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“Ning Yiyuan… have you made up your mind”

After a long while, Elder Ning finally broke the silence.

“Yes.” Ning Yiyuan nodded, his voice still steady, “Ive already found the nearest military base to Elder Qings missing location and asked them to send people to search the outer layer of the Magical Region.

As for the Magical Region, Im afraid it wont be a problem with more people.

Im going to take a look myself…”

Elder Qin and Elder Ning had been good friends for many years.

He loved Ning Yiyuan as much as his own grandson.

He had even prepared a gift for Little Chu.

Now that Elder Qin might be in trouble, how could Ning Yiyuan just stand by and watch

“Ning Yiyuan, thank… Thank you!” Qin Yue was a little choked up and his eyes were full of gratitude.

He never thought that Ning Yiyuan would actually step forward at this critical moment.

He would actually face difficulties that others wanted to avoid!

Not only that, he even thought of all kinds of situations in such a short time and put them into action.

No wonder the elders said that Ning Yiyuan was the head of their group.

Now it seemed that it was indeed true!

“Okay, since youre already prepared, then go.” Elder Ning could not help but nod when he heard his words.

Before he left, he exhorted, “You must… pay attention to your safety!”

“Dont worry.” Ning Yiyuan stopped and turned around.

The corners of his mouth curled up.

“I just got married.

How could I be willing to lose my life”

The old man raised his eyebrows and scolded with a smile, “Humph, thats true!”

Therefore, the emergency meeting that could not be ended because of everyones excuses finally came to an end because of Ning Yiyuans sudden interference…

Qin Yue followed behind Ning Yiyuan like a little tail, afraid that Ning Yiyuan would leave him behind and not let him go with him.


Ning Yiyuan still had to arrange for the dispatch of manpower at this moment.

He was so busy that he was spinning in circles.

In the end, he was still dazzled by Qin Yue who was behind him.

He could only stop and ask in a deep voice, “Do you really want to go”

“Yes.” Qin Yue nodded cautiously.

“Promise to obey orders and follow orders”

“I promise to obey my superiors!” Qin Yue straightened his body and gave an extremely standard military salute.

Ning Yiyuan was amused by him and smiled.

“Okay, in that case, you go back and make some preparations.

We must set off on time at six oclock this afternoon.”

Time waited for no man.

They had to seize every minute and second.

“Understood!” Qin Yue also understood this logic.

He hurriedly nodded and ran out.

He had just taken a few steps when he suddenly hesitated and turned to look at Ning Yiyuan.

“What, are you scared” Ning Yiyuan raised her eyebrows.

“No.” Qin Yue shook his head and asked softly, “Then… What about Little Chu”

After all, they had only been married for a few days, and they had not even spent their honeymoon! Thinking of this, Qin Yue could not help but feel a little apologetic…

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuans face could not help but darken.

She paused for a long time before saying, “Ill find some time to go back and tell her.”

“How about I help you” Seeing Ning Yiyuans troubled look, Qin Yue subconsciously asked.

“Really” Hearing this, Ning Yiyuans face lit up.

He did not give Qin Yue a chance to change his mind and immediately said, “Then Ill have to trouble you.”

“Thats nothing.” Qin Yue waved his hand.

He was full of gratitude to Ning Yiyuan, so he naturally would not take such a small matter to heart.

“Dont worry, Ill definitely explain it to Little Chu.”

Qin Yue agreed happily, but after a while, he regretted it endlessly…

6 pm, military command headquarters.

Looking at the person in front of him, Ning Yiyuan frowned.

“Is this what you promised me A good explanation”

“Well…” Qin Yue turned his head slightly, not daring to meet Ning Yiyuans gaze.

“I did explain it to Little Chu and the others, but I didnt expect that she… actually came along in the end!”

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan let out a low sigh.

This was what he was afraid of in the beginning, alright Otherwise, why would Qin Yue need to talk to her about this matter!

The three people standing behind them stood in a row.

They were surprisingly Mo Chu, Mo Yang, and Song Qingsong!

“Why You dont welcome us” Mo Chu stepped forward and asked.

Ning Yiyuan reached out and rubbed little Chus head.

He sighed and said, “Little Chu, arent you feeling unwell Why are you still fooling around at this time”

“Thats right.

