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At this moment.

In the Federation office.

Behind Minister Ou sat several high-ranking officials of the Federation.

All of them had solemn expressions on their faces.

The video feed across from them was connecting to the representatives of several other galaxies.

Everyone had gathered together to discuss the matter of the Illusion Tree.

“This is the current situation.

Why dont we discuss it together and come up with a solution as soon as possible”

Minister Ou was the first to speak, and his attitude could be considered sincere.

Unfortunately, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative did not give him any face at all and asked, “Then does your Federation have any countermeasures now”

Seeing the other partys overbearing manner, Minister Ou could not help but curse in his heart.

If we had a good countermeasure, would we still come looking for you

Seeing Minister Ous silence, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative could not help but snicker.

Although his voice was not loud, the sarcasm in his tone could not be any more obvious.

Right now, the confrontation between Wisdom Cloud Galaxy and the Federation was becoming more and more heated.

If it was not because of the reputation of both sides, they might have really shed all pretense of cordiality at some point!

Of course, now was not the time yet, so everyone tried their best to maintain the peace on the surface.

Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative also knew how to seize the opportunity.

Seeing that the effect was almost over, he did not dare to provoke the other party anymore.

He slowly said, “Its not like we are at a dead end on our side.”


As soon as he said this, the representatives of the other galaxies, including the Federation, could not help but be shocked!

“Whats your method”

Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative did not keep him in suspense anymore.

“Our Scientific Research Department and the Medical Research Center have collaborated to develop a biological drug that can control the ability of the Illusion Tree.”

“Is it effective” Minister Ou could not help but ask.

“Humph!” Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people snorted coldly and rolled their eyes at Minister Ou.

“What do you think If its not effective, why would we take it out”

“Then, what plans do you have for this medicine” Dark Ocean Galaxys representative could not hold it in any longer and directly asked.

In the beginning, when they discovered that the abnormality in the Magical Region was caused by the Illusion Tree, they were also shocked!

They had tried all sorts of methods, but they were still unable to destroy the Illusion Tree.

It was because of this that when they heard the Federations proposal to hold a joint meeting on this matter, they nodded their heads in agreement.

They never expected that Wisdom Cloud Galaxys side would really come up with a solution!

No matter what price they had to pay, they had to obtain it!

The representatives of the other galaxies had similar thoughts.

Glancing at everyones expressions, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative immediately put on a show.

“Why, does everyone want to buy our medicine”

Those who could participate in this conference were all people of great status from the various galaxies.

Normally, even if they were not praised by others, they would never look at others with a cold face!

But now, even if they were angered by Wisdom Cloud Galaxys arrogant attitude, they still had to try their best to suppress it.

After all, they had a favor to ask of someone and there was nothing they could do about it!

“Alright.” Seeing that everyones expressions had changed in an instant, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative finally spoke.

“I wont hide it from everyone.

The production of this medicine is fraught with difficulties.

The manpower and material resources required for it are astronomical!”

“Its impossible for us to give this medicine to everyone for free.

If everyone really wants it, they would have to take out some equivalent items, right”

Although Wisdom Cloud Galaxys words were not pleasant to hear, everyone understood the logic behind them.

After all, it was Wisdom Cloud Galaxy who had the medicine now.

He should be the one to be awesome!

“Tell me, what kind of equivalent items do you want” Dark Ocean Galaxys representative asked.

In his heart, he was already prepared to be slaughtered.

Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative swept a glance at him and said lightly, “Dont worry, its not much.

Just give us all the resources that you guys have received over the past 200 years!”

… What

Hearing this, everyones expression changed drastically!

They all knew that Wisdom Cloud Galaxy would take advantage of this opportunity to rob them.

But they did not expect him to be so greedy!

That was 200 years worth of resources, and he was going to exchange it for a small bottle of medicine How could he say such a thing!

If it were not for the light screen, perhaps everyone would have spat at him! Shameless!

“Whats the matter Does your heart hurt”

Seeing everyones gloomy expressions, representative Wisdom Cloud Galaxy could not help but chuckle and spread his hands helplessly.

“If your heart hurts, you can choose not to buy it! After all, we are not the ones who will suffer losses…”

His words were easy to say, but they firmly grasped the lifeblood of the other galaxies.

Everyones expressions instantly turned ugly!

Not buying it

… How could they not buy it

Once the Illusion Trees ability was extended to the area inhabited by humans, they would all be doomed, right Who dared to take such a risk They could not afford to gamble, and they could not afford to lose!

But when they thought of the 200 years of resources, they could not help but feel heartache!

