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Thats right!

Just as Elder Ning had said, the higher-ups of the Federation were so worried that their hair had turned white!

It had been almost a week since they received the news, but they still could not come up with any feasible measures.

They were so anxious that they stomped their feet!

This Illusion Tree was like a ticking time bomb, hanging in the middle of their heads.

It could explode at any time with aPlop!

The most important thing was that they had to keep the news under wraps to prevent the public from panicking.

This would be a double blow to their bodies and hearts!

It was also because of this that the working atmosphere in the higher-ups office had become much more depressed in the past two days.

Nonsense! The Boss had a worried look on his face.

Do you still dare to smile Do you want to lose your job

However, when Ning Yiyuan reported the information he had found, the expressions of the higher-ups finally became much better.

There was no solution to this problem in the information.

Instead, Ning Yiyuan discovered that similar problems had started to appear in other galaxies.

Although their information had been concealed well, Ning Yiyuan had still discovered some clues.

As if pulling out threads from a cocoon, he had investigated and discovered that the Illusion Tree had appeared in several galaxies!

Among them, there were giant galaxies like Wisdom Cloud Galaxy and Dark Ocean Galaxy.

It was not just the Federation that had such a problem!

Upon hearing this news, the higher-ups of the Federation instantly felt the burden on their shoulders lighten by quite a bit.

Although the problem had yet to be resolved, at least they had a companion.

If they wanted to discuss a solution, there were sufficient candidates.

“Alright, how about this, you go back first.” Minister Ou, who was in charge of this matter, nodded to Ning Yiyuan.

“Ill pass on these matters to the higher-ups and see if we can discuss a solution with the other galaxies.”

“Alright.” Ning Yiyuan nodded and turned around to return to the headquarters.

After that, he gave his subordinates half a day off.

After all, everyone had been working for so many days, it was time for them to go back and rest.

As expected, this decision was greeted with cheers from the staff!

As expected, ever since Commander Ning got married, their invisible benefits had been increasing! It was simply too great!

After everyone had left, Ning Yiyuan went straight to the Mo Family.

Unfortunately, Mo Chu was not there.

Ning Yiyuan thought for a moment and walked towards the laboratory where Exalted Chen Bai went.

Sure enough, Little Chu was engrossed in front of a normal plant, extremely busy.

She did not notice Ning Yiyuan, who was standing behind her.

“So Busy” Ning Yiyuan suddenly opened his mouth and put his arm around Mo Chus slim waist.

He rubbed his chin on her head a few times and closed his eyes contentedly.

Mo Chu was startled at first, but when she felt a familiar smell on her back.

She reacted and could not help but pat him! It almost scared her to death, okay

“Dont you still have work in the afternoon” Mo Chu turned her head and asked with a smile.

“Yeah… everyone has been tired during this period of time.

Give our headquarters half a day off.”

“Yo… I didnt know you were so humane!” Mo Chu teased him.

Her gaze fell on the plant that she had just cultivated.

Her tone was a little hesitant.

“Ning Yiyuan, let me ask you something…”

Ning Yiyuan closed his eyes slightly.

“Tell me.”

“Dont you think that a normal plant like this might be the nemesis of the Illusion Tree”

Hearing that.

Ning Yiyuans eyes instantly opened as he asked in a deep voice, “Why do you say that”

“First, tell me, did you feel anything when you entered this laboratory” Mo Chu kept him guessing.

Hearing that, Ning Yiyuan frowned and carefully felt it.

“It feels very comfortable, very clear…”

“Thats right!” Seeing that Ning Yiyuan got to the point, Mo Chu immediately nodded.

“Did you feel refreshed and enlightened the moment you entered”

“Yes.” Ning Yiyuan nodded and quickly understood what Mo Chu meant.

“Youre saying that the clarity produced by normal plants can be used to resist the illusion of the Illusion Tree”

“Not necessarily.” Mo Chu did not dare to be too full of herself.

“But it has a suppressive effect, so it shouldnt be a problem.”

“But these are all my guesses, and they still need to be verified.”

Looking at the girl in his arms, Ning Yiyuans heart was filled with pride and joy.

Look, it was his girl, his wife!

While everyone was frowning over the Illusion Tree, she tried her best to think of a way, and even tried to test it out… Ning Yiyuan had a feeling that Little Chus guess was absolutely correct!

