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The shop in front of her specialized in selling her Spirit Food pastries.

The interior of the shop was exquisitely decorated, and the faint aroma of pastries permeated the air.

Quite a number of people were entering and exiting the shop, and it was packed with people.

In stark contrast to this was the perfunctory attitude of the shops service staff.

Chatting, and surfing the internet… All of them stood at the side, as if they were just decorations.

Seeing this, Mo Chus face turned completely dark…

She gave Ning Yiyuan and the others a look, then strode into the shop and stood behind one of the lines.

The crowd at the front did not pay attention to Mo Chu, a little girl.

Only the woman in front of her looked back at her indifferently and then turned her head.

“Sigh! Its so annoying.

Every time I come here to buy things, I have to queue up!” The woman in front complained to her companions, and she could not help but show some annoyance on her face.

“Come on, their food is really delicious!” Another girl chimed in, and she showed a drooling look on her face.

“Especially their mung bean cake, its totally my favorite!”

“I still prefer a mouthful of crispy pastry.

That texture is simply addictive!” The woman nodded in agreement, and suddenly changed the topic.

“However, the attitude of the service staff here isnt very good.

You Dont know that I almost died from anger the last time… if it wasnt for the fact that the food here is really delicious, I wouldnt have come again!”

“Thats right, I think so too!”

When it was Mo Chus turn to buy things, she finally understood what the so-calledbad attitude meant!

“Hello, how much is this” Mo Chu casually pointed at a pastry and pretended to be very interested.

The service staff standing in front of her completely ignored her.

They were busy scrolling through the news on the internet.

After a long while, they slowly said, “Isnt it written on the side Cant you read it yourself!”

Mo Chu instantly felt aggrieved!

Great, a salesperson putting on more airs than a customer! What is this thing

Suppressing the anger in her heart, Mo Chu turned her head and looked.

After searching for a long time, she still could not find the price that she had mentioned.

“… Where is it written”

“Are you blind!” The service staff rebuked her.

Then, she casually pointed to the side.

“Isnt it here”

Looking in the direction she pointed, Mo Chu was dumbfounded.

On a small paperboard that was not even the size of a palm, a few lines of words were printed casually.

“Thousand-layer pastry, 500 Federation Coins per box.”

… Mo Chus forehead twitched a few times.

The pastry in front of him was obviously a ruyi cake.

How could it be a thousand-layer pastry How could she make such an obvious mistake!

“This doesnt seem to be a thousand-layer cake, right Is there a mistake…” Before Mo Chu could finish her sentence, the waitress interrupted her rudely, “Are you trying to pick a fight The items and prices are all here.

If you want to buy them, then buy them.

If you dont want to buy them, then get out of my way.

Dont stand in the way of others.”

Mo Chu was definitely a good-tempered person.

However, upon hearing her words, she would get a little angry!

“Wheres your store manager”

Mo Chus expression turned cold.

At this moment, she no longer had any thoughts ofsecretly probing.

With this service quality, it was fortunate that her pastries tasted good enough.

Otherwise, she might have offended the customers to a great extent!

The service staff stared at Mo Chu suspiciously.

“Why are you looking for our store manager”

“Nothing much.” Mo Chu sneered at her.

“Im complaining about you!”

Hearing this, the service staff was stunned for a moment before she could not help but laugh out loud.

“Haha, you still want to file a complaint against me Then go ahead.

Whos afraid of who”

This arrogant look made Mo Chu frown even more tightly… it seemed that this service quality reform had to be carried out immediately!

Seeing that Mo Chu was still standing there in a daze, the service staff rolled her eyes at her with disdain.

“If you cant afford it, then so be it.

Why are you still acting like you can afford it Tsk!”

The two of them were quite noisy and soon attracted everyones attention.

The people in the queue at the back could not help but whisper to each other, causing the scene to become much messier.

In the face of such a situation, not a single staff member came out to stop or deal with it.

On the contrary, they turned a blind eye to it and looked as if they did not care…

Mo Chu grit her teeth.

A man behind her even whispered to her, “Forget it, the service staff of this shop is always like this.

Youd better hurry up and buy something and leave on your own.

Otherwise, Im afraid you wont be able to buy anything later.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Chu did not speak anymore.

She only took a few boxes from the ruyi cakes in front of her and placed them in her shopping cart…

She had just reached out her hand when she was stopped by someone.

She looked up and saw that it was none other than the service staff.

“Arent you looking for our store manager Lets go! Ill bring you there!”

As for this cake, dont even think about buying it.