Damn! This was clearly taking away half of their lives, alright

“Hurry up, have you made a decision” Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative frowned impatiently and said in a coarse voice, “Are you guys going to buy it or not Its just a matter of one sentence, do you have to be so chatty for so long”

F*ck! Everyone was so angry that they sucked in a breath of cold air!

You said it so easily! So youre not the one whos struggling and angry now

Taking a deep breath, the representatives of the few galaxies looked at each other, but they still could not make a decision.

After all, the number of resources involved was too large.

“How about this… Ill discuss it with the higher-ups first.”

“Right, I have to make a report first.”

“And me.”

This matter was too big, and Minister Ou did not dare to make the decision on his own.

He was just about to get up and go outside to send a video message to the higher-ups to report on the current situation.

In the end, he had not even stood up yet! Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representatives words had stunned him!

“Oh right, I forgot to mention it just now.” The corner of Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representatives mouth curled into a malicious smile.

“If the Federation wants to buy our medicine, the price… has to be doubled!”


Hearing this, Minister Ou was so angry that he was trembling!

… Doubled the price

In other words, they had to use 400 years of resources in exchange for one of their medicine

This was going too far!

“You… you are deliberately targeting us!” Minister Ous eyes were burning with anger, so angry that his fingers were trembling slightly.

If they really gave away the 400 years of resources, then, without a doubt, the development of their Federation would be left behind by the other galaxies by a large margin!

“Ive already said it before.” Seeing Minister Ous unconcealable anger, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative actually smiled and said slowly, “This is a fair trade.

Its a matter of mutual consent.

If you dont want to buy it, we wont force you!”

As for whether your Federation would live or die in the future, that had nothing to do with them!

… What was the meaning of a villain achieving success

This was it!

Even though Minister Ou was not a person who kept his emotions to himself, being able to reach his current position meant that he had some unique control over his emotions.

However, today, he was angered by Wisdom Cloud Galaxys attitude to the point that he broke his cultivation!

The representatives from the other galaxies had not left yet, so they were able to witness this scene.

They could not help but sigh in their hearts.

Although Wisdom Cloud Galaxy and the Federation had never been on good terms, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys actions at this moment were a little too much…

Just 200 years worth of resources was enough to make them vomit blood! Whats more, this had doubled, and they still needed another 400 years! Just thinking about it made their hearts ache for the Federation…

“Just you wait! Ill go and ask!” Glaring at Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative, Minister Ou gritted his teeth and forced the words out of his chest!

However, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative purposely added fuel to the fire by replying:

“Sure, Ill wait for your reply! However, you have to hurry up.

If its too late and the medicine is gone, not to mention 400 years of resources, even if you take out 800 years of resources, we wont be able to do anything about it.”

Hearing this, Minister Ous footsteps suddenly stopped, and he almost gritted his teeth!

Half an hour later, after careful consideration.

All the representatives of the Galaxy had gathered once again, and it was obvious that they had already made up their minds.

“How is everyones consideration” Even though he said this, the representative of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy knew in his heart that this matter was most likely certain.

He was even leisurely drinking his Spirit Wine.

Seeing this, everyone could not help but turn their gazes towards Minister Ou and Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative…

This Spirit Wine was from Mo Chu, right

Looking at Wisdom Cloud Galaxys attitude, he was prepared to ruthlessly slap the face of the Federation!

Thats right!

Back then, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was the one with the highest selling price of the pastries and Spirit Wine that Mo Chu had produced.

Back then, she had even caused quite a stir because of this matter.

Now, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy had even specially brought out Spirit Wine.

The meaning behind his words could not be clearer: Didnt your Federation demand a high price before Now, weve earned back our face with a bottle of medicine thats less than two milliliters!

How could Minister Ou not understand the meaning behind his words Minister Ous face instantly turned dark, yet he did not dare to say anything!

“Alright, tell us about your decision.” Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative would stop when things were good.

After all, if he really angered Minister Ou, the situation would not be easy to handle…

“We agreed to the conditions you mentioned earlier.”

“Yes, the same goes for us.”

“Then when will Wisdom Cloud Galaxy give us the medicine”

Unsurprisingly, the representatives of the other galaxies reluctantly agreed to Wisdom Cloud Galaxys condition!

Although 200 years of resources were extremely precious, in order to get through this crisis, they had to give up whatever they could!

“Okay.” Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative nodded.

Then, he turned to Minister Ou with great interest and asked leisurely, “By the way, What about the Federation Are you willing to exchange 400 years of resources for this medicine”

This person even emphasized the words400 years worth of resources.

He really looked fearless…

Minister Ou held back the unwillingness in his heart and slowly said, “We… also agree…”

Before he could finish sayingAgree, the door was suddenly pushed open!

Ning Yiyuan walked in with steady steps, his eyes glistening…

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