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“Little Chu…” Ning Yiyuan started to act pitiful as soon as he entered.

He extended his large palm which was slightly red.

“Look, Im already like this.

Do you still want to be angry”

Mo Chu looked sideways.

It was indeed so!

Perhaps it was because he had been holding the spatula the whole time, the palm of Ning Yiyuans palm was slightly red.

Coupled with his pitiful large face, Mo Chus expression could not help but soften.

Ning Yiyuan knew how to read peoples expressions!

He knew that there was a way when he saw Little Chus expression.

He immediately struck while the iron was hot and obediently admitted his mistake.

“If you dont like it, I definitely wont do that in the future…”

Following that, he even tentatively reached out his hand and grabbed Mo Chus tender little hands.

No matter how much she struggled, she could not break free.

In the end, she simply let him be.

“Oh right.” After hugging the little girl in his arms, Ning Yiyuan sighed in satisfaction and reached out to stroke her soft long hair.

“Grandfather asked us to go over earlier.

Do you have time tomorrow”


Mo Chu was stunned.

Did this mean that she was going to meet her father-in-law for the first time as her daughter-in-law tomorrow

“Why Are you worried” Seeing Mo Chus dazed look, Ning Yiyuan could not help but pinch her earlobe and breathe hot air into her ear.

“As the old saying goes, an ugly wife has to meet her father-in-law!”

Mo Chu turned his head and glared at him.

Whos an ugly wife Youre the ugly one!

Mo Chus coquettish look made Ning Yiyuans blood boil! He wished he could immediately turn into a wolf!

However, when he thought of Mo Yang in the living room, his breath instantly dissipated by more than half.

Tell me, is there anyone as miserable as him It was not easy to get a wife, but he still did not dare to bite her.

He was really worried to death!

Mo Chu did not understand Ning Yiyuans suffering and struggle at all.

She was still thinking about it.

“Tell me, do I need to buy a gift tomorrow”

“Dont worry.” Ning Yiyuan kissed her forehead.

How could he bear to let Mo Chu worry about this “I will prepare the things for you tomorrow.

You should rest well!”

Mo Chu was stunned.

She did not expect Ning Yiyuan to think of this for her.

Her heart softened and she stood on her tiptoes to nibble on Ning Yiyuans mouth as a reward.

Then, Ning Yiyuans eyes lit up!

He directly went up and turned Mo Chus light kiss into a passionate French kiss…

Then, he went down along Mo Chus white swan neck and the scene suddenly became ambiguous… It looked like the gun was about to go off, but Ning Yiyuan still remembered that it was inconvenient for Little Chus body.

In the end, he forcefully restrained herself and her entire face turned red from holding it in…

Mo Chu sat on Ning Yiyuans lap and naturally felt even more obvious.

She moved her butt in embarrassment, causing Ning Yiyuan to gasp!

“Little Chu!”

Was this girl playing with fire She actually dared to move around at this critical moment

Without needing Ning Yiyuan to say anything, Mo Chu already knew that she had caused trouble.

The feeling under her body became even more distinct… she did not dare to move again and could only stiffly sit on Ning Yiyuans body.

After a full 20 minutes, Ning Yiyuan finally recovered.

With a heavy gaze, he glanced at Mo Chu and said in a low voice, “When the time comes, see how Ill deal with you!”

Mo Chu was shocked by this gaze! She always had a feeling that she would die a miserable death in the future…

The next day.

Ning Familys old residence.

Elder Ning and Ning Zhenhai had woken up early in the morning and were waiting here.

They had even drunk several jugs of water!

Why isnt this brat here yet

Could it be that he had forgotten about it! Elder Ning tidied up his new clothes and could not help but grumble in his heart.

However, he pretended to act as if nothing had happened.

How could Ning Zhenhai not see through his disguise He smiled and asked, “Dad, why dont we call and urge him”

Elder Ning raised his head and glared at him.

“Urge What Urge! He doesnt even have a sense of time.

I wonder how that Brat Ning Yiyuan graduated from the Military Academy Hmph!”

Just as he finished speaking, Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu walked in together.

The man was cold and stern, while the woman was delicate and pretty.

The two of them stood together, looking extremely harmonious.

When the old man, who was originally fuming with anger, saw the two of them like this, his expression immediately became much calmer.

The corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

Not bad, the two of them were quite compatible!

“Grandfather, Father,” Ning Yiyuan said first, then gave Mo Chu a look.

