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Ning Yiyuan once again began to fight bitterly in the kitchen…

Pots upon pots of delicacies were brought out one after another.

In just a few minutes, they were all washed away by the Blood Luminescent Beasts…

In the end, when they were fully satisfied and their bellies were round, Ning Yiyuan was already so tired that he was about to collapse!

Thats right!

Compared to yesterday, the fighting strength of this group of Blood Luminescent Beasts had completely risen in a straight line!

Perhaps it was because they had just arrived yesterday, but these little fellows were still holding back.

However, when they stepped on the hot ground today, their savage nature was immediately revealed!

Each and every one of them was not an ordinary glutton!

In the beginning, the amount of food that Ning Yiyuan had prepared was about the same as yesterday.

He had thought that it would fill their stomachs, but in the end, they had actually slapped him hard!

This group of Blood Luminescent Beasts perfectly demonstrated what it meant to say,There is no such thing as edible, only the most edible!

Just like the locusts that had crossed the border, they soon cleaned up the food on the table.

They even looked like they had not eaten their fill yet, crying out from time to time.

Ning Yiyuan had no choice but to let out a low sigh and step into the kitchen again.

After walking back and forth for three times, Ning Yiyuan finally fed these big eaters to their full stomachs! Each and every one of them puffed out their small bellies and hopped around happily!

After tidying up the things in the kitchen a little, Ning Yiyuan walked out.

Just as he sat down on the sofa, he glanced forward and was surprised to find that Little Chu was completely surrounded by the Blood Luminescent Beasts!

She had one in her arms, one on her arm, and one on her leg… Damn it! Her popularity was comparable to delicacies!

As a result, Mo Yang was extremely cold and empty beside her.

These Blood Luminescent Beast did not even spare him a glance, let alone pester him!

Of course, Ning Yiyuan was alsoa person who has fallen to the ends of the earth.

Suddenly, Roundy let out anao ao sound.

Its chubby body suddenly straightened up and its face was filled with anger.

There were actually beasts that wanted to squeeze her out of Little Chus arms.

This was simply too much!

After all, Little Chu was the treasure that it had found.

What right did the other beasts have to come and get a share Letting you guys come over to eat some Spirit Food was already very generous of me.

Now, you actually dared to covet my gourmet food storage

Roundy was instantly enraged.

With a swipe of its claws, it blasted all the other beasts that were hanging on Mo Chus arm and climbing onto her thigh!

Then, it spread out in a large manner and firmly occupied every single spot on Mo Chus body!

Ning Yiyuan watched from the side and suddenly felt a little stifled.

He had previously only felt that Mo Yang was a hindrance.

Now, he suddenly realized that Roundy was also a big obstacle!

Ning Yiyuan was still sighing!

Suddenly, there was asquelch sound!

When he raised his head, Roundy, who was originally feeling smug and lying in Mo Chus arms, had unknowingly fallen to the ground.

It sat firmly on his butt and made abang sound.

Roundy, who was sitting on the floor, was stunned for a moment.

When it realized what was happening, it immediately flew into a rage out of humiliation! Its small face was trembling with anger…

It turned around with a swoosh.

Who, who was it How dare you attack me and push me down Come out!

You have the guts to do it, but you dont have the guts to admit it

Roundy swept its gaze over, and all the Blood Luminescent Beasts put on an innocent look…

Roundy looked back and forth a few times, but still could not find the culprit.

Feeling annoyed, it pounced over and started to fight with the group of Blood Luminescent Beasts!

In any case, other than the mastermind, the rest were accomplices! All of them watched as Roundy was pushed down, and they did not even give it a warning…

At first, Roundy was imposing, and he defeated quite a number of Blood Luminescent Beasts.

However, in the end, the situation slowly began to change.

Roundy was at a disadvantage.

After all, it was 1 against 20.

The final outcome could be imagined.

Thats right! It was directly crushed!

That chubby little leg kept struggling, but it was unable to escape at all.

Many of its white furs had also been pulled.

The pain caused the little fellow to let out a few miserable cries from time to time…

It was rare to see Roundy in such a sorry state.

Mo Chu and the others were dumbfounded when they saw it.

They could not help but sigh in their hearts.

There was always a taller mountain, always bigger fish.

These words were indeed the truth!

When Roundy was at home, it was still a little tyrant.

Now, it was being beaten up by someone else!

Will, who entered the house, happened to see this scene and was completely dumbfounded!

