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Seeing that the people of the Federation were about to give in, they did not expect that they would be interrupted by this brat, Ning Yiyuan, at the very last moment!

Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative gritted his teeth in anger and immediately started to pick on him.

“Minister Ou, whats going on with your Federation You actually let a random person barge into such an important meeting”

Ning Yiyuan shot him a cold glance and said in a cold voice, “I remember that Wisdom Cloud Galaxy lost to me in the mock battle last time, right”

If he was thatrandom person, then the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, who lost to him, was even worse!

Ning Yiyuans words were extremely gratifying!

If not for the current situation, Minister Ou would have clapped a few times happily! Youre so arrogant and proud.

Now that Ning Yiyuan had insulted you, you must have lost face, right

Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative naturally understood Ning Yiyuans hidden meaning, and his face flushed red.

He opened his mouth and was about to retort, but he could not come up with a valid reason.

In the end, he could only shut his mouth resentfully.

However, he said harshly, “If you dont have the ability, dont talk nonsense with me here! If you can also take out the medicine to control the Illusion Tree, then thats true ability!”

“What if we really have a way” Ning Yiyuan indifferently added.

“Humph!” Hearing this, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative could not help but sneer.

This guy did not even have a rough idea when he was bragging!

If your Federation really had a way, why would you need to beg us “If you really have a way, then I will swallow this terminal in one gulp!”

“Okay!” Ning Yiyuan agreed immediately.

He looked at him with an inscrutable expression and smiled.

“… you said it yourself.”

For some reason, when Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative met Ning Yiyuans cold eyes, his heart could not help but tremble.

He felt an indescribable panic… He wanted to say something.

However, Ning Yiyuan had already turned to look at Minister Ou.

“Do you think you can come out for a moment”

“Do you have something to report” Minister Ous gaze was so fierce! When he heard Ning Yiyuans words just now, he must have figured out some tricks.

“Yes.” Ning Yiyuan nodded heavily, his eyes exchanging information that only the two of them could understand.

… Was he admitting it

Did Ning Yiyuan really have a way to deal with the Illusion Tree

Although Minister Ou was still in disbelief, he could not help but feel ecstatic! Thats great! At least he did not have to suffer from Wisdom Cloud Galaxy anymore!

Of course, he still pretended as if nothing had happened.

After all, he had not completely understood the current situation, and he could not reveal anything in front of the representatives of the other galaxies.

“How about this, please wait a moment.

Ill be right back.” Minister Ou nodded at everyone and prepared to leave with Ning Yiyuan.

This was not a big deal in the first place.

The representatives of the other galaxies also expressed their understanding.

However, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people jumped out again and asked in a slightly gloomy tone, “Minister Ou, our time is very precious right now.

What do you mean by dragging this out If youre not sincere, just say it.

Theres no need to beat around the bush!”

The people around him could not take it anymore!

Ask yourself, the other party has almost given you 400 years worth of resources in exchange for a single medicine.

Isnt that sincere enough

How big is your face to say such a thing

“Five minutes.” Ning Yiyuan suddenly turned his head.

His eyes were clear with a hint of coldness.

“Well only take five minutes of everyones time.

Is that okay”

He was talking about everyone, but Ning Yiyuans eyes were all focused on Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative, unconsciously revealing a bit of pressure…

“Whats the big deal Its just five minutes, right Go!” Dark Ocean Galaxys representative had a good impression of Ning Yiyuan, so he was naturally willing to speak up for him.

Seeing that Dark Ocean Galaxy had spoken up, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy naturally would not refute him anymore.

He muttered, “Humph! Only your Dark Ocean Galaxy will show respect!”

On many issues that did not involve its core interests, the Dark Ocean Galaxy Galaxy was mostly neutral, protecting itself.

It was because of this that it was able to reach its current position.

“Thank you.” Minister Ou nodded at Dark Ocean Galaxys representative, then turned around and left.

Ning Yiyuan followed closely behind.

Five minutes later, the two of them returned on time.

“Are you done whispering to each other” Seeing Minister Ou sitting down, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative coldly snorted, his gaze seemingly indiscernible as he stared at Ning Yiyuan.

“Dont let any more urgent matters appear, wasting everyones time for nothing!”

Minister Ou did not open his mouth to refute, but he still silently swallowed his words.

Seeing this, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys side could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

He had said that in such a short period of time, what effective methods could the Federation come up with They would still have to rely on their medicine, alright

Previously, he still dared to speak arrogantly.

Was he not afraid that he would be slapped on the face! Hmph!

