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The next day.

When Mo Chu woke up, she found herself lying on Ning Yiyuans lap.

She was covered in his military uniform, and she was sleeping very comfortably.

However, when she looked up again, she was slightly stunned.

“You didnt sleep all night”

Ning Yiyuans legs were under her head, and his face was slightly haggard.

The green and black under his eyes were even more distinct, easily showing the fact that he had stayed up all night last night.

“Yeah,” Ning Yiyuan answered casually, then asked her with a smile, “Youre awake Did you sleep well”

Mo Chu nodded and immediately sat up.

Seeing him like this, she could not help but feel a little guilty.

“Why didnt you wake me up We can take turns being on night duty!”

Due to the illusion created by the Illusion Tree in front of them, it was very unlikely to have magical beasts and magical plants appearing.

However, they could not completely let their guard down.

Someone had to be alert, be more careful.

“Silly girl, what does this have to do with anything” Ning Yiyuan lowered his head and kissed her forehead.

Besides, he saw that Little Chu was sleeping so soundly yesterday.

How could he bear to wake her up

It was just a night shift.

It was the same no matter who was on duty, right

“Alright, Ill go check on Mo Yang and the others.” Ning Yiyuan had just stood up when his legs suddenly bent.

If Mo Chu had not been quick enough to help him up, Ning Yiyuan would have completely fallen!

“What happened to you” Mo Chu asked anxiously.

“Nothing.” Ning Yiyuan waved his hand and said with a chuckle, “Its just that my legs are a little numb.”

His words sounded relaxed, but Mo Chus heart felt as if it had been hit hard!

“You just stretched out your legs and let me sleep on your legs for the whole night”

“Yes.” Ning Yiyuans reply was very simple.

“This way, youll be more comfortable sleeping.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Chus heart instantly felt extremely warm!

She took a deep breath, bent down, and placed her hands on Ning Yiyuans legs as she softly reminded him, “Ill massage it for you, but it might be a little uncomfortable now.

Just bear with it for a while, and itll be fine in a while…”

“Theres no need, Little Chu.” Ning Yiyuan quickly reached out and pulled her.

“Ill take a few steps later, and Ill be fine on my own.”

Mo Chu ignored him and exerted a little force with her hand.

“Hmm–” Ning Yiyuan immediately frowned and grunted.

The feeling on his legs suddenly became distinct.

How should he put it

His legs were sore and swollen, as if they were injected with mercury.

He could not even lift them up.

Being kneaded by Little Chu with such force, the sour feeling was even more intense.

However, Ning Yiyuan also knew that this was how it was.

It would be fine after this burst of unpleasantness passed.

Thus, when Mo Yang woke up, he saw this scene in front of him.

Ning Yiyuan was standing with his back facing him.

Little Chu was squatting in front of Ning Yiyuan, her head facing his lower body.

Her two arms kept moving, and Ning Yiyuan would occasionally let out aHmm… Hmm… sound!

“What are you guys doing!” Mo Yang was so angry that he sat up straight from the ground!

His chest was heaving up and down, and his eyes were full of anger.

Ning Yiyuan, this shameless guy! Did he teach Little Chu this kind of dirty stuff So early in the morning, he actually did this kind of thing…


Mo Chu poked her head out from under Ning Yiyuans body and shouted in surprise, “Youre awake”

How could Mo Yang care about anything else at this moment He pulled Little Chu away from Ning Yiyuan and complained angrily, “Ning Yiyuan, you beast-hearted fellow! You actually… actually brought Little Chu to do this”

“Huh” Mo Chu was stunned for a moment and did not react at all.

What did the two of them do

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan also turned to look at Mo Yang.

There was some confusion in his eyes at first, but when he recalled where he and Little Chu were standing at that time, he immediately understood.

He could not help but chuckle.

“Brother, youve misunderstood!”

“Misunderstood what”

Mo Yangs heart was filled with anger at this moment.

When he thought about how his pure and cute girl had been led astray by Ning Yiyuan, he wanted nothing more than to immediately pounce on him and give him a good beating!

“If you dare to do it, then you have to admit it.

This way, I can still recognize you as a man!”

Mo Chu became more and more confused.

“… Can a leg massage be linked to whether youre a man or not”

“Of course!” Mo Yang replied without thinking.

When he realized what Mo Chu had said, he was stunned.

