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Ning Yiyuans Flying Device was indeed very cool.

As soon as they landed, a large group of soldiers outside of the Magical Region looked at them and exclaimed in a low voice,

“F*ck, is this a Flying Device This is the first time Ive seen it! Its too damn cool!”

“Lets not talk about you.

Ive been in the army for almost ten years, but this is the first time Ive seen it!”

“Look at this look.

If I can have one in the future, I would die without regrets.”

“Come on, its only you who can have one.

Can you drive it Dont talk, someones coming down!”

Under the burning gazes of a large group of soldiers, Mo Chu stepped down from the aircraft.

She suddenly felt like he was walking on the red carpet and was the center of attention…

“Yo Why is there a girl”

“Shes pretty, but… why does she look familiar”

“Shut up!”

The captain standing at the front of the soldiers suddenly shouted in a low voice.

Then, he raised his voice and said loudly, “Reporting, Salute! Hello, Commander!”

… Commander

The soldiers at the back were stunned for half a second.

They could not help but look at Ning Yiyuan who came down from the pilot seat.

Then, they instantly reacted and were extremely excited!

All of them raised their hands in unison and saluted.

Their voices shook the sky.

“Hello, Commander!”

They did not see Ning Yiyuan up close.

Just the title alone made everyone tremble with excitement.

Ning Yiyuans appeal in the hearts of the soldiers could be seen clearly!

To put it bluntly, in the eyes of this group of soldiers, the wordsNing Yiyuan represented the king, the strongest! He was someone worthy of their worship!

Ning Yiyuan walked closer and nodded slightly at everyone.

“Hello, everyone.”

These three simple words instantly made this group of tough men excited, and their enthusiasm was pushed to the highest level.

The captain who stood at the front stepped out.

“Reporting, Commander.

Company A has gathered and is waiting for instructions!”

“Okay.” Ning Yiyuan glanced around and nodded in satisfaction.

“Give the orders.”


The captain turned around and quickly divided the soldiers of this company into four squares: East, South, West, and North.

Then, he made it clear that each square needed to be responsible for the outermost search operations in their respective directions.

His words were concise but clear.

“Everyone, pay attention.” Finally, Ning Yiyuan suddenly spoke.

His eyes were sharp and his voice was deep.

“You must not leave the group alone.

If you encounter any danger, immediately light up the signal lights! Safety is the first priority.

Do you understand”

Hearing this, the eyes of the soldiers lit up even more as they said in unison, “Understood!”

Very quickly, these soldiers spread out and began the first wave of search and rescue operations.

As for Ning Yiyuan, Mo Chu, and the others, they advanced into the depths of the Magical Region…

Their strength was not weak, and they were basically all at tier 8 and above.

As long as they did not encounter too terrifying magical plants and magical beasts, their lives would not be in great danger.

However, now, it was a little different…

They had only walked in the inner area for half an hour or so when they smelled an extremely rich smell of blood.

It came from all directions, as if it was going to be stuffed into their pores.

They could not help but frown and quicken their steps.

It did not take long for them to see the source of the smell of blood.

Not far ahead, more than ten magical beasts collapsed on the ground.

Their eyes were wide open, their bodies were covered with corpses, and blood was flowing everywhere!

The originally yellowish-brown ground was now stained with bright red blood.

It looked slightly creepy.

“This is a tier 7 Bone-eating Beast! How could it become like this”After taking a closer look, Qin Yues expression could not help but change as he cried out in alarm.

“Bone-eating Beast”

At this moment, even Song Qingsong, who had always been calm, stepped forward to take a look.

His face revealed a shocked expression.

Although the grade of a bone-eating beast was not high, itsfierce reputation was not inferior to that of a Blood Luminescent Beast!

As the name implied, once this kind of magical beast took a fancy to something, not to mention leaving a corpse, even the bones would be eaten clean by it!

And now, a large number of this kind of magical beast had died!

The appearance of the blood was dripping, shrouded in this somewhat gloomy Magical Region, faintly exuding an ominous aura…

Everyone looked at each other, and their hearts could not help but sink! Their vigilance towards the road ahead had also increased!

“Everyone, be careful.” Ning Yiyuan walked at the front, his brows slightly furrowed as he instructed in a low voice.


