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Ten minutes later, Ning Yiyuan caught up with Mo Chu and the others.

The group began to shift their positions again and headed for the third floor.

This place specialized in selling household goods.

There were all kinds of gadgets filled with fantastic ideas, and it was a dazzling sight to see.

Once Mo Chu arrived here, she completely lost control of herprehistoric power!

Oh my God!

… This unique-shaped artifact was actually a cup

… And this hanging tree hole, as long as she flipped down, she would be able to find a chair!

It was simply too ingenious and novel! Mo Chu was having a great time strolling around!

Ning Yiyuan, who was at the side, had been guarding Little Chu closely the entire time.

If this was in the past, he would not have wasted his time on such a trivial matter.

If he needed something, he would choose it directly and then pay for it before leaving.

He would not be like Little Chu, who would shop around for a silly little table!

However, after accompanying Little Chu for an hour or two, Ning Yiyuan slowly found some interest in it.

Just like at this moment — this shop was very crowded with people.

Ning Yiyuan had to hold Little Chus waist every time to prevent the two of them from being separated.

Little Chu was still in high spirits as she focused all his attention on the little toy beside her.

As for Ning Yiyuan… He could take this opportunity to openly enjoy the grace of a beauty! From time to time, he would pinch her waist and gently stroke Little Chus chest.

This feeling… was indescribably beautiful!

It was also because of this trip to the mall that every time Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu went shopping, they would first choose a store with many people…

Of course, Little Chu was completely unaware of Ning Yiyuans evil intentions and was still picking out these little things… God knows, she had no resistance against these things!

However, after the excitement subsided, Mo Chu looked down again and exclaimed, “Oh my God!”

Why did she buy so much!

In an instant, Little Chu felt the Federation Coins in her wallet flowing like water, leaving her mercilessly…

However, Ning Yiyuan and Mo Yang did not say anything to stop her.

Instead, they kept nodding their heads in praise.

After being coaxed by the two of them, she spent nearly 400,000 in one morning!

Now that she thought about it carefully, she felt her heart ache!

Oh! Oh! So much money! Its all gone!

Forget it… I have to go to the supermarket less in the future.

Otherwise, the money wont be able to take it anymore.

I have to chop off my hands!

Seeing the conflicted look on Little Chus face, Ning Yiyuan could not help but smile.

He reached out and gently rubbed her head.

“Your heart aches”

Mo Chu nodded.

How could her heart not ache

Ning Yiyuan chuckled.

“How about I hand over my current card to you”

Hearing this, Mo Chu instantly perked up.

Her small eyes turned and glanced at Ning Yiyuan.

What, do you still have private money

“What do you think” Actually, it was too easy to make money from Ning Yiyuans position.

After all, he was very clear about the governments policies.

Sometimes, when he was in a good mood, he gave a few words of advice to the company he invested in.

Once he made money, his profits naturally increased a few times.

It was because of this that officials in the 21st century were banned from doing business.

However, no matter which era it was, there would always be loopholes.

This was also an unspoken rule that everyone acknowledged.

As long as one was not caught, no one would pick on this thorn…

Mo Chu naturally understood this point and snorted coldly.

“Hmph! Using power for personal gain!”

Then, she turned her head proudly and started chatting with Mo Yang, who was driving the Drive Machine.

The days in the army were undoubtedly tough and monotonous, but from Mo Yang, it added a lot of interest.

Hearing this, Little Chu nodded with great interest.

Ning Yiyuan leaned forward and looked at Little Chus smiling face.

He could not help but be moved.

He directly went up and kissed her lightly, making a sound.

… F*ck!

Mo Chu was shocked by Ning Yiyuan!

Cant you see that my big brother is sitting in front As long as he turned his head slightly, he would be able to see their actions clearly… Ning Yiyuan actually dared to act like a hoodlum at this time

It had to be said that after they got married, Ning Yiyuans courage was getting bigger and bigger.

Even making this kind of action was an open and aboveboard stance… F*ck! His skin was probably thicker than the city walls!

Looking at Little Chu continuously glaring at him, Ning Yiyuan finally restrained himself a little and stepped back slightly.

Seeing this, Mo Chu finally heaved a sigh of relief, and then her body suddenly froze!

She looked down and saw that Ning Yiyuans rough and big palm was slowly climbing up her calf…


A crisp sound of a slap could be heard from the Drive Machine.

“Good hit!”Although Mo Yang did not turn his head, he did not forget to stab her.

