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Very quickly, the large blade in Mo Chus hand turned invisible, and the little bits of energy gradually dispersed and disappeared into the distance…

With a crash, she collapsed onto the ground.

At this moment, Mo Chu no longer had the slightest bit of strength.

Even her hands were trembling slightly, and her entire body seemed to have been hollowed out.

The clothes on her body were also dyed red by the Bone-eating Beasts blood, and her original appearance could no longer be seen.

She was simply in a sorry state!

After a long while, Mo Chu finally recovered.

She reached out to take some pastries from the terminal and slowly stuffed them into her mouth as she chewed on them.

After eating a few plates in a row, she finally regained some energy.

She turned her head and looked at her surroundings carefully.

It was still the same place and the same scenery.

However, the people around her had disappeared without a trace…

Mo Chus heart could not help but sink slightly.

During the fierce battle earlier, she had also been injured.

Previously, she had been tense and did not feel any pain, but now, she finally felt it.

Turning her head, she saw that her left arm, thigh, and lower abdomen were all covered with wounds of varying severity.

Fresh blood was dripping from her wounds, but fortunately, they were not fatal wounds.

Fortunately, she was adequately prepared.

Mo Chu immediately took out the external wound ointment and applied it carefully before wrapping it tightly with gauze.

She did not have time to rest.

She immediately took a step forward.

She did not know why, but she felt that this place was a little strange.

She did not dare to stay any longer…

Time felt like it was crawling.

Mo Chu walked alone in the vast Magical Region.

The surroundings were silent.

Even the sound of the wind had stopped.

Herda da footsteps were unusually obvious.

After walking for half a day, Mo Chu carefully looked around.

Her footsteps suddenly stopped, and her brows were tightly knitted together!

They had previously agreed that once someone got separated, they would not think about looking for other people.

Instead, they would immediately head towards the exit.

At that time, they would meet outside the Magical Region.

Mo Chu also remembered this point and was prepared to return according to the original route.

However, she had already walked for so long.

According to her calculations, she should have at least walked out of the inner layer of the Magical Region.

However, the result was clearly not like this.

She was still trapped inside!

Mo Chus breathing could not help but sink slightly…

She changed to another direction and continued to walk out.

A persons energy was limited.

After an entire day of high tension and extremely intense fighting, Mo Chus footsteps became slower and slower, becoming heavier and heavier.

The road ahead seemed to have no end…

Endless loneliness gradually spread to her heart.

Mo Chu suddenly felt that the danger from before was nothing compared to the loneliness in front of her.

She had always been walking alone.

She did not have anyone to listen to her, nor did she have anyone to accompany her.

The loneliness around her seemed to be about to overwhelm her.

… She was so tired!

Mo Chu staggered as if he had tripped over a tree branch on the ground.

With a plop, he fell to the ground!

‘Lets sleep for a while, lets rest for a while…

The sounds that rang in her ears were like the temptations of a siren, causing Mo Chus eyelids to become heavier and heavier.

Her originally bright eyes suddenly became much more blurry and chaotic…

Mo Chu knew that she could not sleep, but she was unable to resist the sudden surge of sleepiness.

“Hiss –”

She pressed hard on the wound on her left arm, and the pain made her alert again!

Her eyes also became clear.

Mo Chu sat up abruptly, and her fingers dug into the wound again.

The wound that was slowly healing was torn open again!

The intense pain made Mo Chu groan, and her brows furrowed!

However, she needed to use this increasingly distinct pain to pull her out of that inexplicable state of sleepiness.

Not long after, the wound on Mo Chus arm became dripping with blood once again.

However, her brows could not help but loosen up.

Mo Chu could clearly feel that the emotions that had affected her previously had already been mostly eliminated from her body.

After standing up, Mo Chu perked up and tried her best not to feel tired.

If she really fell asleep, she might never wake up again!

Mo Chu took a deep breath and moved forward.

The tenacity that emerged from her bones supported her to continue moving forward and not give up easily.

Along the way, Mo Chu remained vigilant and did not dare to relax.

On top of that, she had not rested at all…

Even an ironclad person would not be able to endure it, let alone Mo Chu!

She did not know how long she had endured.

One Hour, ten hours One day, or ten days

Mo Chu was already in a daze.

Her thoughts oscillated from chaotic to clear-headed from time to time.

