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Elder Qin had been found!

Unlike the broken corpse they had seen in the illusion, Elder Qin was still alive!

It was just a head injury, and he had lost too much blood, so he fell into a coma.

Hearing this, Qin Yue almost cried with joy!

As long as he was alive, what was a little injury

Ning Yiyuan took a few steps forward and first stopped the old mans wound.

Then, he took out the medicine from the terminal and fed it to him.

The old mans constitution was not as sensitive as Mo Chus.

Once he ate this medicine, the effects were very obvious.

After more than ten minutes, the wound on the old mans forehead stopped bleeding.

He gradually woke up, but he was still a little weak.

Seeing this, Ning Yiyuan gave him two more packets of high-grade nutrient solution.

His vitality was replenished, and the old man gradually recovered.

Looking at them one by one, he was a little puzzled.

Obviously, he had not figured out the situation in front of him.

“Qin Yue, Ning Yiyuan… why are you here”

Ning Yiyuan explained the matter in a concise manner.

After a long while, Elder Qin finally reacted.

He asked with a shocked expression, “So, what I had before wasnt a dream But I fell into an illusion”

“Yes.” Ning Yiyuan nodded solemnly.

Out of insurance, he did not dare to stay here any longer.

He supported Elder Qin on both sides, “We have to go back now.

Firstly, Grandpa, your body still needs treatment.

Secondly, we have to report this situation to the higher-ups as soon as possible.

We cant afford to delay.”

The old man also understood the seriousness of the matter and nodded happily.

“Alright, then lets hurry up and leave!”

The soldiers outside did not suffer many losses because they did not step into the Illusion Trees interface.

When they saw Ning Yiyuan and the others bringing Elder Qin out, they immediately cheered!

“I told you, our Commander can do anything!”

“Yeah, its a piece of cake.

He solved it easily, okay”

“Damn, my idol is so handsome! I admire him too much!”

Ning Yiyuan did not have time to stay any longer.

He gave a few instructions to the captain, gave a solemn military salute to all the soldiers, and then turned around to leave.

He left the soldiers present with a back view and a legend that they would never forget…

After this incident, Ning Yiyuans reputation instantly soared in several military districts nearby!

Almost all the soldiers talked about Ning Yiyuans heroic and valiant image, but it was not the case!

The other officers were all as scared as mice.

How could they be like Commander Ning who went and saved people just like that

Look, isnt he amazing Hes a real man!

In the beginning, no one thought that the other officers would give Ning Yiyuan a chance to establish hisGod status in the army! No one could compete with him!

No one knew if they would regret it after knowing this result.

Of course, no one cared about this anymore.

Almost everyones attention was on the news that Ning Yiyuan brought back — The Illusion Tree had appeared in the Magical Region!

Those who knew the background of the Illusion Tree could not help but panic.

Those who did not know the inside story did not think much of it.

“Isnt it just a magical plant Just destroy it! Is there a need to go through so much trouble”

At the discussion meeting.

Someone spouted such nonsense and instantly attracted many peoples disdainful gazes.

It was easy for you to say that.

If the Illusion Tree was so easy to deal with, how could it have caused an entire city to fall into a coma back then

What was more frightening was that the Illusion Tree could absorb nutrients by taking root in the ground, expanding the area where it could create illusions.

It was still in the inner layer of the Magical Region….

Who knew if it would expand the area to where humans lived

Everyone had a headache when they thought of these questions.

“Commander Ning, youre the only group of people who came in contact with the Illusion Tree and came back successfully.” The leader of the group knocked on the table.

After everyone quieted down, he turned to look at Ning Yiyuan.

“Why dont you tell us what you think about the Illusion Tree”

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan paused and thought for a moment.

Under everyones burning gaze, he opened his thin lips slightly.

“First of all, none of us know what the Illusion Tree looks like.

If we want to get rid of it, we cant possibly cut down all the magical plants, right”

Thats right! Everyone nodded in agreement.

They still needed to obtain resources from the Magical Region.

