiyuans body instantly swayed.

“Good girl!”

“Can you put on a mask now” Mo Chu shook the equipment in her hand and asked expectantly.

… If Ning Yiyuan dared to say no, she would immediately pounce on him and bite him hard!

“Yes.” Ning Yiyuan also understood the principle of quitting when the time was right, so he finally nodded and agreed.

Mo Chu could not help but let out a light sigh.

She had finally completed the mission!

“Ill wipe your face first…” Mo Chu raised the handkerchief and touched Ning Yiyuan with a smug look in her eyes.

“Come on!”

The destruction of evidence was in sight…

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