If not for the fact that she still had enough Spirit Food in her terminal, she might not have been able to endure it!

Even the wounds on her body, Mo Chu did not dare to treat them.

It was all so that she could use this pain to maintain her consciousness.

“Little Chu!”

Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded in her ear.

When she looked up, Mo Chus eyes lit up!

“Ning Yiyuan!”

He had quite a few wounds on his body and looked rather pathetic.

However, his condition was much better than Mo Chus.

His deep eyes were sparkling and full of life.

“How are you” Ning Yiyuan took a big step forward and carefully sized up Mo Chu.

When his gaze landed on her wounds, his heart instantly ached.

“Didnt you bring some ointment Why didnt you quickly bandage it up”

Mo Chu smiled and did not say anything.

However, her heart instantly calmed down.

With such a person by her side, she felt completely different.

“Come,” Ning Yiyuan stretched out her hand.

“Give me the ointment.

Ill help you apply it.”

“Sure.” Mo Chu smiled and nodded, passing the ointment to him from the terminal.

Ning Yiyuans movements were as gentle as usual, as if he was afraid of hurting Mo Chu.

He even blew on it occasionally.

After Mo Chus wound was bandaged, Ning Yiyuan suddenly squatted down on the spot and said gently, “Come on, Ill carry you.”

“Huh” Mo Chu was stunned for a moment and shook her head.

“Youre still injured, how can you carry me”

Ning Yiyuan did not get up at all.

He just turned his head and looked at Mo Chus leg worriedly.

“Come on, youre walking with an injured leg.

Ill only be more worried.”

Seeing the sincerity and anxiety in Ning Yiyuans eyes, Mo Chu could not help but bite her lip.

After hesitating for a moment, she hugged Ning Yiyuans back.

“Then when youre tired from walking later, you must put me down.

I can walk on my own.”

“Okay,” Ning Yiyuan answered with a smile.

His big palm carefully supported Mo Chus leg and deliberately avoided her wound.

He suddenly stood up and walked forward in large strides.

Leaning on Ning Yiyuans broad back and feeling his familiar body temperature, Mo Chu smiled.

The tension he had been holding earlier suddenly relaxed…

“Little Chu”

“… Hmm” Mo Chus voice was a little confused.

“You want to sleep”

“Yes.” Mo Chu nodded and yawned a few times.

Amused by her appearance, Ning Yiyuan said, “Then you sleep for a while.

Ill wake you up when we go out or find the others.”

“… Really” Mo Chus eyelids were almost drooping.

She rubbed her body on Ning Yiyuans back comfortably.

She felt that the sleepiness that she had suppressed earlier was now sweeping over her, it was almost drowning her.

“Yes,” Ning Yiyuan answered with a faint smile.

“Okay… Then Ill sleep for a while…” Mo Chu closed her eyes.

Just as she was about to fall into a deep sleep, she suddenly glanced at the wound on her arm from the corner of her eye.

She had a flash of inspiration!

Mo Chus eyes suddenly opened, and the sleepiness in her eyes disappeared a lot!

Previously, when Ning Yiyuan applied the ointment for her, he had asked her for the ointment.

But… the ointment in Ning Yiyuans terminal was clearly more prepared than hers!

This was illogical!

Normally, Ning Yiyuans normal reaction would be to take out the ointment from his terminal and not ask for it from her!

The more Mo Chu thought about it, the more flustered she became…

Also, did they not get separated earlier

Why was Ning Yiyuan not shocked at all when he first saw her Why did he not ask where the others were Why did he keep urging her to rest

After thinking carefully, the person in front of him revealed more and more flaws — he was definitely not Ning Yiyuan!

Mo Chus throat instantly became dry.

The water blade in her hand was quietly placed at the bottom of Ning Yiyuans throat.

She asked in a serious voice,”… Who are you”

Hearing this, the person beneath him stopped for a moment.

Then, he turned around as if nothing had happened and asked with a smile, “Little Chu, whats wrong Are you not feeling well You cant even recognize me”

Mo Chu did not say anything but met his eyes with a solemn expression.

“Youre not Ning Yiyuan!”

“Dont say silly things…” Before the man could finish his words, his eyes suddenly opened!

With a crack, the water blade in Mo Chus hand cut through the mans throat, and fresh blood splattered out once again.

Mo Chu subconsciously closed her eyes.

This time, she did not feel any temperature that belonged to fresh blood…

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