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Seeing Mo Chu angrily walk out, Ning Yiyuan hurriedly took a step forward and carefully glanced at her before asking, “Why Did they bully you”

Beside her, Mo Yang also stared at her with a concerned expression, with an expression that said, “If she says yes, Ill immediately rush in and teach them a lesson.”

Seeing this, the anger in Mo Chus heart gradually dissipated.

She shook her head with a chuckle and brought the matter over with a few words.

“Dont worry, its fine.

Its just a small problem at work.

Its almost settled.”

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan and Mo Yang heaved a sigh of relief.

They held Mo Chus hand and said, “Lets go.

Didnt you say you wanted to go shopping”

“Yeah!” Mo Chu did not want to be disturbed by this matter, so she simply threw it to the back of her mind and continued shopping with Ning Yiyuan and the others.

Aside from Spirit Food and pastries, the other things in the food section on the first floor were things that Mo Chu could only look at but not eat.

After taking a quick look and sweeping the area, they rushed to the second floor.

This first floor was dedicated to selling clothes.

As soon as she entered, Mo Chu was attracted by a mans coat that was used as a template at the door.

It was neatly cut and had a slightly retro design.

It looked a little like a windbreaker, but it also brought a bit of firmness to the casual and neat suit.

The best part was that the combination of the two was just right, in a low-key manner, and there was a hint of luxury.

“This looks good!” Mo Chu turned her head and pushed the two people beside her.

She said with a smile, “Why dont you try it on If it looks good, well buy it”

Ning Yiyuans clothes were basically custom-made.

He rarely bought them outside.

However, since it was little Chus intention, how could he say no

Mo Yang also nodded obediently.

Thus, Mo Chu led the two into the shop.

“Excuse me, do you have any other colors” Mo Chu pointed at the models clothes and asked softly.

From the renovation of the shop, one could tell that it was a first-class brand.

Even the attitude of the attendant was much better than before.

“Apart from this black one, theres also a gray and navy blue one.”

“Can you take it out and let us try it out” Mo Chu reached out and touched the fabric.

It was very firm and felt nice.

It should feel good on him.

“Okay.” The staff nodded and quickly took out the clothes in three colors.

“Which color do you like” Mo Chu turned his head to look at Ning Yiyuan and her big brother.

“Both are fine.” Although he came from a big family, Ning Yiyuan was not picky about these things.

“Little Chu, help me choose.” Mo Yang threw this matter to Mo Chu.

In fact, in his eyes, these three colors were not that different.

The effect of wearing them was clearly the same! What was there to pick

“Umm… Since thats the case, then Ill help you choose” Mo Chu tilted her head and asked.

The two of them nodded in agreement without any objections.

Mo Chus gaze swept over the three colors of the clothes.

After a short while, she made up her mind.

“Ning… Hubby, why dont you try this gray one” Mo Chu was about to blurt out Ning Yiyuans name when she suddenly realized that the attendant was standing beside her.

She hurriedly changed his words.

Sure enough, when he heard Mo Chu call him that, Ning Yiyuans eyes instantly lit up.

He felt that todays trip was really worth it!

He immediately nodded, took the gray jacket, and walked to the changing room.

Ning Yiyuan usually had to attend formal events, the clothes he wore were mostly black.

Other colors were rarely seen, so this was a good opportunity to make up for it.

Mo Chu turned around and picked up the navy blue coat and handed it to his brother.

“Brother, why dont you try this one”

As the saying went, a mans wardrobe was usually made up of three colors: black, white, and gray.

Mo Yang was no exception.

This time, Little Chu specially chose a different color for him.

“Okay.” Mo Yang nodded and also took the clothes to the fitting room.

While the two of them were changing, Mo Chu started to walk around in detail.

She had only looked at two or three pieces of clothes when the two of them walked out.

Although they were wearing the same style and different colors, they had two completely different looks!

Ning Yiyuans temperament was more cold and arrogant.

The silver-gray coat on his body made him appear even more noble and elegant.

He looked like a prince who had just walked out of a palace, like a God.

Mo Yang, who was beside him, had a different flavor.

The navy blue coat paired with Mo Yangs handsome face made him look much more approachable.

He had handsome features and a smile on his lips.

He was a perfect upgraded version of a sunny and handsome man!

The attendants beside them were dumbfounded.

After a long while, they finally said, “The two of you look really good in this!”

Thats right! It felt even better than when they were posing as professional models!