“That… What did you say just now Leg massage”

“Thats right.” The person who replied was Ning Yiyuan.

He looked at Mo Yang with a faint smile, “Ive been using my leg as a pillow for Little Chu the whole night.

Its a little numb.

She just helped me to massage it.

Why, is there a problem”

Mo Yang was instantly dumbfounded!

The way they were acting just now, was it just leg massage It was not what he thought it was

Mo Yang turned his head to look at Little Chu again.

The little girl only had a slight look of surprise on her face.

As for other emotions, she did not have any at all.

Looking at Ning Yiyuan again, it was even more normal.

Alright then.

Only now did Mo Yang admit that he had thought too much just now!

“Cough cough.” He turned his head uncomfortably.

Mo Yang quickly changed the topic.

He looked at his surroundings and said doubtfully, “Why are we here now Just now, that…”

“We must have encountered the Illusion Tree.” Ning Yiyuan explained the entire incident in one sentence.

Upon hearing this, Mo Yang frowned.

After pondering for a moment, he quickly reacted.

“Youre saying that what we just encountered was an illusion”

“Thats right.” Mo Chu nodded.

“Ning Yiyuan and I woke up from the illusion first, and then you.

As for Almighty Song and Qin Yue, theyre still unconscious!”

Mo Yang looked in the direction Mo Chu was pointing at.

He was stunned for a moment before the corners of his lips curled up.”… Theyre awake too.”


Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan looked up.

Thats right!

Song Qingsong and Qin Yue were rubbing their heads in a daze as they prepared to sit up.

Their eyes gradually became clearer.

“Theyre finally awake!” Mo Chu let out a sigh of relief.

She felt much more relaxed.

Ning Yiyuan strode over and briefed them on the current situation.

Qin Yue was the first to react.

His face could not help but brighten.

“So, that corpse isnt my grandfathers My grandfather is very likely still alive”

“Thats right.” Ning Yiyuan reached out and patted his shoulder.

His eyes were firm as he nodded.

“Thats great.” Hearing this, Qin Yue stood up abruptly.

He instantly regained his vitality.

His eyes were bright.

After all, as long as there was a glimmer of hope, everything was good!

“We fell into an illusion nearby and fell into a deep sleep.” Ning Yiyuan frowned and thought carefully.

“Then Grandpa Qins situation might be similar to ours.

In other words…”

“Its very likely that hes nearby!” Mo Chu continued the rest of his words.

The two of them looked at each other, and their eyes revealed an incomparable tacit understanding.

Qin Yue could not care less about the two of them showing off their affection.

He immediately began to search for people nearby.

He was careful and did not miss a single corner.

Mo Yang and Almighty Song looked at each other, and there was a bit of embarrassment on their faces…

Mo Chu looked up and saw this scene.

Her heart moved slightly.

“Brother, Almighty Song, what kind of illusion did the two of you enter How did you come out”

Hearing this, the two peoples expressions became even more awkward.

Their ears were even faintly dyed red, similar to Ning Yiyuans situation just now.

F*ck! Could it be that between these two people..

Thinking of her own guess, Mo Chus eyes instantly lit up.

The gossipy aura was extremely intense!

Just as she was about to ask a more detailed question, the two people used an excuse to escape.

“Ill go over there and look for Qin Yue.”

“Ill go over here.”

Unfortunately, they were pointing in the same direction.

Mo Chu clicked her tongue and sighed.

Look, this tacit understanding was simply incredible!

“So, did the two of you agree to look in the same direction” Even Ning Yiyuan could not help but tease.

However, it was unknown whether it was to take revenge for Mo Yangs misunderstanding just now.

Mo Yang and Almighty Song remained silent and turned their heads to look in the same direction.

The two of them did not even dare to look at each other.

However, they did not know that the more careful they were, the more they felt that something was wrong…

“Ning Yiyuan, do you think my brother and Almighty Song… ”

Ning Yiyuan raised his eyebrows at Mo Chu and asked, “What do you think”


Before Mo Chu could finish her sentence, she was overwhelmed by a familiar exclamation!

“Quick! Come here! I found him here!” However, this time, his voice was not filled with anxiety and worry, but full of surprise!

They found Elder Qin

Hearing this, everyones eyes lit up and they immediately ran in Qin Yues direction…

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