Without Ning Yiyuans reminder, the corpses on the ground had already given them the best warning.

Everyone held their breaths as they cautiously walked forward.

Unexpectedly, the road ahead was unusually smooth.

There was not even a single magical beast or magical plant attack!

It was as if the blood on the ground that they saw just now was just an illusion.

However, the more it was like this, the more they did not dare to take it lightly!

The deeper they walked, the more cautious their footsteps became.

In the depths of the Magical Region, dense trees covered the sky.

The sunlight could not seep in at all, causing people to feel a chill all over their bodies.

They could not even sense the movement of time…

They did not know how long they had been walking for, but they still did not discover anything ahead.

However, their hearts had already become a little anxious, and there was an inexplicable sense of unease.

Their breathing gradually became heavy.

Their hearts were tense, and their minds were highly focused.

They did not have an easy journey, and their footsteps seemed to be much slower than before.

“Why dont we rest for a while” Ning Yiyuan turned around to look at everyone and asked in a low voice.


Mo Chu took out the food that she had prepared earlier from the terminal.

She heated it slightly with the fire and passed it to everyone to eat.

This Magical Region was so strange.

She did not dare to use the ingredients inside to make fresh food for everyone, afraid that something might happen.

When the bonfire lit up, the color was bright red.

The people who were still slightly cold could not help but feel much more comfortable with the light of the fire.

Qin Yue casually picked up a dried twig from the side and wanted to stir the bonfire.

The next second, he felt something wrong with the feeling in his hand.

He looked down and was instantly shocked.

His expression changed abruptly!

This was not a dried twig, it was clearly a broken limb!

The top part was only left with bones, but the bottom part was still covered with flesh and blood.

It was already black and rotten, and just a glance was enough to scare people to death.

With a swish, Qin Yue threw the thing in his hand out!

“This broken limb… seems to belong to the human body,” Ning Yiyuan suddenly lowered his head and muttered.


Everyone could not help but be shocked!

Only then did they look at the severed limb thrown out by Qin Yue not too far away.

Ning Yiyuan had already stood up and walked over with a slightly gloomy expression.

The few people behind naturally followed suit.

“Thats right.” After scrutinizing it carefully for a while, Mo Yang also agreed with Ning Yiyuans opinion.

“Its indeed a human severed limb.”

Although the severed limb was badly mutilated and even revealed its ghastly white bones, several people present had come from the military and had seen more than a hundred corpses.

After examining it carefully, they could identify it.

“Then… What about his corpse” Mo Chu suddenly asked.

“Is it somewhere around here”

“Not necessarily.” Ning Yiyuan shook his head slightly and said with experience, “This severed limb might have been left behind unintentionally.

As for the other parts, Im afraid theyve long been swallowed by them…”

Dismembered and eaten!

Three shocking words flashed in Mo Chus mind, causing her face to turn pale!

It was not the first time she faced the danger of the Magical Region, but every time she thought about it, she could not help but feel a little scared..

“Why dont we go and search” Qin Yue was silent for a while, then suddenly suggested… Maybe we can find this persons body

Everyone looked at each other and understood that Qin Yue was thinking about Elder Qin, so they all nodded.

The five of them spread out and did not dare to go too far.

They just searched nearby…

In fact, they all knew that the possibility of finding it was too small, but no matter what, they had to give it a try!

Ten minutes later, a cry of surprise suddenly sounded.

“Come here, we found something!” Song Qingsong waved at the other people anxiously.

Qin Yue, who was next to him, was dumbfounded.

He looked ahead in a daze…

They had kicked away the branches on the ground just now, and a broken corpse was exposed right under their noses!

With just one glance, Qin Yue had completely broken down!

Seeing Qin Yues appearance, everyones hearts could not help but thump.

They looked at each other, and felt a bad premonition.

When they got closer, the corpse in front of them was already badly damaged.

The broken limbs were missing, and more than half of the face was destroyed.

Especially the pair of eyes! He looked like he was in extreme pain, as if he was still struggling and trembling before he died…

“Grandpa… Grandpa!” Qin Yue suddenly pounced forward, and his eyes instantly turned red.

His voice sounded like he was about to cry blood, and he was on the verge of collapse!

He was here to find someone, but he did not expect to see such a broken body, covered in blood!

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