If they cut down all the magical plants, that would be the same as killing the goose that lays the golden egg, right

After everyones discussion gradually died down, Ning Yiyuan continued, “Also, the Illusion Trees ability to create illusions is very strong.

The simulated images are abnormally realistic.

Unless you came out of the illusion, sometimes you cant tell which is real and which is fake.”

Some people thought that Ning Yiyuan was exaggerating and could not help but question, “Then how did you come back”

Ning Yiyuan chuckled.

“This is the main point I want to talk about next.

Although the illusion it creates is very realistic, it also has loopholes.”

“Loopholes” Everyone raised their heads.

“Thats right.” Ning Yiyuan nodded and organized his words.

“It can create an illusory character, but it doesnt know the past and memories between the two of you.

So, as long as you start from this point, its easy to distinguish.”

“Isnt there a way to get it done once and for all” Someone frowned impatiently.

“We cant watch this Illusion Tree grow more and more terrifying, right”

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan pursed his lips slightly and sat down, not saying another word.

… A once-and-for-all solution

He wanted one as well! The problem was there was none!

The meeting came to a deadlock…

After a moment of silence, the leader sighed and concluded, “Thats all for now.

Everyone, go back and search for information.

Think of a way to see if theres any way to solve this.”

“If we dont solve this problem, its like a knife hanging over our heads.

It could fall at any time!”

“Especially those troops stationed near the Magical Region.

We have to be even more careful!”

When they said this, the few officers who had been blaming each other could not help but lower their heads.

They did not dare to look directly into the Chiefs eyes.

They felt that they were in the wrong…

On the other side.

In the treatment center.

“Elder Qin, how are you Are you better”

Elder Ning brought the red date porridge that Mo Chu had specially made.

When he saw the bowl-sized scar on Elder Qins head, he could not help but frown.

“Ive told you before.

Youre old.

There are some things that should be left to the juniors.” Elder Ning poured out the porridge into a bowl.

“Tell me, why are you still acting so tough”

“Oh! It smells so good!” Elder Qin knew his old friends personality.

Although the words he said were not pleasant to hear, they were all heartfelt.

He simply skipped over the words.

“This was made by Little Chu, right”

“Thats right!” Elder Ning sniffed the fragrance and could not help but sniff.

Damn! It really smelled good!

“I heard that drinking this porridge is good for blood loss! Hurry up and drink some.”

Elder Qin did not hesitate.

He took a big mouthful of the bowl and the hot porridge slid down his throat.

It was sweet and soft, and he instantly felt much better.

“Why dont you try it too” Elder Qin took out another bowl and poured a lot of red date porridge into it and handed it to Elder Ning.

“Hey! You old man, just drink your porridge.” Elder Ning frowned and waved his hand.

“Why are you giving it back to me”

“Thats enough.” Elder Qin smiled.

“Ive already poured it out.

You cant put it back for me, can you Hurry up and try it.

It tastes really good!”

“Hey, suit yourself!” Elder Ning saw that Elder Ning was enjoying the porridge, so he simply picked up another bowl and started eating.

The two old guys started eating at the treatment center…

Although it was just a simple bowl of red date porridge, the fragrance was really amazing.

Many people from other wards came over on purpose.

They could not eat it, but it was good to smell it!

Mo Chus portion was bigger, so the two of them ate it and even finished it.

“Look, you didnt say to leave some for me.”

In the end, Elder Qin suddenly changed his tone.

He deliberately picked up the empty bowl of porridge and said with disdain, “Remember to bring me more tomorrow.

Its best if you get another flavor.”

Elder Ning was speechless.

You took the initiative to invite me to eat just now… So it was for this

“Why are you looking at me like that” Elder Qin snorted uncomfortably, and then his expression changed.

He asked in a low voice, “About the Illusion Tree… What did the higher-ups say”

“What else can they do”Elder Ning snorted.

“I cant stand the way you guys talk.

Things were going well, and then theyre suddenly lost in discussion…”

“Okay, stop complaining,” Elder Qin said seriously.

“This is a matter of life and death.

Whats the higher-ups policy”

“What can they do” Elder Ning could not help but sigh.

“The higher-ups are also very worried now!”

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