The two men who originally looked quite ordinary had changed their clothes at this moment.

In an instant, they felt like they had changed into a completely different person.

Those long legs, slim waist, and awe-inspiring temperament… Tsk tsk!

No wonder people said that Buddha wanted to wear golden clothes!

“Do I look good” Ning Yiyuan winked at Mo Chu.

His originally noble and elegant image was instantly tainted with a demonic charm.

The attendants at the side could not stand it!

F*ck! The impact was too great! We mortals simply could not resist it anymore…

“It looks good!” Mo Chu repeatedly nodded her head in praise.

To be honest, Ning Yiyuan looked really handsome in this outfit!

Hearing this, the corners of Ning Yiyuans mouth curled up slightly.

His mood instantly became much clearer, but this happiness was greatly reduced when he heard Little Chu praising Mo Yang as well.

What a third wheel! When Mo Chu was about to pay, Ning Yiyuan turned around and glared at Mo Yang.

Mo Yang shrugged and said, “I just want to be a third wheel.

What can you do to me”

On the other side.

The attendant was explaining the price to Mo Chu.

“These two coats were designed by Master CK.

The price isnt cheap, but we have a discount now.”

“Then how much is the discount” Mo Chu asked.

The attendant took a look and said, “A single coat should cost around 100,000 Federation Coins.”


When Mo Chu heard that, she was really shocked!

Although she knew that the coat was not cheap from the start, when she heard the price, she was still shocked!

One set of clothes cost 100,000 Federation Coins, and two sets of clothes cost 200,000 Federation Coins.

This was the price after the discount.

Back then, Mo Yang had worked hard in District 12 for so many years, but he had only saved around 300,000 Federation Coins.

In that case, it was only the price of three coats!

Actually, the attendant felt a little guilty.

After all, the price was not cheap.

If this group of people did not buy it, then all her efforts would have been wasted!

However, she was not too worried.

After recovering from her shock, Mo Chu waved her hand and said, “Buy it! Ill pay!”

If it was in the 21st century, she could only sigh at the terrifying price.

However, just the profits from the Spirit Food alone were enough to sustain for many decades, not to mention the huge amount of wealth that Ning Yiyuan had transferred to her.

She did not lack such a small amount of money!

Mo Chus forthright manner caused the attendant beside her to be stunned.

That was not right.

Looking at the clothes and attire of these people, they did not seem like people who would normally spend a lot of money!

No matter how much she grumbled in her heart, the attendant quickly brought the price scanner over.

A sincere smile appeared on his face.

After all, just the commission from these two pieces of clothes were enough to cover half a months salary.

Mo Chu took the terminal and scanned the price scanner.

She paid directly offline, which was convenient and fast.

“Alright, thank you for your patronage.” After the money was transferred to the account, the attendants smile became even brighter.

“Then, are these two pieces of clothes for you to wrap up, or are you going to wear them now”

Mo Chu glanced at the two of them.

“Its better to wrap them up first.”

Wearing these clothes, the risk of the two of them being recognized would greatly increase.

“Okay.” The attendant handed the clothes to Mo Chu.

Just as she was about to reach out to take them, Ning Yiyuan and Mo Yang beat her to it.

This time, they had a tacit understanding.

After all, they did not want Little Chu to be tired, even though it was only the weight of a piece of clothing.

“Your husband and brother are really nice to you,” the attendant praised with a smile.

“By the way, these clothes have a guarantee of three months.

If there are any problems, you can come over anytime.

You are welcome to come again in the future.”

Ning Yiyuan and Mo Yang each carried a bag and walked out of the shop.

They looked very happy, and their eyes and eyebrows became much more attractive.

It was as if they were holding not only a piece of clothing, but pure treasure!

“Is it necessary to do this” Mo Chu chuckled.

“If you like it in the future, I will buy it for you.”

“Sure.” Ning Yiyuan agreed without any hesitation.

When his gaze swept past a shop next to his, his footsteps suddenly stopped.

His eyes flashed.

“You guys go shopping first.

Ill go to the bathroom first.

Ill rush over immediately.”

“Dont I need to wait for you” Mo Chu asked.

“Theres no need.” Ning Yiyuan waved at them.

“You guys go quickly.

Ill catch up soon.”

“Okay, hurry up.” Mo Chu nodded and continued to walk forward.

After watching the two of them walk away, Ning Yiyuan turned around and walked into the shop next to him…

If someone took a closer look, they would realize that this shop sold lingerie for women…

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