However, at this moment, no one noticed that Minister Ou, who had previously been clenching his fists tightly, had now quietly loosened them…

“Right, then about the medicine that we discussed previously…” Minister Ou cleared his throat and continued the topic that was interrupted by Ning Yiyuan.

In the end, he had only spoken halfway when Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative spoke first, putting on an anxious expression.

“Aiyo! How did I forget Im sorry, Minister Ou.

Our Wisdom Cloud Galaxys medicine has only been developed into a few bottles in the first place.

If we count carefully now, it seems that the Federation doesnt have any more of it…”

Hearing this, everyone could not help but feel speechless!

Speaking of which, this reaction of yours was too slow, okay

Only now did they realize that they did not have medicine for the Federation.

This must be a joke, right

Or did Wisdom Cloud Galaxy just want to take this opportunity to teach the Federation a lesson There was indeed a medicine, but the price the Federation wanted to pay might be even greater.

But no matter which one it was, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys move was too unorthodox!

Even the higher-ups sitting behind Minister Ou could not help but stand up one after another!

From the start of this meeting, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy had deliberately suppressed their Federation, picking on them again and again!

For the sake of the overall situation, they had endured it one by one.

But now, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy had actually pulled out the last straw How could they endure this

“What, are you angry” Seeing the Federations furious look, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative did not get angry but laughed instead.

He slowly threw out the following words, “Im just telling the truth!”

… telling the truth my butt!

The higher-ups of the Federation slapped the table, making a series of loud bangs.

F*ck! Wisdom Cloud Galaxy probably never thought of selling the medicine to them from the beginning.

He was just taking the opportunity to humiliate them!

Minister Ou shook his head at the few people behind him.

After the commotion subsided, he squinted his eyes and asked, “Is the medicine really gone”

“Aiyo, didnt I say it just now It seems to be gone.

As for the exact situation… It will depend on your sincerity!” Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative smiled and threw out another ambiguous sentence.

Actually, they really did have this medicine.

However, the higher-ups had already instructed them that they absolutely could not let the Federation obtain it so easily.

They had to properly whet their appetites and make them pay a huge sum of blood!

The humiliation that they had suffered back then had to be tasted by the Federation as well!

Now, he was just waiting for this group of people from the Federation to tear off their skin and properly beg them!

“Oh… Im sorry.

Since thats the case, I wont trouble you guys anymore.”

See, they gave in just like that, right

The corners of Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representatives mouth could not help but curl up.

When he regained his senses, he could not help but be startled!

Wait! What did Minister Ou just say

… He did not want to trouble them anymore

They did not want this medicine anymore

The originally smug Wisdom Cloud Galaxy representative felt as if he had been ruthlessly slapped! His face instantly turned ashen as he coldly asked, “Minister Ou, before you say this, you have to think clearly, right Theres no medicine for regret in this world!”

“Didnt you say that there is no medicine” Minister Ou frowned and put on an understanding expression.

However, he directly used his own words to block him.

“How can our Federation have the face to make things difficult for you”

“Forget it if there isnt any.

Anyway, we dont need it.

“Minister Ous last sentence was a fatal blow.

“Anyway, our Federation also thought of a way.”

… What!

As soon as these words were said, the entire conference room fell silent!

The few representatives who had sympathized with the Federations suffering just now suddenly widened their eyes.

How long had it been… that the Federation had come up with a solution Was he joking with them!

“Heh!” Wisdom Cloud Galaxys representative was the first to not believe it and scoffed.

“Keep bragging! When the time comes, the Illusion Trees illusion will envelop the entire Federation.

Ill see what you can do!”

“Actually, this method is very simple.” Minister Ou straightened his body slightly and said with a smile, “I can tell everyone now.

As for whether it will be effective, you Wisdom Cloud Galaxy can just wait and see!”

… The Federation was actually willing to reveal the method

For a moment, the eyes of the representatives of the other galaxies could not help but shine as they clenched their fists tightly!

Then, they looked at Wisdom Cloud Galaxy with a strange look in their eyes!

Wisdom Cloud Galaxy had found a way to deal with the Illusion Tree, but they hid it.

They even asked them to use 200 years of resources to exchange for it!

Looking at the Federation, they could reveal the solution directly.

Not to mention other things, this attitude made people feel comfortable!

“The method is very simple.

We have done experiments before.” Minister Ou smiled and said softly, “The normal plants that are cultivated can resist the ability of the Illusion Tree!”

When these words were said, everyone was shocked!

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