Go back and line up again! However, by the looks of it, by the time you reach the end of the line, they might have already gotten off work! Thinking of this, the service staff could not help but curl the corners of her lips and snort coldly.

With your current state, do you still want to complain about me Look at you!

Hearing this, the corners of Mo Chus mouth curled up.


Since you bumped into me yourself, dont blame me for being impolite.

They were not far behind the shop was the managers office.

They arrived in less than five minutes.

“Dong dong –” The service staff gently knocked on the door.

“Come in.” A male voice came from inside.

The woman pushed the door open with a smile on her face.

“Uncle, someone is looking for you.

She said that she wants to… file a complaint against me!”

The manager in front of him looked talented and decent, but the words he said were not pleasant.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at Mo Chu.

“File a complaint Im sorry, you must be mistaken.

We dont have such a procedure!”

With this sentence, Mo Chus escape route was blocked.

Seeing this, the attendant could not help but smile proudly and cast a contemptuous look at Mo Chu.

Did you see that

“Young girl, dont be too angry.” The store manager sat steadily on his chair and looked at Mo Chu meaningfully.

“If you want to talk, cant we just communicate properly”


How could they communicate!

As expected, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree!

Furious, Mo Chu did not get angry.

Instead, she smiled and nodded.

“Yes, its necessary for us to communicate properly.”

As he said this, Mo Chus expression instantly became stern.

Every word she said sounded like it had been weighed by a thousand pounds!

“First of all, this service staff will definitely be fired.” Mo Chu pointed at the stunned woman next to her and then turned to look at the store manager.

“As for you, dont worry.

Someone will replace you very soon.”

… What!

The service staff next to him stared at Mo Chu in surprise for a long while, then burst into laughter.

“Are you out of your mind How can you fire me Who do you think you are”

The store managers skills were much higher than this service staffs.

After hearing Mo Chus words, he slightly raised his eyebrows and stared at her as if he could not believe what he was hearing.

“You are…”

Unfortunately, it was Mo Chus turn to sit on the bench for them.

She immediately opened the terminal and dialed Wills number.

When the light screen was turned on and he saw the person on it, the store manager could not help but turn pale!

This ordinary-looking woman in front of him was actually able to contact their big boss, Will Clearly, her identity was extraordinary!

Sensing that he might have offended someone he could not afford to offend, the store manager clearly became flustered.

Just as he was about to open his mouth to explain, Mo Chu completely ignored him.

This time, he was flustered, not long after, his head was covered in cold sweat.

Mo Chu did not have the time to pay attention to him.

She gave Will a simple introduction of the situation here.

Finally, she concluded, “You absolutely can not keep these two people.

As for the other details, Ill talk to you in detail when I return.”

“Okay, I understand.” Will nodded with a slightly serious expression.

After hanging up the video call, he immediately pushed back his schedule for tonight, waiting to discuss this matter with Mo Chu.

On the other side, when he heard the word “Little Chu” coming out of Wills mouth, the store manager could not help but feel a wave of panic in his heart!

Could this person be…

No, thats impossible!

The store manager suddenly turned his head and carefully looked at Mo Chu.

After looking at her for a while, he finally saw through her disguise.

Thats right, this face shape and facial features… it was indeed Mo Chu!

Then, the store managers face turned completely pale!

… Its over, hes completely done for this time!

If Will was their big boss, then Mo Chu in front of them was their top boss!

He should have tried his best to curry favor with her, but what did he say just now!

Thinking of his attitude just now, the store manager wanted to slap himself a few times!

“Umm… Miss Mo Chu, Im sorry, I didnt recognize you just now… This is all my fault, please give me another chance! I promise, I will definitely correct my attitude in the future, I will never do this again!” When he saw Mo Chu turn his head, the store manager immediately stood up from the stool with a respectful attitude, which was completely opposite to his previous appearance.

One had to know that his current job not only had a good salary, but he could also get a lot of new pastries in advance, which made him look quite good in front of his peers! Once this job was taken away, his leisure life would be completely ruined!

Thinking of this, the store manager could not help but feel regretful.

Tell me, why did he not recognize the person just now

At this moment, the attendant beside him was completely dumbfounded.

Mo Chu

The woman in front of him was actually Mo Chu Then what she said just now…

In the blink of an eye, the woman who was originally arrogant suddenly became like a quail, cowering in fear.

She did not even dare to breathe too heavily…

Mo Chu snorted coldly and did not say anything more to them.

She took a step and walked out.

When the store manager and attendant behind her saw this, they hurriedly chased after her.

They wanted to explain it to her again.

Unfortunately, Mo Chus cold gaze nailed them both to the spot.

They could not even open their mouths…

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