“How do you want to verify it”

“Lets take this and give it a try.”

Mo Chu pointed at the normal plant that she was fiddling with just now.

“This kind ofpoplar tree is very easy to survive.

Perhaps it will have an effect”

As Mo Chu said this, she could not help but look at Ning Yiyuan nervously, afraid he would disagree.

After all, they had personally experienced the power of the Illusion Tree.

If they were really caught in it, there might be a chance that no one could save them.

“Look at your pitiful eyes.” Ning Yiyuan smiled and pinched her cheek.

His heart was full of love and pity.

“How can I not agree to it Hurry up and bring your things.

Lets hurry.”

“Okay!” Mo Chu replied with a smile.

He carried the little white poplar and other tools and followed behind Ning Yiyuan.

The two of them once again boarded the Flying Device.

Not long after, they arrived at the previous Magical Region.

Mo Chu did not know if it was because of the little white poplar, but he felt extremely clear-headed as he stood outside the Magical Region.

“Lets go” Ning Yiyuan gave her a look.


The two of them held each other and walked forward.

After passing through the outer layer of the Magical Region and entering its inner area, they soon saw the corpses of Bone-eating Beasts lying all over the ground…

This is it!

Mo Chu took a deep breath.

Success or failure depended on this one move!

Just as he was about to walk forward, Ning Yiyuan suddenly stretched out his hand and was about to take the normal plants in Mo Chus arms.

Mo Chu reacted very quickly and dodged to the side.

“What are you doing”

Seeing this, Ning Yiyuan sighed lightly.

“Little Chu, its dangerous ahead.

Let me take it and try it out.”

How could he be willing to let his wife put herself in danger Since it was a test, he naturally could do it too.

Simple words and simple actions revealed Ning Yiyuans sincere love.

The corners of Mo Chus mouth curled up.

She was always inadvertently touched by this person to the point of falling to the ground!

“If you want to go, then lets go together.

Otherwise, well just go back home”

Looking at Mo Chus determined gaze, Ning Yiyuan could only sigh in the end and compromise.

“Alright, then lets go together.”

For some reason, he felt that he did not have much authority in front of Little Chu recently.

Could it be that he had been too gentle

As he walked in step by step, Mo Chus heartbeat suddenly became intense!

She knew that her guess was extremely bold and had no concrete evidence.

If it was anyone else, they might have directly called her a lunatic!

However, Ning Yiyuan was willing to accompany her and give it a try.

He was even willing to bet his life on it!

She hoped that she could repay this trust with her own success.

Unknowingly, they had already passed through the previous interface.

The person beside them was still by their side, and their hearts instantly calmed down.

After more than half an hour, they still did not feel anything strange.

Mo Chu could not help but grab Ning Yiyuans hand.

Her heart was beating wildly.

“Do you think… We guessed correctly”

… Could normal plants really suppress the Illusion Tree!

Looking at the excited little girl in front of him, Ning Yiyuan could not help but smile.

He was also very excited.

“Thats right, Little Chu is awesome!”

Hearing this, the little girl was not modest at all.

Instead, she even raised her chin, looking extremely proud.

Seeing this, Ning Yiyuans heart was filled with tenderness.

“Come, help me hold it first.”

Since he had confirmed that this normal plant was effective, he had to start the next step.

Mo Chu stuffed the little white poplar in his hand to Ning Yiyuan.

He took out a shovel from the terminal and dug into the ground with all his strength.

Seeing this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but be a little stunned.

“What are you doing”

“Since the Illusion Tree can absorb nutrients and expand the range of the illusion,” Mo Chu huffed and exerted all her strength.

“Then we can also plant normal plants here so that it can restrain the growth of the Illusion Tree.”

As long as the influence of the Illusion Tree was limited to a small range, it would not be a big problem.

Upon hearing this, Ning Yiyuan was suddenly enlightened.

“Hey, let me do it.”

How could Ning Yiyuan let Mo Chu do physical work

Ning Yiyuan handed the little white poplar to her, took the shovel, and quickly dug a hole.

The two of them worked together to leave the plant here.

On the way back, the two of them encountered a lot of magical beasts.

As they dealt with them one by one, they could not help but feel excited.

The appearance of these magical beasts once again proved that Mo Chus method was effective!

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