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The old mans gaze swept over Ning Yiyuans face.

It did not take long for him to realize that something must have happened… Anyway, he would never believe that this sexy underwear was given to Ning Zhenhai!

Hmm… with a chuckle, the old man looked at his terminal in relief.

Fortunately, he acted fast enough!

Otherwise, he might be the one who got the underwear now… Where would he hide his old face

The old man smiled proudly, completely not taking his son and grandsons awkward situation to heart…

As for Mo Chu, her head was almost buried in her chest at this moment, and her little face was so red that it looked like a tomato.


This could not be any more embarrassing!

In the end, it was Ning Zhenhai who spoke first to break the deadlock.

“Alright, this is the fun between the two of you.

Dont show it to us!” As he said that, he put down the box containing his underwear and took another one.

Without opening it, he immediately put it into the terminal.

… Fun

Mo Chu looked at Ning Zhenhai in a daze.

Umm… Father! Did you misunderstand something!

She and Ning Yiyuan were still innocent!

“Ahem, alright.” The old man glanced at Mo Chu and said softly, “Put the things away.”

They were both young, so they knew about the fun in the boudoir.

However, they could not tell that his cold grandson was still so coquettish in private! Look at this color… Tsk tsk!

Mo Chu had a stiff smile on his face as he kept the box into the terminal.

In his heart, he knew that she was definitely going to be the scapegoat!

Only the heavens knew that she had never seen this thing before, okay

Ning Yiyuan also knew that he had messed things up.

She even reached out from behind and tugged at Mo Chus clothes.

In the end, Mo Chu glared at him!

He gritted his teeth and looked at him… Ning Yiyuan, just you wait and see!

In order to make up for his previous mistake, Mo Chu pulled all the stops to prepare this lunch.

The result was naturally that everyone was happy.

Everyone ate with satisfaction and their mouths glistened.

Especially adjutant Little Wu.

Today, he was lucky enough to taste Mo Chus cooking and was instantly conquered!

Damn! How could there be such delicious food in this world… His eyes were shining…

After finishing the meal, Mo Chu wanted to earn some performance.

She stretched out his hand and was about to bring the remaining dishes to the kitchen when he was stopped by Ning Zhenhai.

“You must be tired after making such a big table of food just now.

Let Little Wu do this.”

Yes, yes! The adjutant beside him nodded his head.

It was better to let him do these simple things! Mo Chus hands were used to make delicious food.

How could he get his hands on these miscellaneous things

“Why dont we sit and chat”

Since Ning Zhenhai had already said so, how could Mo Chu not agree She quickly put down the rolled-up cuffs and sat on the sofa next to him.

After drinking a mouthful of water, Ning Zhenhai finally spoke.

“Little Chu, you also know that due to work, this child, Ning Yiyuan, hasnt been with me for long.” Thinking back to the past, Ning Zhenhai could not help but feel a little emotional.

“It can be said that its all thanks to the old man that he has grown to where he is today.”

“His eyes and ears are intertwined.

Ning Yiyuans temper is similar to the old mans.

Although he looks wise and steady, hes stubborn and stubborn deep down…”

Ning Zhenhai sighed softly and turned to look at Mo Chu.

“The two of you will have to live together in the future.

If theres anything that can accommodate him, please do so.

If theres anything wrong with him, you dont have to be polite.

Just deal with him directly! If you cant deal with him, then come find me.

Ill even support you!”

Ning Yiyuan, who was not far away, also heard these words and could not help but feel a warmth in his heart.

His father was a taciturn person, but now he had said so much for him… At first, Ning Yiyuan was quite touched when he heard it, but later on, he felt that something was wrong!

… and he was offering to help Little Chu deal with him

Ning Yiyuan was instantly speechless… Could it be that he was randomly picked up by the roadside, and Little Chu was their biological child! His heart was so biased that it reached his throat!

Mo Chus feelings were completely different from Ning Yiyuans.

She had grown up in the orphanage and had almost no chance to feel the warmth of family love.

It was only now that she had an older brother, Mo Yang!

Now that she felt Ning Zhenhais fatherly love, her heart could not help but tremble.

She nodded and said, “Dont worry, I will definitely live a good life with Ning Yiyuan.”

Hearing this, Ning Zhenhai could not help but let out a sigh.

He reached out and gently rubbed Mo Chus head.

His eyes were filled with the tenderness of an elder.

“In the future, youre my daughter too.

If you have anything to say, just tell me.

Dont be shy, understand”

“Okay!” Mo Chu nodded heavily.

Her eyes lit up.

In the future, she would also have a father…

“Well,” Suddenly, Elder Ning, who had been silently making decorations, chimed in.