He was extremely shocked by the Blood Luminescent Beasts in the house!

Hmm… Little Chu and her family only raised one Blood Luminescent Beast, right Why did so many of them suddenly appear

Could it be…

“Little Chu, when did your Roundy give birth to so many Blood Luminescent Beasts” Looking at the huge number of Blood Luminescent Beasts, it was simply a dazzling sight!

“Ao ao!” The first to protest was Roundy.

Even though it was sitting under the buttocks of the other Blood Luminescent Beasts, the moment it heard those words, it pounced on them again!

… giving birth to Blood Luminescent Beasts

What the hell! How could a male animal like him give birth Tell me!

“No, this is Roundys family.

They came to our house to play for a while.” Mo Chu briefly introduced the situation.

Of course, she also skipped over the topics that she could not talk about.

“Lets go to the study to talk.”

Mo Chu stood up and walked upstairs.

“Okay.” Will nodded and greeted the two people in the living room before following behind her.

After Little Chu left, the remaining Mo Yang and Ning Yiyuan did not like each other, so they simply returned to their own rooms.

Therefore, only a group of Blood Luminescent Beasts continued to play in the living room…

Upstairs, in the study room.

Looking at the little girl in front of him, Wills eyes could not help but flash with a hint of admiration.

At the very beginning, he had never thought that Little Chu would be able to reach such a position!

To start from scratch and reach the scale he had today, it would normally require several generations of hard work.

However, Little Chu had only spent a little over ten years achieving this goal!

Among them, talent was a very important part.

However, the hard work that Mo Chu had put in could not be ignored.

He had seen it with his own eyes.

In order to develop the best recipe for a pastry, Little Chu had to stay up all night.

Her eyes were red beyond recognition, but she was still unwilling to go back.

Even if she was forcefully dragged back by Mo Yang and laid on the bed, her mind was still thinking about the increase and decrease of the recipe…

Not everyone could achieve this level, and not everyone could succeed!

However, there was no doubt that Little Chu had set up the most distinct banner! Success did not have anything to do with age or experience.

As long as one had the heart, it was possible!

Mo Chu lightly knocked twice on the table before raising her head to look at Will.

“What do you think of the high-quality service that I mentioned to you previously”

The moment this topic was brought up, Will instantly became much more excited!

“After thinking about it carefully, I realized that what you said makes a lot of sense.

Our Federation has always been lacking in terms of service.

If we can take the lead in conquering it, we will definitely be able to surpass others by a large margin!”

“Thats right.” Mo Chus lips curled up.

He did not expect that her words, which were just a tiny bit, would actually cause Will to think of so many things.

As expected of the background of a business tycoon.

“Then, do you have any thoughts on how to implement this point”

Will had also considered this question before.

At this moment, he continued to speak without stopping, “We can first convene a service staff quality training!”

After a pause, Will continued, “We can hire a specialized training staff to regulate our service staff from the aspects of attitude, expression, and behavior, and improve the quality of their service.

The duration is about… about three months.

What do you think”

After saying that, Will looked at Mo Chu with a face full of anticipation.

“Very good!” Mo Chu did not hold back in her praise and nodded.

“This can be used as pre-job training, and we can also supplement it with some other measures.”

“Other measures… such as” Will raised his head curiously, his blue eyes shining brightly.

“For example, we can implement a base salary plus a commission system.

For example, we can give her a one-thousandth commission for every Federation Coin we earn,” Mo Chu organized her words slightly, “Or, we can choose an outstanding worker every month, and this data mainly comes from the customers evaluation of them.”

Actually, these were all methods commonly used in the 21st century.

At this moment, Mo Chu had merely copied them over.

“Right! Thats right!” As Mo Chus point of view was revealed bit by bit, Wills eyes became brighter and brighter! He clapped his hands excitedly!

Little Chus words had given him quite a bit of inspiration.

Now, Wills mind had already formed a preliminary outline of a plan, and he could not wait to immediately implement it!

“Alright, how about this.” Looking at Wills impatient look, Mo Chu could not help but chuckle softly.

“First, show me a design book for the specific plan.

As long as there arent too big of a problem, we can proceed step by step!”

“Alright.” Will nodded confidently.

“Just wait and see!”

With the mission, Wills enthusiasm was immediately roused.

After a simple chat with Mo Yang, he hurriedly ran to the company, preparing to fight all night tonight to get the plan out!

Ning Yiyuan, who had been lurking in the room, saw Will leave and immediately went into the study…

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