Ning Yiyuan shook off the palm that was completely red from Mo Chus slap.

Looking at the little girl who had her face turned away, he could not help but sigh.

It was over.

It seemed that he had gone a little overboard.

“Are you really angry” Ning Yiyuan leaned over and asked while licking her face.

He even reached out to touch Mo Chus shoulder tentatively, but Mo Chu dodged it by leaning to the side.

The expression on her little face was extremely serious! Im ignoring you!

… Fine!

He had really angered this little girl!

Ning Yiyuan let out a light breath.

“How about this, you hit me twice to vent your anger”

Seeing that Mo Chu was indifferent, he leaned closer to her ear.

“At most, Ill let you touch me again”

… You wish!

Mo Chu glared at him with hatred, but she still did not say anything.

Ning Yiyuan could only smile at her.

Not only was he not angry at all, but he also found it interesting!

If the soldiers under him saw him like this, they would definitely smash their eyeballs and scream in their hearts… This wife slave was definitely not the strict and cold Commander Ning in their military camp! Definitely not!

Thus, along the way, just as Ning Yiyuan lowered his head to coax Mo Chu, time quietly passed by.

When they returned home and carefully calculated, this trip could really be considered a huge haul!

Apart from Mo Chus astonishing purchasing power, Ning Yiyuan and Mo Yang also bought a lot of things, but the things they bought were more practical.

After they finished counting the things, it was almost noon.

In order to please Mo Chu, Ning Yiyuan took the initiative to do the kitchen work.

He waved at them and said, “You guys take a rest first.

Let me cook todays lunch.”

Hearing that, Mo Chu raised her eyebrows and smiled slyly.


This was the first time she had spoken to him since he had angered Little Chu on the Drive Machine! Ning Yiyuan immediately became excited.

He was determined to make this meal the best he could.

“Dont worry, Little Chu, watch me!”

In order to perform well, Ning Yiyuan also chose a dish that looked very exquisite — seaweed prawns.

The ingredients of this dish were very important.

The fresher the prawns and seaweed, the better the taste.

Ning Yiyuan moved his wrist slightly.

His movements were very neat and beautiful!

First, he peeled the cleaned prawns and kept the tail.

Then, he used a knife to cut the back of the prawns.

With a slight pull of his fingers, he took out the prawns.

Then, he used the back of the knife to gently hit the profile.

Then, he applied a thin layer of salt on top.

Then, he took out the seaweed and wrapped the prawns with it.

He exposed the tail of the prawns and placed them on the plate.

Then, he heated the pot and put in the oil.

When the oil was warm, he placed the seaweed shrimp in the colander and fried it.

After a few minutes, when the tail changed color, it would be used to control the oil.

Finally, Ning Yiyuan carefully placed them on the plate.

Finally, he placed a few green leaves on the side to decorate it.

At first glance, they were simply stunning!

Looking at his masterpiece that he had been working on for half a day, Ning Yiyuan nodded in satisfaction.

Mo Chu watched from the side, and the corners of her mouth curled up in schadenfreude.

Suddenly, she shouted, “Time to eat!”

Then, a series of crackling sounds could be heard.

A large group of Blood Luminescent Beasts staggered out and ran straight to the kitchen.

When he saw this group of fellows, Ning Yiyuans originally proud expression instantly stiffened! With aplop sound, the chopsticks in his hand also fell onto the table.

Did this mean that before the seaweed prawns that Ning Yiyuan had been pleasantly surprised to make could be placed on the table, half of them had already been secretly eaten by Roundy!

The little fellow smacked its lips and howled in dissatisfaction.

It was not because the taste was not good, but because the portion was too small.

It ate one after another and ate four to five prawns in a row.

It did not feel full at all!

Seeing this, the other Blood Luminescent Beasts also began to howl.

Where was their food Where was the food

Ning Yiyuan, who was surrounded, instantly had the illusion that he was being asked for a debt.

He could not help but smile bitterly!

It was not just a technical job to feed this group of foodies by himself.

It was also a physical job!

“What are we eating for lunch today” Mo Yang had seen this scene a long time ago.

He deliberately walked closer to take a look and asked with a smile, “Are these empty plates!”

Ning Yiyuan glared at him and looked down again, instantly going crazy…

Half of the seaweed prawns that he had saved with great difficulty were stolen by Roundy again! The only consolation was that this time, Roundy did not eat them all by itself.

Instead, it gave a few to Little Chu…

Look at him! Looks like he dug a hole for himself.

and then buried himself in it, right

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