He looked a little proud.

“In the future, I will also treat you as my own granddaughter!”

“Okay!” Mo Chu nodded with a smile like a flower.

Except for the small mistake at the beginning, the rest of the gifts were perfect.

Mo Chus personality was soft and cute, to begin with.

In addition to her intention to please the two elders, the effects were simply too good!

Before they left, the Elder Ning and Ning Zhenhai showed some reluctance on their faces.

They even asked Mo Chu to stay and play for a few more days.

As for Ning Yiyuan, who was next to them, she instantly became the typical spokesperson forlonely and cold…

This was not the worst part.

The worst part was that Ning Yiyuan slept in the study for a week after he went back!

To put it bluntly, he hated hisunderwear gift.

Of course, Mo Yang supported this decision with both hands!

Sometimes, Ning Yiyuan, who was lonely in the middle of the night, wanted to sneak in during the night.

However, before he could take action, he was caught by Mo Yang who was staring at him!

He felt miserable in his heart.

He was probably even more afraid of thieves than this guy!

Ning Yiyuan, who had slept alone for a week, was finally unsealed today.

At this moment, he felt that the sky had become much better!

When he saw Little Chu come down from upstairs, he immediately went up to greet her.

“Little Chu, are you hungry Ive already prepared breakfast, and Ive already filled the bathroom with water for you.

Ive also applied toothpaste on your toothbrush…”

Look, this treatment was definitely at the Diamond VIP level!

Qin Yue, who had come over to freeload on the delicious food, saw this scene and his teeth were aching.

Aiya! Commander Ning, wheres your pride Wheres your pride Youve crushed it all by yourself.

Chew, chew, and swallow it

“Thank you.” Mo Chu nodded and gave Ning Yiyuan a smile.

Then, she walked briskly toward the bathroom.

With just a smile, Ning Yiyuan was instantly satisfied.

He turned around and was about to return to the kitchen to continue preparing his loving breakfast when he saw the disdain on Qin Yues face…

“You dont understand, do you This is all fun and games…” Ning Yiyuan raised his eyebrows, he could not help but laugh when he thought of Little Chus stern face.

She was just a little white rabbit, but she had to pretend to be cold and aloof.

That look was so cute!

“Forget it, forget it.” Ning Yiyuan turned his head and said with disdain, “What am I talking to a single dog like you for”

Qin Yue, who originally wanted to look down on Ning Yiyuan, was instead looked down upon.

He instantly felt that his entire person was in a bad mood.

A person should not be torn apart by his weaknesses and difficulties, do you understand!

Besides, whats wrong with being a single dog

We single dogs are the majority! Even a mouthful of saliva from each one of us can drown you, alright

Qin Yue, who was stabbed by Ning Yiyuan, turned around to look at Mo Yang.

He was prepared to look for a sense of approval.

However, when this fellow saw Mo Chu coming out of the washroom, he immediately carried a cup of hot milk and went up to her, asking about her well-being!


A wife slave and a sister lover!

Qin Yue, who was once again ignored, could not help but pucker his lips.

Look at the group of weirdos around him! No wonder he could not find a girlfriend.

They had led him astray!

Finding a good excuse for his bachelorhood, Qin Yue instantly felt his mood improve a lot.

Then, smelling the fragrance of the kitchen, he felt happier and happier.

“Commander Ning, Little Chu has come out.

Why arent you finished with your cooking yet” Qin Yue knocked the table hard and shouted.

This guy was not stupid.

He also knew that Ning Yiyuan did not care about him at all, so he simply used Mo Chu as a perfect excuse.

Sure enough, hearing this, Ning Yiyuan walked out of the kitchen not long after.

He was holding a few bowls of delicious egg fried rice in his hand.

Qin Yue almost drooled at the sight.

He did not have time to say anything and just started eating with a spoon!

He ate half of the rice happily.

When he looked up, Ning Yiyuans expression was very serious.

“You… No, it cant be that serious, right” Qin Yue swallowed the rice in his mouth.

“Its just a bowl of egg fried rice.

Do you have to be so serious”

Ning Yiyuans expression did not change.

He turned to look at Qin Yue and did not speak for a long time…

What was going on

Looking at Ning Yiyuans solemn expression, everyone could not help but be stunned.

The room suddenly became quiet.

Even the sound of breathing could be heard…

“Brother, can I not eat anymore” Qin Yue was so scared that he did not know what to do.

He subconsciously pushed the rice forward.

“Qin Yue…” After a long silence, Ning Yiyuan finally opened his mouth.

His voice was a little hoarse, “I just got the news.

Grandpa Qin, he… It seems we have lost contact with him temporarily!”

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