Little Chu, go back and rest.” Suddenly, Mo Yang, who was behind them, also switched sides.

He then turned to look at Ning Yiyuan and changed the topic abruptly.

“Then Ill go with you guys.

It shouldnt be a problem, right”

Mo Chus face instantly turned black.

Brother, you agreed to it before.

Why did you suddenly turn against me now

Seeing this, Song Qingsong could not help but chuckle.

“Oh right, remember to include me.”

Mo Chu looked depressed.

“Do you really have the heart to leave me here alone”

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Ning Yiyuan sat up straight and said in a deep voice, “Come in.”

Hearing this, a soldier opened the door and strode in.

He asked without looking away, “Commander, the Flying Device is ready.

Are you going to pilot it personally, or are you going to be accompanied by a pilot”

Hearing this, the few of them stared at Ning Yiyuan with a look that said, “If you abandon me, Ill cry.”

“Alright, lets go together.”

Ning Yiyuan really could not win against these few people.

In the end, he could only compromise and win a round of cheers from them!

The Flying Device had already stopped at the top floor of the headquarters.

It was emitting a rumbling sound and its appearance was extremely eye-catching.

“Lets go.” Ning Yiyuan took the lead and climbed onto the Flying Device.

Mo Chu and the others followed suit and jumped onto the Flying Device.

“So were not going to take the interstellar spaceship” Mo Chu asked.

They could not help but look at the internal structure of the Flying Device.

At the front were rows of colorful digital instruments, and below them were a series of joysticks and buttons.

It looked very high and mighty.

“Are you stupid” Qin Yue rolled his eyes at her.

“With this aircraft, who would be willing to sit on an interstellar ship”

This was equivalent to saying, which private plane or public train would you be willing to sit on in the 21st century It would definitely be the former!

However, this aircraft was much more advanced than a private plane!

Not only was it extremely fast, but its sensitivity was also very shocking.

Its sturdy outer shell could not be easily destroyed even by an energy missile, it also had a certain shielding effect against the magnetic field effect of the Magical Region…

Its advantages were so obvious, but at the same time, its price was also ridiculously expensive!

It was so expensive that the Qin Family could definitely afford one.

However, the key point was that it also needed an extremely awesome pilot!

One had to know that it was extremely difficult to obtain a pilots license for a flying transport.

It was said that it had always dominated the top three in the Federations most difficult certification.

The number of people who were able to obtain this license did not exceed five per year.

Furthermore, the requirements for its review were extremely strict.

Every three years, it would have to go through a practice exercise.

During the practice exercise, there would be all sorts of sudden obstacles.

The moment there was the slightest bit of problem, the pilots license would be immediately withdrawn.

It was because of this that the number of people in the entire Federation who possessed this license remained at around 100.

Ning Yiyuan was one of them! They had never heard him mention this before.

He was really keeping a low profile!

“Wow! Hes that amazing” After listening to Mo Yangs explanation, Mo Chus eyes could not help but light up as she looked at Ning Yiyuan with admiration.

Following that, it was as if this person had eyes on his back.

The corners of his mouth curled up as he held onto a joystick and gently pulled it upwards.

The entire aircraft began to slowly hover in the air before moving forward at a rapid speed.

Mo Chu sat inside steadily as he watched the scenery outside quickly fade away.

She could not help but gaze at Ning Yiyuan.

His back was straight as he kept his eyes on the front.

His hands were unbelievably flexible as if he could skillfully control every button and joystick without even thinking.

He was so handsome!

“Dont look, Sister.” Qin Yue patted Mo Chus shoulder and tried to persuade her bitterly.

“We cant learn this.

Back then, I had the same ambition, but the reality is too cruel.

Tsk tsk…”

“Everyone, pay attention.” Suddenly, Ning Yiyuan said, “Not far ahead is the Magical Region were going to.

Prepare to land now.”

F*ck… So fast

Mo Chu was stunned.

Didnt they say that the Magical Region was in District 7 It would take an entire day even if they were to take the interstellar ship.

It had only been three to four hours, right

Seeing Mo Chus surprised look, Qin Yue could not help but raise his eyebrows.

“Now you know why everyone wants to take this certificate, right”

Mo Chu nodded in understanding.

Thats right!

With this divine artifact… long-distance love was not a problem at all!

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