Clearing her throat, Mo Chu also blushed and greeted, “Hello, Grandfather, Hello, Father.”

“Ah!” Elder Ning agreed.

He laughed so hard that he could not close his mouth.

He reached out and took out a gift from the terminal.

“Here, this is your gift for changing your words.

Take it well.”

Then, he took out the copy that Elder Qin gave her and handed it to Little Chu.

“This is a gift from your Grandpa Qin.

When he comes back, you have to thank him properly.”

“Okay.” Mo Chu nodded.

Ning Zhenhai, who was beside him, did not want to be outdone either.

He handed a book box to Mo Chu.

“This is some of the only copies Ive collected over the years.

You should be quite interested in the contents.

Take a good look when you have time.”

Mo Chu opened it and was stunned for a moment!

The books in this box were genuine books! Books made from tree pulp!

He did not know how they were preserved, but they were still as good as new even after a thousand years.

Mo Chu carefully opened it and read two pages.

Her eyes widened in surprise again!

The contents inside were actually a few recipes!

Without even thinking about it, how could a recipe that could be so carefully protected be ordinary

For a moment, Mo Chu felt like she had obtained a treasure! She nodded repeatedly at Ning Zhenhai.

“Thank you, Father.

I like this gift very much.”

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of the unhappy expression on the old mans face.

She quickly added, “Grandpas gift too.

I like it too.”

Hearing this, the old man smiled in satisfaction.

“Oh right, this is the gift we bought for you.”

After putting the item into the terminal, Mo Chu quickly took out the gift bag that Ning Yiyuan had given her previously.

He dug into it.

One, two, three… Hmm

Mo Chu was stunned.

Why were there three gifts How was she going to divide them

Ning Yiyuan was also stunned.

Then, as if he had thought of something, his expression suddenly changed!

Just as he was about to reach out and take one of the gift boxes back, he was a step too late.

Elder Ning and Ning Zhenhai had already taken one each.

Elder Ning was impatient, so he immediately opened it.

Looking inside, his eyes suddenly lit up!

Yo! Isnt this his favorite kind of Spirit Wine

Other than wine, Mo Chu also brewed wine with a higher purity and a stronger taste! It was a very strong drink!

Many of his good friends had also fallen in love with this drink!

Unfortunately, this kind of Spirit Wine was not easy to buy.

The main reason was that when it was brewed, the energy was very difficult to control, and it was very easy to cause explosions! Therefore, the amount that was circulated in the market was also shockingly small.

Previously, Elder Ning had spent a lot of effort but only managed to get one or two bottles.

He still kept them and did not dare to take them out, afraid that he would be cheated by other old fellows!

However, when she saw this, Mo Chu immediately waved her hand and gave her ten bottles!

Aiyo! This made Elder Ning extremely happy.

He repeatedly praised, “Not bad, not bad!”

Although this Spirit Wine was originally made by Mo Chu herself, no matter what, he had received this gift!

He happily kept the Spirit Wine into the terminal.

Elder Ning then turned to look at Ning Zhenhai, wanting to see what gift he had received.

Receiving the old mans urging gaze, Ning Zhenhai also began to open the gift.


Seeing this, Ning Yiyuans expression suddenly changed! He hurriedly shouted! He wanted to pounce forward to stop him, but unfortunately, he was still a step too late.

Ning Zhenhai had already opened the box in his hand and looked at it carefully.

He was instantly dumbfounded…

“This, this is for me”

Mo Chu stared at Ning Yiyuan in surprise.

He did not expect him to have such a big reaction.

He turned his head to look and his face instantly turned red!

What was inside the box was actually a set of exquisite lingerie! Moreover, it was the kind of red with a bit of lace.

At a glance, it was extremely sexy…

What the hell was this

Mo Chu instantly broke down when she saw it! What kind of gift did Ning Yiyuan buy!

… what would Father think of her F*ck! She was really too ashamed to face anyone!

Ning Yiyuan also frowned in frustration.

He had bought this pair of underwear in the supermarket yesterday and was prepared to give Little Chu a surprise.

In the end, he did not know why it was mixed in with the gifts he had prepared for the old man and the others!

In fact, when he saw Ning Zhenhai holding the gift, he heaved a sigh of relief.

After all, with Ning Zhenhais character, he would never open the gift in front of the giver.

He had thought that he would find an opportunity to exchange the gift back, but he had not forgotten that the old man was a variable!

This time, the situation was awkward…

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